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There isn’t any reason for you to not eat well in Surfers Paradise. From brunch to dinner there are enough great cafes and restaurants within
the area to keep you satisfied and content. Whatever your particular craving if you stroll for long enough you will find what you – and your
stomach – are looking for. No matter what your appetite or mood there is plenty to keep you full, satisfied and happy.
Spring is one of the best times of year to nosh in Surfers Paradise, the warmer weather heralds an explosion of alfresco eating as the
sidewalks start teeming with diners enjoying the perfect weather. There is nothing quite like emerging late afternoon from the beach, in your
bathers and heading to a great local alfresco restaurant to fill the hole created by a day spent swimming and sunbathing. So in the spirit
of the season we have selected 2 ideal restaurants that perfectly capture the spring mood of perfect days and balmy nights, great food as
well as a sociable atmosphere.

 del Greco                                                                                        Bumbles Cafe
                                                                                                  The word institution often gets thrown around a little
 Ideally placed just up from Surfers Paradise Beach,
                                                                                                  lightly, but in the case of iconic cafe Bumbles it’s
 Del Greco Greek Restaurant is rightfully renowned
                                                                                                  a moniker that fits. Since trail blazing owner Kate
 for not only its delicious and authentic cuisine, but
                                                                                                  Madison – who has been a caffeine dealer and cake
 also the hospitality of owner Nick Psomiadis. Del
                                                                                                  pusher on the Gold Coast for over 21 years, giving
 Greco feels like a Taverna – the term for a restaurant
                                                                                                  the city its first taste of what good coffee and cake
 serving Greek cuisine – on one of the Greek Islands
                                                                                                  should taste like – opened Bumbles back in 2000
 so authentic is its atmosphere – the whitewashed
                                                                                                  she has consistently set the highest standards.
 blue walls and sea air also help a little... Del Greco
 is hard to walk by simply because there are not too                                              The coffee is always great, food beautiful and the
 many other Greek Restaurants on the Gold Coast                                                   location right on the Nerang River at Budds Beach
 offering the superb, fresh Greek menu – showcasing                                               is simply perfect. If the mood takes you and the
 the breadth and diversity in Greek cuisine. It also                                              day is right you can grab your food and coffee and
 helps that it is the perfect place to spend a sunny      Chicken souvlaki                        relocate yourself in the park taking in the view. The
 late afternoon, propping up a table on the pavement                                              only bad thing about eating outside is that the cafe
 sipping on the Greek beer Mythos and watching the                                                itself is such a character filled space – reflecting
 parade of people walk by.                                                                        Kate’s travels with a strong Bohemian flavour, with its
                                                                                                  book and photo lined walls. Add this to the laidback
                                                                                                  vibe - with the right level of buzz- the passionate
                                                                                                  and friendly staff as well as the menu stacked full of
    dolmades – Stuffed vine leaves filled with rice a                                             breakfast in addition to lunch treats and you get the
    great snack or starter to enjoy and very moreish                                              idea on why Bumbles is a home away from home for
    – perfect with a glass of wine.                                                               many of its customers.
    Chicken souvlaki – Perfectly cooked chicken, rice
    and Tzatiki, one of those dishes you can’t go past                                            ReCommended:
    and can never get tired of- quite simply a classic!
                                                                                                     The coffee – Quite simply exquisite – A cup of
    seafood souvlaki - Grilled, fresh caught seafood-                                                goodness and perfection!
    mussels, fish and calamari - lightly seasoned with
                                                          Greek salad                                The Cajun Chicken melts – Wow, perfect chicken,
    salad – a perfect seafood dish.
                                                                                                     fresh Turkish and an amazing sauce - a great
    Greek salad – One of the best examples of the                                                    lunchtime treat.
    classic dish around, the feta was perfect, the
                                                                                                     The Coconut Prawns – Fresh prawns, lightly
    dressing light and the ingredients fresh – the
                                                                                                     battered served with one of the best dipping
    perfect accompaniment to a great meal.
                                                                                                     sauces around.
    While at Del Greco try the Famous Greek Retsina
                                                                                                     The Chocolate nemesis – Chocolate and liquor
    Wine to get in the spirit of things.
                                                                                                     melded together to form a cake that approaches
    also check out the great value lunchtime specials                                                perfection – it’s a slice of sheer decadence that
    for $9.95 for either Greek style Roasted Chicken                                                 your mouth absorbs one pleasure inducing bite
    maryland with Rice or the delicious Greek                                                        after another.
                                                                                                  QuiCk BiTes wiTh kaTe madison:
 QuiCk BiTes wiTh niCk Psomiadis:
                                                                                                  what i love about Bumbles - It’s home! The location,
 Favourite menu item - All of the homemade dips,                                                  the river, the atmosphere, fit out and of course the
                                                             Coconut Prawns
 simply amazing with some fresh pita.                                                             customers, we have a personal relationship with
 why he loves del Greco - Location and the fact that                                              them. I also love the fact that people can be in smart
 it’s now been open for 5 years and that both locals                                              clothes or their swimmers and yet feel completely
 and tourists love it.                                                                            comfortable and welcome – exactly what I set out to
                                                                                                  do when I created the cafe.
 what part of Greece are you from - Athens.
                                                                                                  Favourite menu item - The USA Bacon and Poached
 Favourite cuisine other than Greek - Japanese, it                                                Eggs, the fruit platter is also amazing!
 has the same emphasis on fresh ingredients, light
 seasoning and many small dishes.                                                                 what’s your cuppa - A Short Black.

 del Greco                                                                                        Bumbles Cafe
 a 2 Elkhorn Avenue, Central Surfers Paradise                                                     a 21 River Drive, Budds Beach,
 P 5538 2955                                                                                         Northside Surfers Paradise
                                                                                                  P 5538 6668

                                                            Cajun Chicken Grill

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