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Records Management Officer Feb 2010


Records Management Officer Feb 2010

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									                              MOSMAN MUNICIPAL COUNCIL

                    POSITION DESCRIPTION

POSITION TITLE:                        Records Management Officer
DEPARTMENT/SECTION:                    Corporate Services Department
RESPONSIBLE TO:                        Team Leader Records
RESPONSIBLE FOR:                       No direct staff responsibility.
EMPLOYMENT BASIS:                      Full-time
HOURS OF WORK:                         140 hours over a four week period across a seven day

Contribute to the team performing general records and document management duties
supporting Council’s Corporate Information Management System, facilitate public access to
information and provide high level customer service through the call centre.

This is a key support position within the organisation. The role is team based involved
principally in document and information management utilising Council's electronic information
management system (DataWorks) with an emphasis on scanning, registration and onwards
tasking of information, and auditing that process. The other major part of the position relates
to telephone and electronic customer contact, together with regular clerical tasks. This
position plays a major part in the workflow of the whole organisation and is a major player in
ensuring good public relations and efficient output. There is scope for innovation and
creativity in developing and improving procedures and in recommending improvements to
streamline systems. Planning and coordination of tasks with individual workflow is required.

There are no direct staff supervision responsibilities, but high level interpersonal and
communication skills are required which will enable the person to listen to enquiries and
requests and to communicate with both external and internal customers using a courteous,
helpful and “can do” manner. No management skills are required. Tasks would be
undertaken within a set of protocols or procedures.

The position requires good numeracy and literacy skills and a methodical and accurate
approach. Comprehension of a wide range of correspondence and other documents is
required to ensure that such information is correctly registered and dealt with. Skill in the use
of office equipment including computers, scanners, photocopiers and fax machines is
required, together with a satisfactory level of proficiency in word processing, internet, email
usage, software applications and data input. The position requires a good working
knowledge of the structure and functions of the whole organisation.
Position Description – Records Management Officer                                              Page 2

MOSPLAN, Mosman Council’s Management Plan, sets the direction of Council so that the
community needs and expectations are met in a planned, co-coordinated and cost-effective

The MOSPLAN Programs within the scope of this position are:
      Program 1, Democratic Local Government
      Program 2, Resource and Asset Management

The key focus is on Sub-Programs:
      01.03 - Governance
      01.04 - Communication
      02.06 - Corporate Information Management

This position will interact across the whole organisation and will combine knowledge of
departmental responsibilities with the needs of clients and customers and with the structure
of MOSPLAN Programs.

OHS Responsibilities, Performance Measures and
Authority of Employees

        Responsibilities                Performance Measures                    Authority

 Ensure all work is performed in       Conformance to OHS policy       Cease work in the event of
 accordance with requirements of       and procedures                  unsafe practice and report to
 the Occupational Health and                                           your Manager / Supervisor
                                       Knowledge of, and use of
 Safety policy, procedure and                                          immediately
                                       SWMS and Standard operating

 Take reasonable care for their        Use of SWMS and standard        To fix any problems / hazards
 own Occupational Health and           operating procedures            within your scope of
 Safety as well as that of others                                      responsibility

 Have an understanding of the          Training records                To immediately report any
 Occupational Health and Safety                                        problem / hazards outside of
 requirements associated with                                          your scope of responsibility to
 their employment                                                      your Manager or Supervisor
                                                                       for immediate action.

 Report all identified hazards,        Hazard identification reports
 accidents/incidents and near
                                       Workplace inspection reports
 misses to their

 Use and maintain all safety           PPE maintenance records
 equipment and personal
                                       Knowledge and use of
 protective equipment (PPE) in
                                       Standard operating procedures
 accordance with relevant

 Work in accordance with relevant      Training records.
 competency standards
                                       Supervisor site inspection
Position Description – Records Management Officer                                          Page 3

Contributing as a key team member:
1. Attend to the opening, scanning and registration of incoming mail into Council's electronic
   information management system (DataWorks).
2. Service applications from the public for access to Council's files under Council’s open file
   policy and provide assistance to applicants searching for information and service
   requests from staff for files and information
3. Ensure information provided to customers is accurate and ensure that all relevant
   information is provided.
4. Answer telephone calls to the call centre by greeting the caller in a pleasant and efficient
   manner and assisting them with their enquiries or directing them to the most appropriate
   point of contact
5. Project and promote an image of Council as friendly, efficient and courteous.
6. Develop and implement improvements in service delivery.
7. Assist with physical file audits as required.
8. Receipt and record incoming faxes according to established procedures.
9. Deliver and collect internal mail/files.
10. Prepare outward mail for bulk postage and keep appropriate records of same.
11. Provide general clerical assistance and support to departments including data input and
    word processing tasks.
12. Contribute to keeping the Records Team’s work places neat and tidy.
13. Ensure all work is carried out in accordance with legislative, industrial and Council policy
    requirements and standards in the areas of Equal Employment Opportunity and
    Occupational Health & Safety.

14. Other duties may be allocated by the Manager or Supervisor. These will be in
    accordance with the employee’s range of skills, competence, training and /or experience.
Position Description – Records Management Officer                                          Page 4

     Demonstrated commitment to quality customer service
     An understanding of or previous experience in records and document management.
     Courtesy, friendliness and good presentation in a public contact environment.
     Good numeracy and literacy skills, methodical thinking and attention to detail.
     Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including conflict resolution and
     Good keyboard skills and a demonstrated commitment to learn and further develop
      computer proficiency.
     Ability to comprehend a wide variety of documents and fast and accurate data input
     Ability to follow established procedures and contribute to continuous improvement
     Demonstrated commitment to team work and the capacity to cope with a heavy
     Knowledge of and understanding of Internet use and access.
     Proven ability to show initiative, follow up and solve problems.
     Knowledge of clerical and office administration tasks including filing and file handling
     Ability to record and maintain accurate information within the Corporate Information
      Management System in accordance with organisational procedures and protocols.
     Understanding of OHS issues in the workplace and EEO principles.

     Records and Information Management qualifications.
     Experience with DataWorks or other electronic document management systems.
     Experience working in a call centre / switchboard environment.
     Experience or knowledge of mail room activities/procedures.
     Experience or knowledge of records archival and disposal systems.
     Understanding of Local Government.

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