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									                                    WARRNAMBOOL PLANNING SCHEME

21.02        KEY INFLUENCES
             The following key influences have been drawn from various reference documents included
             in Clause 21.10 and provide the rationale for the objectives and strategies at Clauses 21.05
             – 21.08 in the Municipal Strategic Statement.


                 The rate of demand for accommodation is forecast to continue at the current increased
                 Approximately 250 dwellings per year are constructed in the municipality of which
                 27% are medium density developments.
                 A total of just under 200 new lots are required per year.
                 There will continue to be an increase in household formation particularly due to the
                 demand for dwellings for single persons and couples without children.
                 Affordable housing stock will be required.
                 Warrnambool will have a population of at least 40,000 by 2020.
                 Greater variety of housing stock will be required to meet the increased variety of
                 household types.
                 The projected demographic composition of the community will see an increased
                 representation in the older age groups, continuing to favour the supply of smaller
                 allotment sizes, but without a corresponding reduction in dwelling size.
                 A requirement for accommodation for expanding families is still anticipated in the most
                 affordable development locations.
                 Application for re-development of properties within the inner established residential
                 area for unit accommodation will continue.
                 As a result of population growth, there will be a demand for development of greenfield
                 residential areas.
                 Demand for properties with proximity and/or views to the coast or rivers will continue
                 to be strong.
                 Dennington and North East Warrnambool will continue to expand.
                 Dennington will continue to be strongly associated with the operational requirements of
                 the milk processing plant.
                 Bushfield and Woodford will continue to attract new residents seeking a retreat-like,
                 small community lifestyle and will also provide tourist accommodation opportunities.
                 Allansford has potential for new industrial activity and will provide for modest
                 township development opportunities.
                 Residential areas need to be protected from the effects of industrial and other uses that
                 have off-site impacts, without impeding those uses.
                 Demand for low density residential and rural living lifestyles has the potential to
                 fragment productive agricultural land.
                 There is particular pressure for development at Logans Beach which is a popular
                 tourism destination.

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                                    WARRNAMBOOL PLANNING SCHEME


                 Any development near waterways will require open space and environmental protection
                 and rehabilitation treatments.
                 Appropriate management of the urban-agricultural interface will be required to protect
                 farming operations and maintain a greenbelt around the city.
                 Rural living subdivisions at Bushfield, Woodford and Allansford have followed the
                 path of the river, adding further stress to this sensitive environment.
                 Erosion, mass movements, land slips and salinity are some of the local problems
                 resulting from the continued environmental degradation of the district.
                 Pressure for urban development concentrated along rivers, coastlines and areas of
                 remnant native vegetation is continuing and such development is contributing to poor
                 sustainable outcomes and degradation of these environments.
                 Streamside qualities in the municipality are severely degraded and the majority of
                 indigenous vegetation is cleared.
                 Environmental sustainability will continue to increase in importance.
                 Significant changes in the health of the catchment will not be achieved unless the
                 activities, culture and economy that drive degrading processes are addressed in a
                 holistic fashion.
                 Priority assets in the form of biodiversity, waterways and coastal areas need to be
                 Soil decline, salinity, acid sulphate soils, toxic algal blooms, and pest plant and animal
                 infestations are threats to parts of the city.
                 The Great Ocean Road Region has a stunning natural environment, natural resource
                 base and vibrant communities.
                 The Merri Marine Sanctuary and the Logans Beach Whale Watching facility are
                 nationally significant ecotourism resources which need to be protected.
                 There is land liable to flooding in north and south Warrnambool associated with the
                 Merri River and Russells Creek.
                 The original survey of land within the present City of Warrnambool includes many
                 river and coastal frontages within private land.
                 Landscape character is of importance to the environment, built form and economy of
                 the region.
                 The landscape is dominant from key viewing locations throughout the municipality.

             Economic Development

                 While employment within the retail service sector is relatively high (18%), the
                 establishment of multi-national retail businesses will attract other commercial groups to
                 the city.
                 A number of large manufacturing enterprises and growth in the services sector are
                 planned for Warrnambool which will provide a boost to local employment.
                 The dairy industry continues to be important in the western district with a number of
                 important milk processing plants being located in and around Warrnambool.
                 Increased commercial development within the Eastern Activity Precinct will increase
                 the attraction of this locality for residential development.

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                                    WARRNAMBOOL PLANNING SCHEME

                 The provision of additional retail opportunities within the Warrnambool City Centre
                 and neighbourhood centres will promote demand for higher density residential
                 development close to these centres.
                 Meeting the needs of the business services sector is recognised as important for the
                 future prosperity of Warrnambool with a number of commercial sectors experiencing
                 growth in recent years.
                 Shopping at other commercial centres and on the internet will compete with the city
                 There is a lack of office space within the Warrnambool City Centre.
                 There is a lack of sufficient zoned land to accommodate any future large industrial
                 There will continue to be an ongoing need for smaller service industries.
                 Allansford has opportunities to accommodate a large industrial enterprise.
                 There will be continued growth of food industries, underpinned by the shift in Asian
                 consumption patterns.
                 There will be increasing economies of scale in agricultural production and
                 Tourism is an increasingly important part of the local economy.
                 The type of accommodation provided within Warrnambool will continue to be
                 consistent with current estate development models, however, residential projects that
                 offer an environmental rural lifestyle, with features such as golf courses or collective
                 agricultural enterprises may also be proposed.
                 The whale nursery will continue to attract eco-tourists in the winter breeding season.
                 There is increasing pressure in coastal areas for new dwellings, tourism facilities and
                 There are development pressures occurring at the outskirts of Warrnambool including
                 bulky goods establishments and associated signage on the main roads into towns.


                 More effective on-site drainage and stormwater management will require increased
                 open space provision, especially adjacent to waterways.
                 The values of receiving waters need to be protected from the impacts of polluted
                 stormwater and overland flows.
                 The rivers, creeks, lakes, floodplains and wetlands of the municipality have a range of
                 values and beneficial uses for people as well as other environmental values which can
                 be adversely affected by polluted stormwater.
                 Water supply opportunities (in different forms) will provide the Warrnambool sub-
                 region with a strategic economic advantage, if it is managed sustainably.
                 Growth in information technology will shift supply chains and bypass existing
                 retail/wholesale points.
                 Wannon Region Water is able to extend water and sewerage infrastructure in various
                 areas of the municipality.
                 The existence and extension of water and sewerage may affect settlement patterns.

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                                    WARRNAMBOOL PLANNING SCHEME

                 There are infrastructure costs associated with increased residential density in the city
                 Infill development in the city centre should be moderated in the short term and suitable
                 service provision alternatives promoted.
                 Development in the Mortlake Road area would benefit from the proposed arterial route
                 near the Eastern Activity Precinct which would divert traffic from Mortlake Road and
                 ease congestion.
                 Development contributions plans will facilitate appropriate infrastructure provision in
                 terms of roads, drainage, utilities and community infrastructure.
                 There is, and will continue to be pressure on central city parking.
                 Infill development which relies on access via laneways will need to be addressed.
                 There will be an increased demand for community facilities within the identified growth
                 Flood mitigation works may need to be required in some areas.

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