Curriculum Thinkers Keys – Horse Racing

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					Curriculum Thinkers Keys – Horse Racing

       The Reverse Listing Key                       The What If Key                     The Disadvantages Key                       The Combination Key

List 10 things you would never see a     What if horses could fly?                List 10 disadvantages of being a jockey.   List the good things about a hat and
horse do                                 What if horses could tell jokes?         How could these be improved?               binoculars. Combine these into a single

             The BAR Key                            The Alphabet Key                        The Variations Key               The Picture Key

Make a saddle…                           Make a list of words from A-Z about      How many ways can you win a horse                      Work out ways to
BIGGER                                   horse racing                             race?                                                  Link this picture to
ADD something to it, then                                                                                                                horse racing
REPLACE something on it

          The Prediction Key                     The Different Uses Key                     The Ridiculous Key                       The Commonality Key

Predict what the Melbourne Cup will be   Find 10 uses for a bridle                Explain why jockeys should start riding    Try to find similarities between The
like in 100 years                                                                 giraffes                                   Melbourne Cup and your school sports

          The Question Key                       The Brainstorming Key                      The Inventions Key                         The Brick Wall Key

List 5 questions that might give this    Some people are afraid of horses.        Invent something that polishes shoes,      A jockey needs stirrups to stay in the
answer: winner, bridle, roses            Brainstorm a list of ideas that would    mends holes in clothes and brushes         saddle. Outline other ways of dealing
                                         solve this problem                       horses’ teeth. Draw a diagram of it        with this problem

        The Construction Key                 The Forced Relationships Key                  The Alternative Key                       The Interpretation Key

Build a trophy using one sheet of        You need to make a saddle with only      Work out three ways you could learn        Explain why a jockey is sometimes called
newspaper, sticky tape and a pair of     bubble-gum, balloons and feathers. How   how to ride a horse without having         a ‘hoop’
scissors. You can draw a diagram         do you do it?                            lessons

                                                                                                      Champions – Australian Racing Museum and Hall of Fame 2007

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