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For the horse !


For the horse !

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									For the horse !
May/JUNE 08

FREE for agisters & riders at Ardis

Taygan Pearce                                              “No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle”

                                                           Winston Churchill

                                      Congratulations to   SILVER HILLS ONE DAY EVENT – 10/11 MAY
                                      Taygan this month    … byTiffany Bolinowsky
                                      who is awarded
                                      ‘Student of the      About three weeks before the Silvers Hills ODE I was
                                      month’.              seriously considering giving riding away – selling Tas
                                                           and Milo and just riding occasionally when I could. I
                                   Taygan has been         had enormous passion for them but finding the time
                                   riding for about a      for them and me was a second place behind my family
                                   year and a half         and the kids and all their activities and needs.
                                   and has come
such a long way in that time. Pictured here riding         I’ve changed my mind.
Bucc, she is soon to venture out beyond Ardis & plans
on attending a jumping clinic with Colleen Brook (a        A couple of things happened that weekend:
report for next month’s newsletter would be nice, hint
hint!!!)                                                   1: I managed to get round without killing myself
                                                           2: My husband came and watched me ride on the
Taygan’s rapid learning has been caused by her                Saturday.
enthusiam & dedication to the sport. She has never
said “can’t”, “won’t” or “too hard” but applies herself    This second point is in fact enormously significant. He
with maturity beyond her years. She is very much in        had never seen me even so much as trot on a horse
line with the Ardis philosophy of learning as much         so his idea of my riding was probably a little “Saddle
about handling horses & care in general as the riding      Club-ish” if you know what I mean – I get to wear cool
side of things.                                            stuff and brush them a lot.


We’d like to take this opportunity to wish the following
people a very Happy Birthday:

03   Jun      Vicki Craig
09   Jun      Caitlin Wall
15   Jun      Nicola Taylor
29   Jun      Ilana Bolinowsky


Lisa & Zoe Cartlidge             Rebekah Skinner
Tess Wiseman                     Eileen McIlwain
Natalie Peden                    Catherine Atkinson                        Tiff & Tas show jumping
Desley Walker
                                                           Paul appeared out of nowhere on Saturday about an
CONGRATULATIONS                                            hour before the Show Jumping with my two youngest
                                                           kids Ilana and Jacob (Georgia had come along with
To Tamsin & Pops for placing 5th in the official 1.4 at    myself and Abigail as the general hand – a job she
HDA and obtaining their first grading points. Tamsin’s     excelled in, happily going off on errands to check
dream is to compete dressage at the top level.             times and details with the event secretary, fetching

  6 Bibbenluke Ave, Duffys Forest M: 0411 623 479 t: 02 9450 0167 E:                  Page 1 of 5
  Postal: PO box 446, Terrey Hills NSW 2084
For the horse !
May/JUNE 08

FREE for agisters & riders at Ardis

sausage sandwiches and plaiting furiously with us on      My family are still and will always be my priority but I
Saturday morning when we realized we probably             also now have an edge as Paul can appreciate how
shouldn’t have gone to the pub in Camden for dinner       much this means to me … and he realized that I can
the previous night instead of preparing for the           actually ride a little bit! I will always be grateful to
Dressage!)                                                Veritas the Super Horse for giving me the opportunity
                                                          to do Silver Hills – he can be a cranky bugger
It of course meant that I HAD to go clear in the Show     sometimes but he is true to his name – (A God from
Jumping (eeek!).                                          Roman Mythology meaning Truth). Tas is a legend
                                                          and he has been the catalyst for all my confidence, so
Tas was outstanding and we did jump clear. I do           Thank You TAS!
think however that I need to maybe put a stronger bit
on him at such events as he had so much fun we all
but galloped out of the arena when we had finished as
he was looking for more jumps to tackle.

Paul said that I should find more time to compete (I
almost fell over – was this my husband?!)


                                                           Tiff/Tas, Abigail/Ande, Tamsin/Pops wait to
                                                           start their cross country at Silver Hills

                                                          BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

                                                          The only reason we don’t go after our dreams is
                                                          because we believe that our abilities are limited. The
                                                          truth is that the ‘belief ceiling’ is only in our
                                                          imagination.   So many people never reach their
              Tiff & Tas cross country
                                                          potential because of beliefs that they are not strong
                                                          enough, smart enough, athletic enough, old enough
Saturday we all walked the Cross Country Course
before they left. Paul said all people that do Cross
Country on a horse are insane. I guess that means
                                                          Napolean Hill said: “Whatever you can conceive and
Ardis Equestrian Centre has lots of crazy people, I
                                                          believe, you can achieve”. Think about it. If you truly
actually find that quite comforting(!)
                                                          believed that you’d succeed at everything you tried,
                                                          what would stop you from ‘going for it’?
The upshot of the weekend was I had a fantastic time.
The journey that you take with yourself is such a
precious thing and I am so very grateful that I have
the opportunity to do that following the path I choose,
rather then the path I am herded into by others. As I
came across the finish line after completing the Cross    When cleaning rugs in a washing machine, tie old tea
Country clear I couldn’t think of giving it up and        towels/chux around the metal fastenings to protect
inevitably joining a gym and doing step classes.          the machine from damage.

  6 Bibbenluke Ave, Duffys Forest M: 0411 623 479 t: 02 9450 0167 E:                 Page 2 of 5
  Postal: PO box 446, Terrey Hills NSW 2084
For the horse !
May/JUNE 08

FREE for agisters & riders at Ardis

                                                            horse; their work must be kept interesting. It is often
                                                            easier/better for the horse for a task to be broken
 Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is         down into smaller units rather than attempted as one.
fighting some kind of battle.                               For example, a better extended trot is achieved not by
                                                            repeated extended trot but by developing correct
                                                            rhythm, balance and engagement through other
GOALS OF CORRECT TRAINING ..                   by Soo
                                                            Horses respond better to positive reinforcement than
Have you ever stopped & asked yourself why you ride;        to punishment. They provide a rider with constant
what would you like to achieve; are you training your       feedback – if you are prepared to be aware! When
horse to the best of your ability; why do you do what       they are pleased with themselves they stick their
you do?                                                     tongue out.      Every position of the ears means
                                                            something: it is well known that ears flattened all the
When training or schooling a horse in dressage, or          way back mean the horse is angry or upset. When
flatwork, we aim to produce a relaxed, athletic,            both of the ears face backward, he is paying full
responsive horse who is happy with his work. With           attention to the rider. Ears forward mean he is paying
progressive training the horse should become                special attention to where he is going. Ears moving
stronger, his impulsion should increase and his level of    back and forth might indicate divided attention and
collection improve, all being achieved through the          perhaps a little nervousness. Floppy ears indicate a
learning of progressively more difficult exercises.         relaxed horse. The tail of the horse also speaks.
                                                            Swishing means either flies are bothering him or he is
One goal riders can forget at times is that we should       irritated by the riders aids. Bucking can mean he is
aspire to make the dressage horse as straight as            irritated, sore or just feeling good about himself.
possible. This simply means that the muscles of the         Tossing his head usually means nervousness.
horse are developed equally on both sides, which in
turn will help the horse engage both hindquarters           Horses tend to do exactly what they are told; riders do
evenly. The basic half halt cannot ‘go through’ if the      not always realise how they are affecting the horse.
horse is not straight. [Don’t forget that a straight        Every part of the rider’s body conveys message to the
horse on a circle has an arc or curve through his spine     horse & likewise the horse provides the rider with a
that matches the arc of the circle]                         constant flow of messages.

A well prepared dressage horse will be recognized, as       If we enjoy riding and love our horses, we are more
a result of the engagement of the hindquarters, by a        likely to provide the needed caresses and rewards that
greater period of suspension at the trot and canter.        will help the horse better understand what we desire.
Suspension is the moment when none of the horse’s
hoofs touch the ground at the trot or at the canter
(there is no period of suspension at the walk).             WEBSITE DONE!

As the horse engages his hindquarter and the front          As you are aware, the website is finally up & running.
becomes lighter, the horse’s head can also fall in the      Details of upcoming clinics, holiday camps etc will be
right frame. You should not sit to the trot if your         available on here a month or so before each event.
horse’s back is hollow as you will cause it to hollow
further. The elevation of the horse’s head should 
correspond to the degree of collection. A snaffle bit is
sufficient to put any horse ‘on the bit’, with double
bridles being used for increased lightness after the        “There is something about the outside of a horse that
horse has been trained using a snaffle bit.                 is good for the inside of a man”

Repitition is the key to learning for the horse, as it is   Winston Churchill
for people. But not needless repetition. Sitting on
endless circles is monotonous and boring for the

  6 Bibbenluke Ave, Duffys Forest M: 0411 623 479 t: 02 9450 0167 E:                 Page 3 of 5
  Postal: PO box 446, Terrey Hills NSW 2084
For the horse !
May/JUNE 08

FREE for agisters & riders at Ardis

                                                           8. Why might you lunge a horse?
Not enough time to ride your horse? Going away?
Schooling available by Soo or Tamsin, $65 & $35 per        9. Before mounting, how do you check if you stirrup
session respectively. Call Soo on 0411 623 479 or             leathers are the right length?
                                                           10. In rising trot, how to you change diagonal?

To advertise here        for   free,   send   email   to   QUIZ CORNER – ANSWERS                                           HOW DID YOU GO LAST MONTH?

                                                           1.   what does the term ‘Horse-sick’ mean? c Sour
QUIZ CORNER                                                     pasture

1. How many different meanings can you come up             2.   What’s the connection between pincers, rasp,
   with for the words:                                          hammer, anvil? They are all farrier tools
     a. Chestnut
     b. Curb                                               3.   What is the earliest age at which thoroughbreds
     c. Cast                                                    race? Two years old
     d. Cheek
                                                           4.   What is the size of a large dressage arena?
2. What animal, bird, fish or flower name is used to            60x20m
     a. A horse with a belly line that slopes up                                  5.   Name the letters around
         sharply from the girth to the stifle                                          the    arena    in order?
     b. Hocks which turn inwards at the points                                         clockwise from A: A K V E
     c. Turned-in toes                                                                 S H C M R B P F (see
     d. Dark spots on a lighter-coloured coat (like                                    picture next page)
                                                                                  6.   How often should you
3. What   is a ‘gall’?                                                                 check your horse/pony’s
    a.    A french breed of pony                                                       teeth? At least once a year
    b.    A head collar
    c.    A sore place                                                            7.   Name 8 different breeds of
    d.    A feed additive                                                              horse/pony? Thoroughbred,
                                                                                       Connemara,    Warmblood,
4. What does EFA stand for?                                                            Australian Stock Horse,
                                                                                       Fresian,       Clydesdale,
5. What are the letters that run down the centre line                                  Percheron, Arab, Quarter
   of a dressage arena?                                                                Horse, Mustang …. + +

6. What are the 3 phases now found in 3 day                                       8. What is ‘roughing off’?
   eventing? (Can you name the 4th that was used                Preparing your horse to be turned out .. ie. cutting
   until recently)                                              down on hard feed, reducing the amount of
7. Name the terms used for:                                9.   What is a false ground line? A pole on the ground
    a. A pony in his first year                                 at a show jump that is placed beyond the take off
    b. A pony in the year after the year of birth               spot
    c. A female pony up to 3 years old
    d. A female over 3 years old                           10. Which is the odd one out? B Hogged (the other 3
    e. A castrated male                                        were types of clip; hogging is removal of the
                                                               horse’s mane)

 6 Bibbenluke Ave, Duffys Forest M: 0411 623 479 t: 02 9450 0167 E:                   Page 4 of 5
 Postal: PO box 446, Terrey Hills NSW 2084
For the horse !
May/JUNE 08

FREE for agisters & riders at Ardis


We are very pleased to announce the arrival of new potential school horses to Ardis:

                                 Thumbelina –            Tom – 16hh 8yr quarter
                                 2½ yr old clydie        horse x clydie. Tom comes
                                 x      percheron        to us from Victoria.     He
                                 filly. “Lina” has       seems a very sweet horse
                                 been          well      but as with so many, has
                                 handled by her          reason to distrust people.
                                 previous owners         He is settling in well, has
                                 but is not yet          given his first lesson (well
                                 broken in.              done Fe) and will hopefully
                                                         soon be in full use.
                                 Colt   –    17
                                 month old. Can
                                 you       help
                                 name him?


01 Jun        HDC                                              15 Jun      SSJC comp
              SSJC training                                    19 Jun      NRC midweek dressage
05 Jun        NRC Thunderbirds                                 21/22 Jun   Wagga ODE
08 Jun        NRC SJ                                           22 Jun      NRC Dressage
09 Jun        NRC clinic with Colleen Brook                    28/29 Jun   Canberra ODE
14/15 Jun     DNSW                                             29 Jun      XC clinic at Hidden Valley (more details
                                                                           on website/coming up page)


NRC = Northside Riding Club         
SIEC = Sydney International Equestrian Centre
WDA = Warringah Dressage Association
CCDA = Central Coast Dressage Association
SSJC = Sydney Show Jump Club ……………………..
HDC = Hawkesbury Dressage Club ………… …….

SJ = Show Jumping  xc = Cross Country         HT = hunter trials    ODE = One Day Event
DNSW = Dressage NSW

If you would prefer not to receive this newsletter & future correspondence please send an email to
with the subject title ‘Unsubscribe

  6 Bibbenluke Ave, Duffys Forest M: 0411 623 479 t: 02 9450 0167 E:                   Page 5 of 5
  Postal: PO box 446, Terrey Hills NSW 2084

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