Holiday Rental Contract for the Burningham Holiday by fiv92596


									       Holiday Rental Contract for the Burningham Holiday Apartment

Owners:           Mark & Natalie Burningham
                  12 Laurel Place
                  West Yorkshire         LS10 4SU

Customer:         ___________________

Rental Property:

Furnished holiday apartment address: 7222 Al Andalus Resort, Puerto Rey, Vera, Almeria.

Consisting of: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, 1 lounge/ diner and sun terrace.

Suitable for 4 Persons and NO pets.

Please list all guests (other than party leader) below. Same sex groups at owner„s discretion:

                         Name                                          Age                  Gender (M/F)

Guest 1:          ________________________                         __________               ____________

Guest 2:          ________________________                         __________               ____________

Guest 3:          ________________________                         __________               ____________

Duration of Rental:

Arrival date:

Departure Date:



£ _______ per Day / Week
£ _______ total

The price includes all costs for water, electricity, use of bed linen and indoor towels (beach & pool towels to be supplied by
Payments, Schedules, Withdrawals from the Contract

Advance Payment: 25% of total payable immediately upon booking by either credit/ debit card (Paypal) or bank transfer
(Non- refundable).

Remaining Payment: To be received as cleared funds 8 weeks prior to the rental period commencing. If paying the
balance by credit/ debit card (Paypal) there will be an additional 3.5% charge to cover costs. There are no extra charges
for bank transfers or cheques (unless express clearance is required)

Security deposit: £150.00. (Payable by credit card (Paypal) or bank transfer 1 week before arrival and refunded to you
approximately 1 week after your departure.

When making your reservation by telephone, confirmation of rental will only be sent upon the receipt of cleared funds.
Until this time, the owners reserve the right to sell the dates to any other interested party.

The advance payment will be subtracted from the total costs of the rental. The final cleared funds payment is to be
received no later than 8 weeks prior to the rental period, without further notice. Should your payment not be received,
within this time, the owners reserve the right to sell your reserved dates to any other interested party and compensation
may be payable by the customer for any un- rented losses and additional advertising costs.

Payment in case of a short term booking:

In the case of a late booking, up to 8 weeks prior to the rental period, the full amount is due immediately, at the time of

All bank fees are to be paid by the customer.

Refundable Security Deposit:

It is a requirement of the booking that a Paypal or bank transfer, returnable security deposit payment of £150 is received
by the owners no later than 1 week prior to arrival. It is regretted that cheques are not acceptable for this deposit.

Inventory: An inventory will be taken upon arrival and you will be asked to sign for all equipment provided by the owners.
After the customer's departure and inspection of the apartment, this deposit will be refunded to the customer, provided
that no damages / losses have been found at or in the property.

Cleaning: The apartment will be inspected and cleaned before your arrival and after your departure. You are required to
leave the property in the same general condition that you received it in by making sure the dishes are washed and put
away, floors are swept, worktops are washed, rubbish is bagged and binned, and the apartment is generally ready to be
vacuumed, dusted and sanitised.

Smoking: Smoking is not permitted under any circumstances within the confines of the apartment. If you need to smoke,
please use the outside terrace area and dispose of your butts in a responsible manner. Any evidence of smoking within
the property will result in a deduction from the security deposit for fumigation.

In the event of any damages, or additional/ excessive cleaning there will be an “at cost” deduction from the deposit.
Withdrawal from the contract by the customer

In cases where the customer has to withdraw from the booking this has to be in a written form. In some cases, it may be
possible to change your dates at no extra cost (within same season) subject to availability. In any cancellation, the initial
deposit will be forfeited and remaining sums to be paid as shown in the table below:

       Cancellation up to 60 days prior to arrival: Full payment

In the case of unforseen circumstances causing the owners to withdraw from the booking, written notice will be given. A
full refund of all payments will be made at the same time as the written notice is given.

Any withdrawal from the rental contract is only valid in written form.


Payments made to the owners DO NOT include any form of insurance against withdrawal from the rental contract, medical
requirements or lost lugage. We recommend that the customer takes out an appropriate policy to cover all possible

The owners are not liable for any disturbance of the customer's holiday through force majeure (power failure, war,
insufficient petrol supply, epidemics, floods, black tide, fire, earthquakes, terrorist attacks et al.) In this case additional
costs emerging are to be paid by the customer.

In the case that the owners are not able to let the house due to force majeure or other circumstances that the owners have
no influence over, the customer will be able to withdraw from the contract and be refunded all payments made. In this
situation the customer will waive any further right of recovery against the owners.


The customer agrees to accept liability for any damages caused to the property (or communal property) by the customer
or their guests, including, but not limited to, damage to the building in any way, damage to any appliances and/ or
equipment furnished. If damages are in excess of the security deposit being held, the customer agrees to reimburse the
owners for costs incurred to repair/replace damaged items.

Arrival and Departure:

For organisational reasons departure must take place before 11.00am and arrival is not before 4 p.m. (It may be possible
to delay departure or bring forward arrival times if the apartment is to be empty for a 24 hour period beforehand/ after.

For organisational and security reasons. Handing over of the keys will take place outside the gates of the property, unless
you are taking advantage of our airport transfer service. Please ensure you have our keyholders telephone number to
arrange your meet and greet.
Number of Occupants/ Pets:

The property may be occupied with only the number of persons agreed upon and specified in the rental contract. The
owner is entitled to have all persons or pets that are not listed in the contract evicted by their personnel at the customer„s

Further claims resulting from the unlawful or anti social behaviour of the customer may be taken by the owner.

Under no circumstances may any pets be brought to the property.

Material Damage, Warranty, Announcement of Deficiencies:

The customer is obliged to look after the property and its interior with care and also advise their guests and accompanying
persons to do so. Non compliance with this term can lead to loss of the complete deposit and/or the immediate eviction
from the property.

The owners reserve the right of further claims. Damages existing upon arrival of the customer must be immediately
announced to the owners (or their agent) who will take the appropriate action.

Claims resulting from non advice of damages are not possible.

Place of Jurisdiction:

For disputes resulting from this contract the place of jurisdiction is the location of the property. For this contract Spanish
legislation is relevant.


This contract is valid only after it has been signed, is in the possession of the owners, and all agreed payments have been
received by the owners. If this is not the case the owners have the right to otherwise rent the house without further notice
nor liability to the customer.

Printed twice and signed by both parties.

Date/Signature: _______________________________________
Either Owner

Date/Signature: _______________________________________

 Please remember that you are renting our private apartment. We hope you will treat it and our neighbours with
                             the same respect that you would like to be shown.

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