Stock Music A Filmmakers Dream by dosynghia


									Royalty Free Music: A Filmmakers Dream

One of an independent filmmaker's most troubling tasks is finding great music to
edit into their film. Spending most of their time and money on people and
equipment can leave them over budget. When it finally comes to edit scenes in the
film, there is little or no money left for music or sound effects. Royalty free music
can easily solve this problem. Royalty free music, also called stock music or
buyout music, is a great-affordable way to cut costs on producing a film. Since
buying stock music is a one time fee, filmmakers are able to save a bundle of cash.
No more paying ridiculous royalty fees to popular mainstream artists. The best
part of royalty free music is that it is yours forever after purchase and totally legal
for a broad range of uses. Filmmakers won't have to worry about being sued for
the misuse of non-licensed copyrighted music anymore!

How to Use Royalty Free Music?

After the purchase of royalty free music, you are free to use it in your productsion,
as long as it's supported in the license that comes with the purchase. Television
commercials, movies, documentaries, home movies, and even background music
for a company website are all great ways to use stock music.

The best way to edit your video scenes with the newly purchased library music is
with Sonicfire Pro 5. Smartsound Software, Inc. provides an amazing program that
helps filmmakers of all backgrounds easily and effectively edit their film with a
professional music selection. Sonicfire Pro 5 has many new features.
Automatically adjust the length of your music to the length of your scene with a
perfect beginning, middle and ending every time. Mood mapping (personally my
favorite feature) helps you adapt the instrument mix to the ever changing moods of
your production. Timing control easily and seamlessly aligns your royalty free
music with the events in your video. Sonicfire Pro 5 also comes with an additional
Final Cut Pro Plug-In which allows you to edit your video with your Smartsound
stock music in one effortless roundtrip editing project.

Where to get Royalty Free Music?

SmartSound Software also offers 1000s of royalty free music tracks at a great
price. Purchasing by the album or by a single track is available. I recommend
getting on the email list and receiving the latest sales updates or take advantage of
their Loyalty Pricing to buy music at its absolute best price. SmartSound also
provides a detailed music search engine so you can search by genre, instrument,
style, intensity, and even tempo. SmartSound is a filmmakers paradise.
SmartSound Software, Inc. is the maker of the SmartSound family of royalty free
music technology and content products such as Sonicfire Pro. These unique,
patented products are designed to help the visual creator unlock the true impact,
emotion and reach of their visuals through the power of stock music customized to
fit to their specific project.

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