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					Spencer Street Station
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 Rail Projects Group
    Message from the Premier and the Minister for Transport

    Spencer Street Station – the heart of
    linking Victoria
    The Bracks Government's $1.5 billion Linking Victoria   The Spencer Street Station redevelopment will not
    program is revitalising Victoria's transport system.    just be for Melburnians, but rather for all Victorians.
    The rebuilding of Spencer Street Station as a major     It will be a world-class station – world-class in its
    multimodal transport interchange is at the heart of     facilities and its function, world-class in its design.
    that program – the project literally links Victoria.
                                                            The project will involve the public and private sectors
    The new Spencer Street Station will be the public       working in partnership to provide improved services
    transport link between regional and metropolitan        and facilities. It will be delivered under the Bracks
    Victoria; between the city and Docklands; between       Government’s Partnerships Victoria policy. Over the
    the city and the airport; between Victoria and the      next few months, we will be consulting with the
    rest of Australia. It will be a new landmark civic      people of Victoria about their ideas for the new
    building of which all Victorians can be proud.          station. The results of this consultation will be
                                                            made available to private-sector bidders for
    The new station will be airy, spacious, well lit
                                                            consideration in their final proposals for the project.
    and safe. Passengers will be served by modern,
    comfortable, airport-style facilities and, as part      Since it was built in 1859, the station buildings have
    of a major commercial redevelopment, there will         been described as 'temporary' and plans to build
    be new shops, restaurants and other retail outlets.     suitable facilities for Victorians have been talked
                                                            about but constantly postponed. This will no longer
    The new station will provide connections for the
                                                            be the case. The Bracks Government is giving
    Regional Fast Rail services and the Melbourne
                                                            Victorians the new station they deserve and need.
    Airport Transit Link. Passengers will move seamlessly
    between different modes of transport – trains,
    buses, taxis and trams.

                                                              At the Request for Tender stage of the project, short-
Spencer Street Station                                        listed respondents will be evaluated on the basis of

development area                                              the following:

The Spencer Street Station development area has a total       design:       the design aspects of the interchange
area of 24 hectares. It is bounded by Spencer, La Trobe       facility and any commercial development proposed
and Adderley Streets to the east, Dudley Street to the
                                                              engineering and functional: how the
north, Wurundjeri Way to the west and Flinders Street
                                                              interchange facility meets and is able to deliver the
to the south, although the Collins Street extension
                                                              specifications stated in the Project Brief;
forms the practical southern limit.
                                                              commercial and legal: the commercial and
The development process                                       legal aspects of the respondent’s submissions to the
                                                              Project Brief.
The Government is calling for expressions of interest from
                                                              Appropriate panels will be established to short-list and
private sector companies for the design, construction,
                                                              assess proposals.
finance, lease, maintenance and operation of a new
Spencer Street Transport Interchange Facility and the         Based on the responses to the Project Brief, a single
redevelopment of the existing Spencer Street Station site.    respondent will be selected to execute a set of contracts
                                                              with State for the provision of the project. The Government
Through the Rail Projects Group, it is seeking innovative
                                                              aims to execute these contracts with the successful
approaches from the private sector that will offer improved
                                                              respondent during the second quarter of 2002.
services for public transport users, secure a major new
asset for Melbourne, identify development opportunities
and provide best value for money.                             Partnerships Victoria
The Expression of Interest document, released on 19           The Expression of Interest document has been prepared
July 2001, is the first stage of the tendering process for    within the framework of the State’s Partnerships Victoria
the Spencer Street Station Redevelopment. The second          policy. In developing a commercial structure for the
stage of the tendering process will be the release of a       different elements of the project, the Government is
Project Brief to the short-listed respondents from the        seeking to maximise the role of the private sector, to
Expression of Interest. Consultation with the Victorian       transfer risk where appropriate, and to maximise the
public about the function and form of the project will        flexibility of respondents to produce innovative design,
take place before the release of the Project Brief with       engineering and commercial solutions.
the results provided to the short listed respondents for
                                                              Consistent with the Partnerships Victoria policy, the
consideration in their submissions.
                                                              State reserves the right to revert to a conventional
                                                              'design and construct' approach if the private sector
                                                              proposals do not offer value for money.


                                                                                  The new Spencer Street
                                                                                  Station project will be:
                         The Spencer Street
                                                                                  a 'City Gate' – a world-class first point of
                         Station Project will:                                    arrival for international, interstate and regional
                                                                                  visitors to Melbourne and Victoria
                         q   facilitate passenger transfers between rail,
                             bus, tram and taxi services                          the ‘West Door’ – the civic symbol of the
                                                                                  station-entry in the west and Parliament-Seat of
                         q   provide high-quality station facilities for          Government in the east as complementary civic
                             interstate and intrastate passenger trains           functions related by the east-west axis of Bourke
                             including the Regional Fast Rail services            and Collins Streets and completing the architectural
                                                                                  landmarks originally planned for the western edge
                         q   provide a high-quality metropolitan rail
                                                                                  of the Hoddle grid
                             station for the Docklands

                         q   provide station facilities and airport check-in
                                                                                  ‘Victoria’s Transport Hub’ – the transport
                                                                                  interchange has a pivotal role in Linking Victoria.
                             for a rapid transit link to Melbourne Airport
                                                                                  It becomes a link between the Docklands and the
                         q   provide station facilities for a                     Central Business District, and between different
                             possible interstate Very Fast Train                  precinct uses and activities. This will create a vibrant
                                                                                  and active meeting place
                         q   provide facilities for intrastate and
                             interstate bus and coach services                    ‘Travel Experience’ – the station space
                                                                                  and the immediate precinct provide an opportunity
                         q   provide facilities for taxis                         to create a positive, memorable and significant
                                                                                  travel experience.
                         q   facilitate pedestrian access to
                             Docklands Stadium and the Docklands

                         q   provide for appropriate linkages between
                             the station and the arterial road system

                         q   provide a high-quality gateway
                             to the Docklands precinct.

                                                                               SPENCER STREET STATION - JOHN WILLIAM LINDT, CIRCA 1845-94
                                                                               (SOURCE: LA TROBE PICTURE COLLECTION, STATE LIBRARY OF VICTORIA)


                         The cricket ground that became a railway station
                        Before it was a railway station, the area around               At the start of the 1920s, new suburban platforms
                        Spencer Street was a cricket ground and a racecourse.          were built and a subway replaced a wooden
                        The City Council of the day wanted it to become a              footbridge. The station took on a new look but
                        public park but in 1856, the Victorian Railways                its basic configuration was still firmly based around
                        Department was successful in lobbying for the land             the track and platform arrangements established
                        to become a railway station. They, and every                   in the 1850s.
                        successive railway organisation and Victorian
                                                                                       A public holiday was declared on January 13, 1859
                        Government, were less successful in building a
                                                                                       so that people could watch the first passenger
                        station that fitted the role Spencer Street Station
                                                                                       services leave the station for Williamstown and
                        was to play in the social and economic well-being
                                                                                       Sunbury. Australian troops left for war from the
                        of Victoria.
                                                                                       Spencer Street Station. The farmers of Victoria
                        Since 1857, the station has been essential to                  caught the train to Melbourne to sell their wool
                        the development and prosperity of Victoria                     and produce. Amid the smells of the tanneries and
                        and Melbourne. The area immediately adjacent                   scouring plants, it may not have been one of the
                        to the station became the site for industrial                  great romantic railway stations of the world but
                        development, including tanning, curing, wool-                  it worked for the people of Victoria.
                        washing, bone-grinding, and soap and candle
                                                                                       The construction of the standard gauge track to
                        manufacture. Residential development spread
                                                                                       Albury in the early 1960s necessitated a new
                        east of the city and the station never received
                                                                                       interstate platform and a suitable terminal building
                        the attention it deserved.
                                                                                       for the additional interstate business. The Victorian
                        In 1860, the Victorian Railways Department                     Railways Department finally took the opportunity
                        determined that not only were the station                      to rebuild the station building, which was opened
                        conveniences inadequate, but the location was                  in 1963.
                        unsuitable as a passenger terminal. Plans for
                                                                                       Since the existing station building was built in the
                        alterations and improvements were prepared
                                                                                       early 1960s, little has been done to it. Consequently,
                        but the cost was considered too high and major
                                                                                       the station’s facilities now fall short of public
                        changes were deferred. In 1874, plans were again
                                                                                       expectation. There are no comfortable meeting
                        prepared for the entire rebuilding of the station .
                                                                                       or waiting places. There are no civic open spaces in
                        These plans were not adopted. The Railway
                                                                                       which to enjoy the landscape and sun, with places
                        Administrative Building (now the Grand Hotel) at
                                                                                       to sit and wait. The platforms are open and
                        the corner of Spencer and Flinders Street however
                                                                                       exposed to the wind, rain and sun. The subway
                        was completed in 1893, and was the largest office
                                                                                       connections to the platforms have low ceilings,
                        building in Melbourne.
                                                                                       steep asphalt floors and are dark and dingy.

                                                             The Melbourne Docklands Authority estimates
    Completing the grid                                      that by 2030 there will be more than 41,000
    Melbourne’s city layout is dominated by the so-          people walking through the station every weekday
    called Hoddle grid. Edged by La Trobe Street,            on their way to or from the Docklands, and 57,000
    Spring Street, Flinders Street and Spencer Street,       a day on weekends.
    the grid contains some of Melbourne’s premier            The station precinct sits alongside Colonial Stadium.
    institutions. Defining the edges of the grid and         Patrons of major events at the stadium are often
    anchoring its boundaries are some of Melbourne’s         users of the station or the Bourke Street footbridge.
    major civic buildings.                                   The Bourke Street footbridge and its existing
    To the north, the Old City Courts and the new            connections to the station were designed on the
    Commonwealth Law Courts punctuate Russell                basis of a crowd size of 52,000 exiting the stadium,
    and La Trobe Streets while to the east Parliament        approximately 40 per cent directly using the station
    House and the Treasury Building terminate Bourke         and another 35 per cent using the bridge to access
    and Collins Streets. To the south, Flinders Street       Spencer Street.
    Station defines both Swanston and Elizabeth Streets      Almost 3,000 cars enter and exit the station every
    while Federation Square closes the southern end of       day and there are 1,200 taxi pick-ups or drop-offs
    Russell Street. To the west the Grand Central Hotel      every day.
    (formerly the Victorian Railways Administration
    Office) continues the tradition. Spencer Street
    Station should have been the key western civic
                                                             Commercial development
    building defining the grid. The opportunity now          Interesting opportunities for commercial
    exists to give it this role.                             development will be created by the Spencer Street
                                                             Station redevelopment. Office space, retail outlets,

    The transport heart                                      food and beverage services, cinemas, convention
                                                             centres, residential and educational facilities are just
    of Melbourne                                             some of the many options that may be developed
                                                             on the site. Premium commercial development would
    Fifteen million people use the station precinct          probably be at the most accessible and visible
    every year. By the year 2021, 15 million people          locations, on the corner of Collins Street and Spencer
    could be using the station.                              Street and along Collins Street. North of the coach
    Spencer Street Station is unique in its scope            station and car park, secondary commercial buildings
    of intermodal passenger transport services.              could be developed. Other space for commercial
    The station is Victoria’s gateway for regional           use could be provided above the station ticket hall
    and interstate rail and coach travellers and for         and at levels above the coach station and car park.
    international travellers arriving in Melbourne           The extension of Collins Street provides a new
    by rail or coach. It is a major hub for suburban         street frontage to the site, and the proximity of
    commuter and other recreational travel related           the station to the wide range of existing and
    to the Central Business District and Southbank           prospective developments within the Docklands
    entertainment precinct. It is the transport              area increases these opportunities.
    hub servicing special events at Colonial
                                                             The station has significant Spencer Street frontage
    Stadium, the Melbourne Showgrounds and
                                                             in an increasingly lively and developing western
    Flemington Racecourse.
                                                             business district. Above all, any commercial activities
    Each weekday, more than 700 suburban trains arrive       will have the benefit of relating directly with the
    and depart at the station. On Melbourne Cup Day          new interchange facility and accessing the increasing
    there are an additional 298 trains. Nearly 8,000         number of patrons that will use it. As a point of
    passengers transfer between rail, tram and coaches       comparison, Chadstone Shopping Centre and Spencer
    on a weekday. There are 140 coach movements each         Street Station both currently attract 53,000 patrons
    weekday with an average of about 1,000 passengers        a day.
    a day. More than 80,000 international visitors use the
                                                             Any commercial development has to complement
    station as long-distance coach passengers each year.
                                                             the design and function of the proposed
                                                             interchange facility.

The vision for Spencer Street Station
By 2005, the people of Victoria will finally have           The new Spencer Street Station will add to Melbourne’s
the Spencer Street Station they deserve. Since 1857,        urban character by providing a landmark on the western
when the station first opened, governments have been        side of Spencer Street, that will anchor the gateway
promising a transport facility and building that fits the   between the Central Business District and the Docklands
vital transport role the station has always performed.      area. It will ensure a positive and memorable travel
                                                            experience for all travellers, whether they are travelling
As part of the Linking Victoria program, the Bracks
                                                            by rail, coach or taxi, whether they walk to the station
Government will transform the Spencer Street Station
                                                            or catch a tram, whether they are travelling interstate,
precinct, giving Victoria an exceptional facility. Every
                                                            to regional Victorian centres or home from work.
aspect of the station redevelopment, from its design
to its ease of use will be of a world class standard.       The station will have generous gathering and waiting
It will become one of the civic markers of Melbourne.       spaces that will provide a focus for passengers. Once
Spencer Street Station will be an asset to Victoria,        inside the station, passengers will find retail outlets
adding value to surrounding sites and encouraging           and restaurants, as seen in airport-style concourses.
the use of public transport.                                Safe, spacious, well lit areas for waiting will be
                                                            available. All-weather protection will be provided
On 19 July 2001, the Government called for expressions
                                                            to passengers on platforms so travellers will not be
of interest from the private sector for the design,
                                                            exposed to adverse weather.
construction, finance, lease, maintenance and operation
of a new Spencer Street Transport Interchange Facility      The redevelopment of Spencer Street Station presents
and the redevelopment of the existing Spencer Street        opportunities for renewal and growth in the economic
Station site. The State is seeking innovative approaches    and social life of Victoria. As one of Melbourne's principal
from the private sector that will offer improved services   arrival and interchange hubs for passengers, Spencer
for public transport users, secure a major new asset for    Street Station has State and civic significance.
Melbourne, identify commercial opportunities and
provide best value for money for all Victorians.

For further information on the Spencer Street Station
redevelopment project or Partnerships Victoria,
visit the following web sites:

For further copies of this brochure, contact
Information Victoria toll free on: 1300 366 351

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