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									                         'Possessive' women to blame for haggling in divorces

'Possessive' women to blame for haggling in

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'Possessive' women to blame for haggling in divorces
By Sarah Womack, Social Affairs Correspondent
(Filed: 27/08/2005)

For many women, the worst thing about getting divorced is not the
heartbreak − it is the haggling.


But perhaps they should shoulder some of the blame because research shows
that they are more likely to feel possessive than men when it comes to
dividing the spoils.

Of 24 items, including the family home, photographs and pets, men wanted
their former wives to keep 19.

In contrast, women wanted their former husbands to have only eight, even
though they did not want the items themselves.

Men were keen for their former spouses to keep the bed, television, wedding
album, lawn mower and garden accessories, house plants, coffee machine, and
the family pet, according to a survey of 3,515 people by YouGov for
Yorkshire Building Society.

The only items that men were keen to keep for themselves were the house −
with 32 per cent wanting it compared with 30 per cent who wanted their
former wife to have it − the car, the laptop computer, digital camera and CD
and DVD collections.

Women were keener to keep the family home than men, with 50 per cent wanting
it as part of the division of property, although they were more likely to
want the dog or cat (64 per cent).

Other items that ranked high on women's list of things to keep were the car
and house plants.

What actually happens is that 46 per cent of women keep the house, compared
with just 29 per cent of men, while other couples sell it. More than half of

'Possessive' women to blame for haggling in divorces                                                     1
                         'Possessive' women to blame for haggling in divorces
women − 56 per cent − keep the television.

Denise Knowles, a counsellor at Relate, said: "These findings reflect the
hugely different emotional attachment that divorcing men and women feel
towards their shared possessions.

"Men are far keener than women to put their past behind them and want to
move on, which is why they are happy to let their ex keep almost all of
their shared possessions − apart from those items that provide entertainment
such as the car, digital camera and music system.

"Women, by contrast, have a far greater emotional attachment to their home
and its contents, seeing these things as the fabric of their lives and
things that should be preserved both for themselves and any children as
symbols of their family history and life."


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