Information Technology Strategic Plan Update

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					Information Technology Strategic Plan Update

                                             Overview of Business Needs Update

The Information Technology Strategic Plan (ITSP) establishes future technology strategies and initiatives to achieve the goals of the
County government’s Strategic Plan and meet agencies’ business needs. The County’s Strategic Plan is updated on a four year cycle
and the Office of Information Technology (OIT) updates the ITSP to maintain alignment of technology support with the County’s
future direction and priorities. In August 2002, OIT engaged an independent consultant to update the business needs portion of the

To update County business needs, OIT developed a survey and the consultant conducted interviews with all the agencies OIT serves.
Agencies were asked to identify needs emerging from the County Strategic Plan and to describe any changes to their business
operations anticipated over the coming three to five years. In addition, the consultant reviewed the goals, strategies and objectives of
the County’s Strategic Plan to ensure they were addressed. In total, 28 agencies were surveyed and interviewed during August 2002.

Based on the interviews and completed surveys, the consultant prepared a summary of business needs for each of the 28 agencies.
During the first three weeks of September, the summaries were circulated for review by agencies and OIT staff. The summaries were
updated based on comments received from this process. Nineteen common business needs were identified based on the needs analysis
with agencies. Most continue from the current ITSP, either from business needs or the resulting IT strategies.

The Common Business Needs identified in this plan were reviewed in two settings, at the County’s Policy Meeting on September 26
and at Management Staff October 2. The current set of Common Business Needs provides the foundation to update the ITSP
strategies and initiatives.

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      Intervie ws                          Plan Review                          and Review of                       Needs Update

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