St Leonards Park, North Sydney

					St Leonards Park, North Sydney                                                Ride North Sydney Start Site

Job Details/Summary
Meeting Time                                                    05:15am
                                                                Volunteer Tent St Leonards Park, Miller Street North
Team Leader                                                     TBA
Contact Number                                                  TBA
Contact Email                                                   TBA
Finishing Time (approximate)                                    12:00pm

St Leonards Park, North Sydney is our Start Site for Ride North Sydney; the set-up takes place the day before the
ride (Saturday) with Equipment Crews and anyone else that can help out as well. On event day Volunteers have a
very early start at approx 5:15am, ready for the thousands of cyclists that will soon be coming through. Jobs include
handing out pre rider registration kits, on the day registration, start site marshals, information, equipment and
refreshments. This role requires a person who is a very early morning riser, friendly, helpful, able to think quickly,
able to take direction and manage a large crowd. This job is short time-wise, but will be busy for the time there.

Travel options
Cycling will save on that ever increasing petrol bill. Or take advantage of the free public transport on offer from City
Rail. Just show the City Rail staff your Volunteer ID card to receive free travel on trains and buses (no bikes on
buses unfortunately). For details of the best transport options for your location, call the transport info line on
131500, or visit the website

First task upon arrival
Your Team Leader will meet and welcome you to the site and present you with your volunteer’s kit. The t-shirt, hat,
and all the goodies are yours to keep. Please put the t-shirt on over your own clothes and pop on the hat for your
own sun protection, this will identify you as event staff. Your Team Leader will then give you further instructions.

Volunteer role
        Setting up early- With an event this size we need to have everything ready before the 10,000 cyclists arrive,
        that includes all equipment, barricades signage involves lots of heaving lifting.
        Start site marshal- With a large amount of cyclists congregating in a relatively small amount of space, we need
        to ensure that the flow of people (with or without cycles) is smooth. The entry process is structured to minimise
        the amount of congestion in the start area however you may need to remind cyclists to move on.
        Entries – pre paid- This is for cyclists who have already filled in an entry form and paid but were too late to
        have their entrant packs mailed out to them. These packs will be given in alphabetical order, and should be
        handed out on request. As entrants arrive, ask their surname, find their pack and cross them off the list.
        Entries – late- For cyclists entering on the day, they need to complete the required forms and pay the correct
        amount of money. Entrants are encouraged to fill in an entry form before queuing and then take it to the late
        entry tent. Riders can enter between 6.00 am and 8.30 am.
        Entries - roving attendants- distribute the entry forms to people waiting in line to make this process more
        efficient. Riders can enter between 6.00 am and 8.30 am.
        Information- Letting cyclists know the procedures for the day, where to go next etc. Check out for the latest updates and event information
        Environment team- Keep the sites clean by collecting the rubbish and make the site shine!
        Refreshments- Managing the water station.
        Toilet/Meal Breaks – Your Team Leader will provide you with breaks throughout the day when possible,
        however if you require a break talk to your Team Leader first to make sure it is safe for you to leave your

Getting fed
Your Team Leader will issue you with a pre-packed lunch on the day. If you require a break just ask your Team
Leader first.

Rest/Water stops locations and times of operation
Rest/Water Stops- There is one Rest Stop and multiple Water Stops along all routes. All Rest and Water Stops
have water, St John Ambulance & toilets and some of the sites will also have Bike Mechanics and food. They are
situated approximately every 15 km.

              RIDE                 EVENT SITE                     SITE OPEN                   SITE CLOSED
                             St Leonards Park, Miller
North Sydney – Start Site                                           06:00am                       09:00am
                             Street North Sydney
                             Blaxland Riverside Park,
The Park –Start Site/Water
                             Jamieson St, Sydney                    08:00am                       15:00pm
                             Olympic Park
                             Morreau Reserve, Church
Blacktown – Start Site                                              07:00am                       09:00am
                             Street, Rooty Hill
                             Ash Road Park, Robins
Liverpool – Start Site                                              06:30am                       08:00am
                             Sports Club, Prestons
North Sydney – Water         Pyrmont Point Park,
                                                                    07:00am                       10.30am
Stop                         Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont
North Sydney – Water         Five Dock Park, Ingham
                                                                    07:30am                       11:30am
Stop                         Ave, Five Dock
                             Brays Bay Reserve,
North Sydney – Rest Stop                                            08:00am                       12:30pm
                             Concord Rd, Rhodes
                             Moonrise Ridge, Border
Blacktown – Water Stop                                              07:30am                       10:30am
                             Rd, Horsley Park
                             Hyland Park Road, Hyland
Blacktown – Water Stop                                              08:00am                       11:00am
                             Rd, Greystanes
                             Holroyd Gardens, Walpole
Blacktown – Rest Stop                                               08:30am                       13:00pm
                             St, Holroyd
                             Overflow Park, Olympic
Finish Site                                                          08:30am                      16:00pm
                             Bvld, Sydney Olympic Park

You as a representative of Bicycle NSW
        Uniform- You must wear your event uniform - volunteer shirt and cap as this enables you to be easily seen
        as a volunteer on the event.
        ID cards- These will be sent to you pre event and must be worn at all times during the event, it not only
        contains your identification but also has important contact details listed on the back.
        Conduct- As Volunteers for Bicycle NSW you are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner at all
        times, Bicycle NSW will not tolerate any unacceptable behaviour or conduct that portrays the event in a
        negative way. We understand events can become stressful at times, but we must portray a positive and inviting
        image to the event participants at all times. You are the faces of our events and need to conduct yourselves

When leaving
        Please do not leave your position before checking with your Team Leader, there may be something
        important we need your help with.
    Once all the cyclists have passed through and your area is closed you are welcome to make your way to
    the Finish Site/The Overflow Area at Olympic Boulevard to join in the cycling festival.

    Accidents- Call 000 and then report the incident immediately to your Team Leader who has contact with
    medical staff via radio. St John Ambulance is based at the Rest Stops, Water Stops and the Start and
    Finish Sites. Your contact list of phone numbers on the back of your id card contains all the contact
    numbers if you require more help.

                  In the first instance of an issue please contact your Team Leader.
  In the second instance you may phone the Operations Manager: Tony Henderson on 0423 137 971

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