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					              Orica Training Courses
                      Basic HAZOP (HAZB)                            HAZOP Leader (HAZL)
Aim:            A course dealing with the identification      To provide participants with the extra
                of potential hazards in both process          skills needed to lead successful Hazard
                design and operation using the open           and Operability studies for all types of
                ended questioning technique of Hazard         processes.
                and Operability (HAZOP) Study designed
                to give the attendees the skills to
                participate effectively in a study.

Who should      HAZOP is a team process and can               The course is designed for technical
attend:         involve people at all levels of the           managers, plant managers, design
                organisation from shop floor to senior        engineers and project engineers who
                managers. The course is designed to           have been trained in HAZOP techniques
                satisfy all potential participants, e.g.      and gained practical experience by
                engineers, project managers, operators,       participating in studies. Previous training
                maintenance technicians, safety, health       in basic HAZOP study techniques and/or
                and environmental personnel, chemists         significant practical experience in HAZOP
                and process designers.                        studies is required.

How will        Participants will learn how to take an        On completion of this course, participants
they benefit:   active role in HAZOP studies so that          will have sufficient understanding of and
                studies can be planned and undertaken         practice in the disciplines required for
                effectively and efficiently. They will also   leading a HAZOP, so that in their
                learn how to recognise the warning            particular business environment, they will
                signs of a deficient study.                   be able to maximise the value of the
                                                              HAZOP process for identifying potential
                                                              hazards and assessing solutions.

Content and     •   Basic philosophy supporting HAZOP         •   Review of basic HAZOP skills
Structure:          studies                                   •   HAZOP team leadership skills
                •   Objectives of HAZOP studies               •   Guide Word development for novel
                •   HAZOP study process and its history           processes
                •   Guide Words for different operations      •   Application to batch systems (Batch
                •   Selection of study team                       HAZOP studies)
                •   HAZOP preparation                         •   Detailed planning for effective HAZOP
                •   Conduct of a study                        •   Protective systems importance in
                •   Minutes and reporting                         HAZOP
                •   Case Studies                              •   Complementary HAZOP techniques,
                •   Human Factors                                 e.g. fault and event tree analysis
                •   Plant modifications                       •   Ensuring HAZOP quality
                •   Orica’s Hazard Studies 1 to 6             •   Auditing – self assessment techniques

  We Look Forward to Assisting You with Your
             Training Program

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