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									PROPERTY REPORT                                                               WERTALOONA STATION

                           Wertaloona Station
                                         Copley SA

                             North East Pastoral Cattle Lease
                            Lease area approximately 2552 km²
                                  Is to be offered for Sale


                                   Walk In/Walk Out Basis

                          Including Station Plant and Livestock

                                     Elders Real Estate Ltd
                                     Graeme Jones        0428 863 243
                                     Rob Stephens        0407 715 862
                                     Peter Taylor        0408 008 690

The particulars of this report are supplied for information only and shall not be taken as a
representation in any respect on the part of the vendor or their agent and purchasers must make their
own enquiries and investigations.

PROPERTY REPORT                                              WERTALOONA STATION

     ITEM                                                  PAGE

     Introduction                                                   3

     Land Tenure Details                                            4

     Livestock Wool and Rainfall Details                        5

     Schedule of Waters and Paddock Improvements                7

     Structural Improvements                                        15

     Fencing                                                        17

     Locations and Services                                         18

     Topography and Pasture                                     18

     Plant and Equipment                                            19

PROPERTY REPORT                                                        WERTALOONA STATION

Wertaloona Station is a large viable pastoral holding that has been transformed into an
outstanding EU accredited cattle property. Situated in some of the most attractive and easily
accessible pastoral grazing, flood–out country in South Australia. The current owners have
left no stone unturned by revitalizing structural improvements and upgrading waters, yard
fencing and a cattle breeding program to complement the property.

The homestead facilities are in excellent condition and extensive building and house
renovations have been ongoing since 1997.

The property has been run in conjunction with the Wooltana lease in recent years.

Wertaloona is in an excellent position and is one of South Australia’s closest cattle pastoral
leases in relation to the southern markets.

              Wertaloona 2552km2

PROPERTY REPORT                                                             WERTALOONA STATION
                           LAND TENURE DETAILS

 Lease   LeaseType     Block   Vol./Folio       Area                     Pastoral Board Max.
  No.                   No.      of CL
 2378      Pastoral    1257    PE 1615/10 2552 km² approx.               5,200 cattle or 26,000
                                                                           sheep equivalent.

  Total Annual Rent            $ 15,327.00       (1/11/04 to 31/10/05)

  Dog Fence Levy:              $ 2500.95         (05/06)

  Dingo Levy:                  $ 76.55           (05/06)

  Lease Expiry Date:           31st July 2039

PROPERTY REPORT                                                               WERTALOONA STATION
Long term average as per Pastoral Board – 21,430 sheep or 4,286 cattle equivalent up till 1997.

With the introduction of new watering points the vendors suggests 4,500 branded cattle can be run
on lease. The property has never been destocked with approximately 305 km2 spelled for a number
of years.

Wertaloona lease has been run in conjunction with Wooltana, which is currently leased by the

The below figures relate to Wertaloona.

*3,500 to 3,700 cows & progeny are run between the 2 properties

Cattle Included with Sale

Cows                  565
Cows 2001-02          400
Cows 2003             498
Cows 2004             501
Heifers 2005          177

Total                 2141 cows & heifers

Mixed aged shorthorn bulls      66

Approx. 700 / 800 unmarked calves included

Cattle are E.U. accredited

Shorthorn Santa X Cows with Shorthorn Bulls @ 4% with 80% calving.
Av. 2,000 Cows mated each year.

                                     RAINFALL/ CLIMATE
PROPERTY REPORT                                                             WERTALOONA STATION

As is typical of the far North East zone of the state, Wertaloona has a mean daily annual temperature
of approx. 29 degrees Celsius. The temperature ranges up to mid 40 degrees Celsius in summer and
has short and cool winters.

Floods in the northern Flinders result in the numerous creeks, and watercourse country spreading
across the property between the ranges and Lake Frome.

Long term average rainfall – 190mm-200mm


PROPERTY REPORT                                                         WERTALOONA STATION
Wertaloona Station has extensively upgraded its watering system. It consists of 10 main
cattle paddocks, which allow the majority of the property to be evenly grazed. 4 new
drafting yards and 21 holding yards support the cattle operation. All weather access is
available to most yards. The sheep country in the western portion of the lease is currently not
in use.

All troughs are approx. 5.5m (18’) long on aprons and the tanks are set on concrete. 14 new
solar plants have been introduced.

All dams (with the exception of Sandhill, Bluff and Perseverance) have been desilted.

All troughs have been set up with 50mm float valves.

New drafting yards consist of water, sprinklers, crush, cradles and facilities for portable
scales. 7-way overhead drafting and holding yards with water are at Pauls Well, Johns Well,
Bishops & Balcoracana.

PROPERTY REPORT                                                         WERTALOONA STATION

No. 1 Bore – 65.3m deep, approx 4050 litres per hour – unequipped.
No. 3 Bore – 90m deep, 150mm steel casing lined with 125mm PVC, pumps from 84.1m,
50mm poly column, 240v single phase submersible pump to 2 x 50,000 litre Bushmans tanks,
supplying homestead garden via pressure pump.

20.7m deep, cased and rock-filled, pumps from 18.3m, 50mm steel column, 75mm F/C
pump, 3.65m S/X mill, 9.1m tower, to new 50,000 litre Bushmans tank and steel trough,
watering house yard.

Steel cattle and horse yards, with ramp, grain silo and harness shed and stables.

50.6m deep, solar submersible pumps from 45.9m, to 135,000 litre Squatters tank and trough
watering TI-Tree Creek Paddock.

Steel and mesh yards containing steel trough.

51.8m deep, pumps from 45.7m, Grundfos solar submersible pump supplies 50,000 litre
Bushmans tank and new steel trough in holding yards watering Ti Tree Creek Paddock.

Steel and mesh yards.

23.2m deep, with 8.2m to North Drive. 50mm steel columns, 18.3m, 75mm F/C pumps,
3.65m mill, 9.1m tower to 50,000 litre Bushmans tank and steel trough supplying Mulga

Steel and mesh yard.

Approx. 3825m³, waters Bottom Mulga Paddock and outside dog fence. Holds 3-4 months.

22.6m deep, with 6m to North Drive. 50mm steel columns, pumps from 18.3m, 75mm F/C
pumps, 3.65 S/X mill, 9.1m tower to 50,000 litre Bushmans tank and new steel trough
watering Mulga Paddock.

Steel and mesh yard.

PROPERTY REPORT                                                      WERTALOONA STATION

30.5m deep, reconditioned to 2 bore holes, pumps from 22.9m.
1st - hole 50mm steel columns, 75mm F/C pumps, 3.65m S/X mill, 9.1m tower, to 2 x 63,000
litre concrete tanks and new steel trough watering TI-Tree Creekand Mulga Paddocks.
2nd hole - Grundfos submersible pump supplies new drafting and holding paddock via 1km
x 40mm poly pipe.

Steel and mesh yards and cattle loading race.

18.6m deep, good supply, pumps from 16.8m, 50mm steel columns, 75mm F/C pumps
3.65m S/X mill, 9.1m tower, to 50,000 litre Bushmans tank and steel trough.

Steel and mesh yard on water.

Approx. 14535m³, desilted 2003, concrete chute. Waters Double Dam Paddock.

Old bronco yards.

156.4m deep, bore flows 15.2m, mono solar submersible pumps to 45,000 litre concrete tank
and new steel trough supplying Bells Paddock. Also supplies Willowie Syphon, 2 round
troughs via 3kms 50mm poly.

135.7m deep, 150mm casing relined 100mm PVC, Grundfos solar submersible pumps into
50,000 litre Bushmans tank and round poly trough watering Bells Paddock.

111.3m deep, 150mm casing now 100mm PVC. 675 litre p.h. 10.7m, 50mm flexi column
75mm pump, 3.65m S/X mill, 9.1m tower to 50,000 litre Bushmans tank and new round poly
trough which waters Farleys Paddock and Edwards Paddock.

Large holding yard.

Approx. 15300m³, concrete chute. Dam never dry.

Originally 9180 m³, desilted 2004. On telemetry system from house. Diesel driven mono
pump supplies 50mm poly pipe 6km to Bluff Tank, new 50,000 litre Bushmans tank and
trough, continuing 6km to Lake View Tank, supplying 50,000 litre Bushmans tank and
trough, continuing 5km to No. 3 Tank, supplying 50,000 litre Bushmans tank and new

PROPERTY REPORT                                                        WERTALOONA STATION

Originally 32950m³, waters No. 3 Paddock.

Steel holding yards.

Approx. 4590m³, and catch tank, unequipped, desilted 2002, waters No. 3 Paddock.

Steel cattle yards.

Originally 15010m³, catch tank 1125m³, steel fluming, waters No. 3 Paddock.

Excavation with large bank across natural water course, waters No. 3 Paddock. Extensive
earthworks done.

26010m³, catch tank 1070m³, (25 years since dry). Waters Bluff Paddock.

Approx. 11010m³, catch 1225m³, concrete chute, waters Bluff Paddock.

Steel and mesh yards and calf race.

Desilted 2002, approx. 31185m³, catch tank 1060m³. Floating mono solar submersible pump
supplies 1km x 40mm poly pipe to 50,000 litre Bushmans tank and new steel trough. Waters
Ampi Paddock and Little Ampi Paddock.

Steel yards.

15.24m deep, pumps from 9.4m, 50mm steel columns, 75mm F/C pump, 3.65m S/X mill,
9.1m tower, to 50,000 litre Bushmans tank and trough watering Phillips Paddock.

Steel and mesh yard with draft and loading ramp, situated approx. 3kms from water.

Supplied from Phillips Bore.

WYAMBANA BORE (no value)
Little Hole – Small dam on edge of road, excellent catch.

9.1m deep, pumps from 9.1m via mono solar submersible pump to 90,000 litre liner tank
watering Phillips Paddock. Also supplies Wyambana Tank via 2km x 40mm poly pipe to
50,000 litre Bushmans tank.

PROPERTY REPORT                                                      WERTALOONA STATION

Supplied from Bull Corner Bore via 8.5km x 50mm poly pipe into 50,000 litre Bushmans
tank and 3 round poly troughs.

Opportunity water, could be made permanent, work done in 2003.

165m deep, back-filled to 163m, ample water, mono submersible pumps from 18.3m. Trough
with 100mm float valve, waters Phillips Paddock and Farley Paddock. Also supplies
Balcoracana Yards by pipeline.

Set steel and mesh yards.

34.8m deep, pumps from 34m. (needs attention)
New bore 34.8m deep, Grundfos solar submersible pumps to 50,000 litre Bushmans tank and
new steel trough.

Set steel and mesh yards.

25.9m deep now converted to bore. Two x 150mm casing, with 50mm steel columns, 75mm
pumps. 3.5m S/X mill, 9.1m tower to 2 x 45000 litre concrete tanks. New steel trough waters
Edwards Paddock and Holding Paddock.

In 2nd hole, Grundfos solar submersible pumps 3.5km north to Snake Tank, supplying
50,000 litre Bushmans tank and steel trough

Double steel and mesh yards.

35.4m deep, Grundfos solar submersible pump, 27.4m, supplying 2 new 50,000 litre
Bushmans tanks and troughs - waters Edwards Paddock and Round Bush Paddock.

Steel mesh cattle yards and new holding paddocks.

Small dam – holds 3 months.

58m deep, pumps from 45.7m. via mono solar submersible into 50,000 litre Bushmans tank
and 3km x 40mm poly pipe to Victors Tank. Trough waters Round Bush Paddock.

Steel and mesh yards.

Water is pumped via 3km x 40mm poly pipe from Round Bush Bore.

PROPERTY REPORT                                                     WERTALOONA STATION

WILSON’S BORE (not in use)
92.4m deep.

40m deep, pumps from 39.6m, 50mm steel columns, 75mm F/C pump, 3.65m S/X mill, 9.1m
tower, to 50,000 litre Bushmans tank and new steel trough.

Steel and mesh yards.

Grundfos solar submersible pumps from 3m via 2.5km x 40mm poly pipe to 50,000 litre
Bushmans tank and steel trough.

MOOROWIE BORE - new bore
35m deep, Grundfos solar submersible pumps from 30m into 50,000 litre Bushmans tank and
steel trough.

Steel-framed shed 30m x 25m with rainwater tank.
Drafting yards and loading ramp.

O’CONNELLS BORE (not in use)
65.9m deep, pumps from 62.5m.

2 hole casing. 1st is 16.8m deep, 50mm steel columns, 75mm pump 3.65m S/X mill, to 2 x
45,000 litre concrete tanks and trough watering Pauls Paddock.
2nd is 21m deep, Grundfos submersible pump. Supplies new steel drafting yards and holding

Old steel cattle yards.
Steel-framed and galv 2-roomed hut with shower and kitchen.

Approx. 30.5m deep, pumps from 24.6m, 50mm steel column, 75mm F/C pump, 3.65m S/X
mill, 9.1m tower, to 2 x 45,000 litre concrete tanks and trough watering Double Dam

Originally 4835m³, waters Double Dam paddock.

33.5m deep reconditioned to 2 bore holes, pumps from 32m. Grundfos solar submersible
pumps to 50,000 litre Bushmans tank and new steel trough.

Steel and mesh yards.

PROPERTY REPORT                                                       WERTALOONA STATION

91.5m deep, pumps from 50.3m, 50mm steel columns, 75mm F/C pump, 3.65m S/X mill, to 2
x 45,000 litre concrete tanks and trough watering TI-Tree Creek Paddock and Double Dam

MINE BORE (not in use)
99m deep, pumps from 73.2m. Waters Mt Chambers Paddock.

Extensive springs throughout Mt Chambers Gorge.

WEARINGS WELL (not in use).
Approx. 12.2m deep, waters Wearings Paddock.

16.8m deep, column, 13.7m of 50mm steel pipe, 74mm pumps, 3m S/X mill, 9.1m tower, to
25000 litre Bushmans tank. Trough waters Wearings Paddock and shed yard. 400m, 50mm
galv pipe to trough. 2.5km, 40mm poly pipe to Ti Tree Tank, 25,000 litre Bushmans tank
and poly trough.

Crutching shed yards of steel.

Approx. 4.6m deep, equipped with electric pump, to 13,500 litre Squatters tank on stand.

Excellent spring, waters Weetowie Paddock.

LAMPEYS WELL (not in use)
56.7m deep, solid rock, 2 holes columns, pumps from 41.2m, 3.65m, S/X mill, 9.1 m tower,
waters Top Lampeys Paddock and Weetowie Paddocks.

Timber and cyclone yards.

IRON STONE BORE (not in use)
39m deep, pumps from 18.3m, 3.65m .S/X mill, 9.1m tower, can water Top Iron Stone
Paddock and Bottom Iron Stone Paddock.

Timber and cyclone yard.

Good springs, waters Ungoona Paddock.

Waters Moro Mine Paddock.

PROPERTY REPORT                                                       WERTALOONA STATION

47.3m deep, pumps from 41.2m, 3.65m S/X mill, 9.1m tower can water, Prism Hill Paddock
and Moro Mine Paddock.

Timber and cyclone sheep yards..

MALLEE WELL (not in use)
23.5m deep, pumps from 18.3m, 2 holes, 50mm steel column, 75mm F/C pumps to 63,000
litre concrete tank and trough watering Top John Paddock and Mallee Well Paddock.

Steel and mesh yard.

Good spring waters Top John Paddock.

140m deep, pumps from 73m.

Big John and Little John water holes can give 3 - 4 months supply, and further springs can
been found at Ungoona and Wattle watering Ungoona Paddock when the season permits.

PROPERTY REPORT                                                      WERTALOONA STATION

                         STRUCTURAL IMPROVEMENTS

Homestead and Quarters are supplied by 24-hour power via new 18 tracking solar panels on
double battery system and inverter system. 2 Perkins diesel remote start back- ups run 4-5
hrs per day.

Wertaloona Homestead
Large stone and concrete rendered residence with new galvanized roof, surrounded by large
verandah enclosed on one side. Enclosed patio or entertainment area. Large entrance
hallway. 4 large bedrooms. Tiled bathroom with separate shower and toilet. Lounge,
dining room, office, laundry, sun room and 2 sleep-outs. Kitchen contains slow combustion
stove, gas stove, dishwasher, satellite TV dish and decoder.

Mens Kitchen
Stone and concrete rendered, a/c office and pantry. Kitchen with gas stove, 2 cellars,
separate bathroom/toilet, 9,000 litre Bushmans rainwater tank.

Meat House
Concrete and mesh with large 240v cool room.
The above buildings have surrounding lawns enclosed by a stone fence.

Overseers Cottage
Stone and concrete rendered residence, 2 bedrooms, lounge kitchen, bathroom, sunroom,
toilet and laundry. Upgraded and painted, airconditioned, satellite dish, telephone, 50,000
litre rainwater, car shed. Airconditioned Atco hut provides extra bedroom.

Brick and concrete rendered with a complete new roof. Has been rewired, has an oil room
and storage. 20m x 22m, steel skillion roof frame, concrete floor and pit. Overhead fuel
storage. 90,000 litre rainwater tank.

Lighting Plant Room
Steel framed with concrete floor containing-
30 KVA Perkins diesel remote start lighting plant.
35 KVA Perkins diesel remote start lighting plant.

PROPERTY REPORT                                                         WERTALOONA STATION
Run for 4-5 hours per day as back up for solar.

Solar panels
18 panels providing close to 24 hr 240v power.

Battery Room
Double bank of batteries (60) and inverter.

New Machinery Shed
10m x 30m enclosed one end used to store hay.
25,000 litre rainwater.

Stone and concrete rendered with attached storerooms.

New Car Shed
6m x 12m open, skillion roof shed, stores 4 cars.

Mens Quarters
Besser brick construction, 7 bedrooms, kitchen, lounge, verandah 2 sides, laundry, shower
room, ducted a/c. New Atco ladies and gents ablution block. Satellite dish and 2 x 25,000
litre Bushman tanks.

Shearers Quarters (not in use)
Ablution Block.
Steel framed and clip lock construction, male female facilities, two gas hot water systems.
Expert/Classers Accommodation.
Stone and concrete rendered, 4 bedrooms.
Steel framed and clip lock, pantry, 2 gas stoves, slow combustion stove, 45,000 litre
Shearing Shed (not in use)
12 stand cyclone shed, 6 stands both sides. 12.5 hp s/x diesel motor. D/e grinder. OK.
Unused for storage.
No sheep yards.

Homestead Horse Yards
Excellent steel framed, with tack room.

Ti Tree Shearing Shed
Cyclone construction, 4 stand o/h, grinder, 3.5 coopers diesel motor. Useful yards.

Ti Tree Cottage
Stone with kitchen bathroom. Used by roo shooter.

PROPERTY REPORT                                                         WERTALOONA STATION


The fencing on Wertaloona Station is in exceptional condition with most internal fences on a
replacement program in recent years. The vendors have recently completed 26 kms of
boundry and 109 kms of internal fencing. The dog fence runs north to south on the eastern
side and is maintained by the Dog Fence Board.

Because of the change to all cattle the the lease has been divided into 10 main cattle paddocks
for ease of management and to minimize grazing pressure. In the west of the property are
sheep paddocks.

The new cattle paddocks are-

Tee Tree Creek                                      Farleys
Mulga Well                                          Round Bush
Double Dam                                          Phillips
Moorowie                                            Ampie
Pauls                                               No.2

Cattle fences consist of 3 barb 2 or 3 spacers with star droppers.

Boundary fencing
Wirrealpa - fair condition, typical mixed station fencing.
Frome Downs/Erudina - netting with timber posts.
Mulga View - fair, 5 plain.
Gammon Ranges National Park – fair, 5 plain 1 barb some netting.
Lake Frome – unfenced. Dog Fence acts as main boundary.

PROPERTY REPORT                                                       WERTALOONA STATION

                           LOCATIONS AND SERVICES
Location: Wertaloona is situated adjoining and to the east of the Flinders Ranges approx. 4
hours from Port Augusta and 120 km east of Leigh Creek. The southern boundary is 165
kms from Yunta.

Services: A feature of Wertaloona is the excellent roads. The pipeline road serviced by the
pipeline authorities and the main road by the Transport SA. These two roads travel the
length of the lease north to south.

There is an airstrip suitable for the Flying Doctor at the homestead and an all-weather strip
at Balcanoona 15 kms away.

Mail run is twice weekly, STD telephone/fax, satellite TV and internet. The station has its
own UHF repeater tower covering the lease.

                          TOPOGRAPHY AND PASTURE

Wertaloona lies on the eastern edge of the North Flinders Ranges and extends from the hills
through associated outwash plains to Lake Frome, containing many land systems.
Commencing in the west with, low and unstable hills dissected by creeks and gullies, with
calcareous and shale areas, grading down to extensive areas of alluvial stream systems,
undulating plains, and watercourse, culminating in low dunes and swamps against the Lake.

Soils also show great variability, ranging from shale and calcareous areas, to clay loams,
sandy clay loams and light sandy loams in the outwash areas.

Timbered with Mulga, River Red Gum, Acacia, Dead Finish, Mallee, Black Oak and various
Eremophila’s and Dodonaea.

Very extensive low and pearl Blue Bush, Cotton Bush, Bitter and Bladder salt bush areas are
contained upon the plains and watercourses, graduating to the Black Bush and some nitre
and samphire towards the Lake.

Excellent grasses are grown in season, including, Mitchell grass, Button grass, and a large
range of Bindii’s.

    PROPERTY REPORT                                                  WERTALOONA STATION

                              PLANT AND EQUIPMENT

•   UHF                                      •   6x Ropes
•   2x Drills                                •   4x Dogs and Chains
•   2x Battery Drills                        •   4x Load Binders
•   2x Angle Grinders                        •   1x ¼ & ⅜ Socket Set
•   1x Air Grinder Kit                       •   2x Sets of Allan Keys
•   2x Spray Guns                            •   Punches, Files & G Clamps
•   1x Oxy Set (no trolley)                  •   3x Tube Benders
•   1x CIG MIG Welder                        •   1x Impact Driver
•   1x Trolley Jack                          •   2x Sets Impact Sockets
•   1x Electric Air Compressor               •   1x Torque Wrench
•   1x Set Screw Drivers                     •   2x Sets Drill Bits
•   3x Sets O/E Spanners                     •   2x Welding Masks
•   3x Sets of Ring Spanners                 •   2x Sets of Jumper Leads
•   2x Sets O/E Ring Spanners                •   Assorted Nuts, Bolts etc. (not trays)
•   1/2” Drive AF/Metric Sockets &           •   Bore Pulling Gear
•   5x Shifting Spanners                     •   Threaders, Pulleys, Clamps, Stillsons
•   2x Wire Brushes                          •   Lawn Mower
•   4x Hammers                               •   Cox Ride-on Mower
•   3x Spirit Levels                         •   First Aid Kit
•   3x Vice Grips                            •   5x Hand Held Radios
•   1x Hacksaw                               •   2x S/M Pressure Pumps
•   2x Pop Rivet Guns                        •   1x Makita Cut Off Saw
•   6x Pliers etc.                           •   1x Bench Grinder
•   1x Bolt Cutters                          •   1x Drill Press
•   4x Tape Measures                         •   Assorted Filters & Spares for all Vehicle
•   6x Squares, Rulers etc.                      Motors, Machinery & Bikes.
•   4x Extension Cords

    PROPERTY REPORT                                                      WERTALOONA STATION

                                      VEHICLES & MACHINERY

•    Western Starr (WCY-991)                   •    2x Wheel Barrows
•    D/ Decker (cattle crates)   (N/T D-       •    10x Assorted Shovels, Crowbars, Rakes etc.
•    D/ Decker (cattle crates)   (TWY-881)     •    Small Amount S/H Steel, Pipe, Timber, Fencing
•    S/ Decker (cattle crates)     (YCW-804)   •    Fluming Pipes for Dams
•    Float (to cart machinery on) (TXF-484)    •    Assorted Safety Gear
•    Tri Axle (flat top)          (TCU-110)    •    Bench, Vice & Pipe Vice
•    Bogie Tipper                              •    Assorted Poly & Steel Fittings
•    Toyota (new)                  (XEM-047)   •    Bore-Pumps, float Valves etc.
•    Toyota                        (WUY-644)   •    2x Grease Guns
•    Toyota                        (WPV-473)   •    Assorted Oil & Fuel Pumps
•    5x Honda XR 250’s (near new)              •    1x Retractable Air-Hose
•    Ford 5000 Tractor                         •    1x Air-Hose
•    CAT 930 Loader                            •    2x Duster Gun
•    CAT 120g Grader                           •    Tyre Mending Gear
•    Motor Bike Trailer                        •    2x Battery Chargers
•    2 Wheel Trailer                           •    Honda Fire Fighter Hoses
•    Tandem Trailer                            •    2x Satellite Phones
•    Mobile Loading Ramp                       •    Poly Fuel Tank
•    1x Chain Saw                              •    Kubota 12 KVA Gen-Set
•    1x Lathe                                  •    Steel 400 Litre Petrol Tank
•    1x Motor Driven Cement Mixer              •    Calf Marking Gear
•    1x 5 KVA Gen Set                          •    Cattle Scales
•    Motor Bike Helmets & Tie Downs            •    2x Boxes Assorted Hand Tools

    House Hold Items
      • Computer ~ Printer                             •   QS Beds
      • Computer Desk                                  •   2x White Wardrobes
      • Blue Phone                                     •   1x White Dressing table
      • 9x Black Kitchen Chairs                        •   2x White Bedside Drawers
      • 2x Chest Freezers                              •   1x White Headboard
      • 1x Upright Freezer                             •   2x Microwaves
      • 1x Kelvinator Fridge                           •   4x Green Patio Chairs
      • Large Table with 10x Chairs                    •   2x Gas Heaters
      • Large Wooden table with 10x                    •   Fridge
         Chairs                                        •   Wooden Table with 6x Chairs
      • Wooden Bedroom Suite                               (Overseer’s House)
      • Front Loader Washing Machine                   •   Wooden Dresser (Overseer’s House)
      • Clothes Dryer                                  •   Microwave Cupboard (Overseer’s
      • Small Tv                                           House)
      • Single Beds
PROPERTY REPORT                                              WERTALOONA STATION
   • Assorted Crockery, Cutlery, Pots        •   Remington Vacuum Cleaner
     and Pans                                •   Meatsaw
   • Assorted Linen


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