2 Bible Alone outline by lindahy


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									                 Ideas that Changed the World: Bible Alone
Burn the …..                                                                                  e)    … so that we are thoroughly equipped                 (2 Tim 3:17)

                                                                                          3. Your ultimate base of authority
1. The English Bible

2. God’s Word
  a)      Is how God speaks                                   (Psalm 19:7-10)             4. Base for the 16th century church continues ...
                                                                                              a)    Bishop Cuthbert Tunstall

  b)      Makes us wise for salvation                              (2 Tim 3:15)               b)    2nd Vatican Council (1960’s) …...

  c)      Is God breathed                                          (2 Tim 3:16)
                                                                                           Bible Alone

  d)      Is useful for ….                                         (2 Tim 3:16)

                    The normal way that God speaks to us is in the Bible. Christians should read the Bible and be taught from the Bible regularly.
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