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					Visual Basic Programming for Beginners (VBB)
Course overview
Learn how easy it is to program in Visual Basic in just two days. Create basic applications and a
straightforward front-end with forms for your database. Learners should have some experience with
basic computer operations and databases.
Gain an introduction to general programming principles, including Object Oriented development, and
learn how to quickly develop basic windows applications using Visual Basic and the Microsoft Visual
Studio environment. The course takes participants from simple examples through to more involved
applications that utilise database and program interaction.

Suitable for
This introductory level course is suitable for anyone with an interest in programming and design. It
equips you with the skills to operate effectively as a programmer or e-Commerce Developer.

Course outcomes & benefits
At the completion of the course, participants will have been introduced to many different facets of
programming, providing a solid basis for further skills development.

Course content
• Introduction to the .NET Framework and VB.NET
• Introduction to the principles and practices of Object Oriented Programming
• Using the MS Visual Studio development environment
• .NET Data Types and Variables
• Creating Menus
• Making Decisions and controlling Flow in programs
• Keyboard and Screen Support
• Accessing a Database from VB.NET
• Database forms

Duration & course dates
2 days
May 15&22 l Nov 13&20


There is no assessment on this course.

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