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					                                 Volume 5 Issue 3
                                       April 2004

  E Banc Trade Hanoi Launch
E Banc Trader Volume 5 Issue 3
Our mission is to facilitate the
exchange of goods and services in an
environment of fair and equitable
trading to create a feeling of well being
over and above the member’s
expectation                                    Vietnam – The First Step
                                              Vietnam has been an            interesting
• Our prosperity parallels that of our        and illuminating experience.
   community, locally, nationally and
   internationally                            Neil and I have experienced an economy
• Every policy decision is based upon         desperate for economic and social
   the wellbeing of our members               reform, with little hope for either in the   assist this and other such groups to
                                              foreseeable future, unless radical           increase the number of people being
• We endeavor to create a feeling of          policies are introduced. Poverty             helped by arranging markets for their
   wellbeing over and above the               screaming from every street is drowned       products internationally. We will also be
   expectation of licensees, staff and        by a sea of motorcycles, pedestrians         establishing a program in Vietnam
   members                                    and humanity simply trying to survive the    offering interpreting services to Western
• We embrace all cultures, we judge           day, contrasted with the stark reality and   travellers and education/employment
   none                                       obvious presence of pockets of wealth        opportunities for Vietnamese children.
                                              and redevelopment.
• Risk making a wrong decision                                                             Overall the trip was a huge success. The
   quickly rather than no decision at all     Walking through the streets, your senses     opening in Hanoi attracted in excess of
                                              are bombarded with sights, sounds,           450 guests, and E Banc Trade Vietnam
• Licensees are most important to
                                              smells and an incredibly diverse socio-      is moving ahead in strength. We also
   continued growth, as are staff and
                                              economic representation of the people        met many government officials who were
                                              working in and on the streets - from the     supportive of our program and are
• Staff ideas are valued as we                most basic of curb side restaurants          looking forward to a huge expansion of
   continually strive to improve the          preparing and serving meals literally on     our membership growth. Meetings with
   business formula                           the pavement or ground, to a few doors       officials in the Tay Ninh Province proved
                                              along , and a retail outlet equal to any     to us that the issues aren’t just localised
• Dare to be different – think and work       David Jones or Myer Centre in Australia.     but inherent to the Nation as a whole
   faster, smarter and with less              Mechanical repairers servicing and
• One thing that can be promised is           reconditioning motor scooters and all        Discussions were also held with a
   change – it inspires innovation            manner of vehicles flow onto the             business group desirous of obtaining the
                                              pavement and road with the                   Master License for Cambodia.
• Communication engenders trust and           accompanying film of grease and grime.
   loyalty – ring back                                                                     In Ho Chi Minh we were present at a
• If you become emotional in a                We were also privileged to meet people       licensee meeting attending by over 75
   decision, pass it on to someone else       who are actively addressing the needs of     licensees. The obvious belief and
                                              the community at large and have              enthusiasm for our program was heart
OUR VALUES                                    instigated the beginnings of a long-term     warming, as we were welcomed and
                                              program to address the real issues and       subsequently thanked for making this
                                              needs facing the people of Vietnam. One      possible.
Walking our talk, standing in our own
                                              couple, Zoom and Minh-Ha Nguyen,
                                              operating in a voluntary capacity as part    Our program is being heralded as an
COMMUNITY                                     of a church group, are operating in a        integral part of the Economic and Social
Helping and giving        back     to   our   small two storey house providing training    reform for the people of Vietnam. We
community                                     and pseudo employment for victims of         found this to be quite awe inspiring and
EDUCATION                                     polio, agent orange, etc. This amazing       humbling. One could be excused for
Continually educating            ourselves    couple are also assisting the deaf to        thinking that we as a nation have got our
enabling healthy growth                       work towards becoming self sufficient.       priorities all wrong. We are so lucky to
                                              Providing an incredible range of             live as we do here in Australia.
KNOWLEDGE                                     Vietnamese handcrafts including full size
Acquiring knowledge and addressing            hand sewn quilts to hand made                Darryl Frost
the needs of our customers and the
                                              bookmarks, they are also producing
greater community
                                              Toiletry bags for the Hilton Hotel chain.    DISCLAIMER: While every care has been taken in preparing this
RESPECT                                                                                    publication, E Banc Trade Pty Ltd (including its Executive Advisory
                                              These are real people addressing the         Committee, associates and agents) will not accept any responsibility
Respecting each other, our valued             real needs of the Vietnamese people. E       or liability to any person or corporation seeking to rely on any
customers, and the underprivileged            Banc Trade in conjunction with Mr Gary       information, advice or opinion provided in this publication or otherwise
                                                                                           given in any manner by the Executive Advisory Committee,
COMMUNICATION                                 Waters of Integrity Care will be             associates and agents of E Banc Trade Pty Ltd for any loss or
Encouraging open and continual                implementing a marketing strategy to         damage of whatever nature suffered by any such person or
                                                                                           corporation. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any
communication; building trust                                                              manner without the permission of E Banc Trade Pty Ltd

E Banc Trader Volume 5 Issue 3                                                                                                                           Page 2
 In Focus
 ‘Changes to E Rewards’

  Changes to E Rewards

As the extended introductory offer for
E Rewards membership finished on
March 31st, 2004, new E Rewards              Outlook Realty Pty Ltd has a variety of residential, commercial, industrial
membership no longer attract a trade         properties as well as land and businesses for sale.
deposit of $214.50 to the member's
account.     This also applies to the                               Check out the property section at
additional $T214.50 gift that existing                     
members received during this period
when they joined E Rewards. All the
other benefits of E Rewards membership
still apply making the E Rewards                                  INNOVATIVE NEW HOME
programme an excellent opportunity for                                                                                              (ID 468)
members to earn extra cash and trade                                         5 Bedrooms + Study
by introducing new businesses to the                                         2 full bathrooms + ensuite to main
E Banc Trade System.         For a full                                      Entertainer’s patio and inground pool
explanation of conditions and benefits,                                      Spectacular views on Pelican Waters
please       visit    the    website,
                                                                             Currently leased and select the
                                                                             Priced at $1,000,000 ($800,000 cash / $200 000 E Banc Trade)
E Rewards link from the left hand text
                                                          EDUCATIONAL FARM – FREEHOLD
                                                                                                                                    (ID 455)
  Property Opportunities                                                     Currently run as an animal farm catering to tourism &
                                                                             educational markets.
Henderson Murphy & Asso-                                                     Includes 3 brm home, bunkhouses, amenities block etc.
ciates                                                                       Located 5km from Beaudesert.

1.4 Strata titled Industrial Sheds in                                        Priced at $1,300,000 ($1,040,000 cash / $260 000 E Banc Trade)
Boyne Island South of Gladston
Queensland to be sold as a package
all tenanted total gross of the 4 units
Approx $43 000 p/year

All 4 units Priced at $425,000
cash / $ 85,000 E Banc Trade)
                                 ($34,0000                          LUXURY APARTMENT
                                                                                                                                    (ID 406)
                                                                             3 brm airconditioned apartment just 45 mins from
Location Property Group Pty                                                  Large open plan living areas.
Ltd — Brisbane                                                               Generous sized balconies, ensuite, pool & spa, rooftop
                                                                             BBQ area.
Investment properties, property                                              Security parking and 24hr security lift.
evaluations, area market analysis,
                                                                             Positioned next door to 18 hole championship golf
buying or selling property. 30%                                              course.
E Banc Trade on REIQ commission
when we sell your property. This is                                          Priced at $450,000 ($350,000 cash / $100,000 E Banc Trade)
our ongoing trade component break-
up and NOT a one off special.

Phone: (07) 3219 9522                                                  For Real Estate Enquires
Webpage:                    Phone (07) 5437 7076        |    Email

E Banc Trader Volume 5 Issue 3                                                                                                       Page 3
Admin Tips
helpful reminders from our
Customer Support Managers desk
                                 in the month previous to     • Make sure the agreed
 Have You Logged                 the current date.              trade percentage is
 Onto Our Secure                                                clearly understood by
    Website?                     Order Cheque Book              both parties before the
                                 allows you to request a        transaction      takes
                                 new cheque book to be          place.
You have many services
available to you from the
                                 mailed to your account       • It makes for fair and                     E Flora
                                 address.                       equitable trading if
corporate website. Go to                                              members trade with          The E Foundation is set to launch a new
and click on “Member’s                                          each other as they          concept “”.
                                 Transfer Funds Online
Login” which is on the                                          would normally with
top left hand corner of          Members can also               any business.
the site.                        transfer funds online to                                    The E Foundation is currently working
                                 the account of another                                     with florists to help put a stop to
                                 member. Simply select       Cash Fees                      diminishing sales and increasing
Logging on to the                " Bu y"    un de r  the                                    overheads within the industry. To help
                                                             Just a reminder that your      improve this situation the E Foundation
Secure Site                      "Transactions" area.        fees are due at the end of     is trialling a concept that will enable
A login screen will                                          each month.        Keeping     florists to trade amongst themselves
                                 To     view     current
display.     Enter your                                      organised and up to date       using trade dollars, and reduce their
                                 or past transactions, go
username and password                                        ensures that your fees         current fees from up to 35% to less than
                                 to the "Statements"         don’t amass. Once your
in the appropriate boxes                                                                    5%. The concept also allows for an
                                 area on the left of the
and select "OK".         A                                   fees have accumulated to       ongoing professional marketing strategy
                                 screen. By selecting
s um m ar y    of    yo u r                                  over $20 they will be due      as well as providing an avenue to
                                 "Past" you can view the     at the end of the month.
account will display.                                                                       become involved in the community, with
                                 past 12 months activity
                                 on the account, or                                         regular donations to nominated charities,
                                 select particular months                                   through the E Foundation.
Username and
Password                         to display. Any fees
Your username and
                                 owing will also be             Head Office                 A “soft” launch for will be
password were included                                          Easter Break                held at the ABC FLOWER SHOW, being
                                                                                            held at Brisbane’s “Ekka” on April 2,3
in your membership kit
                                 If you experience any       During Easter, E Banc          and 4th, followed by an extensive follow-
when you first joined. If
                                 difficulties accessing      Trade Head Office will be      up program where florists will be
you have misplaced this,
contact your local               the above services, you     closed from Friday April 9th   personally contacted. Once established
                                 are more than welcome       reopening Tuesday April will not only benefit florists
customer support team                                                                       but also be a great benefit to the E Banc
                                 to contact your local       13th.
 or email:                       customer support team          We wish everyone a          Trade members.
    customersupport@             who will talk you                 relaxing break.                          through the process.

                                  NOTE: When trading
Access or Update Your            with E Banc Trade
Details                          members, we suggest
 Once you have logged            you act in accordance
 in under "My Details"           with    your   normal
 next select "Change             business practices on
 Details".    From here          the cash market.
 you can change your
 password to something
 easier to remember.             • If you normally require
                                   a cash deposit, do the
 You can "Search" our              same thing with E
 membership Directory              Banc Trade members.
 by Business Name (or            • If you normally require
 part name), Category,             the cash up front,
 Location or Country.              again do the same
                                   thing with your E Banc
 View a list of "New               Trade members.
 Members" who joined
E Banc Trader Volume 5 Issue 2                                                                                                    Page 4
       Sunshine Coast
      Warehouse Sellout

   Fujita Air Conditioners
                                                                      HOT OFF
                                                                    THE PRESS
      *7.0KW/3HP Air Conditioner
              $369.54 Trade
              $862.26 Cash
               $123.18 GST
              $1354.99 Total
                                                                        E Foundation Unity Awards
          30% Trade 70% Cash
                                              With great entertainment such as the up and coming star, Catherine Britt,
     *5.3KW/2.5HP Air Conditioner             inspirational local talent Shane Teinaki, and the hilarious comedian, Marty Coffe,
                                              the night was bound to be unforgettable. However, it was our award winners who
              $270.00 Trade                   shone the brightest on the evening. Awarded for their outstanding contribution to
              $630.00 Cash                    the community and for serving those in need, the winners listed below were
                                              presented with the inaugural Unity Awards trophy, an art piece in sandstone and
               $90.00 GST
               $990.00 Total
                                              Enterprise Award - Beaudesert Charity Ride
          30% Trade 70% Cash
                                              Innovation Award - Karen Lindsay of the Talara Primary College Tuckshop

     Also 1.5 HP Air Conditioners             Leadership Award - Sue Doolan of the Warwick District Youth Service
  available $749.00 30% Trade / 70%
                 Cash                         Philanthropic Spirit Award (community organisation) - Robert Geluk & Lorri Mason of

                                              Philanthropic Spirit Award (corporate) - Mervyn & Susan Boreham of Greg's Supercheap
             Golf Clubs                                                                Furniture

         All Sets of Golf Clubs               Philanthropic Spirit Award (individual) - Simon O'Connor of the Quensland AIDS Council
              $497.00 Cash                    Staff & Volunteer Development Award - Wildlife Volunteers Association (Wilvos)
              $203.00 Trade
                                              Sustainability Award - Rolf Blickling of World Forest 2000
               $70.00 GST
               $770.00 Total                                       Visit the website for more information on our winners

                                               The evening also raised much-needed funds to support the great work of the Royal Brisbane
Clubs prices slashed down from                 Children's Hospital as well as the development of junior country music within Australia.
                                               Guest feedback on the success of the event has been overwhelmingly positive, indicating a
Call the Sunshine Coast warehouse              triumph for E Foundation and a special night for the community. For those who missed out,
(07) 5437 7220 and ask for Aston.              we hope and trust that you will join in the excitement next year.
                                                                                                                                            Renee Ross

     Selling Real Estate?
  Why not use your trade $$ to help
       pay your commission.

We have quite a few real estate agents       The all new Shortlist 'Melbourne's Best Tours' 2004 Marketing Program includes:
who are members of E Banc Trade and
                                              - Shortlisting your product as one of the leading Tours, Attractions, Accommodation or Restaurants in
will take a % of their commission in            Melbourne or Regional Victoria independently recommended by Shortlist
trade dollars. Anyone who sells a house       - 50,000 Media Distributions, in Victoria, NSW and New Zealand. Including - Time Magazine, Dynamic -
knows that this is one of those bills no        Small business plus the Shortlist VIP mailing list and Tour Counter Strands
one likes paying. So why not look up          - Internet: World wide exposure of the exclusive Shortlist web site. Regularly featuring in the top 1000
your directory first and give one of our        Australian Sites (over 30,000 visits monthly) and linked to your own site
members a go before you pick up the           - Airport Sign in Melbourne Airport (1000 x 640 Eye Light) (reaching over 6 million people annually)
phone. You do not have to accept part
                                              - Major Incentive Program worth $10,000 which generates...
trade in the sale of your property, but
                                              - Your 'Exclusive List' of prospects
you can still take advantage of a trade
percentage in the commission fee.                                             50% cash and 50% trade on advertising.
                                                             For rates and order form, visit
Of course if you are interested in selling
with a component of trade contact            Contact: Michael Hibbert
                                             Phone: 03 5966 6423
Outlook Realty on 5437 7076.                 Location: Melbourne                                                                       VIC TRADER

E Banc Trader Volume 5 Issue 3                                                                                                                       Page 5
                                                                                                  Trademarks Australia

  Members                                                                                       Trademark protection can be an
                                                                                                inexpensive exercise or process. No
                                                                                                matter how small or large your business
                                                                                                is you need to protect your business

                                                                                                assets, or risk losing your rights. At the
                                                                                                very least, your business cannot afford
                                                                                                not to be aware of trademarks and how
                                                                                                trademarks affect your business.
                                                                                                Trademark registration can be a valuable
  E Banc Trade members offering great Trade                                                     asset to your business. A registered
                                                                                                trademark is a tradeable piece of
  specials for the month of April                                                               property, adding value to your business.
                                                                                                          100% Trade for April
                                                                                                             excludes government fees

                                                                                                   For more information, please go to
                          World Power and Lighting                                    

                                                                                                Contact: Neil Osmond
April Offer                                                                                     Phone: (03) 9762 5888
                                                                                                Address: 35 Dorset
WPL is a national supplier of Lighting and Electrical Products established in 1996.             Square, Boronia                 VIC TRADER
We have forged a niche market offering Builders, Developers and Electrical Contractors an
alternate source for products at savings of 20% to 50% less than current supply lines.
By keeping our overheads low, importing and buying direct we are able to save our customers         Gary Myers - Artist
many thousands on average yearly purchases                           Products at 50% Trade
  Lighting:                                       Electrical:                                   An opportunity to purchase original
  Low Voltage Kits                                Building Wires                                artwork by one of Australia's most
  Flourescent Fittings                            Corrugated Conduit                            vibrant and established artists. Gary
  Sports flood lighting                           Power Points                                  uses a colourful and dramatic approach
  Interior Lighting                               Switches                                      to his varied subjects which range from
  Lamps and Tubes                                 PVC Ducting                                   traditional through to abstract
  H.I.D. Control Gear                             Industrial Switchgear                         representations of our unique landscape.
  Commercial Fixtures                             Transformers                                  Also available for purchase, an extensive
  Emergency                                       Batteries                                     range of Limited Edition reproductions
  Exterior                                                                                      that Gary has chosen from his favourite
Contact: William Milne                       For a product and order form, visit
Phone: 03 9702-4585               
Email:                                                        VIC TRADER

                                   Salon Maggie G
April Offer                                                                                     50% on Originals and 30% on
Enjoy a relaxing foot spa and complimentary make-up when you book in for a colour and cut. If
you are looking for an experience and not just a quick trim you have come to the right place    Gallery: 901Stanley River Rd, Maleny
                                                                                                Phone: 07 5499 9974
40% Trade       60% Cash                                                                        Email:
Please arrange child care prior to your visit.                                          QLD TRADER
Salon Closed Sundays and Mondays.

A minimum of 24 hours notice must be given for cancellations                                             Crystal Paints
Address: Shop 2/1 Wharf Street Tweed Heads                                                      House paints, Signwriting paints, Acrylic,
Phone: 07 5536 3442                                                                             Enamel, Interior, Exterior. Range of
                                                                          NSW/QLD TRADER        painting accessories including Brushes,
                                                                                                Rollers etc. for the Professional Painter,
                                                                                                Builder, and Home Handyman.
                                                                                                Showroom on site.
       Traditional Canvas                                   All Ready Foods
                                                                                                No order too small or large from 100ml to
Custom made quality campers to suit your                            Spit Roasts                 10,000Ltrs.
trailer or ours - All forms of canvas and vinyl                   We come to you
work. New and repairs. Custom made boat                           We do the work
and vehicle canopies and tonneaus.                             You sit back and enjoy               50% Trade
10% - 30% Trade                                                   Nothing too big
                                                                 Nothing too small.
                                                         From a backyard BBQ to a wedding       Contact: Darryl Urquhart
Contact: Simon Rohde                                                                            Phone: 07 3341 3566
Phone: 07 4155 3638                                                            30% Trade        Email:
Email:                        Contact: Tonia Scholes
                                                     Phone: 0429 194 044                        Address: 5 Curban Street,
Location: Bundaberg                                                                             Underwood,
                                                     Location: WA
                             QLD TRADER                                       WA TRADER         Brisbane              QLD TRADER

E Banc Trader Volume 5 Issue 3                                                                                                          Page 6
    Designers On Sale                        Fair Price Design & Print                         Collaborative Computing
                                                                                                     Corp Pty Ltd
Designers On Sale is an Outlet Boutique     Fair Price Design & Print in Waterford is having
in the Sunshine Coast.       We stock       a special on business cards.                       We provide a complete range of
women’s clothing from Leading Top                                                              computing services to enable small and
Designers (eg. Robbie Cranfield) at less    500 colour business cards including front          medium businesses to be more efficient
than half the retail price.                 celloglazing, GST and freight.                     and profitable including, software,
                                                        $100 cash $60 trade.                   hardware, upgrades, computer repairs,
New stock arrivals every month. Come in                                                        bookkeeping, training and internet
and browse, something for everyone,         Fair Price Design & Print also offer graphic       services - we service remote areas,
from Day Wear to Cocktail Wear.             design, logo and brochure design including         national/international connections and
                                            printing. Web site design with self management     multiple site organisations—Laptop and
                                            tool plus full colour printing services            Mobile Users.
               30% Trade
                                            Contact: Denis Macready
Contact: Rosemary Poole                     Phone: 07 3805 7711                                 Up to 50% Trade available on services.
Phone: 07 5444 6293                         Fax: 07 3805 7700
Address: 4/129 Brisbane Road,               Email:
Mooloolaba                                                                                     Phone: 08 9291 9525
                         QLD TRADER                                      QLD TRADER            Fax: 08 9291 7250
                                                                                               Address: 16 Albert Road Lesmurdie WA

                                                                                                                       WA TRADER

                                                                                                      Batteries To You
                                                                                               Mobile/Break Down Service, supply and
                                                                                               fitting to Bundaberg area. Able to supply
                                                                                               all makes of vehicles, heavy machinery,
                                                                                               deep cycle, phones, video cameras,
                                                                                               computers and marine.
                                                                                               30% Trade
                                                                                               Contact: Malcolm Lindsay
                                                                                               Phone: 07 4152 6883
                                                                                               Mobile: 0407 148 303
                                                                                               Location: Bundaberg QLD TRADER

                                                                                                    The Loaded Crust
                                                                                               Casual fine dining at Cotton Tree Park
                                                                                               open for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
                                                                                               Bookings essential. Alcohol in cash.
                                                                                               Loaded Crust is trading on 30% on the
                                                                                               weekend and 50% for lunch and
                                                                                               breakfast Tuesday to Friday

                                                                                               Contact: 07 5479 4400
                                                                                               Address: The Esplanade, Cotton Tree
                                                                                                                       QLD TRADER

                                                                                                     NLM Accounting
                                                                                                     Bookkeeping &
                                                                                               We have a team who are knowledgeable
                                                                                               and very efficient in accounts,
                                                                                               bookkeeping and taxation, with a new
                                                                                               branch specialising in financial and debt
                                                                                               recovery services. We also offer the
                                                                                               service of relief staff to replace your
                                                                                               normal staff when they have sick days,
                                                                                               holidays, maternity leave etc.
                                                                                                             50% Trade
                                                                                               Contact: Nikki Montgomery
                                                                                               Phone: 5448 4039 Fax: 5448 6068
                   50% E Banc Trade on Products                                                Location: Bli Bli
           Pricelist available at                             Email:
          Email:                   VIC TRADER                                          QLD TRADER

E Banc Trader Volume 5 Issue 3                                                                                                      Page 7
       Motor Home - 37ft                                                             Florist
         Leyland Bus
                                                                               Winter Special
Good Mechanical condition, air bag,                 Wedding Packages available from $395 for weddings in June - August.
suspension, 2 pak paint, open plan, beautiful             Packages include - Bridal Bouquet, 2 Bridesmaid Bouquets,
polished slab timber benches, solid timber                               3 Buttonholes, 2 Corsages.
cupboards, king sized bed, two singles, full
sized shower, and gas cook top, gas hot                                       50% Trade / 50% Cash
water plus many other features
                                                                         Book now to avoid disappointment!
        $25,000 (50% Cash/ 50% Trade)
Contact: Paul Cathcart
Phone: 07 5441 9622                                                               Easter Special
Fax: 07 5476 2366
                            QLD TRADER
                                                           Easter Baskets (Chocolate and Flowers) or Flower Baskets
     Bundaberg Contract                                                available for $75 to $100 on 50% Trade
                                                 Award winning florist. Over 15 years experience. "Everything is possible". Delivery
Contract cleaners, Move out cleans, window
cleaning, Builder cleans, work guarantee.
                                                 Baskets for all occasions including Pamper Packages, Gourmet Hampers and
                                                 new Baby Baskets. Beautiful and unique wedding arrangements.
                40% Trade

Contact: Margaret Jenkinson                                                     7 Days Florist
Mobile: 07 4152 6961
                            QLD TRADER                             672 Gympie Rd, Chermside, Ph: 3350 6024

   Cairns Rainforest Bed &                                                  Enoggera Flowers
          Breakfast                                                Cnr Wardell & Samford Rd, Ph: 3355 3644

We have a great introductory offer for
members who may be visiting or planning a
visit to Cairns (Get in Quick, June is almost
fully booked).
We provide two types of accommodation,
both properties within easy reach of the
Cairns CBD, both offering a secluded "Taste
of the Tropics". You won't be disappointed.
                 50% Trade
  Please visit invite our websites for more
            Bed & Breakfast

 Self Contained Luxury Accommodation

Contact: Ivan or Lorina Whitehead
Phone: 07 4033 5597                                                                                                   QLD TRADER
Address: 112 Mansfield
St Cairns                  QLD TRADER
                                                         City to Coast                                    Agtrac
    Solid Timber Products                        For all your Hardware and Timber
                                                 Supplies, contact City to Coast.
                                                                                         Sales and service of COX new and second
                                                                                         hand ride on mowers.
Having difficulty finding quality solid timber                                           Ultralight kit planes...the SUPAPUP (single
products? Search no more. PF & R Greer                                                   seat) and AEROPUP (twin seat) are
are able to manufacture the products you          30% Trade                              affordable flying! A kit which can be built in
need as well as build BBQ settings, park                                                 about 250-350 hours and can be registered as
benches of various timbers, sizes, designs &                                             an ultralight or as a VH aircraft.
             20% - 30% Trade                                                             Offering 30% Trade
                                                 Contact: Neil Paige
                                                 Phone: 07 4153 3344                     Contact: John Cotton
Contact: Peter and Sally Greer                                                           Phone: 08 8388 4349
                                                 Location: Bundaberg
Phone: 07 4152 5849                                                                      Address: Oakbank
Location: Bundaberg        QLD TRADER                                  QLD TRADER        Webpage:      SA TRADER

E Banc Trader Volume 5 Issue 3                                                                                                   Page 8
        Real Lighting                              Banyandah Alpacas                          HiRUM—Acommadtion
       and Whitegoods                           Product                                            Software
                                                To keep you warm on those chilly winter
                                                nights why not try a beautiful 100%          HiRUM software is being enthusiastically
                                                natural Alpaca filled doona. These           used by nearly a thousand
Domestic, commercial and industrial light-                                                   accommodation properties from B&Bs,
                                                doonas are light weight and warm
ing. Electrical (building), powerpoints,                                                     and small motels to 500-room resorts.
                                                fantastic value and quality and are made
switchgear, cordless tools, plasma TV,                                                       Real Estate Agents and Marinas use it to
                                                right here in Queensland. Available by
LCD TV and Multimedia projectors.                                                            manage their rentals.
                                                ordering direct from Dawn or come and
                                                see a sample at the E Banc Trade
WHIRLPOOL AWM6100 6.5kg FRONT LOAD              warehouse Sunshine Coast.                    The Front Office and Back Office
WASHING MACHINE $1,099.00 40%T                                                               segments are seamlessly linked to
SHARP SX76NF8 FLAT WIDE SCREEN STEREO                                                        become a complete system which
COLOR TV $1,979.00 40%T                                                                      exceeds the needs of your business now
SHARP SX68NF8 FLAT SCREEN STEREO                                                             and into the future.
COLOR TV $989.00 40%T
TRE DVD $829.00 40%T
                                                                                             HiRUM is conveniently and elegantly
                                                                                             simple to learn and use. It delivers more
ROAST, GRILL &CRISP $699.00 40%T
                                                                                             than any other “competitor” and at a
                                                                                             price that will save you more than
WITH DVD $779.00 40%T                           Accommodation                                enough to warrant your enquiry.
                                                Are you looking for a great place to
                                                escape the rat race and relax for Easter?    Contact Hirum Australasia for more
Contact: Erhard                                                                              information and be sure to mention      E
                                                Banyandah Alpacas Host Farm is offering
Mobile: 0416 102 142                                                                         Banc Trade!
                                                a great deal. Banyandah has 4 star
Address: Mt Barker, South Australia
                                                accommodation in the beautiful Noosa
                           SA TRADER            hinterland.                                      100% Trade for the first caller

                                                Two people for 4 nights for $350 or $99      Hirum Australasia Pty Ltd
                                                per night with 50% trade. Price includes
         Office to Rent                         a continental breakfast daily
                                                                                             Sylvia Johnston
                                                                                             Phone: 07 5502 9911
Looking for an office to rent on the Gold       Contact: Banyandah Alpacas                   Email:
Coast. Available on part-trade for a non        Address: 1992 Old Noosa Road                 Website:
profit organisation.                            Traveston
Contact: Tony                                   Phone: 07 5485 0890                                                    QLD TRADER
Phone: 07 5593 4752                             Mobile: 0427 367 299
                          QLD TRADER                                     QLD TRADER

                                                                                                    Finance Central
            Kooralbyn Resort Weekend Package
                                                                                             Finance Central are brokers offering a
This package includes, 1 night accommodation at Kooralbyn Resort (Summit Room), and          number of services to E Banc Trade
Golf for 2 on the international resort including buggy hire. This package normally sold by   members. These include personal loans,
Kooralbyn Resort for $534. We will accept part payment in E Banc Trade dollars               home loans, investment loans, and
                                                                                             commercial loans.
                                 $300 cash + $100 Trade
                                                                                             We also specialise in Debt Consolidation
                                                                                             and securing loans for those people
Contact: Greg                                                                                'outside the norm'.
Email:                                                          With over 200 lenders to choose from we
Webpage:                                               QLD TRADER          can analyse your financial position and
                                                                                             secure you the right loan. Whatever your
                                                                                             finance needs, please phone us first before
                                                                                             going elsewhere.
                                 Cooee North Qld
                                                                                                     100% Trade on Services
Based on the Sunshine Coast in Qld, Cooee Products Pty Ltd has developed and                 Contact: Frank Masci
patented unique non-toxic, environmentally friendly technologies and products that           Phone: 07 3411 5221
offer a safe alternative to the many toxic products currently used in industry.              Location: East Brisbane
TimberTreat is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, oil-in-water emulsion (O/W) that                                QLD TRADER
uses a new approach to protecting timber. In 5 popular timber colours TimberTreat
was recently awarded Organic Certification by Australia’s leading organic farmers
group - the BFA (visit This certification allows organic farmers to
use TimberTreat on their farms without risking their certified organic status. No other                Roo Ted & Co
Timber product has achieved this rating.                                                     We print novelty t-shirts featuring our
                                                                                             character “Rooted”. We have hats, caps,
Products available such as Cooee timber treatment, sealant, mould remover and                stubby holders and many other items.
Cooee spray. Stock available in the E Banc Trade Sunshine Coast Warehouse.                   Retail & Wholesale prices.
20% Trade
                                                                                                            40% Trade
Contact: Ashley  Phone: (07) 5449 7337
                                                                                             Contact: Jennene Ross
                                                                         QLD TRADER          Phone: 0431 954 351       QLD TRADER

E Banc Trader Volume 5 Issue 3                                                                                                    Page 9
                             A U S T R A L I A N C O N TA C T S
 SOUTH AUSTRALIA                                      HEAD OFFICE                                                      NEW SOUTH WALES
 Adelaide                Tel: (08) 8381 5014          Sunshine Coast                                                   Coffs Harbour           Tel: 02 4962 1650
  Paul Humphries         Mob: 0410 317 753            Tel: 07 5437 7220     Fax: 07 5437 7230                           Mike Hancock           Mob: 0412 216 037
                                                      Freecall 1800 675 092
 Adelaide South          Tel: 0411 078 333            (Authorisations within Australia only)                           Newcastle               Tel: 02 4962 1650
 Mario D'Aloia                                        Email:                                          Mike Hancock           Mob: 0412 216 037
                                                                                                                       NSW Central Coast       Tel: 02 4962 1650
                                                      Outlook Realty
 TASMANIA                                             Tel: 07 5437 7076      Fax: 07 5437 7231                         Mike Hancock            Mob: 0412 216 037
 Tasmania North          Tel: (03) 6343 2997          Email:                                  NSW Mid North Coast     Tel: 02 4962 1650
  Theresa Beck           Mob: 0410 091 110                                                                              Mike Hancock           Mob: 0412 216 037
                                                                                                                       NSW Regional South      Tel: 03 5480 1753
                                                      QUEENSLAND                                                        Craig Coutts           Mob: 0418 978 224
 VICTORIA                                                                                                              Sydney Head Office      Tel: 02 9831 5300
 Albury / Wodonga        Tel: 03 5447 2113            Brisbane North                           Tel: 07 3356 8811
                                                       Matt & Cecilia Darragh                  Mob: 0421 282 716        Lynne McDowell         Mob: 0417 657 212
  Neville Maconachie     Mob: 0418 346 307                                                                             Sydney East             Tel: 02 9362 1331
 Ballarat                Tel: 03 5447 2113            Brisbane South                           Tel: 07 5437 7220
                                                      Brisbane West                            Tel: 07 5437 7220        Grant Dwyer            Mob: 0411 337 711
  Neville Maconachie     Mob: 0418 346 307                                                                             Sydney Blue Mountains   Tel: 02 9836 2679
 Bendigo                 Tel: 03 5447 2113            Caboolture                               Tel: 07 5497 5500
                                                       Mark Craig                              Mob: 0427 511 111        Lynne McDowell         Mob: 0417 657 212
  Neville Maconachie     Mob: 0418 346 307                                                                             Sydney North Shore      Tel: 02 4962 1650
 Geelong                 Tel: 03 5221 9377            Cairns & Qld North                       Tel: 07 4041 6450
                                                       Stephen Golinelli                       Mob: 0417 790 473        Mike Hancock           Mob: 0412 216 037
  John Neskovski         Mob: 0411 711 266                                                                             Sydney Nth-Beaches      Tel: 02 9971 6868
 Goulburn Valley         Tel: 03 5823 5555            Gold Coast                               Tel: 07 5502 0377
                                                       Adrian Brunker                          Mob: 0422 878 227        Patrick Flower         Mob: 0418 468 708
  Ken McNamara                                                                                                         Sydney Outer S-W        Tel: 02 9594 1706
 Melbourne CBD           Tel: 03 9815 0519            Gold Coast South                         Tel: 07 5522 1334
                                                       Joanne Hamblyn                          Mob: 0404 205 231         Kevin McNelis         Mob: 0413 949 595
  Andrew Hendy           Mob: 0403 052 141                                                                              Joseph Dovolil         Mob: 0403 070 021
 Melbourne Central       Tel: 03 9888 9444            Gympie & Sunshine
                                                      Coast Hinterland                         Tel: 07 5485 2240       Sydney Outer West       Tel: 02 9836 2679
  Ross & Di Cantelo      Mob: 0419 686 885                                                                              Lynne McDowell         Mob: 0417 657 212
 Melbourne North         Tel: 03 9484 4888             Charles Shewring                        Mob: 0417 792 944
                                                      Mackay & Whitsundays                     Tel: 07 4957 3757       Sydney South            Tel: 02 9594 1706
  Paul Ammoun            Mob: 0411 752 595                                                                              Kevin McNelis          Mob: 0413 949 595
 Melbourne Outer South   Tel: 03 9800 4410             Dale Shearer                            Mob: 0410 091 119
                                                      Rockhampton                              Tel: 07 4922 2062        Joseph Dovolil         Mob: 0403 070 021
  Anne Christoffelsz     Mob: 0409 659 757                                                                             Sydney South West       Tel: 02 9836 2679
 Melbourne South         Mob: 03 9888 9444             Cameron Arnold                          Mob: 0414 777 432
                                                      Toowoomba                                Tel: 07 4634 1233        Lynne McDowell         Mob: 0417 657 212
  Ray Hefferon           Mob: 0416 117 136                                                                             Sydney West / NW        Tel: 02 9836 2679
 Melbourne West          Tel: 03 9600 1899             Darryl & Jane Lindsay                   Mob: 0438 397 745
                                                      Townsville                               Tel: 07 4041 6450        Lynne McDowell         Mob: 0417 657 212
  Michael Servais        Mob: 0412 812 611                                                                             Wollongong              Tel: 024226 2882
 Mornington Peninsula    Tel: 03 5978 8188            Stephen Golinelli                        Mob: 0417 790 473
                                                      Warwick & Dalby                                                   Mark Mallinson         Mob: 0418 975 224
  Guy Senior             Mob: 0412 156 665
                                                       Kay Byrnes                              Mob: 0428 728 230
                                                      Wide Bay & Burnett                       Tel: 07 4154 3915
                                                       Ron Goldsmith                           Mob: 0415 252 985        John & Ethne Holt      Tel: 08 9228 9929
                                                                                                                                               Mob: 0421 504 895
                                                                                                                        Craig Petroni          Tel: 02 6242 9722
                                                                                                                                               Mob: 0407 996 312

                   I N T E R N AT I O N A L C O N TA C T S
NETHERLANDS                                          VIETNAM                                                       MALAYSIA
Hoofdkantoor Nederland Tel: +31 50 3146 527           Nguyen Tien Bang       Tel: +84 893 02897                    Klang Valley            Tel: +60 3 2144 2133
 Therecia Venema          Mob: 06-2952 2971           Email:                                 Esther Loh
 Email:                                                                                    Email:

HUNGARY                                              UNITED KINGDOM                                                BELGIUM
Head Office             Tel: +31 50 3146 527           Judith Hunt         Tel: +44 20 7566 2611                    Therecia Venema Tel: +31 512 580260
 John Koleszar          Mob: 0408 645 066              Email:                                  Email:
 Csaba Sasvari
                                                                                                                   NEW ZEALAND
                                                                                                                   Tel: +61 7 5437 7220

 E Banc Trade Pty Ltd | 2 Production Ave Warana QLD | Locked Bag 151 Buddina Q 4575 | Tel: 07 5437 7220 | Fax: 07 5437 7230
                                          Email: | Website:

E Banc Trader Volume 5 Issue 3                                                                                                                           Page 10

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