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									Madrid International Trademark Registration
1. General Introduction:
When Madrid international trademark registrations are extended to China, the Chinese Trademark Office may make two types of refusal based on the Chinese Trademark Law: total refusal or partial refusal. Partial refusal is only applied to those refused goods/services, and the mark is still protected on other goods/services. If the trademark of a certain Madrid international trademark registration to be extended to China is descriptive to all the goods designated to use, the Trademark Office will make a total refusal. The request for review on refusal of a trademark of the Madrid international trademark registration should be filed according to the class with the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board. 2. Documents and materials needed on entrusting us to proceed with the review on refused regarding a Madrid International Trademark Registration: 1) Power of Attorney: executed by the applicant; 2) international registration number; 3) notice of Refusal from the Chinese Trademark Office; 4) WIPO's cover sheet transferring the Notice on Refusal; 5) reasons and relevant evidential materials.

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