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									                                        The Drop Insider
                                                                 February 2010
                                                                 are Newsletter.
                                  the St Kilda UnitingC

                              Welcome to 2010 and a new decade
We hope that everyone has had a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year and enjoyed the activities
 held at the Drop In over the January period. Some highlights of this years
                         January program included:

                                      2010 Darts championship won by Chris,
                                                         runner up, Wayne.

                               50 on board for bus trip to Smorgies.
                               Funded by the Friends of the Drop In

                                        Strawberry picking on the Mornington

                               Fishing in the bay. Everybody re-
                               turned to their homes safely, includ-
                               ing all the fish.
                                             Thanks to all who participated and helped organise these events.

                   A report on the Gardening Group BBQ of January 6
Wednesday the 6th of January was the Gardening Group’s BBQ. I had been looking forward to a BBQ at
the garden for some time so I was glad to be included. At 11.00 am I heaved myself into the Toyota along
with driver and gardening guru, Michelle, plus a few others. I became a little apprehensive when told we
were heading not to our usual VegOut garden but instead to the banks of the Yarra for the BBQ. I was con-
cerned about how far I’d have to walk from the parked bus to the BBQ site and whether I’d be able to cope.
I was assured by the aforementioned guru that parking and walking distance wouldn’t be a problem, so I
settled back and enjoyed the drive which took us all of 15 minutes thanks to Michelle’s brilliant idea of
heading along Hotham St/ Williams Rd to Alexandra Ave instead of using Punt Rd. Not only did we make
good time, it was very pleasant motoring through leafy South Yarra and Toorak– most befitting the caliber
of what is our Gardening Group.
Arriving at the BBQ there was plenty of parking and yours truly was very pleased at only having to walk the
distance we would’ve covered anyway had we gone to VegOut. The setting was idyllic– a grassy riverside
spot, temperature in the mid 20’s, sunny blue sky peppered with the occasional cloud, a gentle breeze,
spacious table and seating, large BBQ and nearby loo. Passing riverboat cruisers, joggers and Melbourne
city skyline completed the vista. The added aural delight of bellbirds from nearby Botanical Gardens
topped it right off.
Cooking duties were handled expertly as usual by ever willing Pat N, who became somewhat of a celebrity
when asked by a passing tourist if he would allow his photograph to be taken. Donned in BBQ apron, bran-
dishing a mean set of tongs and encouraged by the rest of us, he willingly obliged. Tourist most pleased.
The meal was excellent. An entrée of potato chips followed by sausages, steak and fried onion all cooked
to perfection along with fresh salad, a choice of dressings, buttered bread, cake, fruit salad, tea and coffee.
The sea gulls and pigeons were most appreciative too. Following the repast, the more energetic went for a
wander through the Gardens whilst others continued to entertain and feed the gathered audience of birds.
After a few hours of riverside bliss, we again piled into the Toyota and headed back to 101.
On a personal note, having experiences like this is one of the things good about being a participant at the
Drop In. No way would I be able to get to such a BBQ site on my own and I wouldn’t enjoy it anywhere
near as much on my own anyway. A very big thank you to all involved and I hope to be able to do it again
                        Reflections on Australia Day 2010
Australia Day is a great day for all Australians. It is always a holiday. We are
all very lucky to be born in Australia.
By Marrianne L

I have mixed feelings about Australia Day. Part of me thinks that I am grateful
to be living in this beautiful country. The land is more interesting than any
other countries in the world in my opinion. Around the edge of most of Austra-
lia it is covered with green bush, rivers and waterfalls. However I don’t like the cruel treatment handed out
by the white people to the aborigines both in the past and today. If Jesus lived today he would be down
there with the aboriginals. He would be treated the same way , an outcast, one to be looked down upon.
By Greta D
Australia Day Tuesday 26th of January 2010 means little to the indigenous people, it is a European cele-
bration gone wrong. Known as “Invasion Day” to the aboriginal people the “Day” needs updating to in-
clude everyone who lives in Australia. Cricket & tennis on television attracting more attention than Cap-
tain Arthur Phillips landing in Botany Bay in 1778. The Prime minister will announce a person to be known
as Australian of the year this afternoon.
By James R-V.
Australia Day is celebrated by all Australians, it is because Australia was founded by Captain James
Cook in the year 1788 and all Australians get a holiday on the 26th January. Before the landing of the first
fleet in Australia there was only the Kooris or Aborigines. . . . They could not communicate because they
could not speak English so it would have been hard for strangers to [communicate] with them.
By Maurie G
Australia Day represents remembrance of when we became a British colony. No one anticipated that we
would fight two great wars, useless to everyone, even the hun. Who would think that we would become a
great sports nation, a great dancing nation, a great singing nation, a great acting nation? Have two Olym-
pic games with numerous awards and gain worldwide recognition in all aspects of human Endeavour?
By Geoff G
Australia day to me is a disaster because the drop-in is closed for the day and I feel a bit lost not coming
to the drop-in. Most of the population, working class people love it because they get the day off work and
get paid. Whereas for me it’s like I’m going to the office for a days’ work but I apologies if I’ve upset any-
one because it means a lot to some people for whatever reason. I love Australia, because if Australia
wasn’t here I wouldn’t be here today either, neither would the drop-in be here today. So thank God for
Australia, I feel like I’m in heaven when I’m at the Drop-in.
By Pat N

                                 Participants Meeting report
                            Monday 1st February 2010 @ 10.40am                                  A NEW GROUP FOR
Attendance: (10 Participants)
Business Arising:
                                                                                                THOSE WHO ENJOY
Guest Speaker (Mary Hall) from the Bridge Program attended and gave an overview                   WRITING AND
of the different services the Bridge can offer and how to access them. Question & An-
swer time was held with Mary leaving an array of brochures and literature about the
service.                                                                                          Our resident AFL expert
Participants were asked for their feedback on the January timetable, which was posi-            and Richmond fanatic, Mi-
tive. Of course the Geelong trip to Smorgies was the highlight.                                 chelle would like all those
New Business from Participants.
                                                                                                who are interested in footy
Some general discussion was held around the seemingly unfair treatment by some po-
lice towards some participants. A request was made for a guest speaker from the police            and would like to write
force to visit for chat at an upcoming Participants meeting. Request for other guest             about it to join her at the
speakers were Nutrition & Men’s Health.                                                         Drop In on Wednesday af-
There was some confusion around the Art group with some participants not aware the                ternoons. Even if you do
sessions ran during January were extra sessions. Some participants were concerned that          not like footy but just like
Di had not been regular and did not realize the 2 sessions ran in January were “Special
sessions”. Russ cleared this up to the satisfaction of the participants also stating that Art    to write, come along and
was now back to its usual time as it was now February.                                                     join in.
A request was made for a Volunteer database to be made up so participants can access
outside help. Areas sought focused on photography, art, computers, reading & writing.           For more information, see
Meeting Closed 11.40am                                                                                  Michelle.
Next meeting– Monday 1st March 10.30 am
                                       DRAFT Principles of Recovery.
         g to                Australian Mental Health Services and Programs
    t hin r       From the perspective of the person with mental illness, recovery means gaining
  me side and retaining hope, understanding of ones abilities and disabilities, engagement in
So on        an active life, personal autonomy, social identity, meaning and purpose in life, and a
   c          positive sense of self.
          Australians have a right to expect a high standard of health care. Every person can reasonably
     expect recovery from mental illness. Even with chronic or persistent illness, there is a general and
reasonable expectation that the person will be able to resume and to maintain a quality of life that they
deem acceptable. This principle applies to both mental illness and physical illness.
The principles of recovery oriented practice underpin all forms of mental health care.
1. Individual uniqueness:
Recovery oriented mental health practice:
Recognises that recovery is not necessarily about cure but is about living a meaningful and satisfying life.
Accepts that recovery outcomes are personal and unique for each person and go beyond an exclusive
health focus to include an emphasis on social inclusion and quality of life.
Empowers individuals so they recognise that they are at the centre of the care they receive.
2. Real Choices:
Recovery oriented mental health practice:
Supports and empowers people to make their own choices about how they want to lead their lives and
acknowledges choices need to be meaningful and creatively explored.
Supports individuals to build on their strengths and take as much responsibility for their lives as they can
at any given time.
Ensures that there is a balance between duty of care and support for people to take positive risks and
make the most of new opportunities.
3. Attitudes and Rights:
Recovery oriented mental health practice:
Involves listening to, learning from and acting upon communications from the individual, their relatives
and others about what is important to each person.
Promotes and protects people’s legal and citizenship rights.
  Draft Recovery Principles 28/01/10
Supports people to maintain and develop meaningful social, recreational, occupational and vocational
activities which enhance mental wellbeing.
4. Dignity and Respect:
Recovery oriented mental health practice:
Consists of being courteous, respectful and honest in all interactions.
Involves sensitivity and respect for each individual’s own values and culture.
Challenges discrimination and stigma whether it exists within our own services or the broader commu-
5. Partnership and Communication:
Recovery oriented mental health practice:
Acknowledges each person is an expert on their own life and that recovery involves working in partner-
ship with individuals, their relatives and carers to provide support in a way that makes sense to them.
Values the importance of sharing appropriate information and the need to communicate clearly to enable
effective engagement.
Involves working in positive and realistic ways with individuals, their families and carers to help them re-
alise their own hopes, goals and aspirations.
6. Evaluating Recovery:
Recovery oriented mental health practice:
Ensures and enables evaluation of recovery at several levels –
- individuals and their families can track their own progress;
- services are seen to use the individual’s experiences of care to inform quality improvement activities;
- The mental health system reports on key outcomes that indicate recovery including (but not limited to)
housing, employment and education as well as health and well being measures.
These Recovery Principles have been adapted from the Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Founda-
tion Trust Recovery Principles in the UK.
                                     St Kilda UnitingCare Drop In Calendar February 2010
                                                    Open 8.45-4.00 Monday, Wednesday, Friday
                 St Kilda                                  8.45-2.00 Tuesday, Thursday

        Monday                      Tuesday        Wednesday              Thursday                  Friday             Saturday   Sunday

1                             2               3                     4                        5                         6          7
B/fast                        Cooked B/fast   B/fast                B/fast                   B/fast
RDNS Nurse                    Day trip        Chapel service        Women’s group            Swimming
Participant meeting-speaker   Hairdresser     Reiki                      – Collage           Lunch
  from Bridge program                         Gardening                                      Movie
Lunch                                         Lunch

8                             9               10                    11                       12                        13         14
B/fast                        Cooked B/fast   B/fast                B/fast                   B/fast
RDNS Nurse                    Bowling         Chapel service        Women’s group–           Swimming
Over 60’s                                     Reiki                 Moorabbin Bowls          Lunch
Lunch                                         Gardening                                      Pool team meeting
Physio                                        Lunch                                          Movie               rts
Art                                                                                                          sta p
                                                                                                           ty u
                                                                                                        Foo AB C
15                            16              17                    18                       19                        20         21
B/fast                        Cooked B/fast   B/fast                B/fast                   B/fast
RDNS Nurse                    Day trip        Chapel service        Women’s group            Swimming
Over 60’s– Mordialloc                         Reiki                      -complete collage   Lunch
Lunch                                         Gardening                                      Movie
Art                                           Lunch

22                            23              24                    25                       26                        27         28
B/fast                        Cooked B/fast   B/fast                B/fast                   B/fast
RDNS Nurse                    Bowling         Chapel service        Women’s group            Swimming
Over 60’s– Trivia comp’n                      Reiki                      -night market       Lunch
Lunch                                         Gardening                                      Pool competition begins
Art                                           Lunch                                          Movie

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