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                        Snapshot Specials
                          Volume 3, No. 5                        Term 1, 2008

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Digital BoDy Fat                     Working Motorcycle                                                               electric uV
gauge                                construction kit                                                                 Meter
Keep track                           Learn heaps about                                                                Protect yourself        gh1116
of your                              mechanical, electrical                                                           from the dangers
health by                            and construction                                                                 of UV radiation           $29
measuring                            principles while                                                                 from the sun with
your body                            building your own                                                                this handy UV
fat. This                            electric-powered                                                                 meter. It gives a digital UV index
handy gauge                          motorcycle. You can                                                              reading and a simple bargraph
measures                             also use the kit to make
                                                                                                                      meter of low to very high.
body fat                             whatever you like - it's
based on sex                         only limited by your
and age and                          creativity. Absolutely
gives a reading                      everything's included -
on the LCD in                        wheels, motor, gearbox,
percentage or as
a scale of lean to
                        $20          screws, nuts and bolts,
                                     plus a screwdriver and spanner to put it all         kj8900
obese. It also has                   together. The instructions are excellent, with
a memory function for storing        colour photos and a detailed parts list.              $13
readings for later use.
 • Batteries included.               • Tools included

 • Measures 155mm long               • 187 piece kit


                                     • Measures: 210(L) x 147(W) x 56(H)mm

Boiling anD / or WarMing together                                            air PoWereD Water rocket kit
Dual hot Plate                                                               This is one of the coolest things we've seen
                                                                             for a while. Water rockets aren't new, but                     gt30600
                                                                             you had to make you own or put up with
                                                     16cms                   a wimpy toy shop version. This one flies                         $49
controlled                  18cms
                                                                             about 30 metres. You just fill the rocket
Solid State safety!                                                                                                                          Full Kit
                                                                             about half full with water, put it on the
                                                                             launcher, pump it up then fire with the
     hP2                                                                     cable release. Everything is in the kit
    $79                                                                      - pump and one rocket included. Fun
                                                                             and educational.
                                                                             Launcher: 260(dia) x 250(H)mm
single hot Plate                                                             Rockets: 370mm long
Thermostat controlled
Solid State safety!
                        Best Value                                           Pk 3 spare rockets             $

       hP1                                                                   Super Strong
      $59                                                                    HorSeSHoe
  Pan diameter                                                               Magnet    lM1654
                                                                             Made from super
  19cm                                                                       strong ceramic           $45
                                                                             magnets with a
Boiling point                       Set of 10                ler2415         lifting capacity of
                                                                             85kgs. Coated for corrosion
tHerMoMeterS                                                  $39            resistance.

These durable, non-toxic                                                      Lifts 85kg!
thermometers measure from -30°C
to 120°C and from -22°F to 240°F.
Safe to use, these thermometers                                                          Haines Educational P/L
are made from plastic and are                                                                              ABN 88 005 715 051
mercury-free. Use them for                                                                 20 Dalgety Street, Oakleigh, Vic. 3166
measuring the boiling points of                                                        Phone: (03) 9568 6966 Fax: (03) 9568 6977
various liquids. Set of 10


     15cm No splits Plastic reinforced
Digital Spoon Balance
                                                             new            flexiMag
                                                                            Adjust easily for dissections and
                                                                            other examinations
liquids. Comes with a LCD panel and tare feature to ensure the    qM7236
right measurement every time.
•         Max dry weight                                           $
                                                                       30   2x and 4 x magnification twin
                                                                            lenses, 25mm and 130mm dia
  300g /0.1g accuracy
•         Max liquid volume 24.4ml                                          flexible arm
•         Low battery alert
•         2 x AAA Batteries included
•         230mm long                                                                 Mg010
Safety pvc Stirring                                                          HanDS free
250 x 10 mm, Unbreakable
                                                                            real BriDge BuilDing                                                78620
plastic. Packet of 12            $12                                        •	    Build all 7 types of bridge from this 2282 piece set –       $
Perfect for most stirring
applications. Has many                                                            any 2 simultaneously. Includes real world examples
advantages over glass rods. Will not                                              of arch, beam, truss,
shatter or break glass vessels                                                    cantilever, suspension,
when used correctly.                                                              cable-stayed and bascule
                                                                            •	    All models 150cm long
StuDent Magnet tHeory BoarD                                                       and to scale. No need to
                                                                                  use Popsicle sticks and
Clear plastic filled with tiny compass               Test with magnets            balsa wood any more!
elements!                                                                   •	    144-page teacher’s guide, written to        Pieces           2282
Can be           317700                                                           meet NSES and ITEA standards.
                                                                            •	    Free CD-ROM to facilitate printing extra Models                7
used on the
OHP for a
                $19                                                               building instructions.                      Grades            5-9
stunning                                                                    •	    •	Packaged	in	2	large	storage	trays	
effect !

                                                                            Solar SySteM SiMulator                                             ge020
A very convenient and clear activity
                                                                            • Illuminated Sun
juMBo Magnet tHeory                                                         Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and
BoarD          MFD1250                                                      • Automatic Rotation
Clear plastic filled with tiny                                              • Voice Interactive
compass elements which align             $39
with magnetic field.                                                        CyberSky CD ROM Program
Perfect for demos on the OHP                                                CyberSky is an exciting,
to generate a myriad of patterns.    Test with                              entertaining,andeducational
 magnets not included                magnets                                astronomy program that
                                                                            transforms your personal
                                                                            computer into your personal
elite trunDle                            With counter                       planetarium.

WHeel                                                                                           Battery oPerateD
Now it’s easy to measure longer
distances using the metric system!
Counter clicks each meter, so kids see
and hear the measurement. Easy-
grip handle adjusts for various        ler 0343
                                                                             teacHing Battery HolDer                                       61520
student and teacher heights.                                                 The only battery holder which illustrates both series
Non-slip rubber tire for accurate
                                          79                                 AND parallel circuits.
reading. Counter reads up to                                                                                                                   each
99,999 meters.                                                                   “D” cell
                                                                                   no leads required! Snap and Click together !
MounteD laMp                             Small Screw type Large Bayonet
HolDerS                                  MES MOUNT typeSBCMOUNT              parallel
                                           os-Mes                os-sBc

                                               $7                 $9

                                                  4 MM terMinals
                          cheaPer than Making yourselF
uSB Digital MicroScope caMera                                                SiMulateD frog DiSSection Kit
SySteM         qc3244                                                           Authentically detailed Frog Body
WitH 130 x      $99
                                                                                Removable soft texture tissue
                                                                                Cross section shows muscle structure
Magnification                                                                   X-ray included                           Vt021
                                                                                Child safe lab tools included
colour zoom CMOS video camera
thatismountedinamicroscope                                                       Two sets of organs
style housing. The system
connectstoyourcomputervia                                                        for superior
the USB port and microscope                                                      examination
images are viewed on your
computer screen as either a
snapshot or a video stream.
Both can be saved for later                                                      GIaNT
viewing. The system has its
ownLEDilluminatorssothere                                                        fROG
is always plenty of light for
viewing. Accessories include specimen slides, eye dropper and tweezers.

• Up to 640 x 480 image resolution
• 5 x optical zoom
• Maximum magnification x 130
• 30fps maximum video frame rate

                                                                          plant cell MoDel                   12.5cm dia
                                                                          This model of a plant cell
Dna replication &                                                                                                            $29
                                                                          splits in half to provide
tranScription                                                             a cross-section view and
                                                                          make teaching the parts
activity MoDel Set                                                        of a plant cell easy.
•	   521 pieces and a 24 page full
     colour building instruction                                                Squashy
     booklet                                                              Question and answer
•	   Builds 7 different DNA and mRNA                                             model
     molecules.              78780
•	   Build any one from
     19 combinations at       $
                                89                                        aniMal cell MoDel
     Wonderfully                                                           Teaching the parts of an animal cell to your
     flexible set allows students to                                      class is easy, thanks to this hands-on model!
     build and learn using models                                         The soft foam cell splits in half to
     that demonstrate phosphate                                           show the key parts of
     groups, deoxyribose/ ribose                                          an animal cell, including
     sugars, colour-coded hydrogen                                        the nucleus, nucleolus,
     bonds,four colours and colour-                                       vacuole, centriole, cell
     coded nucleotides.                                  96080            membrane and more.

Dna teacHer’S guiDe                                      $29                   ler1900
44 page comprehensive Teacher’s guide.                                           $29                   12.5cm dia

Digital                 Duty         PrePareD Micro                       Working
StopWatcH                            sliDes unBreakaBle                   PuMPing heart
High Quality
                   receSSeD          Wide Topic Range!
                                                                          A 3-D working plastic heart
1000’S SolD        ButtonS           36 Specimens
                                                                          model with clear chambers.
                                                                          Squeeze bulb pump simulated
                                                                          blood through clear heart
                                                                          chambers just like real one.

                                                           Ps-11201                  mk109
                       xc0270                                                         $39
HigH impact
                                                                TV/ VIDeO/ COMPUTeR/ SCReen/ MICROSCOPe

multimedia                                                      TV/ VIDeO/ COMPUTeR/ SCReen/ MICROSCOPe *
imaging                                                         • Portable document camera,
                                                                    which supports high
                                                                    displaying speed (up to 24
                                                                    fps), and extraordinary
Project on Screen                                                   ultra high resolution (3.2
                                                                    Mega Pixels).
using a data projector                                          • Integrate the popular Auto
or view on computer                                                 Focus function.
or TV monitor                                                   • Enhance your presentation
                                                                    integration, USB 2.0
                                                                    connection and new
                                                                    user friendly SW with
                                              DIGITAL               annotation features, audio
           aV330P                             DOCUMenT              recording, QVGA / VGA /
                                                                    XGA video recording aid in
           $1490                              CAMeRA                getting your ideas across
                                                                    to your students or
                                                                    colleagues, all of which are
                                                                    accessible with the infrared remote control.
                                                                • Powerful 16X zoom/ pan (8X digital, 2X AVERZOOMTM)
                                                                • Vivid & seamless live video with 24 frame rate
                                                                • Detachable LED light module
                                                                • 80 image built-in memory
                                                                • Image & video recording via AVerVision


                                              fRee APPLICATIOnS DVD
                                              fax or email for your copy
                                       Messmerize your class with the optical
                        data projector and light box
                                                                                                           Project the image onto
ligHt Box                                Using the light box        infocuS in24+                          a screen
Perfect for viewing specimens,           will greatly enhance       Dlp Data projector
X-rays, transperencies, slides etc.      the image                  •   High bright 2400 max ANSI lumens
                                                                    •   Native resolution: SVGA
Enhance all translucent objects                                                                                  in24+
                                                                    •   DLP by Texas Instruments
using high quality transmitted light
                                                                    •   Data Compatibility                      $1490
                                                                    •   Video compatibility
29 x 20 cm



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