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  Remember, O most gracious Virgin
  Mary, that never was it known that
  anyone who fled to thy protection,
   implored thy help or sought thy
    intercession, was left unaided.
Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto
thee, O Virgin of virgins my Mother;
to thee do I come, before thee I stand,
sinful and sorrowful; O Mother of the
    Word Incarnate, despise not my
       petitions, but in thy mercy
         hear and answer me.
W            e are many parts,
             we are all one body...
The Relevant Radio family is made up of many members:
show hosts, associates, listeners, donors, contributors,
affiliates, and more. The Holy Spirit brings us each to this
mission of evangelization in our own special way and for
our own unique purpose. Maybe we have something to
contribute by way of content, prayer, or financial support,
or perhaps God’s Will is simply that we are to use Relevant
Radio to hear His message and pass it on.
                                                                                    Satellite Downlink Dishes

No matter the reason, we are all a part of the Body of Christ, and we are here to serve one another as members
of the Relevant Radio family. We thank you for your unique contribution, and we pray for the continued grace
of God that we may serve you in this mission of The New Evangelization.

                                                         “I am being strengthened in my faith; I am being
                                                         inspired; [Relevant Radio] gives me the courage to
                                                         face the difficulties of the day. It also gives me the
                                                         feeling of Catholic solidarity... I learn that there are
                                                         many others out there who believe in the same values
                                                         and have the same struggles…”
                                                         Magda ~ Glen Ellyn, IL

               Sean Herriott, Host of Morning Air®

“I have this whole faith family with me all day
long, helping me with every area of my life. I feel
even more bonded to the Catholic Church in so
many ways. I love this station!”
Christa ~ Plymouth, MN

                                                                   A group of children touring the Relevant Radio Studios
A                      nd the gifts we have
                       we are given to share...
The year 2006 was one of many blessings for our
Relevant Radio family! God’s grace was evident
throughout the year, and these are just a few of the
highlights for which we praise and thank Him!

There is little that can be more exciting than to see a
family grow, and that is the joy that we experienced as the
new year of 2006 was merely underway. On January 23rd
we welcomed Relevant Radio 970AM KIXL in Austin, TX
into our network! With the tireless efforts of our outstanding
supporters in the Austin market and of our Relevant Radio
associates, we are now on-air in another of the nation’s
largest markets, bringing the message of Jesus Christ to
                                                                            Ruben M. Villarreal, Jr., Operations Manager of 970 AM KIXL
countless souls.
                                                                Father Patrick Peyton once said that, “The family that
                                                                prays together, stays together.” This very truth underlies all
                                                                that we do at Relevant Radio. By praying as an apostolate
                                                                with all of our listeners, supporters, and associates, we
                                                                remain united in Christ through the intercession of His
                                                                Most Blessed Mother Mary. It is with this commitment to
                                                                our spirituality, as individuals and as an apostolate family,
                                                                that we were able to institute greater opportunities for
                                                                prayer at both of our network facilities.

                                                                On March 25, 2006, Archbishop Harry Flynn of the
          Archbishop Harry Flynn at the Chapel of St. Gabriel
                                                                Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis reserved the
                                                                Eucharist for the celebration of the Holy Mass at the
                                                                Chapel of Saint Gabriel at our network production facility
                                                                in Golden Valley, MN. Also, daily Eucharistic Adoration
                                                                was instituted at the Chapel of the Nativity at our Relevant
                                                                Radio headquarters in Green Bay, WI with the blessings of
                                                                the Most Reverend David A. Zubik of the Diocese of Green
                                                                Bay. Beginning on May 15, 2006, we have been able to
                                                                offer the intentions of all our listeners and supporters not
                                                                only in our daily Mass and prayers, but also as we adore
                                                                Our Lord and Savior in the Most Blessed Sacrament.
                                                                United by our Eucharistic Lord, our Relevant Radio family
           Bishop David Zubik at the Chapel of the Nativity     will remain in humble service to God and each other!
M                 ay the Spirit of love
                  make us one indeed...
 Our family had much for which to be thankful in
 November. It was then that we had a Pledge Drive
 surpass the million dollar mark for the first time! The
 airwaves sizzled with excitement as we neared the
 goal late Friday evening, and shouts of joy and prayers
 of gratitude were heard across the network as we met
 this milestone mark, thanks to the prayerful and financial
 generosity of all our listeners and supporters.

 “Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never
 was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection,
 implored thy help, or sought thy intercession was                                            Volunteers taking calls during Pledge Drive
 left unaided…”

N O TH I N                                                  G OD
                Relevant Radio exists to assist the Church
            in the New Evangelization by providing relevant      !
                                   programming through media platforms to help people
                                      bridge the gap between faith and everyday life.

                                                                               “I’m very glad that there are people like all of you who
                                                                               enjoy being Catholic and sharing that faith with others.
                                                                               As a homeless-unemployed person, just hearing a word
                                                                               or phrase can make the day go better. There’s always
                                                                               hope when you hope in God. That’s what you have given
                                                                               to me. Even though this seems like the worst time in my
                                                                               life, God’s plan is better than anything I could plan for
                                                                               myself. God Bless you and your families, and great be
                                                                               your reward in heaven.”
                                                                               Anonymous ~ Oshkosh, WI

                                                                               “I am excited to learn more about my faith and I have
                                                                               told many people about the program. Also, I am very
                                                                               proud to be a Catholic and proud that I am part of the
                                                                               big family.”
       Relevant Radio Shrines of Our Blessed Mother Pilgrimage, October 2006
                                                                               Amanda ~ Park Forest, IL
F           eeding the Hungry in Our Midst
    Most of us deal more directly with different forms of suffering and poverty. It seems that the greater poverty
    in the West is the poverty of the soul. All around us are lonely and broken souls who hunger and thirst for
    God's love and mercy in their lives. We also daily experience the reality of fellow Christians who are
    confused and shaken in their faith.

    Relevant Radio is food for these starving souls. We seek to meet our listeners where they are and to engage
    them in a sincere interactive conversation about the most important issues they face. We propose through
    ordinary dialogue the fundamental truth that Jesus Christ is the answer to the most painful and challenging
    questions they face. We seek to lead them to the living waters of His love. Through our presence on the
    air we invite them to trust that Jesus will fully reveal Himself to them through His word and His sacraments
    which come to us through His one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church.

    We cannot do this without your help. You can help us through your prayers, through your donations, and
    by encouraging others to listen. We will use all of your support prayerfully and with diligence.

    We have been through many challenges since our founding in 2000. We place this work in Our Lord's
    hands and ask you to support us as He moves you. Through our struggles we are greatly encouraged by
    our rapidly growing listener base and the support we receive during the quarterly pledge drives.

    We thank our Lord and you for the opportunity to serve. Please help us feed the hungry in our midst!

    May the Lord bless you and keep you,

    Robert B. Atwell
    Chairman of the Board
    Relevant Radio

          Relevant Radio Board of Directors
    Mark Follett         Michael Ariens          Robert B. Atwell          John Cavil             Tom Vorpahl
  Chairman & CEO            Chairman            President & CEO             Director                President
   Sovereign City        Ariens Company       Nicolet National Bank   Mount Carmel Academy    Green Bay Cheese Co.
Communications, LLC        Brillion, WI          Green Bay, WI           Green Bay, WI           Green Bay, WI
    Allouez, WI
G           lory and praise be toOur Lord, Jesus Christ!
        “My soul magnifies the Lord, my spirit rejoices in God my Savior; For he has looked with favor on
        his lowly servant.” ~Luke 1: 46-48

It is with a spirit of gratitude and examination that I look back on the year 2006. It was one of great gifts, opportunities,
and challenges for Relevant Radio and for myself. God asks us each to simply live in Him and do His will, and He will
provide us with the strength and perseverance to accomplish what he has asked. It is with humility and joy that I find
myself serving Him through my work as Chief Executive Officer of Relevant Radio. Having transitioned into this role
from Chief Development Officer in September, 2006, I am honored to be able to serve this apostolate in our mission
of evangelization and grateful to lead a dedicated team of associates in providing radio programming that remains true
to the teachings of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I often find myself in awe of what God has called us to be a part of at Relevant Radio. When I receive letters, emails,
and messages from our listeners and supporters talking about the ways in which this programming has touched their
lives, I cannot help but step back in wonder at how the Holy Spirit uses us to reach out to so many souls. It is not simply
our work, but it is the Lord working through us that changes lives, minds, and hearts, and I am eternally grateful that He
has called us for this task.

Operating a nationwide network of radio stations requires a tremendous prayerful and financial commitment on the part
of all the listeners and supporters of Relevant Radio, and I thank each of you for your own contribution. Every prayer
is essential, and every dollar is critical. The associates of Relevant Radio and I have worked diligently to be good stewards
of your donations, and it is my commitment to you that we will continue these efforts throughout 2007 and beyond.
Maintaining a balanced budget while finding additional sources of reliable revenue have been my priority since assuming
this leadership role. We have made great efforts to decrease spending while increasing our Pledge Drive and
Sponsorship revenue. We were excited to roll out our Sales initiative in the fall of 2006 - by partnering with businesses
who support the work of the Catholic Church and our apostolate, we can provide advertising messages that are
beneficial to these businesses and our listeners while increasing revenue streams that will keep Relevant Radio live
and local in so many markets.

As always, I thank you very much for your support, and I ask that you continue to keep Relevant Radio in your prayers,
as well as the intentions of all our listeners and supporters. As you pray, please keep in mind these words from the
“Prayer to Mary, Star of Evangelization” by our beloved Pope John Paul II: Direct the decisions we make in this life
and strengthen us in time of trial, so that, faithful to God and to man, we may humbly and boldly use the wonders of
the airwaves to bring to the minds and hearts of all people the joyful proclamation of Christ, the Redeemer of mankind.

May God bless you abundantly, and may Our Lady wrap you in the mantle of her loving care.

Trish Leurck
Chief Executive Officer
Relevant Radio
Financial Overview
God calls us all to be responsible stewards of the gifts entrusted to us. Ever mindful of the gift of our mission, as well as the financial
gifts of our supporters, Starboard Media Foundation, Inc. (doing business as Relevant Radio) has worked diligently to restructure
its operations and its business model to attain financial viability. In response to this need for greater fiscal responsibility, significant
operational changes were initiated in late 2006 and have continued into 2007 to balance the operating revenues of the organization
with the running rate of operating expenses. We have made significant strides in balancing our budget, and it is expected that the
changes made to-date and planned for the year 2007 will result in financial stability and longevity.

* Programming/Broadcasting expenses include the costs of the production
  of original programming, local station broadcasts, satellite feeds, etc.
            Starboard Media Foundation, Inc. d/b/a Relevant Radio
             Statement of Financial Position -- December 31, 2006

                   Statement of Financial Position
                               Audited (in thousands)
         Cash and Cash Equivalents                                    1,286
         Accounts Receivable                                            894
         Prepaids                                                     1,520
         Licenses, Property and Equipment - Net                      29,602
         Total Assets                                                33,302

Liabilities and Net Deficit
         Accounts Payable                                             2,152
         Notes Payable                                               40,668
         Total Liabilities                                           42,820
                                                                                                    Charlie Woods, Broadcast Technician

         Net Deficit                                                (9,518)

         Total Liabilities and Net Deficit                          33,302

  Statement of Activities and Changes in Net Deficit
     Contributions                                                   12,325
     Sponsorship of Programs                                            768
     Commercial Advertising                                              64
     Investment Income                                                  119
     Miscellaneous                                                      414

         Total Revenue                                               13,690

      Programming/Broadcast Services*                               12,142
      Management & Administration                                    4,438
      Fund Raising                                                   2,692
                                                                                       Joe Tremblay, Director of Mission/Producer of The Drew Mariani ShowTM

      Total Expenses                                                19,272

      Change in Net Deficit                                         (5,582)
                                                                              “Our family went thru a very bad time this past summer... and
                                                                              if I hadn’t had the blessing of Relevant Radio, I feel I would
Net Deficit                                                                   have lost my mind. It was (and still continues to be!) a blessing
      Beginning of Year                                             (3,936)   every day. God bless you all and THANK YOU!”
      End of Year                                                   (9,518)
                                                                              Diane ~ Friendship, WI
T             he Family Continues to Grow...
It is with deepest gratitude to our donors and to the
intercession of Our Lady that we see the remarkable
growth of our 2006 Pledge Drives. The quarterly Pledge
Drives represent a significant portion of our revenue, so
we rely greatly on their success. With the expense of
operating a national radio network and 17 owned-and-
operated stations, the Pledge Drives are to raise a minimum
of 50% of our annual operating budget. Dollars that are
not received through Pledge Drives must be accounted
for through gifts from major benefactors and through the
sale of on-air advertisements and sponsorships. As you
will see in the graph below, the Pledge Drive revenue
stream has steadily increased, which also indicates that
the number of listeners has grown. We know that,
through the gifts of the Holy Spirit, this network continues
to bear great Fruits for the many souls who tune in every
day. Thanks be to God!                                         Veteran journalist Glen Lewerenz showcases one of his many on-air talents

                                           Pledge Drive Results
                            ANNUAL GIVING
                                       January 1, 2006 - December 31, 2006
Relevant Radio®                 Frances Ostrander
                                Janet Perez
                                                                 Memories & Milestones                Sandy Smith
                                                                                                      Katherine Stamm
                                                                 New Eve Technologies, Inc.
                                Tulio Suarez                                                          Robert Stevenson
                                                                 Patrick and Debbie Bakke
                                Anthony Scamardella and                                               Robert Stofer
                                                                 Bill and Joyce Bauer
St. Gabriel Society                Joanne Trainor
                                                                 Donna Behan
                                                                                                      Brent Terry
                                                                                                      Chris Treganowan
Tener Consulting Services LLC                                    Edward Blatz
Tim and Debbie Wiggins          Naples                           Richard Bojan
                                                                                                      Thomas and Elizabeth Waller
                                                                                                      Dr. Donald and Jean Wedgbury
Anonymous (5)                   1660 AM WCNZ                     Rich and Diane Bucek
                                                                                                      Janice Weller
Cornerstone Society             (on-air 5/26/2005)               Jerome and Mary Buch
                                                                                                      Leslie Wolf
                                                                 John and Sharon Challand
Albert L Merkel &                                                                                     Margaret Woods
                                Cornerstone Society              Dennis and Sharon Christenson
                                                                                                      Marie Zajac
  Lynne E Merkel Foundation                                      Robert and Ann Clawson
                                Supervisor of Elections
Roy and Diane Rueb                                               Brett and Julie Cooper
William Hagerty
Chuck and Julie Weber
                                Phillip and Karen Avery
                                Fred and Barbara Goduti          David Cortopassi                     Chicago
                                Mark Masterson                   Cindi Dammann                        820 AM WAIT
Memories & Milestones           Rachel Smolinski                 Nancy Dockendorf
                                                                                                      (on-air 4/21/2003)
                                Mark and Joanne Stahlman         Donna Doherty
Diocese of La Crosse
Legatus - Headquarters          Dr. William and Alison Tycoliz   Margie Escobedo                      St. Gabriel Society
                                Frances Wentges                  Stanley and Nancy Gall               Payson Casters, Inc.
Kevin Beck
                                                                 Jon and Carole Gassett
Martin and Jeannette Browne     Memories & Milestones            Kelly Gorsky
                                                                                                      Jimmie Alford and Maree Bullock
Mary Cade                       Marc and Margaret Heidings                                            Mark and Laurel Balasa
                                                                 Nicholas Grabavoy                    Michael and Katherine Birck
Lawrence and Regina Donato      Mark Murlowski                   Joe and Janet Hantsch                Dale and Suzanne Cooper
Jerome Gracyalny                Stan and Patricia Patten         Reverend Douglas Hauber              Michael and Regina Dougherty
Laura Hemler
                                                                 Marie Heaney                         James Farina
David Orr
Greg Patterson
Joyce Reuter
                                ILLINOIS                         Mark and Kathy Herbers
                                                                 Ellen Holian
                                                                                                      Theresa Gapp
                                                                                                      Craig Johnson
Matt Settle                     Chicago West Suburbs             John and Inara Howard
                                                                 Henry and Judith Hyde
                                                                                                      James and Patricia Johnson
Thomas and Glory Sullivan       930 AM WAUR                      Terry Joens
                                                                                                      Jakub Koeller and Barbara Klapinska
Robert Swisher                  (on-air 8/1/2004)                                                     Lawrence and Cheri Klock
                                                                 Lisa Jost                            Dominic and Allene Mangone
Father Shane Tharp
                                                                 Terrence and Jill Kasper
Daniel and Ofelia Wayne         St. Gabriel Society              Christina Kenkel
                                                                                                      Virginia McCaskey
                                Barbara Neustadt                                                      Eamonn and Sheila McCauley
                                                                 Karen Klaske                         Maria Muszynska
FLORIDA                         Cornerstone Society
                                Tiem Engineering
                                                                 Robert and Adela Koch
                                                                 Kenneth Konetzki
                                                                                                      Michael and Benita Romano
                                                                                                      Robert and Janet Waring
Ft. Myers                       Charles and Janice Anderson      Sophie Kulis
                                                                 Catherine Lavigne
                                                                                                      Michael and Jacqueline Winn
1410 AM WMYR                    Timothy Carlin
                                                                 Leo LeClair                          Cornerstone Society
(on-air 1/1/2005)               Tim and Laura Dominick
                                Guadalupe Espinoza               Paul and Rita Leganski               Agape Foundation
Cornerstone Society             Thomas Glosenger                 Bill Lehman                          Dekalb County Pro Life Assoc.
                                Jeffrey and Carol Hayes          Thomas and Mary Kay Livorsi          Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc.
Virginia Dwyer
                                Gerard and Anne Hinley           F. C. and Marcia Mackenbrock         IBuild Solutions, Inc.
Curtis Hackett
                                George and Mary Jakobik          Michael and Eva Marchese             Midwest Preferred Properties
Don and Pam Haisman
                                Lydia B Korzen                   Joe Marmion                          Motorola Foundation
Annabelle Martin
                                James Kozar                      Margaret Matviuw                     Our Lady of the Wayside Parish
David and Marjory May
                                Reverend Joseph Lutz             Elizabeth Miller                     S & K Plumbing Co.
Joseph and Joyce Pignotti
                                Elizabeth Mazur                  Patricia Netti                       Ronald and Sherrill Albion
Judy Wynekoop
                                Brian and Melissa Muetze         Deacon James and Margaret Newhouse   Catherine Backer
Memories & Milestones           William and Cathy Muetze         Sylvia Novotny                       Forrest and Allisa Bailey
Sheila Barbato                  Cheri Obendorf                   James Oconnor                        John Balmes
Catherine Brooks                Brandi Oman                      Christopher Patz                     Robert Banet
DI Caangay                      Salvador and Susan Rios          William and Theresa Recker           H. Straten Barrettsmith
John and Karen Debitetto        Robert and Claire Rollings       Lorraine Roloff                      Carl and Mary Grace Bator
Brandon and Stepanie Eister     Margaret Sheehan                 Don and Rose Ruettiger               Lee Bell
Linda Flannery                  Mike and Karen Sue Shutty        Libby Runge                          Alfred and Rita Belluomini
James and Veronica Foster                                        Bruce Sabalaskey                     Pammy Bender
                                Steve and Maureen Smolinske
Margarita Gonzalez                                               Connie Sanfilippo                    Robert Bernacchi
                                Christian and Meredith Spesia    George Schramm
Richard and Paula Hellendrand                                                                         Greg and Colleen Bernhard
                                John and Mary Ann Thompson       Mike and Kelly Schroeder
Jack and Karen Kowalczyk                                                                              Dr. John and Teresa Bertolozzi
Thomas and Kelly Mamott         William Tice                     John and Sharon Schultz              Joseph and Sheila Bettinardi
Pam McCarthy                    Jennifer Wileman                 Rollie and Judith Scroggins
Anne McDonough                  Paul and Lori Yousif             Timothy and Janet Sergus
Anthony Meyer                   Thomas Zyck                      Michael and Sandy Smith
820 AM WAIT                      George Jess                         Andrew and Linda Riha               Michael and Patricia Breseman
                                 Gerrit and Martha Terese Jonkhans   Dariusz and Aneta Roszko            John and Lori Brett
Cornerstone Society...cont’d     Jerome Jung                         Benjamin and Linda Ruf              Lenore Briggs
Leslaw Bigos                     Edward and Ursula Kaczynski         William and Mary Ryan               Ryan Browning
Steven Bock                      W. P. and Louise Kauffman           Dr. Don Sanders                     Andrew and Barbara Brozyna
John Bogovic                     Dr. Michael and Mimi Kelly          Ed Sandrick                         Clare Bruun
David Boudreau                   William Kelly                       Bill Satterlee                      Rita Byrns
Brenene Brady                    Robert Kielian                      David Schippers                     Jim Calhoun
David Brennan                    Susan Killian                       Lawrence and Karen Schumacher       Frank and Mabel Callozzo
Andrew and Tere Brinckerhoff     Michael King                        Marguerite Schweisthal              Jim Campbell
Reed and Kathy Callahan          Robert King                         Patricia Shapiro                    Juan and Rosa Linda Campos
Christopher and Millie Carney    Joseph and Nicole Knowlton          Robert and Cecily Shudy             Ralph and Susan Carlson
Tom Carter                       Vincent and Patricia Kolber         Mary Siqueira                       Louise Carr
Lee Clementi                     David and Karen Koller              Pamela Smith                        Therese Carroll
Michael and Kathleen Collins     John Kotarba                        Mariola Sokol-Makos                 Josephine Caruso
Reverend Alfred Corbo            Harry and Julie Kraemer             Edward Sowin                        Aurora Castello
Brian and Eileen Couri           Joseph and Donna Kurcz              Michael Sowinski                    Carolyn Cenko
Father Richard Crawford          Mary Kurkowski                      Jane Sullivan                       Robert and Beth Cerrado
Timothy Crouch                   Francis and Joanne Lake             Patricia Tabor                      Christopher Chambers
Sophia Dabrowski                 Mark and Therese Landstrom          Eva Tirpak                          Peter and Ann Chovanec
Marie Danek                      Henry and Genevieve Lange           Hugh and Maureen Toner              Gerard Christianson
Arthur and Nancy Daumke          Mr. and Mrs. Michael LeRoy          Tony and Pat Towey                  Carole Clark
Frank Defino                     Stephen and Kathy Leurck            Andres Vera                         Mary Kay Clerihan
Matthew and Laura Dickerson      Irene Lopez Larucci                 Richard and Renata Wacura           Kristine Collins
Cornelius and Susasn Dirkx       Ronald Lundin                       Ken Warpinski                       John and Dawn Compton
Dan and Anne Doheny              Mark and Luann Lytell               Alice Williams-Verhoeven            Laurette Concaildi
Mr. and Mrs. David Dooley        Lon and Hillary Marchel             Robert and Ewa Wojtas               Mary Condel
Lorna Doreza                     Joseph and Mary Massura             Ben and Katharine Wyatt             Thomas Conti
Kurt Drescher                    William and Mary Lou Mastro         Lou Zink                            Lillian Cook
Tom and Kay Duffy                John Mastro                                                             Alice Corcoran
Camille Farhat                   Edward Matuga                       Memories & Milestones               Ann Corty
Donald and Lois Feist            Scott and Susanne Mayer             Chicago Association of              Guadalupe Cotto
Bill and Jean Finn               Mark and Lisa McCormick                Holy Name Societies              Maureen Crane
Michelle Forster                 Kristen McDaniel                    JSES, Inc.                          Kenneth and Jean Crocco
James and Kathleen Fuchsel       Christopher McIntire                St. Peter Church                    Edward and Linda Crockett
Bob and Darlene Galgan           Mike and Nancy McLennand            St. Procopius Abbey                 J. and Marianna Crowley
Zita Gavin                       Ray Mell                            St. Rita Church                     Susan Culjak
Steven and Kathy Gaydos          Leo and Nancy Miklius               William Adams                       Lois Curry
Michael and Mary Georgopulos     Andrew Miller                       Fernando and Rosaria Aguirre        Robert and Joan Czerlanis
Martin and Bernadette Gianotti   Rosemary Miller                     John and Carol Alvarado             Daniel and Anna Daley
Colleen Gibbons                  Jim and Esther Mortensen            James and Mary Anderson             Steven Damolaris
Elizabeth Girdwain               Joseph and Ronda Musuraca           Lydia Arizmendi                     Gianfranco and Giovanna DAmore
David and Lori Girgenti          Nomie and Paula Namie               Bernadette Arviso                   Rob and Mary Daniel
Col. Robert and Wanda Glitz      Guy Napier                          Joe Baldridge                       Sandra Davis
Dennis Glynn                     Father Joseph Noonan                Irena Baleisis                      Dick and Joan Decleene
Vivian Goeb                      Marsha O’Brien                      Leszek and Maggie Ballarin          Madeleine Dedic
Della Gregorski                  Daniel Obudzinski                   John and Rose Balluff               Megan Deichl
Stanley Grochowski               Zina O’Callaghan                    Robert Barkei                       Jeffrey and Amber Delaney
Laura Gundrum                    Peter and Susan O'Connell           Brian and Jennifer Bartley          Maria Delgado
Richard and Christine Guzior     Mark and Amy O’Dell                 Patricia Bartnick                   Monika Demianczuk
Gerard and Therese Haderlein     Ernest and Beverly Ojeda            John Battel                         Colleen Detjen
Julie Haeger                     Steve O’Keefe                       Bret Beane                          Eva Detloff
Ryan and Kathryn Hand            Pauline Olbrisch                    Robert and Annette Bedard           Dr. Donna Dobrowolsky
Jack Handley                     William O’Malley                    John and Charlene Bedrosian         Elizabeth Dolack
Jeanine Handley                  Eric Ondoy                          Kim Berowski                        Cristov and Lisa Dosev
Gregory Hanusiak                 John and Renee ONeil                Anita Besch                         Gerard D'Souza
Walter Harbut                    John and Madonna Orr                Wayne and Jane Bessette             George Duffin
Joseph and Mary Hartl            Greg Osowski                        Danuta Bialecka                     Diane DuMelle
Timothy Heider                   Frank and Karen O’Toole             Angelo Biondo                       Mary Duncan
Rita Hermans                     David Owen                          Marilyn Blair                       Francis Dunn
Anthony Herrmann                 Matthew Paoletti                    Jeanne Bodnar                       Robert Dwyer
Clifford and Joanna Hidalgo      Ann Patterson                       Robert Boller                       Roger Earl
Brian and Mary Higgins           Kathryn Paunicka                    Amy Boone                           Alan and Bette Eberhardt
Owen and Gail Hilding            Mary Pearson                        Brett Borter                        Robert Fanter
Carol Hollar                     Carol Pelke                         Pablo and Elizabeth Bottari-Tower   Barbara Fernandez
Mark Holterman                   Michael Phillips                    Gregory Boyk                        Lorna Ferrell
Mark Hopkinson                   Donna Polanek                       Terry and Stella Boyle
Bruce and Eleanor Ingstrup       Claire Putlack                      Dave and Glenda Braun
Mark Minizzo and Angela Intili   Renee Rafferty                      Donald Brayer
Robert and Michelle Janda
820 AM WAIT                      Brian and Sandra Knabe
                                 Thomas and Marie Knorr
                                                                       Matthew and Laura Nick
                                                                       Gerard and Karen Nickels
                                                                                                         Anna Serbu
                                                                                                         Brad Shorr
Memories & Milestones...cont’d   Joseph Kocan                          Angela Noncek                     Dianne Siekmann
Frederick Fiedler                Jadwiga Komenda                       Bob Noonan                        Jennifer Sipla
Austin and Lora Fox              Joseph Kopinski                       Ember Normand                     Barbara Sirovatka
Lauretta Froelich                Bonnie Kottke                         Stuart and Branka Nyberg          Howard E. Smith
Stephen Frost                    Karla Kraemer                         Renee O’Brien                     Joseph and Stephanie Smolucha
Michael and Lyn Fuller           Dr. Helen Kraus                       Maureen O'Connor                  Stanley Smudde
Lynn Galloway                    Thomas and Patricia Krzak             Patricia Ohle                     Wayne and Florence Sorensen
Edgar and Kelly Garner           Andre and Ewa Kulaga                  Jeffery Ohner                     Jaime Mendez and Adlin Sosa
Adeline Garvy                    Mary-Louise Kurey                     Charlie and Ellen Olson           Anthony Spalla
Frank S. and Carol Gattolin      Kristin Lambrecht                     Michael and Joan O’Malley         Stephen and Annette Spencer
Michael Geiger                   Brenda Lane                           Richard and Mary Ellen O’Rourke   Douglas and Loretta Spesia
Frank and Jean Geister           Carl Laudando                         Leonard Pacer                     Gary St. Pierre
David and Barbara Gewalt         Arthur and Evelyn Lawrence            Rosemary Padula                   Art and Diana Stadtler
Lou Gillette                     Geoffrey and Marva Layne              Robert and Jean Palasz            Kimberly Stahura
George Gion                      Robert and Lois Leah                  Henryka Park                      Arnold Stanger
Vince and Sarah Giovenco         Tom Lemond                            Tom and Tay Parpan                Frank Starshak
Dave and Shirley Glaser          Lance Lencioni                        Patricia Paulmeyer                Richard Staszak
Mauro and Pearl Glorioso         Nicholas and Elizabeth Leonard        Daniel Pavletic                   Jennifer Stearns
Susan Glowa                      Pete LeTourneau                       Andrew Pavlis                     Thad Stewart
Richard Gnegy                    Mary Kay Lightner                     Richard Payne                     Robert Steyer
Helen Gordon                     Patricia Littva                       Mary Pellizzari                   Michael Strezo
Gary and Diane Grabowski         Catherine Lucey                       Richard and Vicki Peloquin        Father Robert Stuglik
Gerald and Gail Grosskurth       David and Ellen Lucke                 Raymond and Marion Peregoy        Piotr and Christine Szatko
Peggy Guernsey                   Sharon Lynch                          Gordon Perry                      Virigina Taglia
Antonio Guillen                  Pawel Macior                          Randall and Janet Peters          Ann Tanabe
Michael Gurgone                  James and Teresa Maday                Mark and Barb Peterson            Jerry Tarpey
Patrick Haas                     David and Kristen Mahoney             Mike and Beatrice Petrielli       Robert and Janice Tate
Victor and Mary Habisohn         Henry and Barbara Majcher             Maggie Phillips                   Randall and Peg Tavierne
Kandy Hagge                      Father Edwardo Malagon                Mike and Linda Pieper             James Taylor
Sandra Halick                    Alfons and Gayl Marchand              Mary Alice Pittler                Gino and Pierina Testolin
Marianne Halvorson               Grace Marek                           Fran Plante                       Rose Therriault
Marilyn Hamilton                 Patricia Marks                        Nick and Andrea Polizzi           Urban and Anne Thobe
Geoffrey Hammond                 Dr. John Marsala                      Robert and Lisa Polizzi           Steve and Mary Virginia Thomas
Thomas and Charlotte Hanley      John Martin                           Mark Pool                         Joe and Sava Tirabassi
Gertrude Hanrahan                Dr. Daniel and Maria Luisa Martinez   Sarah Porfilio                    Dolores Trefelner
Laurence and Kathleen Hansen     Julio and Sureia Martinez             Helen Powell                      James Trosky
Mary Haseltine                   Vidal and Maria Martinez              Rita Powers                       Brian Truckenbrod
Darin and Mellissa Hauer         Stas and Mary Therese Maslanka        Frances Prell                     David and Line' Tutwiler
Raymond and Lorri Hauser         Mark Materna                          Michael and Carol Priesbe         Tom and Dana Udovich
Linell Hendrick                  Father Edward Maxa                    Delores Puschautz                 Edward and Mary Ulrich
Barbara Heric                    Robert Maxwell                        Martha Racich                     Maryanne Vandenbergh
Margaret Herman                  Barbara McArthur                      Richard and Bernadette Raffin     Michael and Susan Vaoaik
Kevin and Heidi Horcher          Kay McCurdy                           Eduardo and Lolita Ranchero       Lisa Vogel
John and Kathy Hubeny            Milghen McMahan                       Patrick Reardon                   Dan Volk
John Hyneman                     Daniel McSweeney                      Lisa Reed                         Melissa Wachowiak
John and Amy Iwanski             Christopher and Letty Medina          Robert and Mary Rehak             Krzysztof Wais
Zigmunt Jablonski                Patrick Meeneghan                     Gilbert and Alicia Restrepo       Brian and Virginia Walden
Tom Jacobs                       Margarita Melendez                    Martin and Rene Reynolds          Michael and Diane Wall
Thomas and Suzanne James         Janet Mendoza                         Lawrence and Candace Richardson   Doniece Walton
Katherine Janega                 Eileen Meyering                       Michael and Kathleen Roberts      Jesse Warchal
Kay Jansen                       Bob and Sheila Michalak               Carlos Rodriguez                  Gerald and Theresa Weakley
Dr. Gregory Jansyn               Matthew and Susan Mickle              Mark Roeckell                     Kenneth and Marilyn Webb
Irene Jasulaitis                 Dr. Catherine Miller                  Richard and Rebecca Roller        Yonne Weber
Felicisimo Javier                Mr. and Mrs. Philip Minarik           Michael and Therese Romano        Karen Weinewuth
Timothy Johnson                  Judith Mizgalski                      Nancy Ross                        John and Kathleen Whalen
Michael Jones                    Vito Modica                           Anthony and Marie Rossi           Ron Wielgos
Robert and Mary Ann Kaminski     Don and Rosemary Moenssen             James Rudnicki                    Thomas and Evelyn Williams
Dr. Barbara Kasprow              Donald and Nancy Moore                Dominic and Caron Russo           Tom Witt
Timothy and Mary Lou Kavanaugh   Judy Moore                            Bill Ryan                         Catherine Zarzombek
Barbara Kearns                   Mark and Elizabeth Moore              Lisa Rylatt                       Ned Zerwic
Thomas and Janet Keck            Robert and Gail Moran                 Kathleen Salk                     Joan Ziebart
Thomas and Christine Kelecius    Rhonda Morkes                         David Sauseda                     Janet Ziegler
Robert and Sarah Kelly           Tadeusz Moskal                        Rick Savaiano                     Claire Zieman
Gerard and Heide Kenny           Kathleen Murphey                      Chuck Schaefer
James and Jennifer Kenny         Mary Murray                           Laura Schiller
Jenny Kim                        Joe Murrell                           Patricia A. Schmidt
Kathleen Kinahan                 Magi Nafranowicz                      Elizabeth Schupp
Michael and Kim Kipp             William and Rita Nash                 Al and Ann Marie Schwartz
Mary Kirin                       Peggy Newhouse                        Stephen Seibert
Michael and Penny Klestinski
INDIANA                                Gerald Bender
                                       Jessica Bloedow
                                                                          Mike and Colleen Osgar
                                                                          Dave and Joanne Pilon
                                                                                                           John and Elisa Campbell
                                                                                                           Stephen Carlson
NW Indiana                             Deacon Richard and Cheryl Broich
                                       Robert Bulfer
                                                                          Jeff and Susan Pitman
                                                                          Michael and Laurie Pohlen
                                                                                                           Allen Caron
                                                                                                           Chad Caron
1270 AM WWCA                           Thomas and Carolyn Burns           Sharyl Prom                      Debra Case
(on-air 5/3/2003)                      Stephen and Joanne Carter          David and Kathryn Rennie         Larry and Teresa Case
Cornerstone Society                    John and Marilyn Craig             Kent Roberts                     Madonna Cates
                                       Patricia Determan                  Steve and Kayla Rokosz           Leonard and Cornelia Chandler
Philip and Karrie Coduti
                                       Charles and Ursula Dimler          Bill Roth                        Helen Christ
Dave and Katy DeSchepper
                                       Brad and Libby Dupont              James Rougier                    Chad and Theresa Chryst
Thomas Jenks
                                       Mary Eisman                        Paul Savaryn                     John and Kathy Cleveland
Scott and Carolyn Klika
                                       Billy and Amy Ellis                Scott and Jennifer Saxe          Kathleen Columbus
Kathleen Maggio
                                       Mike and Susan Fannon              Michael and Ellen Sayer          Billie Conlon
Joseph and Natalie Santucci
                                       Gregg and Tiffany Farnam           Robert and Mary Jane Schiferli   Bill Cosgrove
Sharon Staley
                                       Scott Fischer                      John and Dawn Schmitz            Michael and Kerri Cruser
Memories & Milestones                  Jeanne Fraher                      Dan Schmitz                      William and Juli Currie
Our Lady of Consolation                David and Judith Frosch            Roy and Cynthia Schneider        Don and Jane Czerwonka
Charles Ashford                        Larry and Beth Frye                Ronald and Maurita Schuler       Mike Dady
Debra Bailey                           Dr. Tim and Jennifer Garvey        Dan and Kathy Sonnek             Dave and Paula Daggett
Glenn Berry                            Daniel and Melissa Gleason         Tom and Lesa Spaeth              Mary Deeds
David and Jane Daley                   Ed and Kathy Gorman                Mark and Georgette Steeves       Loretta Dittrich
Gerald and Sharon Duracz               Philip Grisez                      Janice Sweere                    Angela Dosdall
Emily Duttlinger                       Mark and Julie Gubash              Louis and Patricia Tinucci       Reverend Mark Dosh
Kyle and Anne Dybing                   Rita Hanson                        Donald and Dolores Traxler       Clement and Marilyn Dove
Mary Ellis                             Mark and Mimi Hapka                Tim Treiber                      Ellen Drasin
John and Jean Jessen                   Thomas and Catherine Harrington    Craig Tupy                       Michael and Mary Duncan
Carol Kristl                           Richard Hatcher and                Charles Van Heel                 Bernadette Dutke
Jerome and Jeanette Marter                Eva Cheney-Hatcher              Joseph and Mary Van Oss          Alan and Mary Egging
Rita Meinhardt                         Curtis and Gail Heldt              Daniel and Roberta Vaughan       Arlene Englert
Frank and Helen Pukoszek               Helen Henak                        Nancy Villwock                   Aba Entsiwah-Parker
Harold and Lucille Rueth               Mike and Julie Hogan               Robert and Lois Ward             Tim White and Constance Erdmann
Nancy Sears                            Douglas and Mary Holt              Scott Warmka                     Eric and Diane Evander
Michael and Kelly Sullivan             Bart and Jodi Ikens                Robert Western                   Don and Katherine Fiedler
Joseph and Venus Tschida               Doug and Terry Jackson             Ellroy and Jean Wildhaber        Sheila Fitzgerald
Elizabeth Varela                       Nestor and Laurie Jaramillo        Aloys and Mary Willenbring       Michael and Candace Forchay
Tom Yogan                              Mark and Vicki Joerger             Dr. Richard Williams             Dwight Ganje
                                       Sandra Johnson                     Ryan Wilson                      Daniel and Patricia Gawarecki

                                       Gerald and Mary Jane Joseph        Jonathan and Kalley Yanta        Jerry Geib
                                       Michael Justen                     Robert and Barb York             Tiffany Gerken

Twin Cities                            David May and Mary Kalscheur-May
                                       Cheryl Kane
                                                                                                           Michael and Georgeane Glasgow
                                                                                                           Phillip Goebel
1330 AM WLOL                           Steve and Jean Klisch              Memories & Milestones            Luci Gouin
(on-air 5/4/2004)                      Dan Koch                           Awintech, Inc.                   James Gramke
                                       Emery and Karen Koenig             Center for Bio-Ethical Reform    Ross Gronfield
St. Gabriel Society                    Dr. Steve and Debbie Koop          Cervenka Masonry, Inc.           Randy and Barb Gruber
Diversified Laboratory Testing LLC     Peter and Debra Krych              Kopp Family Foundation           Edward and Marsha Hamil
Paul Beskar                            Stewart and Kathy Laird            Microsoft Corporation            Mike and Lisa Hazzard
Warren and Theresa Christianson        Marion Linman                      St. Maximilian Catholic Book     Tim Heeren
John and Clara Dolan                   Philip Mahowald                       and Gift Store                James and Nancy Hermes
Dr. David and Barbara Dries            Audrey Manka                       Greg Adelman                     Chris and Kristine Hintgen
John and Jennifer Feltl                Tim and Dana Masek                 Leslie Ahlers                    Joan Hlas
Dennis and Marybeth Gaetano            Jan Marie McCabe                   David and Sharon Altman          Larry Hobbs
Mr. and Mrs. David Geraty              Ed McCallum                        Charles Anderson                 Keith and Maxine Hogan
Patrick and Ann Kirsch                 Joseph and Joann McCullough        Jeff Annala                      Brian and Mary Lou Holt
Deacon Ralph and Dr. Louise L'Allier   Ryan McDonald                      Lon and Geny Augdahl             Ginger Hope
Gary and Holly Martini                 Cynthia McGrath                    John and Jean Bakos              Bob and Martha Houck
Robert and Danelle McLeod              James and Jennie McQuillan         Charles and Paula Barry          Carol Jackson
Thomas and Barbara McLeod              Robert and Lorraine Melcher        James and Virginia Benyon        Roger and Mary Jackson
Deacon James and Chris Meyer           Mark and Ginny Metzger             Steve and Judy Bloedow           John and Bethany Jacobson
Mark and Cindy Pikula                  Evelyn Mikolai                     Timothy and Ruth Borell          Duane N. Jagiello
Paul Sokhor                            Christopher and Mary Miller        Tom and Connie Botz              Beatrice Jamison
Marc and Wendy Terris                  Richard and Anne Miller            Dan and Cassie Bruski            Monsignor Werner Janssen
Dr. Jeff and Nancy Twidwell            Alejandro Montoya                  Robert and Joyce Bryce           Martha Jesmer
                                       Robert and Leah Moore              Jeffrey and Jean Burns           Karen Johnson
Cornerstone Society                    Nicholas Nelson                    Andrew Busam                     Ralph Jones
Catholic Community Foundation          Nick Nelson                        David and Gail Busch             Gregory and Julie Juba
Paradigm Solutions, Inc.               Gayle Newton                       Kevin and Susan Bushey           Steve and Deb Jung
Remote Technology, Inc.                Daniel and Laurie O'Keefe          Chad Byersdorfer
Peter and Karen Aubart                 Dr. Tom and Mary Ann Okner         Jim and Norma Cahill
Mary Axel
1330 AM WLOL                      Paul and Arlyss Onken            Daniel and Carol Weiler                 Burton and Barbara Bartley
                                  Rino and Helena Orlandi          Tom Welle                               Sheila Bosworth
Memories & Milestones...cont’d    Martha Otto-Honer                Steven and Michelle Westrich            Steve and Kathy Coonan
Duane and Debra Kaczmarek         Robert and Rita Peichel          Michael and Arlene Whalen               Dr. John Costanzi
Jon Kainz                         Michael and Christi Pellegrene   Dr. Bill and Roberta Wheeler
Janice Keeler                                                                                              Dr. Christopher and Linda Dehan
                                  Rose Marie Pelzel                Mark and Mary Anita Whims               Randall Delgado
Thomas Kelleher                   Jim Peterson                     Ken Widstrom
Anne Keller                                                                                                Dr. Roger and Dr. Celie Harden
                                  Ralph and Lynn Pierre            Dr. Paul and Christi Williams
Joseph Kelly                                                                                               Criston and Diane Klotz
                                  Darlene Plante                   Phylis Wills
Paula Kelly                                                                                                Sammy and Lisa Lerma
                                  Joan Prairie                     Father Thomas Wilson
Andrew and Annmarie Kirsch        Paul Price                                                               Dr. Shaun and Olga Maloney
                                                                   Richard Wing
Bill and Linda Klatt              Stanley and Edna Przezdziecki    Deacon Thomas and Lynn Winninger        Michael and Karen May
Barbara Kletschka                 Richard Racine                   James and Nicole Witters                Paul and Lori Mazzurana
Edward and Suzanne Kocourek       Rick Raciti                      Bill and Loretta Wold                   Richard and Loretta McClory
Susan Kosel                       Ray Rainer                       Scott and Kathy Wosje                   Joan Mills
Collette F Koskinen               Daniel and Sara Rasinski         Andrew Wowchak                          Chad and Kathy Myers
Gary and Debbie Krautbauer        Robert Regan                     William and Elaine Zbaracki             Vivian Wilson
Ken and Charlene Krepel           Kathleen Rein                    George and Susan Zirnhelt               Blane Zeiler
Carol Krystosek                   Melanie Rettie
David and Kristi Landis           James and Catherine Robin
                                                                                                           Memories & Milestones
Stephanie Landsem                 Austin Rockcastle
Frank and Elaine Lang             Richard Roskowiak                                                        Loretta Mudd Mosher LP #1
Richard and Julie Langer
David Larson
                                  Pat Ross
                                  Luis and Linda Rubi
                                                                   Pittsburgh                              Sherrie Anderson
                                                                                                           David and Elizabeth Babin
Dianne Lascotte                   Andrew and Carol Rusinko         1590 AM WZUM                            Craig and Colleen Bennett
Steve and Margaret Laudenbach     Edward and Mary Ryan             (on-air 3/1/2003)                       Steve and Laura Beuerlein
David and Beth Lauzon             Rusty Rybolt
Dan and Patricia Lavin            Kevin Rymanowski
                                                                   Cornerstone Society                     Peter and Debra Bisson
Charles and Mary Lawerence                                         Gerald Bliss                            Maureen Bourgeois
                                  James Sarych
James Lennon                      Theresa Schlosser                Dr. Scott Patterson                     Vincent and Mary Jane Boyle
John and Bette Litchy             Mary Schubert                    James Rossetti                          Lisa Bradley
Nancy Logering                    Robert and Barbara Schultz       Marc Verrico                            Rod and Karen Campbell
Bryan and Carla Lomax             Robert Seifert                   Memories & Milestones                   Stephen Campos
Thomas and Leslie Lynn            Heather Sellors                                                          Jo Creath
Mary Lou Machart                                                   Lawrence Adams
                                  Sue Sendelbach                   Joseph and Barbara Balestreire          Rodger and Eileen Dalston
Gregory and Emily Mailand         James and Gloria Senft
Irene Mangan                                                       Thomas and Margaret Fierle              Lawrence Daniel
                                  Elizabeth Shaw                   Jeannie French                          Stanislawa Demkowicz
Mary Manning                      Andrew Shim
Megan Marshall                                                     Thom and Gitthaline Gagne               Ann Marie DeVooght
                                  Genevieve Shubitz                Teresa Gery
Elizabeth Martin-Hinton           Arlene Sieve                                                             Wayne and Lea E. Douglas
Janice Mason                                                       Richard Hetland
                                  Tom and Lee Ann Silver                                                   Bill and Linda Eckert
Joseph McCormick                                                   Terese Keddie
                                  Reverend Michael Skluzacek                                               Edward and Marilyn Finnegan
Dan and Margaret McDonald                                          Maryanne Linkes
                                  Brian Smith                      Andrew Lucas                            Donna Fritz
Bridget McGill                    Sharon Soderlund                                                         Father James Harris
Lawrence and Andrea McGough                                        Robert and Lisa Mitchell
                                  Thomas and Michele Spencer       Helen Sandor                            Charles and Marchelia Hart
Dave and JoAnne McLaughlin        Robert and Sharon Spinharney
Jason and Ann Mead                                                 Reverend William Scholz                 Jimmy Hinojosa
                                  Jay Steele                       Michael Simpson                         Connie Jiminez
Jason Mergenthal                  Greg and Michelle Stoltman
Mark and Denise Meuer                                              Marguerite Zukowski                     Adriana Johnson
                                  Rita Suek
Thomas Michaud                    Sol and Heather Sukut                                                    Jerome and Terry Johnson
Dale and Beverly Miller
Francesmary Modugno
                                  Carol Swanson
                                  Donald and Mary Tadich
                                                                   TEXAS                                   Will and Judith Kemper
                                                                                                           Steven Kienlen
Gretchen Monette
Vanyo and Ann Moody
                                  Gretchen Thibault                Austin                                  Peggy Lee

Deacon Terry Moravec
                                  Mary Thiner                      970 AM KIXL                             Steven and Julie Lynk
                                  Sandra Thompson                                                          George and Patti Mehaffey
Maximo Morgan                                                      (on-air 1/23/2006)
                                  Kenneth and Linda Timmerman                                              Judy Messer
Dr. James and Patricia Moriarty   Dorothy Timmons                  St. Gabriel Society                     Lorri Michel
Edward and Marcia Morrissey       David and Kim Tompos             Diocese of Austin                       Rick and Loretta Moser
James and Nancy Mostek            Marjorie Tushaus                 John G. & Marie Stella Kenedy           Charles and Cecilia Muela
Tim and Anne Murphy               Mark Ungs                          Memorial Foundation, Inc.
Marguerite Myszka                 John and Evon U'Ren                                                      Keith and Sherry Neuendorff
                                                                   Media for the Holy Family Foundation
Joe Neaton                        Jonathan Virnig                                                          William and Margaret Parrish
                                                                   Dr. J. A. Pepe and Catherine Martinez
Chris Nei                         Patrick and April Vogel                                                  Deacon John Peca
                                                                   Asa Whitehead
Eldred and Marlene Neu            Darlene Vohnoutka                                                        Andrew and Jill Potemski
Gale and Cathleen Nordling        Daniel and Rosemary Vos          Cornerstone Society                     George and Paula Pratte
Craig Novak                       Father William Vouk              Anchor Ventana Glass
Paul and Karen Novara                                                                                      Maria Rocha
                                  Steve Waddell                    Emmaus Catholic Church
David Obermiller                  Chuck and Denise Waletzko        HVAC, Inc.
Karen Obilade                     Steve and Colleen Ward           Knights of Columbus #8156
Robert Olson
970 AM KIXL                        John and Robin Cavil                Memories & Milestones                 Michele Nevins
                                   Dr. Gregory and Patricia Cooley     Fox Valley Metal Tech, Inc.           Fred Newcombe
Memories & Milestones...cont’d     Lawerence and Anna DeCoster
Joseph and Veronica Rodriguez                                          Jossart Brothers, Inc.                Debbie Niesen
                                   Tim and Ann Emenecker
Marcia Rohrer                                                          Nicolet National Bank                 Gary and Roxanne Nimmer
                                   Dr. James and Pamela Hamman
Bertha Salinas                                                         Wisconsin Council of Catholic Women   Joseph Novitski
                                   Robert and Josie Kanzenbach
John and Charlotte Sharp           Elaine LeDuc                        Mark and Kellie Ahonen                Gerald Nowak
                                   Donald and Darlene Long             James Aldrich                         Tim and Mary OBrien
Donna Rae Steele
                                   Ron Muellenbach                     Dan and Geri Angiulli                 Colon and Sally Pendergast
Richard and Suzuna Stone
                                   William and Natalie Raaths          Mark and Margaret Anshus              Emily Pogue
Larry and Mary Taylor
                                   Charles and Rochelle Szews          Shirley Ardell                        Michael and Carol Quinn
Stephen M. Tomasko, Jr.
                                   Marianne VanDrisse                  Isabelle Belinske                     Yvonne Renkas
Dieu and Alyson Vandinh
                                   Tom and Ann Vorpahl                 Ivan Berg                             Kevin and Lisa Revolinski
Laura Wolbrueck                    Dr. James and Virginia Winston      Gregory and Peggy Blank               Robert and Cathy Riordan
Mary Worley                                                            Kay Braun                             William and Martha Sacksteder
                                  Cornerstone Society                  John and Jennifer Budde               Roman and Virginia Salm
WISCONSIN                         Koss Industrial                      Roger Burmeister
                                                                       Ed and Bertha Cavil
                                                                                                             John and Nancy Schmidt
                                                                                                             Taylor and Katie Schmidt
                                  Optima Associates, Inc.
Eau Claire                        Thrivent Financial For Lutherans     Joseph and Louise Chervenka           Sara Schmitz
1050 AM WDVM                      James and Laurie Albers              James and Gail Cummings               Leslee Schneider
(on-air 1/1/2001)                 Ryan and Cindi Auth                  Lloyd and Patti Degroot               Bob Schommer
                                  James and Barbara Ball               Eric and Anne Dellamater              Dr. John P. Schumacher
Cornerstone Society               Dr. Matthew and Stephanie Bettag     Jeff and Connie DeMeuse               Father Paul Schumacher
Corinne Berg                      Mary Blohowiak                       Barbara Depies                        Marvin Schuster
Karen Dolan                       Nick and Kelly Breidenbach           Dennis and Jennifer Dercks            Ronald Sedlacek
Dennis and Janet Fox                                                   Michael and Barbara Dercks            Father Charles Shebuski
                                  Michael Bria
Thomas Giles                                                           Reverend Anthony Dolski
                                  Michael and Elaine Broderick                                               Kim Simons
Lee and Lisa Reynebeau
                                  William and Norma Calawerts          Alex and Cindy Draghicchio            David and Amy Sitter
James and Theresa Ruff
                                  Dr. David and Irene DeGrave          Joseph and Julie Draves               Bernard and Karen Skaletski
Don and Kathleen Scharlau
John and Christina Scharlau       Rose Marie Derks                     David and Chris Dreger                Patrick and Mary Timm
Paul and Jane Stark               Jeffrey and Celia Engel              Dennis and Lynda Dvorachek            Andrew and Maxine VandeHey
Charles and Rebecca Thurner       Mark Fischer                         Bob and Robin Elfe                    David Vanden Heuvel
Dr. David and Patricia Usher      Jud and Mary Fowler                  Dave and Nancy Ellefson               Ron and Kelly Vanden Heuvel
Dr. David and Susan VandeLoo      Fran Frigo                           James and Theresa Falk                Peter VanderZanden
Dr. Timothy and Jane Wengert      Larry and Penny Gorniak              Rob and Kim Franda                    Dr. Francis and Josephine VanLieshout
                                  John and Marguerite Hipwell          Francis and Gail Gajdostik            Dr. Donald and Mary Wackwitz
Memories & Milestones                                                  Dr. James Gapinski                    Peter and Janice Warden
                                  William and Cynthia Hoban
Matthew Amundson                                                       Dr. Mark and Margaret Gardon          Bob and Christal Wavrunek
                                  Vonda Jossart
Edward and Margaret Baeten
                                  Helen Kornaus                        Matthew and Michelle Greely           Tim and Camille Welch
Eric and Sonia Buntz
                                  Mark and Laura Letter                Bill and Joanne Griesbach             Jerome and Mary Weslow
Tom and Nan Falbo
                                  Thomas and Eileen Mader              Gladys Hansen                         John and Donna West
Prof. William Haag
Darrell Kademen                   Ron Matuszewski                      Rick and Andrea Hearden               Robert and Rae Wetzel
Marek and Dorota Kaminski         Reverend Alfred McBride, O. Praem.   Annette Heck                          Rose Mary Wilhelm
Carol Mastej                      Andrew and Carrie Mihalski           Mark and Chris Hibbs                  Josephine Williams
Russ Nelson                       Richard and Diane Mihalski           Steven and Brenda Hirt                Gregory and Cindy Winiecki
Dr. Robert and Deborah Ridenour   Daniel Natali                        Deacon Richard and Anne Hocking       Tom Wolf
Kenneth and Louise Rogers         Peter J. Novotny                     Jeanette Jakubowski                   Steven and Pamela Zagar
Sherry Schlosser                  Jeff and Christina Pallini           Barbara Kamprath-Radtke               Linda Zegers
James and Wendy Sell              Joseph and Bonnie Pankratz           Conrad and Ann Kieltyka
Stan and Joanna Setla             Steve and Cindy Parent               Gary and Sally Kimps
Veronica Sigurdson                Ken Pigsley                          Stan and Lori Klosiewski
Pat and Pam Styer                 David and Kathleen Pozniak           Jeff and Keysha Koga                  La Crosse
Green Bay                         Jeffrey and Mary Prickette
                                  Don and Sandy Renard
                                                                       David Kubisch
                                                                       Bob Le Meiux
                                                                                                             1570 AM WKBH
                                                                                                             (on-air 1/3/2003)
1050 AM WJOK                      Thomas Schuh                         Tom and Nancy Lewandowski
(on-air 11/26/2000)               Steve and Gabriela Sitter            Jerry Mader                           St. Gabriel Society
                                                                       Gabriel and Marion Maentz             Hansen Family Foundation, Inc.
St. Gabriel Society               James Sorenson
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                                  Donald and Shirley Stanek            Deacon Dennis Majewski
Mercy Works Foundation
                                  Richard and Denise Stoker            Sharon McConnell
Rev. Richard Gilsdorf Estate
                                                                       Thomas and Mary Beth Meehl
                                                                                                             Cornerstone Society
Michael and Mary Ariens           Reverend Milton Suess                                                      Father William Blazewicz
Deacon James Asmuth               Mary Jane Van Sistine                Wayne and Ginger Micksch              Gerald and Dorothy Heberlein
Robert and Sally Atwell           David and Tari VanHoof               William and Bridget Mihalski          Jennifer Kulzer
Errico and Patrizia Auricchio     Don and Rose Warden                  David and Lenore Miller               Jack Miller
Patrick and Joanne Beno           Eugene and Barbara Wellenstein       Robert Mongin                         Robert and Becky Penzkover
Dr. Thomas and Louvain Beno       Elaine Writt                         Todd and Lisa Moore                   Marjorie Reinhart
Dr. Stephen Bullard               Dr. Jeff and Tanya Young             Patrick and Michelle Morris           Samuel Schmirler
1570 AM WKBH                        Memories & Milestones
                                    Helen E. Niesen Revocable Trust
                                                                      Milwaukee                         Dr. Franklin and Dr. Krishna Smith
                                                                                                        Frank and Terrie Stangl
Memories & Milestones               Jane Adams
                                                                      100.1 FM WPJP                     Erik and Heidi Stanton
Richard and Leone Bergeson                                            (on-air 8/22/2003)                Matthew and Christina Strub
Annette Eshelman                    Gary and Louise Arkin
                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Larry Susienka
Raymond and Elizabeth Fritsch       Mary Bailey                       St. Gabriel Society               Steven and Jo Anne Swanson
Dennis and Carol Heyde              Rachel Baker                                                        Tom and Lynne Van Himbergen
                                                                      Divine Mercy Broadcasting
Terrance Hubert                     Kent and Patricia Barlow                                            John and Margaret Walz
                                                                      Father Gene's Help, Inc.
Darrell and Kathy Johnson           Vincent and Susan Bashynski       Dr. Mark and Teresa Bettag        Christopher Wanta
Dane and Kathryn Lamb               Nick Beerntsen                    Brian and Jennifer Collins        Kim Weidmann
Marianne Pittman                    Lyn Benavides                     Michael and Renee Gratz           Jude and Nora Werra
Father Robert Schaller              Patricia Berrafato                Dr. Peter and Yvonne Jahnke       Robert Wisniewski
Jim Shay                            Dr. Kevin and Julia Blau          Dr. Mark and Mary Knabel          John and Amy Yadgir
Joan Stellrecht                     Dorothy Bollant                   Joseph and Elizabeth Senglaub     Anthony and Heather Zimmerman
Brian and Diane Sullivan            Jeffrey and Barbara Brochtrup     Richard and Karen Sonnentag       Richard and Kathleen Zimmerman
                                                                      Dr. Al and Margo Szews
Lake Geneva
                                    Anthony and Kelly Butler
                                    Jerry Cigelske                    Arthur and Mary Ann Wigchers
                                                                                                        Memories & Milestones
1550 AM WZRK                        Thomas and Marcella Claridge      Jim and Debbie Wozniak
                                                                                                        Faust Greenhouse
(on-air 4/3/2003)                   Margaret Cuva                                                       Lumen Christi Catholic Church
                                    Albert and Joan Deans             Cornerstone Society
Cornerstone Society                 David and Mary Beth Doll          Atlas Metal Parts
                                                                                                        Thermet Co, Inc.
                                                                                                        Michael and Kathy Aabram
Donald Hying                        Jerald and Maureen Duhn           Catholic Knights - Headquarters   Peter Auger
Josef and Jennifer Sus              Patrick and Dianne Fettig         Anthony and Linda Adams           Jose Avila
                                                                      Mary Bachowski
Memories & Milestones               James Flad
                                                                      Paula Beine
                                                                                                        Thomas and Amber Balistreri
Thomas and Mary Greenwald           Maureen Frawley                                                     John and Julia Bastin
                                    Randy and Diane Gehring           Elizabeth Boland                  Josef Becker
William and Ruth Neu
                                                                      Gordie and Bernice Boucher
David and Bonnie Obernberger        Jon and Sara Goldstein                                              Thomas Braun
                                                                      Gerald and Marna Boyle
Jeanette ODierno                    Stan and Sondra Gorius                                              Mary Ellen Burrescia
                                                                      Anthony and Andrea Bryant
Peter Oertel                        Rick and Bonnie Gotzion                                             Kim Butcher
                                                                      Elizabeth Cyganiak
Sue Peplinski                       Skip (Leo) and Rosemary Hanson                                      Deacon Robert and Andrea Buth
                                                                      Dotie Diedrich
Jennifer Reesman                    Daniel and Angela Hineline                                          Denise Carroll
                                                                      Mary Dierickx
Donald and Kristen Woehling         Ann Holden                                                          Susan Dansand
                                                                      Joseph and Mary Esser
                                    Helen Karls                                                         Joseph and Mary Kay Dentice
                                                                      Chris and Ann Evanich
Madison                             Casimir Kaul                      Leonard and Francine Felske
                                                                                                        Mary Jane Denton
                                                                                                        James and Laneille Dieringer
1240 AM WHFA                        Reverend Lawrence Kieffer
                                    Rosemary Kuehn
                                                                      Richard and Diane Floryance
                                                                      Chris Gabel                       Gary Dietzen
(on-air 11/25/2001)                                                   Georgene Gazdik                   Thomas and Tamara Donnelly
                                    Kathy Kukawica
                                                                                                        Salvatore and Gayle Dragotta
St. Gabriel Society                 Peter and Kathryn Kurt            Art and Patty Gebhardt
                                                                                                        Harry and Corinne Ebmeier
Landa Cleary Travel Company, Inc.   James and Andrea Larson           Dr. John and Kathryn Goetz
                                                                      Gerardo and Josephine Gonzalez    Mike Erato
Kevin and Dianne Bay                Carole Laustrup                                                     Randy and Tana Everts
Richard and Beth Hellenbrand        Melvin and Priscilla Lewis        Tom and Pamela Goris
                                                                      Tom and Jeanette Gracyalny        Steven and Monica Fieweger
Cornerstone Society                 David and Michelle Mack                                             Edward and Theresa Fons
                                                                      Thomas and Theresa Hayssen
                                    Michael and Joan Mack                                               Gary and Cindy Forston
Dr. Joseph and Carolyn Bellissimo                                     Philip and Barbara Hesselbein
                                    JoAnn Marshall                                                      Robert and Theresa Fox
Patrick and Charlene Bushek                                           Amy Hietala
                                    Kim Neumaier                      Christopher and Barbara Hoar      Patrick and Carol Francis
Patrick Carey
Roger and Nancy Cook                Therese O’Connor                  Kurt and Kathy Kellogg            James and Melinda Francois
William and Teresa Evans            John Philipp                      Gregory and Regina Kennin         Mary Frey
Greg and Jody Greiber               Mercedes Ptak                     James and Linda Krautkramer       Wayne and Darlene Fritz
Anne Haney                          Larry Raab                        Kenneth and Maureen Lawniczak     Daniel and Marybeth Gabler
Jeffrey and June Hausmann           Steven and Melinda Rammer         James and Julie Lenahan           Stephen Gaenslen
Harold and Margaret Joyce           Earl and Rose Rettenmund          Dr. James and Jean Linn           Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ganos
Robert Laux                         Rosemary Reuschlein               Matt and Patty Linn               Leif and Patti Gardner
Theresa Mangold                     John and Shirley Ring             Steve and Ruth McGuire            Kevin and Bridget Gaughan
John and Brenda Meganck             Dana Rooks                        Stephen and Moira McManus         Kenneth Golden
Frank and Tracy Oswald              Susan Schemmel                    Patrick and Mary Sue Mcnamee      Caroline Gould
Deacon Richard and Denise Paine     John Schmitz                      James and Helen Michaletz         Ron and Michele Grall
Kevin and Tracy Roche                                                 Rachel Monfardini                 Patrick and Beth Griffin
                                    Robert and Antonia Seitz
Col. John and Ann Rogan                                               Richard and Lucille Moran         Eugene and Julie Anne Guzniczak
                                    George and Judene Skrum
Stacey Sanders                                                        Father Robert Mueller             Joseph and Betty Hamm
                                    Father Eric Sternberg
Monsignor Delbert Schmelzer                                           Joanne O'Haver                    Gordon and Sarah Hammill
                                    June Stone                        Timothy and Katherine Pomroy
Ellen Schoepp                                                                                           Ann Hayden
Roman and Jean Statz                Jeff and Kim Streeter             Dr. James Rankin                  John and Barbara Hayden
Jim and Barb Tierney                Maria Strmecki                    Mike and Sharon Reichert          Christine Helm
Greg and Ann Wagner                 Craig and Marilynn Uselman        Edward Robb
Michael Wentz                       Debra Wiebelhaus                  Keith Schaetz
Leon and Michelle Wipperfurth       David and Jill Yanke              James and Marion Sember
Eugene and Gail Yellen-Shiring      Paul Zeier                        Michael and Doris Senglaub
100.1 FM WPJP                       Randy and Patti Weix            Memories & Milestones                  Rita Langreck
                                    Bryan Wichmann                  Rural Audiology Services, Inc.         Gregory and Laura Liska
Memories & Milestones...cont’d      Raymond and Karen Wollner
                                                                    Jeffrey and Jodi Arrowood              Michael and Jean Anne Lobner
Thomas and Pam Henke                David Zach
Thomas and Michaeleen Hinca                                         Jeff and Dana Ashbeck                  Edward and Donna Lotzer
                                    Don and Jan Zuern                                                      Casey and Helen Marek
Thomas and Michelle Holtz                                           Rosemary Beever
Gail Huber                                                                                                 Janet McCauley
Louise Huberty                      Wausau                          Gregory Brostowitz
                                                                    William and Fern Casper                William and Cathy Nelson
Douglas Hurth
John and Margaret Iannitello
                                    92.9 FM WYNW                    William and Diane Dombrowski           Richard and Paula Nesbitt
                                    (on-air 4/21/2003)              Tim and Laurie Doyle                   Maxine Peroutka
John Karrels                                                                                               Michael and Ann Marie Reilly
                                                                    Terry Fleming
George and Martha Kersten           St. Gabriel Society             Thomas and Rosie Frank                 Arnie and Kathy Richardson
Thomas Koenings                     Mary Kroupa                                                            Reed and Geri Romens
Scott and JoAnn Kossow                                              Paul Glavin
Dennis and Mary Jo Kowalinski       Cornerstone Society             Kenneth and Ann Glazer                 Louis and Libby Rosandick
                                    James and Mary Draeger          Mark and Nancy Hackel                  Roman and Kay Schaefer
John and Barbara Krings
Thomas and Clare Kuble              Roger and Roberta Elliott       Jack and JoAnn Hackman                 James and Sharon Schmutzer
Patrick LaPointe                    William Heil                    Genevieve Harris                       Wayne and Beverly Sherman
Dr. Mark and Nancy Lawton           Joseph and Iva Lang             Alicia Hohn                            Joseph Somers
Gerald and Victoria Lee             Amy Plier                       Tom and Kathy Huebl                    Raymond and Kathleen Sommers
Juan Lopez                          Mark Schreiner                  Tim and Pamela Huebner                 Chad and Jennel Statz
George Ludwig                       Memories & Milestones           Craig and Lisa Jamison                 Jim and Mary Sterzinger
Rick Lyons                                                                                                 Gerald and Yvonne Susa
                                    Virgil and Judy Arrowood        Steve and Donna Jeske
Bill and Jeanne Machata                                                                                    DuWayne and Shirley Tremmel
Dr. Leonard and Jeannine Machi      Marcia Dalsky                   Chris and Terra Keding
                                    Dale and Judy Garfield          Bernice Keenan                         Jeanne VanErt
Jim and Terri Maciejewski
                                    Peter Gnirk                     Randall Kernen                         Carrie Walz
Jay and Kiara Mack
Richard and Paula Magliocco         Philip Hackel                   Paul and Dawn Klingbeil
Jerry and Mary Beth Mayer           Kevin and Andrea Hagen          Earl Laneri
Dr. Todd and Colleen Miller         Rita Heil
David and Christie Mueller
Barry and Gerry Murre
                                    Kipling and Sheala Hoppe
                                    John Keuler                                 Relevant Radio Affiliates
Michael and Mary Mutza              Roy and Kathy Kocik
Thomas and Rosanne Nosacek          Gary and Patricia Kurtzweil
                                    John Schroedel
Jim and Shari Novak
                                    Allan and Connie Walter
                                                                    St. Gabriel Society
Kevin and Leslie O'Brien                                            92.5 FM KGYS - De Witt, IA               Charles and Joan Burke
Bill OToole
Russell and Kathy Paulin
Jack Kischefsky and Diane Perrone   Wisconsin Rapids                Cornerstone Society
                                                                     97.3 FM KNEH - Helena, MT               Todd Clark
James and Fran Peter                93.9 FM WMMA                     97.3 FM KNEH - Helena, MT               Dr. Thomas and Donna Weiner
Anton Pless                         (on-air 10/2/2002)               98.3 FM KOFK - Bozeman, MT              Holy Rosary Parish
Christine Potter
                                    St. Gabriel Society             103.1 FM KYMJ - Carroll, IA              Judy Feld
Jeffrey Prom
Dr. Michael and Ellen Mary Raster                                   1380 AM WMJR - Lexington, KY             Deacon Mike and Emily Burns
                                    Arnold Steines
Jeffrey and Ann Rauh                                                1380 AM WMJR - Lexington, KY             Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hillenmeyer
Mark Reel                           Cornerstone Society             1380 AM WMJR - Lexington, KY             Diana Ingram
Dan and Colleen Reichert            Joseph Lang Charitable          1380 AM WMJR - Lexington, KY             George Monticello
John and Jane Renz                     Foundation Trust             1380 AM WMJR - Lexington, KY             William and Karen Rood
Terry and Kelly Jo Retzke           Maher Water Corporation
Ed Rivard                           Lee and Pam Alt                 Memories & Milestones
Andrew Salzmann                     Anne Bell                        92.5 FM KXJX - Clinton, IA              Kathleen DeMong
Michael and Debra Schalk            Dr. Gerald and Frances Beyerl    92.5 FM KGYS - De Witt, IA              Father David Brownfield
John Schroeder                      Kyle and Maria Brownell          92.5 FM KGYS - De Witt, IA              Ramon Burke
Andrew and Margherita Schroettner   Colette Dahlke                  102.7 FM KTJT - Davenport, IA            Mother Susan Rueve
Richard and Colleen Schumaker       Linda Egner
                                                                    103.1 FM KYMJ - Carroll, IA              Joan Janning
William and Elizabeth Schumaker     Lawrence Gagas
Mary Schweitzer                     Thomas and Theresa Glavin       103.1 FM KYMJ - Carroll, IA              Leo Lappe
Tom and Dianne Sheehan              Bob and Barbara Groholski       103.1 FM KYMJ - Carroll, IA              Joel Pawletzki
Susan Sheehy                        Agnes Hoffman                   103.1 FM KYMJ - Carroll, IA              Charles Thatcher
Lena Siegert                        Brian and Jean Kaiser           107.9 FM WDTF - Berkeley Springs, WV     Dawn Roper
Stephen and Mary Jo Sievers         James and Jeanette Lang         1090 AM WCAR - Detroit, MI               Maria Kurzeja
Tom and Anne Simonis                Martin and Juanita Malovrh      1090 AM WCAR - Detroit, MI               Sophie Stanczyk
Therese Spielvogel                  Doug and Romona Manning         1380 AM WMJR - Lexington, KY             Betty Beall
Dr. Scott and Cynthia Stillwell     Gary Manning                    1380 AM WMJR - Lexington, KY             Lee and Cathy Rossi
Mary Stoiber                        Sarah Parmeter
                                                                    1380 AM WMJR - Lexington, KY             Ted and Marlene Sauer
Mary Stoiber                        Dr. Michael Schaefer
Marlene Sweet                       Terri Stott                     1380 AM WMJR - Lexington, KY             Rick and Lynne Stephan
Charles and Kelly Thimm             Reverend Norbert Wilger         1380 AM WMJR - Lexington, KY             Rick and Kathy Thompson
Gary Vogel                          Kevin and Mary Wolosek
Patrick and Angela Walters          Father Dennis Worzalla
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