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									St. Joseph’s Hospital — North
Lutz, FL

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Inc.
Construction Management
2008 Top Projects
Southeast Construction

                              Bovis Lend Lease is managing the               The project is targeting LEED-NC
                              construction of the 382,000 square foot        certification.
                              hospital, which will be among the most
                                                                             Sustainable Elements
                              technologically advanced hospitals in the
                              country featuring 108 patient beds, a full     Environmental Impact Reduction
                              service emergency department, five                Signage and operator training to curtail
                              operating rooms, two computed                     unnecessary truck and equipment
                              tomography (CT) rooms, one magnetic               idling
                              resonance imaging (MRI) room, three               Concrete wash off water is treated
                              radiology rooms, two cesarean section (C          before it is discharged to the storm
                              section) rooms, and four labor and delivery       sewer, protecting neighboring water
                              rooms. Also on site, 941 surface parking          bodies from possible adverse affects
                              spaces, circulation drive, main entry             from lime.
                              boulevard and helipad.                         Local Community Sustainability
                              The structure is a structural steel               Training and hiring local workforce
                              composite slab system bearing on a             Waste and Water Reduction
                              foundation system, enhanced through the
                              vibroflotation soil densification technique.     Targeting 50% diversion of
                              The exterior skin system consists of             construction and demolition waste from
                              architectural precast panels with strip and      landfill
                              punch window elements, plus some                 Waste is sorted on site into individual
                              curtainwall elements. The skin also is           recyclable material categories, 10%
                              enhanced by a decorative aluminum                use of recycled material content.
                              sunscreen system above the windows.              10% of the project’s material
                              The building, designed to be similar in          construction comes from regional
                              appearance to the existing medical office        sources and manufacturers
                              building, will be served by a free standing      Dual flush toilets
                              central energy plant, which will also
                              provide services to the existing medical         Storm water retention and treatment
                              office building.                                 system
St. Joseph’s Hospital — North
Lutz, FL

                          Indoor Environment Quality                   Energy Conservation
                             All adhesives, sealants, paints and          Targeting 2% better energy
                             coatings and carpet products are low –       performance than ASHRAE-90.1 -2004
                             VOC (low odor).                              Premium efficiency chillers and
                             No wood products, including doors,           equipment, and occupancy sensor
                             cabinetry and paneling manufactured          controlled lighting are under
                             with urea formaldehyde-based resins          consideration
                             Bovis Lend Lease                             Third-party Commissioning Authority
                             developed/implemented a Construction         will validate the performance of the
                             IAQ Management Plan, which will              mechanical, lighting and domestic
                             protect the HVAC system from                 water systems
                             construction dust during construction,       Light colored, highly reflective roof to
                             protect materials from moisture              preclude the “heat island effect” (hot
                             damage and prohibit smoking in the           spot) black roofs create
                             building after wall board is installed.
                             Bovis Lend Lease also
                             developed/implemented a Moisture
                             Mitigation and Mold Prevention
                             program, which involves preemptive
                             measures to prevent mold growth in
                             the building, regular walk-through
                             inspections by a Mold specialist, and a
                             rapid response plan for conditions that
                             could foster mold growth.

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