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					racing with ted ryan                                                                                                                                                                                      sport
                            Vest is Best
                            A SORE point with
                          Jockeys is the vests that
                                                            Hungry for a Horse                                                                                           Racehorse
                                                          TO BE or not to be that is the question? I was        I feel the atmosphere is everything if you are
                          they are obliged to wear
                          anytime they get legged
                          over a horse.
                                                        working for the VRC at the Phantom Breakfast
                                                        with the Stars at Flemington and I have never
                                                                                                              organising a big event, especially like Break-
                                                                                                              fast With The Stars.
                                                                                                                                                                         Runs Last
                            Ever since the unfortu-     felt so lonely as a horse lover. After covering         I spoke to a numbers of trainers, jockeys, and
                          nate deaths of Adrian         Breakfast With The Stars for some 30 years, it        handlers who all seemed quite happy when
Ledger and Gavin Lisk and the bad fall involv-          was all so eerie.                                     you consider that around a hundred horses
ing Damien Oliver, Darren Gauci and Wayne                 My job was to run several trainers and jock-        could be around doing their chores.
Hokai at the Valley earlier this year, it has hit the   eys up to the Corporate Breakfast in the Terrace        Where they conducted the Corporate Break-
point home again.                                       Restaurant on the hill and return them when           fast the Club attracted a very good crowd, with
  Most feel the vest is too stiff around the neck       they had finished their stint on air.                 one lucky guest winning a trip to New Zealand
and chest areas and moves are afoot to change             The first thing that went terribly wrong was that   and five days accommodation.
the style and confirmation of them.                     the famous egg and bacon rolls were missing with        The Panel was excellent headed up by the
  Chairman of Stewards Des Gleeson said more            the cup of coffee for a bit of an adrenalin rush.     doyen, Bruce Mc Avaney, Keith Hillier, Adam
flexible Japanese-style vests, popular with Aus-          The usual activity was still strong with horses,    Hamilton from the Herald-Sun, and leading
tralian jockeys, were being tested to ensure they       their handlers, jockeys and trainers but where        jockey Damien Oliver and former hoop, Simon
pass strict safety standards.                           were all the racegoers? Well, we understand that      Marshall.                                                IN THE light of what’s happening at feature
  I agree with jockeys that the current vest is a bit   a few of them were at Federation Square for the         It was an excellent panel with guests such as        events in both the city and country, I feel that
too rigid. We are also looking at a helmet to give      free snags, bacon and eggs (all up around 1000)       Bart Cummings, Danny Nickolic, Glen Boss,              a number of racegoers are losing the real rea-
more protection and hopefully a lighter one.            which I felt was extremely disappointing as most      Noel Callow, Graeme Rogerson, and many                 son we attend the races.
                                                        would have been workers on their way to the           more including the trainer of the ill fated Carte
  No matter which way you look at it jockeys            office.                                                                                                        A number of us attend to salute the magnifi-
must have the best gear when you consider that                                                                Diamond, who as we know crashed through                cent thoroughbred for what she or he is.
on an average they only weigh around 54 kilos             I checked later with a VRC spokesperson, who        the running rail gashing his hind leg very badly.
                                                        said they were quite happy with the number but                                                                 The thrill of seeing champions such as
controlling the average galloper tipping the scales                                                             Leading Bookmaker, Michael Eskander laying           Makybe Diva giving they’re all, stretching
at 500 kilos.                                           were anticipating 25,000. A big difference!           the odds on the Derby and the Melbourne Cup.           every tendon and muscle striving for the best.

                                                                   A Weighty Problem                                                                                   That’s not how a lot of us fans see it at the
                                                                                                                                                                     moment, as we have to push past a number of
                                                                                                                                                                     drunks and disgusting scenes at the track.
                                                          JOCKEYS are about to draw the whip over a           Hence they are asking for the minimum weight to          On top of all the alcohol consumed, a number
                                                        number of issues confronting them at the mo-          be raised as soon as possible.                         of people just go for the social day. Fair
                                                        ment as in the past. One is the minimum weight          They also feel strongly about having to ride at      enough, but at least pay some respect to the
                                                        problem , a long-time bone of contention.             a Moonee Valley meeting on the Friday night,           owners, trainers, jockeys, and handlers who
                                                          For a long time jockeys have been complain-         then having to front up for track work the next        keep racing alive.
                                                        ing about the minimum weight scale feeling the        morning and the very early starts to Saturday            Another aspect that is taking it all away from
                                                        bar should be raised.                                 race days.                                             the thoroughbred, is the fashion scene, which
                                                          Many argue the point that today’s jocks are           Many will argue that they don’t have to ride at      hits us between the eyes every time we go to
                                                        much heavier that they were some 30 years ago.        the night meeting, but a number of jockeys have        the track or pick up a newspaper or magazine.
                                                                                                              allegiance to many stables and have to go with           I would rather see pictures of all participat-
                                                                                                              the flow. The jocks also feel that the time allotted   ing, and let’s ease back on the grog, and fash-
                                                                                                              for the sauna should be lengthened from 15 to 25       ion and remember those who provide the en-
                                                                                                              minutes as there are not many jockeys who              tertainment, the thoroughbred and connec-
                                                                                                              can control their weight without a good sweat.         tions.
                                                                                                              club will stay at Male Street and the Brighton         ceive free bowls, a complimentary drink, some
             ‘Bowls on the Air’                         club, any bowls gossip or anything bowls re-          Bowling Club will move to Dendy Park in one of         finger food and great company.
                                                        lated you would like Mark to discuss, promote         the best moves ever for a club.                          Are there any local corporate, community
  Anyone waking up on a Sunday morning and
                                                        or investigate, then feel free to fax Mark c/o The      For the first time in 125 years, the land occu-      groups or clubs looking for something different
who isstill keen to get a bowls rush should tune
                                                        Big Bowls Show on 9578 2216 or email on               pied by the Brighton clubhouse and greens in           for your next Christmas Party? Do you need
into The Big Bowls Show on radio station 88.3
                                                        bigbowls@                             Male Street will go on the market through Savills      something different for a team-building day or a
Southern FM every Sunday morning at 9.30am.
                                                          Mark has also been silly enough to ask if I         Commercial Real Estate (telephone 8686 8002).          social function for your staff? Try the Bentleigh
  The half hour program features a new pre-
                                                        would contribute to the program and I have told         Dendy Park will become their new home and            Bowling Club, which is now available and has
senter and a new format with Mark Thompson
                                                        him I shall so prepare to hear my sultry tones in     from what I can glean, the plans to build an           excellent facilities including night/day bowls,
of the Bentleigh and Rosebud RSL Bowling
                                                        the months ahead.                                     international standard 12 rink indoor green are        fully serviced bar, catering options, lounge, func-
Clubs now taking up the microphone each week.
                                                                       Minimum Bias                           going full steam ahead. This is wonderful for          tion room, kitchen and three greens accommo-
  Mark will not only update listeners on select
                                                                                                              Melbourne and in particular the southern sub-          dating up to 150 people. So if you would like to
scores from the latest round of RVBA and VLBA             It appears the current crop of new narrow bowls
                                                                                                              urbs. We will finally have a stand alone indoor        do something fun, inexpensive and local, call
pennant but also provide local club news, inter-        is already finding their way to boat anchor sta-
                                                                                                              green that will be state of the art. And just think,   Mark Thompson, Marketing Manager BBC on
views with local and high profile bowling per-          tus. Henselite’s Maestro was the first bowl to
                                                                                                              unlike Darebin, no motorbikes or bicycles,             0407 040715.
sonalities and tips from coaches as part of             achieve such a status and I recall a story of how
Coach’s Corner.                                         four of our elite bowlers wandered down to            yeehaa!!!
  88.3 Southern FM radio broadcasts to over             Brighton Pier after a pennant match to consign                Tweed Heads Bowls Blog
20,000 listeners per week with a primary broad-         their new bowls to the sea.                             The marvellous Tweed Heads Bowling Club
cast area covering south of the Yarra, as far out         A number of experienced and relatively nov-         has a fantastic website that will entertain and
as Dandenong and all the way down to                    ice bowlers at my club have spent the money           inform the bowls fanatics amongst us. They
Frankston and Mt Eliza.                                 on a variety of the latest narrow bowls only to       have also attached both national and state
  So particularly for members of Groups 13 to           see their games suffer. I have seen these bowls       blogs to the site, a great way to keep up with
16, if there is anything happening within your          bending against the bias in windy, slow condi-        breaking news on the bowls scene. http://
                                                                                                                                                                              Richmond Union Angels
                          Country                         I feel that, while they are trying to produce               “Bowls Big At Bentleigh”
                                                                                                                                                                       I mean how lucky are we? RUBC has been
                                                        bowls that will run to the minimum, manufactur-
                          Property                      ers are doing nothing for the game or the confi-
                                                                                                                                  Bentleigh Bowling Club             fortunate in that some of the states best fe-
                                                                                                                                (BBC) located on Higgins
                         Catalogue                      dence of their market.
                                                                                                                                Road, Bentleigh, opposite St
                                                                                                                                                                     male bowlers have joined our club to hone their
                                                                                                                                                                     skills in the RVBA Saturday pennant games.
                                                          Most of the blokes I know with these bowls
   CALL OR SEND FOR A BEAUTIFUL                                                                                                 Pauls, is bursting with bowls’       Joining Jessie Eva, who helped the club win a
                                                        are bagging them and going back to their previ-                         activities this summer!
   COUNTRY PROPERTY CATALOGUE                           ous bowls. Interestingly Henselite have pro-
                                                                                                                                                                     Division 2 flag last year, are Australian and
             on 9840         8777                                                                                                 On Thursday nights the club        fellow Victorian representative, Mary Anne
                                                        duced a second version of the Impact which I
                                                                                                              opens its doors to the public from 6pm until           Canute and the marvellous State player Judy
 or send coupon to: VIC PROPERTIES,                     am told has a bit more draw. Suffer the bowler …
                                                                                                              9pm when friends and families can come to the          Nardella.
 PO Box 556 Doncaster 3108                                        Brighton on the Move                        club for a bowl, a friendly chat and a good time.        It appears some clubs are still stuck on the
 Name: ____________________                               At a recent meeting of the Brighton members,        No experience is required and casual dress is          gender issues within the game and did not want
 Address: _________________                             it was unanimously voted that the bowling club        okay - just wear some flat-soled shoes or bowl         these players in sides that would match their
  ____________ Ph: ________                             and the tennis club should separate. The tennis       barefoot at your own risk. For only $5 you re-         abilities. Their loss our gain, you beauties!!!
30                                                                    connect to our website                                                                                  November 2005

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