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									                                                                           MULTIMEDIA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS


Product Placement
The sight of a celebrity handling
your product is a powerful thing.

Product placement transfers the
meaning of the celebrity into
the product they are handling.
                                                                              MULTIMEDIA SERVICES
Product placement delivers your      We analyse scripts and identify
brand messages in ways that          placement opportunities                  Broadband network platforms
can not be achieved through          that match your business and             Plasma screen display systems
traditional advertising.             marketing objectives, forwarding         DVD and CD authoring
                                     a synopsis and a
Unlike most advertising, a           recommendation.                          Laptop sales toolkits
product appearing within the                                                  Touchscreen kiosks
framework of a TV program
or film is received with a sense
                                     Release                                  SMS technologies

of 'event' that brings sharp         Once the casting is approved by
                                                                              AUDIO VISUAL SERVICES
focus to your placement.             you and desired by the
                                     production house, Beach Hut              Scriptwriting and storyboarding
In terms of market reach,            Media manages the signing                Filming in studio and on location
today’s movies have the potential    of the Release for the
                                                                              Broadcast video edit suites
to reach over 100 million people     placement.
during the first three years,                                                 Animation and effects
(Source: A.C. Nielsen), with                                                  Music libraries
ongoing impact through
video releases.                      We arrange to traffic the product        EVENTS SERVICES
                                     to the set. We can also keep a
                                                                              Themed environments
                                     supply of product on hand in our
Beach Hut Media                      warehouse, for the purpose of            Technical staging
We specialise in placements for      display, and/or to facilitate quick      Speaker support
the Australian, Canadian, US         delivery to production.
                                                                              Marketing collateral
and UK markets, plus proactively
search for other product
placement opportunities
                                     Brand Management                         PRINT COLLATERAL
worldwide.                           From pre-production to the               Corporate ID development
                                     completion of filming, Beach Hut         Large format digital prints
With connections to all the major    Media works toward your
studios and every major network,     product receiving maximum                Printing and finishing
we offer you plenty of placement     exposure by celebrities with             Corporate merchandise
opportunities including on-screen    highly visible placements.
appearances, equipment,
company brochures, company
branded hats, T-shirts, posters,
banners, calendars, pens,            You will receive an image of your
coasters etc.                        product each time it has made its
                                     way to the small or silver screens.      MULTIMEDIA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS
There are numerous
opportunities for set decoration
and set dressing to feature your
                                     Promotions                               Beach Hut Media
                                                                              17/1 Chaplin Drive
product, not only as a simple        We can also leverage implied             Lane Cove 2066 Australia
placement, but with the              celebrity endorsements with in-          Ph:   +61 2 9420 0905
possibility of some highly visible   packs, on-packs, premiere tie-ins,       Fax: +61 2 9420 0915
involvement in the storyline.        competitions and giveaways.              Web:

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