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									                                                                        Date: 25 January 2010

  Learn more about the Heart Foundation Tick and food labels
The City of Subiaco, in conjunction with the Heart Foundation, is holding an informative and
interactive seminar on Thursday 4 February on the Tick program how to read and interpret food

Heart Foundation Nutrition Coordinator and Accredited Practising Dietitian Sharonna Freeman will
explain the Tick program and talk about what it means when making food choices.

“The Tick represents choices that are lower in certain food components (for example saturated fat
and sodium) and/or higher in others (for example fibre) compared to other foods in the same
category,” Sharonna said.

“Essentially, the Tick is a healthier choice,” she said.

Sharonna will also explain how the Tick is administered, explain some common misconceptions
and show what it has achieved in Australia.

For those who want to interpret nutrition information themselves, rather than just rely on the Tick,
she will give some tips on how to read food labels.

Subiaco Mayor Heather Henderson said the city is pleased to support the seminar.

“The city is active in promoting community wellbeing through a number of programs and we are
glad to partner with the Health Foundation in this initiative,” Mayor Henderson said.

“Food labelling can sometimes be mystifying and this seminar will give community members a
better understanding of it, enabling them to make better and smarter choices,” she said.

The talk will be followed by a three-course lunch provided by the city and designed to meet Heart
Foundation guidelines, all for just $10 per person.

The seminar is on Thursday 4 February at the Subiaco Community Centre, 203 Bagot Road.

Bookings are essential as places are strictly limited. Please phone the city on 9237 9222 to
reserve your place.


For further information please contact: Sandy Oliver on 9382 5947, 0403 348 749 or at
sandy.oliver@heartfoundation.org.au, or Roslyn Mulcahy on 9237 9287 or

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