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Confidence you can feel. Engineering you can trust.
Step inside a Subaru, and you’ll know. It was built with a commitment to vehicles driven by the spirit of innovation. A focus on ingenuity that generates control and exhilaration. Design that appeals to the heart as well as the mind. All delivering an experience behind the wheel that is even more fulfilling than the destination.





Photo: WRX

Inspiring your exhilarating side.
The new Impreza range has evolved further to offer you greater levels of fun behind the wheel plus a whole lot more. With both the rally-bred 5-Door and now, a modern 4-Door, Subaru have delivered both quality and the legendary abilities for which the Impreza has become such a motoring icon throughout the world. Therefore, the high level of stability provided by the proven combination of the SUBARU BOXER engine and Symmetrical AWD is still at the heart of the majority of the range. So, whichever Impreza fits your life, you can be sure that each model is underwritten by inherent reliability and drivability within a contemporary sporty package.

Photo: 2.0R Sport



WRX 230
The rally-inspired performer.
The legendary powers of the WRX can now be enjoyed in either 5 or 4-Door form. Both featuring the renowned SUBARU BOXER 2.5-litre DOHC 16-valve turbo engine, they are born to perform. Following countless hours on the arduous test bed of the FIA World Rally Championship, the power is responsibly fed through Subaru’s unique Symmetrical AWD system, providing perfect balance to all four wheels at all times. This delivers a sporting drive and gives you an unprecedented connection with your car and the road. When you take your first drive, you will appreciate that awesome all-round performance defines the personality of the WRX.

Left: 17-inch aluminium alloy wheels Middle: Electro-luminescent gauges Right: Sunroof (Optional)



2.0R Sport / 2.0R
The multi-skilled performer.
The muscular SUBARU BOXER 2.0-litre DOHC engine delivers smooth, effortless performance throughout the rev range and is now available in both 5 and 4-Door body shapes. Working handin-hand with the unique Subaru Symmetrical AWD system, the Impreza provides optimum levels of grip in most weather or road conditions. Style and practicality are evident on the 2.0R Sport where various aerodynamic features reduce drag and the sporty seats and 17-inch aluminium alloy wheels reflect its competition heritage. Economy is key with the 2.0R, whilst a level of versatility and reliability that is hard to surpass backs up both models.

Main image: 2.0R Left: Manual seat lifter (driver’s seat only) Right: 16-inch aluminium alloy wheels (2.0R)



The stylish value-led performer.
Stylish and brimming with value, the 1.5R is powered by the SUBARU BOXER 1.5-litre DOHC engine coupled with the full-time Symmetrical AWD system. Now included in either a 5 and 4-Door body shape, both models offer silky smooth acceleration all the way up the rev range. This is complemented by a total feeling of stability and balance within a stylish, value-led package that is high on drivability, reliability and build quality.

Left: Information display Right: 15-inch aluminium alloy wheels (Optional)



Where your driving enjoyment starts.
From the moment you settle into the fabric or leather driver’s seat, which in leather, you will really appreciate the thought that has gone into every detail. From the excellent overall visibility to the instrument display that is designed to enhance safety and located to reduce eye movement. But when you press the sporty Push-Button Ignition Switch*, the distinctive red tachometer needle springs into life as the SUBARU BOXER engine begins to purr. Now, you will really feel the high performance credentials, signalling a sign of the driving enjoyment to come. * Optional with Keyless Access

Main image: WRX Left: Telescopic steering wheel Right: Sporty front leather seats (Optional)



The comfort heartland.
The Impreza boasts one of the most spacious interiors in its class. Utilising high-quality materials throughout, the elegant leather or Off-black fabric seating provides reassuring levels of support for the lower back. In addition, passenger access is eased by the 75-degree wide-angle opening of the rear doors, while the ambience at night is created by the soft illumination and beautiful lighting displays around the centre console and gauges.

Main image: 2.0R Left: Front seat heater switches (Optional) Right: Retractable cargo cover



Your space for flexibility.
Both the 5 and 4-Door Impreza’s are designed to offer an abundance of flexibility to suit your lifestyle requirements. Be that, handling the rigours of the working week or a variety of leisure pursuits in your own time, both Impreza’s benefit from one of widest cargo areas in their class, while the 4-Door offers a surprising amount of useful trunk space.

Luggage area (5-Door)
In the Impreza 5-Door, the rear cargo area has the capacity to take five carryon cases. But if you need even greater load capacity, the rear seats fold down in either a 60/40 split or completely, providing a fully flat cargo space. This has been possible due to the innovative layout of the double wishbone suspension which requires less intrusion in the rear than conventional suspension systems. Designed to offer extra space throughout, there is an almost square rear gate opening as well as convenient small stowage spaces beneath the trunk board.

Luggage area (4-Door)
Again, on the 4-Door Impreza, the double wishbone suspension allows for a surprising amount of luggage. For example, the trunk can easily accommodate up to three golf bags and if you need additional storage, the rear seat can fold down completely for larger loads or in either a 60 or 40 trunk through split to allow you to store lengthy items whilst retaining some seating capacity.

All-round storage and convenience (5-Door / 4-Door)
Whether you opt for the 5 or 4-Door Impreza, you will soon find a vast array of useful storage areas. Thoughtful features like the partitioned door pockets with built-in bottle holders are then augmented by the centre tray and console box which will easily accommodate CD’s and also includes a useful 12-volt power outlet.
Centre tray (LED-illuminated*) Front cup holders (in the centre console) Door pockets with bottle holders 12-volt power outlet (in the centre console box)

*Except the 1.5R models
18 19

Your total audio experience.
If you are looking for the total in-car entertainment experience, then look no further than the Impreza. You and your passengers can enjoy high quality radio or CD output and, via the connection of a portable audio player, a huge selection of your favourite tunes through the hugely versatile speakers. Audio system with SRS Circle Surround Automotive*1 *2
Designed exclusively for the Impreza’s that incorporate SRS Circle Surround Automotive*2 technology, this system features 10 speakers, a 6-CD changer and AM/FM radio and provides a natural, crisp, lively surround sound with enhanced bass and a genuine stereophonic feel, whilst being compatible with both MP3 and WMA formats. In addition, it can be controlled via the useful steering wheel mounted audio satellite switches.

High quality 10-speaker system*1
Very much at the top of the Impreza audio experience, this system delivers a finely tuned sound wherever you may be sitting. Featuring front and rear door speakers mounted with a low vibration mechanism to create a clear bass sound, there is also an advanced volume adjustment function which regulates the volume level according to the velocity of your Impreza.

Steering wheel mounted audio satellite switches*1
The switches located on the left of the steering wheel enable you to control the audio system easily and safely.

Auxiliary audio input jack
The centre console incorporates a stereo mini-pin jack socket that lets you listen to mobile music players like an iPod®* 3 through the quality speakers.

*1 Standard: WRX / 2.0R Sport, Optional: 2.0R * 2 SRS, SRS Circle Surround Automotive, and * 3 Apple and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

symbol are trademarks of SRS Labs, Inc.
20 21

The nucleus of driving pleasure.
Impreza features Subaru’s unique Symmetrical AWD with bilateral symmetry. This low centre of gravity structure offers natural balance between the front and rear, left and right which then creates excellent agility, stability and traction. The rally-bred natural driving feel will always give you an overall sensation of being at one with the Impreza, providing performance as you desire. This is because the extreme test ground that is the FIA World Rally Championship brings constant improvements and fine tuning directly from the fierce heat of rally competition to the roads you use each and everyday.
Symmetrical AWD was originally designed by Subaru in 1972 and has been constantly incorporating a wide range of technological and engineering advancements as the requirements of drivers have evolved. The core of the Symmetrical AWD system sees the transmission, transfer to propeller shaft and rear differential sit in a straight line behind the SUBARU BOXER engine. This unique system is bilaterally balanced, of a simple design, and has a lower centre of gravity compared to other AWD systems. In addition, if any wheel slips, the torque distribution between the front and rear is controlled automatically. What this provides is the permanent reassurance that you will be driving a car that is famed for its inherent balance and stability in a range of driving conditions.


Three distinctive advantages
Keeping the gravity low
Over the years, some cars have been renowned for a lack of balance and poise, resulting in difficult manoeuvring in corners and on roundabouts. The key reason for this is the high centre of gravity from the engine up. However, unlike many cars, the Impreza is built around an inherent low centre of gravity, so there’s much less body roll, providing greater stability.


Transfer case
Horizontally-Opposed Engine Other Type Engine

Reducing vibration
The SUBARU BOXER engine design has been developed to reduce those vibrations that can make any journey an unpleasant experience. This is because the pistons in the horizontally-opposed layout counteract each other – unlike In-line or V-type engines – The result is a much quieter and smoother interior experience and the optimum level of total driving comfort.



HorizontallyOpposed Engine

In-line Engine

V-type Engine

Getting a grip
If you have a four-wheel vehicle, it makes perfect sense to have all the tyres providing a tenacious grip of the surface under your car. Subaru Symmetrical AWD delivers this in a variety of road and weather conditions. By transmitting power through all four tyres, the Impreza will avoid understeer or oversteer and therefore perform more assuredly wherever you may venture.

Sharing the same genes.
This unique engine design positions the cylinders 180 degrees apart on both sides of the crankshaft, to form the Horizontally-Opposed SUBARU BOXER Engine. The major advantages of this design include low vibration, superb rotational balance and the ability to position the engine lower in the car for a reduced centre of gravity. Resulting in a powerful and stable rotational feel at all engine speeds, the Impreza is characterised by a sporting edge, which will provide a level of driving enjoyment that other cars would find hard to match. Subaru’s participation in the FIA World Rally Championship over many years is no sporting indulgence. The arduous terrain, wide range of surface conditions, differing climates and weather conditions have all played their part in assessing the performance of the rally cars, so the findings can positively benefit the cars sharing the same core technologies you see on the road today.


The pursuit of performance.
Following decades of ongoing development and testing, Subaru have never wavered from their belief that the Horizontally-Opposed SUBARU BOXER Engine is the optimum power plant for every Subaru. Inspired by a history of aircraft manufacturing and the sporting glory of the FIA World Rally Championship, the Impreza is available with a range of DOHC engines. From the highly responsive 2.5-litre turbo to the 2.0-litre and 1.5-litre versions that provide smooth, satisfying acceleration, each and every engine will clearly demonstrate Subaru’s ongoing pursuit of performance.

SUBARU BOXER 2.0-litre DOHC (2.0R Sport / 2.0R)
The 110 kW (150 PS) SUBARU BOXER 2.0-litre DOHC unit is characterised by sportiness and precise muscular levels of performance and low-to-mid range torque, the inherent smoothness of the Horizontally-Opposed Engine shines through at all times.
Engine Torque (Nm) Engine Power (kW)

Active Valve Control System (AVCS)
The intake valve train on all engines features the Active Valve Control System (AVCS). Here, the valve timings are optimised to suit the vehicle speed, ensuring an ease of engine control with plenty of torque and more than enough power at the top of the range.
Intake camshaft Intake-camshaft drive sprocket Engine oil pressure Oil control valve

stability. Although it has the ability to deliver

Engine Speed (rpm)

AVCS actuator

SUBARU BOXER 2.5-litre Turbocharged DOHC (WRX)
The highly responsive 169 kW (230 PS) 2.5-litre turbocharged engine utilises a supremely
Engine Torque (Nm) Engine Power (kW)

SUBARU BOXER 1.5-litre DOHC (1.5R)
Whilst this is the smallest engine in the Impreza range, it loses none of the typical SUBARU BOXER delivered smoothly via an electronically controlled throttle which makes it highly responsive but remarkably fuel-efficient at the same time.
Engine Torque (Nm) Engine Speed (rpm) Engine Power (kW)

efficient intercooler to maximise the output. This gives you a wide range of power and torque, reduced turbo lag, along with precision control at medium and low speeds and explosive acceleration when you need it.

personality. The 79 kW (107 PS) performance is

Engine Speed (rpm)



Relaying your intensions.
Each Impreza incorporates a transmission that is built to transfer your driving intentions accurately to the road. From the immensely satisfying manual to the highly responsive automatic with MANUAL mode, your ability to tackle the everyday and the unexpected is never in question.

Automatic transmission
Available on the 2.0 and 1.5-litre models, the 4-speed electronically-controlled SPORTSHIFT* 2 automatic transmission also includes electronic throttle control (ETC). This offers smooth reacceleration, and ensures that your Impreza accelerates and decelerates as you require. Also built in to these systems is a MANUAL mode which allows for sporty, stable driving via the full exploitation of the SPORTSHIFT* 2 system. This is then combined with Active Torque Split AWD that provides immediate control of the torque distribution between the front and rear to suit a wide range of road and weather conditions.
Electronically-controlled 4-speed Automatic Transmission (SPORTSHIFT* 2 E-4AT)

Manual transmission
This 5-speed transmission is mated to a viscous LSD centre differential type AWD system which delivers power as precisely as possible. If any wheel slips, the distribution of the torque between the front and rear is controlled automatically. The 2.0R Sport, 2.0R and 1.5R 5-Door models also feature Dual-range, a Hi/Lo gear ratio switching system that effectively doubles your gearing options on rough roads, as well as allowing a smooth take-off when towing loads. Additionally the WRX and 2.0R Sport include Vehicle Dynamics Control* 1 which supports stable driving in extreme situations.

The Active Torque Split AWD system (E-4AT models)
Utilising high-tolerance sensors in each wheel and throughout the Impreza, advanced processing technology is able to comprehensively analyse the engine output and speed from each wheel to assess any changes in the road conditions at any time. This data is then fed through to the transfer clutch that adjusts the torque distribution to all four wheels providing optimum levels of grip.
4 5 1 3 2 1 6

1. Wheel speed sensors 2. Control unit of the Vehicle Dynamics Control System 3. AT Control unit 4. Engine control unit 5. Transfer clutch control



6. Steering angle sensor, Lateral G sensor, Yaw rate sensor

5-speed Manual Transmission (5MT)

Dual-range select lever (for the 5-Door 2.0 and 1.5-litre 5MT models)

Image of the optimum torque distribution to the front and rear wheels.



* 1 Optional * 2 SPORTSHIFT is a registered trademark of Prodrive Ltd.


Authoritative handling the world over.
Offering many and varied driving abilities, the Impreza has been raised alongside the thrust of the FIA World Rally Championship. This has inspired the Subaru Dynamic Chassis Control Concept, where the combination of an extremely well balanced chassis, new suspension system and a rigid body design deliver advanced dynamic performance which gives you exceptional handling, driving comfort and safety in equal measure. Now, in these latest incarnations, total driving pleasure is taken up a gear, enabling you to feel at ease, whilst enjoying the exhilaration of driving a true performer.

Vehicle Dynamics Control System*
Available on Impreza models, the Vehicle Dynamics Control System monitors and analyses driving conditions via an array of sensors, so that power and safety are not compromised. If the vehicle is close to the edge of its control limits, the AWD torque distribution, engine output and brakes at each corner are controlled in accordance with the level of danger detected by the system.

With Vehicle Dynamics Control

Front suspension
The Impreza features a strut type suspension at the front with high lateral strength. Although strong, it is also lightweight too and has been finely tuned to reduce those shocks you can feel when driving over small imperfections in the road. Also included, as standard on all models, are front stabilisers for even greater levels of rigidity.

Rear suspension
At the rear, the Impreza is fitted with bespoke double wishbone suspension, whilst the WRX, 2.0R Sport and 2.0R models also benefit from rear stabilisers. In addition, the large subframe will absorb energy from the tyres, thus ensuring it does not pass directly through to the vehicle body. When you then combine this with the double wishbone suspension, which also allows for a much larger flat cargo area, you are sure to enjoy a drive that is both silky smooth and quiet.
The desired driving line
Understeer Oversteer

Understeer example:

The Vehicle Dynamics Control System is activated to control the engine output and brake the rear wheels to assist in keeping the car close to the desired driving line.

Oversteer example:

The Vehicle Dynamics Control System is activated to reduce the engine output and brake the rear wheel on the outside of the curve or both front and rear brakes to assist in keeping the car close to the desired driving line.

*Off mode switch is available and is optional according to the trim level.




Your all-round safety package.
In striving for the highest levels of both active and passive safety, Subaru have left no stone unturned. From the active safety and controlled grip of the Symmetrical AWD system to the passive safety of SRS*1 airbags and the rigid body design, your protection and peace of

Seatbelts, airbags and seat anchors
Your safety inside the Impreza is provided by whiplash minimising front seats, front seatbelts with a pretensioner that automatically retracts them and a force limiter that minimises impact to the torso in a frontal collision. SRS* 1 front airbags are also fitted as standard, whilst front side and curtain airbags* 3 are optional. Finally, a tether and ISO-FIX anchor enables you to easily install and remove your child safety seats.

mind is always at the forefront of Subaru’s guiding philosophy.

The Impreza braking system includes 4-sensor, 4-channel ABS for precise control of braking pressure to the vehicle’s four wheels. It also features Electronic Brake-force Distribution that ensures braking is as efficient, even if you are fully loaded in the rear. Manual transmission models also incorporate a useful Hill Start Assist* 2 feature which maintains brake force for one second after lifting your foot from the brake pedal, thus preventing your Impreza from rolling back when moving off on a sloped surface.

Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frames
Featuring comprehensive Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frames, the cabin includes reinforcement and is joined with frames through the roof to the doors, pillars and floor in a sturdy and energy absorbing design. This enables collision shocks to be dissipated quickly to protect the cabin area. In the event of a frontal collision, the main frame is designed to compress gradually to efficiently absorb the energy. These comprehensive measures throughout the vehicle ensure that damage or injury to passengers is reduced.

Pedestrian protection
Firstly the bonnet structure has been optimised to reduce the impact on pedestrians in the event of a vehicle-pedestrian accident. Designed to reduce the potential of head injuries on hard engine parts, there is a space between the bonnet and the engine. The Impreza also features energy absorbing front bumper and detachable module type windshield wipers that deform on impact.

* 1 SRS = Supplemental Restraint System. Effective when used in conjunction with seatbelts. * 2 Equipped with the Vehicle Dynamics Control System. * 3 Standard: WRX / 2.0R, Optional: 2.0R Sport / 1.5R
32 33

In 5 or 4-Door, each Impreza personifies style and character. The sculpted front profile, rear combination lamps and other exterior details are sure to mean that it stands out from the crowd. Complement this with the extensive features list and years of driving pleasure are just around the corner. 2 3 6 7 1 5 1 2 3 4 5 7 6

The comfort of you and your passengers cannot be underestimated and Subaru have placed great emphasis on this right down to every minute detail. Throughout the car you’ll find handy drink holders, large door pockets and a useful centre console box along with classleading quality throughout this spacious interior.
Other interior features: Electro-luminescent gauges (P9), Manual seat lifter (driver’s seat only) (P11), Information display (P12), Telescopic steering wheel (P15), Sporty front leather seats (P15), Front seat heater switches (P16), Retractable cargo cover (P16)

Other exterior features: 17-inch aluminium alloy wheels (P9), Sunroof (P9), 16-inch aluminium alloy wheels (P11), 15-inch aluminium alloy wheels (P12)











Windowshield wiper de-icer

Power-folding door mirrors

HID headlamps with pop-up type headlamp washers

Front fog lamps

Map lamps

Vanity mirrors with lids (for driver and front passenger)

Cruise control switches





6 5



Carrier installation brackets

Rear spoiler (4-Door)

Heated door mirrors

Twin muffler cutter (4-Door)

Keyless Access with Push Button Start System

Automatic air-conditioning system

Seat back pocket (front passenger side only)

Luggage space lamp (5-Door)

The features illustrated in page 34-35 are optional according to the trim level.
34 35

Impreza WRX 230 5-Door / 4-Door
(5MT, AWD) Dimensions (5-Door): L x W x H : 4,415 x 1,740 x 1,475 mm. Dimensions (4-Door): L x W x H : 4,580 x 1,740 x 1,475 mm. Engine: Horizontally-Opposed, 4-cylinder, Turbocharged DOHC, 16-valve, petrol engine. Capacity: 2,457 cc. Max output: 169 kW (230 PS) / 5,200 rpm. Max torque: 320 Nm (32.6 kgfm) / 2,800 rpm.

Impreza 2.0R Sport 5-Door / 4-Door
(5MT*1 / SPORTSHIFT*2 E-4AT, AWD) Dimensions (5-Door): L x W x H : 4,415 x 1,740 x 1,475 mm. Dimensions (4-Door): L x W x H : 4,580 x 1,740 x 1,475 mm. Engine: Horizontally-Opposed, 4-cylinder, DOHC, 16-valve, petrol engine. Capacity: 1,994 cc. Max output: 110 kW (150 PS) / 6,400 rpm. Max torque: 196 Nm (20.0 kgfm) / 3,200 rpm.

Spark Silver Metallic

Spark Silver Metallic

* 1 5-Door: Dual-range *2 SPORTSHIFT is a registered trademark of Prodrive Ltd.
36 37

Impreza 2.0R 5-Door / 4-Door
(5MT*1 / SPORTSHIFT*2 E-4AT, AWD) Dimensions (5-Door): L x W x H : 4,415 x 1,740 x 1,475 mm. Dimensions (4-Door): L x W x H : 4,580 x 1,740 x 1,475 mm. Engine: Horizontally-Opposed, 4-cylinder, DOHC, 16-valve, petrol engine. Capacity: 1,994 cc. Max output: 110 kW (150 PS) / 6,400 rpm. Max torque: 196 Nm (20.0 kgfm) / 3,200 rpm.

Impreza 1.5R 5-Door / 4-Door
(5MT*1 / SPORTSHIFT*2 E-4AT, AWD) Dimensions (5-Door): L x W x H : 4,415 x 1,740 x 1,475 mm. Dimensions (4-Door): L x W x H : 4,580 x 1,740 x 1,475 mm. Engine: Horizontally-Opposed, 4-cylinder, DOHC, 16-valve, petrol engine. Capacity: 1,498 cc. Max output: 79 kW (107 PS) / 6,000 rpm. Max torque: 142 Nm (14.5 kgfm) / 3,200 rpm.

Newport Blue Pearl

Satin White Pearl

*1 5-Door: Dual-range *2 SPORTSHIFT is a registered trademark of Prodrive Ltd.
38 39

Your unique approach to a sporting legend.
You are probably aware now of the real and unique qualities of the Impreza range of models. But if you want to enhance the overall driving experience and stamp your personality on your Impreza, why not view the extensive range of approved accessories that are available now for your added comfort and excitement. To find out how unique your Impreza could be, view the accessory brochure or visit your nearest Subaru dealer for more details.

5-Door: Vehicle features a front grille (Mesh type), front under spoiler, side under spoilers, rear under spoiler, chrome window mouldings, chrome side moulding lower doors, roof rail mouldings and roof spoiler. 4-Door: Vehicle features a front grille (Winglet type), front under spoiler, side under spoilers, trunk spoiler, chrome window mouldings and chrome side mouldings.

Aluminium carrier base

Front grille (Winglet type)

Door handle protectors

Splash guards

Dual console box

Sunshades (Rear both sides)

Rubber mat

Trailer hitch (5-Door)



Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. reserves the right to alter specifications and equipment without notice. Details of specifications, equipment, colour availability and the accessory lineup are subject to suit local conditions and requirements. Please inquire at your local dealer for details of any changes that might be required for your area.


Printed in Japan (09BR GEA 2008.08)

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