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                                          JOB NO:
                                          PREPARED BY:
                                          DATE:    November 1998


INCUMBENTINITIAL                          POSITION
                                          Stores Officer

                                          DEPARTMENT: Supply
                                          LOCATION:   WAGERUP


(a)   Accountability Objective

      The Stores Officer is accountable for ensuring that the day to day operations of the
      Stores function are carried out in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner. Stores
      activities include receivals, storage and disbursement of materials and related reporting.
      Stores Officers help ensure the maintenance and protection of the Refinery's inventory.

(b)   Critical Achievement Areas

      (i)     Controls the Stores operations by ensuring that all materials are correctly handled
              and recorded (including receiving, locating and issuing) using whatever manual,
              mechanical or computerised equipment is required and according to customer
              priorities and needs.

      (ii)    Ensures stock checking programmes (whether cyclical or ad hoc) are maintained
              to the extent that the physical inventory agrees with the Supply System records
              and stock holdings are optimised.

      (iii)   Ensures that the Stores function supports the Refinery's operating areas and other
              support services by being pro-active in providing advice on stock levels and
              identifying potential problem areas, such as stock outs and low stock.

      (iv)    Contributes to the optimisation of stock holdings by planning and co-ordinating
              activities that ensure stock is controlled in a secure and useable manner and by the
              application of sound stock knowledge, management and security principles.
       (v)      Contributes to the knowledge of customers of the Supply System by providing
                training and assistance as required.

       (vi)     Contributes to the continuous improvement/development of Supply related
                processes and the Stores team.

       (vii)    Contributes to the achievement of safety and environmental objectives by
                providing leadership in the areas of safe working practices and housekeeping.

       (viii) Takes action according to Clause of the Quality Manual to ensure
              product quality remains within specification.

       (viv) Takes action according to the responsibilities detailed in WGQAD 00592
             within the Quality System which will ensure that environment is managed
             in a manner that eliminates potential pollution sources and improves
             environmental performance parameters.

(c)    Background

       The WA Supply system comprises four location Supply Groups providing
       services for Kwinana, Pinjarra, Wagerup and the Mining Operations. There is a
       central co-ordinating and management group located at Booragoon. Each
       Refinery Supply Group is responsible for the purchasing and stores activity at that

       At the Wagerup Refinery the Supply function forms part of the Commercial
       Services Department. The Refinery has an alumina production rate approaching
       2.0 million tonnes per annum, an annual cash flow of $240 million and an average
       inventory of $13 million. The Refinery, which has operated since 1984, is
       required to operate with high efficiencies and tight cost control in conditions of
       varying market demand.

(d)    Organisation Chart

                STORES CO-ORDINATOR
                   STORES OFFICER (INCUMBENT

(e)    Explanatory Statement

       The incumbent's work commitment is divided into the following areas.

       (i)     Unload/Load Vehicles

               The Stores Officer co-ordinates the unloading/loading of delivery trucks and
               vehicles, including materials, material handling equipment and all consignment
               paperwork (cart notes, manifests, etc.).

       (ii)    Receipt of Goods

               The unpacking, acceptance/rejection of items and locating and/or disbursing
               activities for inventory, direct charge, and capital items according to order details,
               delivery notes, etc. This process includes the resolution of any discrepancies
               (OS&D) and/or invoice queries directly with the supplier.

       (iii)   Acknowledgment of Receipts

               Receival of materials/services is accrued in the accounts payable system by the
               Stores Officer.

       (iv)    Binning of Goods

               Where received items are for stock replenishment, the Stores Officer ensures the
               items are correctly placed in the designated storage location according to identity
               and computer system coding. This process includes the verification, calculation
               and update of stock locations, bin maximums and material handling requirements.

       (v)     Security, Identification of Stock and Housekeeping

               The Stores Officer ensures that:

               (1)     all stocks are safely binned in the appropriate storage locations;

               (2)     the locations are properly maintained (including identity labels) and kept
                       clean and tidy; and

               (3)     access to the Stores is restricted to authorised personnel only.

       (vi)    Stock Checking

               The Stores Officer is responsible for verifying physical stock quantities against
               stock ledgers using either manual or electronic means. Stock checking also
               requires the incumbent to have sufficient knowledge of the inventory to identify
               and take action where trends or shortfalls are noticed before the normal stock
               management systems would register a problem.

               The Stores Officer identifies slow moving and obsolete stock items based on pre-
               determined criteria.

       (vii)   Issuing

               The Stores Officer is responsible for the correct issuing of materials on either
               requisition or picking slips. This requires manual handling or mechanical lifting
               techniques and involves the use of computer systems to correctly remove the
               materials from stock records.

       (viii) Delivery

               To meet customer requirements and priorities, the Stores Officer prepares
               materials for despatch and delivers them using whatever means are appropriate.

       (ix)    Development

               The Stores Officer participates in the development of the Stores System.

       (x)     Training

               The Stores Officer shares responsibility for the planning, implementing and
               monitoring of the Department's training programmes. The incumbent identifies
               training needs and assists in the writing and updating of Departmental training
               procedures/manuals. According to the need, the Stores Officer trains new Stores
               team members and customers of the Supply System.

       (xi)    Problem Solving

               Problem solving and continuous improvement activities are an integral part of the
               Stores Officer's role. These activities include initiating corrective action for
               deviations in the incumbent's area of responsibility.

       (xii)   Construction/Project Management

               The Stores Officer works with the customer to ensure that materials required for
               projects are received on time, are correctly allocated and any surplus is identified.

       (xiii) Higher Duty Relief

               The Stores Officer, if requested, may relieve in higher duties eg. purchasing,
               inventory control, co-ordinator relief.

       (xiv) General

               The Stores Officer is expected to work with the Refinery customer to ensure the
               Site is not disadvantaged by a shortage of spare parts or consumables. Customer
               relations is an essential component of the Stores Officer's job.

               The Stores Officer may be required to cover positions on shift (full-time or relief).

(f)    Principal Contacts


       Contact                               Purpose

       Refinery/Mining                       Issue of materials, joint checking of inventory,
       Personnel                             training in use of Stores systems (on issue of goods),
                                             stock queries, delivery.

       Inventory                             Advice on inventory, re-order points, bin
       Controller                            maximums and packaging.

       Purchasing Officers                   Co-ordination of direct purchases, location of
                                             materials, delivery, shipping, transport and courier

       Stores Co-ordinator                   Co-ordination of Stores team activities, including
                                             training and development.

       Other Alcoa Sites                     Co-ordination of Alcoa's WA inventory (including
                                             stock transfers) to meet the needs of Alcoa's overall
                                             WA operations.


       Contact                               Purpose

       Suppliers                             Communication on overages, shortages, discrepancies
                                             and delivery requirements.

       Service Suppliers                     Communication on the provision of stores services.

       Delivery Personnel                    Communication and advice on unloading and receipt
                                             of materials, the shipping of materials and delivery

(g)    Training and Experience Required

       (i)     Education Level

               (1)     High School Leaving Certificate desirable.

       (ii)    Experience

               (1)     Three to five years of stores experience in a heavy or mining industry is

               (2)     Trade background well considered.

               (3)     Hands-on experience with computerised stock control systems an

       (iii)   Special Requirements

               (1)     Ability to work in a team environment.

               (2)     Ability to work unsupervised.

               (3)     Good level of verbal, written and numerical skills.

               (4)     A class driver's licence.

       (iv)    Desirable

               (1)     Certificates to drive fork lift, crane and Hiab.

               (2)     B class driver's license.

(h)    Impact

       The Stores Officer is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Wagerup

       The Stores Officer can have a significant impact on production and maintenance
       efficiency by having a sound knowledge of the inventory, understanding the needs
       of customers and exercising efficient stock control.

       In general, the Stores functions are covered by standard procedures in both
       manual and computer operations, but interpretive skills and initiative may be
       required. In most situations, the individual determines priorities without direct


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