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Internship Supervisor Evaluation

At the end of the internship, please review with your intern this evaluation, and include a discussion of the
student’s accomplishments and contributions to your organization. This evaluation is a critical part of the
intern’s experience, and as such will help the student gain a clear understanding of strengths and areas for

When you have completed the evaluation, please keep a copy for your files and send the signed original
to Stephanie Spackman to the address or fax number above. Thank you for providing this important

Evaluation for:                                                                             Date:
Internship Site:                                                         Supervisor:
Number of weeks intern completed                        Average hours/week

Part 1: Please evaluate the student’s overall performance in the following areas…

                                                                                                                UNABLE TO
      PERFORMANCE AREA                      EXCELLENT           GOOD              FAIR            POOR           OBSERVE
      Commitment to
      the project/organization
      Quality of work
      Overall Performance

Part 2: When answering the following questions, please consider the intern’s interpersonal skills,
professional skills and work habits. Please attach additional sheets if necessary.

Describe what you have witnessed to be the intern’s strengths during this internship.

    The Cornell Tradition         Meinig Family Cornell National Scholars           Cornell Presidential Research Scholars 
Describe what you believe to be the intern’s opportunities for development in order to become more

Describe the impact the student has had on the organization and/or population served as a result of
the work completed this summer.

General Comments

    I would be interested in hosting a Cornell Commitment intern in the future.

Supervisor’s signature                                                                               Date

Student’s signature*                                                                                 Date

*NOTE TO STUDENT: By signing this form, you confirm that the supervisor has reviewed with you his or her evaluation of
your performance, accomplishments and contributions; your signature does not necessarily indicate that you are in agreement
with the content of this evaluation.

                                 Thank you for providing this important evaluation.
                                           Please return this form to:
                                            The Cornell Commitment
                                                   103 Day Hall
                                                Cornell University
                                             Ithaca, NY 14853-2801
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