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									Sharron’s Shout
     re you ready to enter the Drop
     Zone? Well, get ready!     The
     Homecare “drop ‘til they shop”
summer promotion gets underway on
1 January and runs until 27 February
The promotion is all about getting the kids and the
grandkids out there dropping catalogues with you!
The prizes are really cool and are sure to get the
kids nagging you to “drop ‘til they shop” (hopefully,
they will help, too!!!).
To qualify, each Zone must attain the sales figures                   the distributors (or senior distributors) who accumulate the
for the same period last year. Upon qualification, each Zone          most points over the promotion period will grab these cool
will be able to choose from their own prize pool including            prizes. There will be triple Hero points for the week of the
Playstations, $100 Rebel vouchers and $30 ABC voucher or              1st - 9th January and double points for the period
mobile phone pre-paid cards. In New Zealand, the Rebel                12th January - 23rd January.
vouchers can be redeemed at Briscoes and the $30 vouchers
                                                                      We have not forgotten the district managers - the best
will be for phone cards only. Unfortunately, there is no ABC
                                                                      performing manager in each Zone will also win a $100 Rebel
shop or equivalent in New Zealand.
The promotion will be based on Homecare Hero points and
                                                                      So get out there and “drop ‘til they shop!”

Frantic Fran
       ecruitment has been identified as a key issue for our
       senior distributors and district managers. To help
       address this, Homecare has developed a range of
recruitment flyers that can be either downloaded from the
Homecare website or ordered as stationery items. Versions
downloaded from the website can be printed in either colour or
black and white. Those available as stationery items are four-
colour printed on glossy paper.

There are different versions aimed at three distinct target

• Young mothers with children at home
• Older couples whose children have left home and
  finding they have more free time
• Pensioners and retired persons.
Each flyer is available in two different versions - one with a tear
off section for placement in supermarkets and on
noticeboards. The second version is designed for use as a
letterbox drop or as a
handout.                         New website available to all
                                   distributors. For the latest
                                    news and great product
                                   information, log onto our
Fran Avon
                                            website at
Marketing Manager
                                and click on distributor area.

                                                                                                         November 2003


MAKING A SPLASH!                                                 down” approach. I follow up immediately on with a recruitment
Julie Blake, a Senior Distributor in Upper Hutt, New Zealand     query and I share my experiences and tell it like it is.
has just returned from a magical weekend away with her           Julie enjoys a dual role - she acts as a distributor as well as a
family. Julie was awarded “Recruiter of the Year” as part of     senior and believes this keeps her in touch with the issues so
the Homecare Academy Awards promotion. As her prize, Julie       she can empathise with her team!
took her family to the North Island of New Zealand to Hastings
and Napier and included visits to Marine Land and the theme         “I believe people either like being a distributor or they
park, Splash Planet.                                                don’t. You can usually tell in the first interview”.

The photo shows her two children, Jono aged 12 and Melanie       Julie now has 11 distributors in her team - a team built over
aged 11, enjoying a day at Splash Planet. The kids were also     time and one that includes a number of long termers.
being rewarded for their hard work as both Julie’s children         “Two of my team have been with me for over three
work as distributors and earn themselves pocket money that          years and I have a number of new recruits that I feel
most children would be very envious of!                             will be here for the long term”.
When recruiting, Julie uses the local newspaper, vacancy tags    With her new recruits, Julie goes out with them on the first
on the catalogue, flyers in supermarkets and word of mouth.      drop and pick up to provide advice and tips for making the job
To date, she has found the local newspaper to be the most        easier. If a distributor is losing too many catalogues, Julie will
                                       successful source of      accompany them and see if there is anything they can do to
                                       leads.                    increase their pickups.
                                      Julie was very modest          “I enjoy being a distributor and love how I can work
                                      about her achievement         around my family. I believe that this enthusiasm is
                                      and attributed her            evident in all my recruitment interviews and the old
                                      success in recruitment        adage that ‘enthusiam is infectious’ works for my team”.
                                      to her “straight up and

                                                                            Head Office Focus: Troy Cook
                                                                            Product Focus
                                                                            Zone Focus: North Island
                                                                            Top Zones
                                                                            Distributor Focus: Peter Dalley
                                                                            Drop til they shop
                                                                            Frantic Fran

                                                                            For feedback and suggestions, please contact us on
                                                                              1300 306 306 from Australia
                                                                             0508 500 005 from New Zealand
                                                                                       Alternatively, email us on:
Head Office Focus - Troy Cook
                                                                             announced he had the inside running to earn $2400.
                                                                             My Family: A new bride... the rest is “under construction”.
                                                                             Favourite TV show: Sopranos, West Wing.
                                                                             Favourite Music/Song: The CD stacker currently has CDs from Sinatra,
                                                                             Radiohead, Nick Cave, PJ Harvey and Neil Young on it. This week it is
                                                                             probably “There There” by Radiohead.
                                                                             Favourite Movie: Hmmm “Caddyshack” and “Apocalypse Now”.
                                                                             Best Book: Any Robert G Barrett book featuring the fictional hero “Les
                                                                             Norton”. The earlier ones are the best!
                                                                             Favourite Pastime/Sporting Activities: Participating in and watching:
                                                                             cricket; all codes of football; beach related activities; and weight training.
                                                                             Admirable performer at any bar, fair trader with a form guide.
                                                                             The Ideal Weekend: It is a cocktail of the following ingredients: exercise;
Position within Homecare: Warehouse & Transport.                             socialising with friends (generally at a sport event); good food preferably
Time with Homecare: 6 1/2 years.                                             at a beachside café or restaurant and a couple of hours to read the
Favourite Homecare product: It was a carpet shampoo that I used in           weekend papers!!!!
my car. Not only did I realise the colour of carpet was blue and not grey    Person you would most like to meet/have dinner with: Michael
the car also had a somewhat more nasal friendly fragrance.                   Parkinson has interviewed so many famous and infamous people his
Funny story about Homecare: Our sister company DAMART launched               experiences could make it feel like a dinner party of many. Otherwise
an April Fools’ Joke. It was an offer of $50 per hour for anyone who would   anyone who has an opinion, viewpoint, or experience that may broaden
trial their new thermal underwear in an industrial freezer. Additional       my own.
bonuses included paddle pops etc... The Homecare management group            Something you would like everyone to know about you: I believe it is
laughed the joke off as it sat to commence its weekly meeting when in        better to regret something you did do rather than something you didn’t.
burst an enthusiastic if somewhat naïve former colleague who smugly          Anything else? The name of the colleague was...

Product Focus
ADVENT CALENDAR                                                              Even our own distributors swear by it!

                           he origin of the Advent Calendar can be               "My plants thrive on it. Even to the extent where a customer
                           traced back to the 19th Century. The                  has given me a plant cutting, they have lost their plant and
                           Homecare Advent Calendar (CC50)                       I am having to give them a cutting back".
                       combines this old tradition with modern
                        design to create an exciting advent tree for         Yvonne Smith, Distributor, Tregear NSW
                         the kids. The fabric tree has 24 pockets,               "Since I started using Algoflash my tomato crops are the
                             each individually decorated for every               biggest and juiciest they have ever been".
                                day in December. The kids will love
                               the thrill and anticipation in the            Vicki Coyle, Senior Distributor, Papakowhai New Zealand
                                 countdown to the much-awaited               “I have several customers who rave about this product. It was
                                  Christmas Day.                             recommended to me by a customer who produces hanging
                                      You can fill the attractive            baskets commercially. Not only are her plants very
calendar pockets with chocolates, games, toys and other goodies to           healthy and vigorous but the colours are intensified.
treat the kids. The decorative advent tree looks great in any home           At that point I thought I had better try it myself and
and is a must for anyone with children or for those young at heart!          have been really pleased with the results. I have
                                                                             found that once customers have used it they
                                                                             place repeat orders, often for more than one

      hat’s right, you don’t need a green thumb to grow unbelievably         bottle as they are buying for others as well. It’s a
      large and healthy plants. Homecare’s Algoflash (LFEA) is not           good product for distributors to recommend
      your ordinary liquid fertiliser. It supplies indoor and garden         confidently to householders when they see a
plants with a balanced source of pure nutrition containing trace             garden on the way to the front door.”
elements, which have helped earn it 27 entries in the Guinness
                                                                             Lyn Duncan, District Manager, East Auckland New
Book of World Records. Algoflash is non-toxic, odourless and the
concentrated bottle will last for months.
Zone Focus - Northern New Zealand
  This Zone covers the bulk of the North Island of New                        Zone Manager                                               Margaret Macaulay
  Zealand from the southern part of Auckland to just below                    ZM Time with Homecare                            7 years, since its inception
  the two “bumps” on the eastern and western coasts. It                                                                      in New Zealand in mid-1996
  includes suburbs such as South Auckland, Franklin,                          District Managers                                                         12
  Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Hawkes Bay and Taranaki.
                                                                              Senior Distributors                                                       52
  It is about a five-hour drive from the northern-most part to                Distributors                                                             250
  the southern-most point. The Zone is a broad mix of                         Number of Households                                                 345,335
  urban/rural and upper/lower socio-economic groups and
                                                                              Numbers of catalogues dropped                                 20,000 per week
  offers a bit of everything geographically and
  demographically.                                                            Average catalogue spend                                                $3.05
                                                                              Average order                                                            $32
  The most quirky thing about this Zone is
  the weather. It rains a lot, particularly in
  Auckland, where it is quite common to get four                                       Top Zones Sales/000HH (Avg for period)
  seasons in one day. It is also a good breeding                                             1 Tasmania ................................227
  ground for new Zone Managers!
                                                                                             2 Hunter ....................................218
                                                                                             3 North West Victoria ................210
                                                                                             4 South Western Australia ........204
                                                                                             5 Central Queensland ................186

Distributor Focus - Peter Dalley
My Family: Peter lives with his father.
Position within Homecare: Senior Distributor since March 2003.
Area: Dingwall in Papatoetoe.
Catalogues dropped per week: 240.
What do you love about Homecare?
1. The excitement of finding an order when picking up catalogues. You
never know when you are going to find one. Sometimes customers
need to see the catalogue a few times before they order.
2. The opportunity to meet some really nice people.
Favourite Homecare products: Bathroom Fish Clock (BO64) Jigsaw
Puzzle Mat (PUZR) Power Scissors (KS28).
Biggest order: Just last month I received two orders from a mother and
daughter living at the same house. One was for $1078 and the other
was $155 -$1233 in total!                                                      Best Book you have ever read: I like technical books about
Favourite Customer: An elderly lady who lives down the road. She is            phonographs, gramophones and inventions.
very friendly and always orders something because her late husband             Favourite Pastime: Collecting old phonograph records. I have a
worked on commission for Rawleighs.                                            collection of 110,000 records that is still being added to. I also collect
Funny story about Homecare: One customer loves anything blue.                  and restore old phonographs, gramophones and juke boxes.
She has bought several blue products and one time ordered GW07                 The Ideal Weekend: Going to a collectors convention.
(wine glasses). She ordered 8 thinking she was getting 8 glasses but           Person you would most like to meet: Sir Edmund Hillary because he
when she received the 8 boxes she was happy to keep them all to use            is such a famous New Zealander and is a good role model. Jonah Lomu
for her wedding day.                                                           because he is moving on in spite of health problems.
Favourite TV show: I am not a great TV watcher but I like Coronation           Something you would like everyone to know about you: Peter didn’t
Street and Bad Girls.                                                          have anything to say here but I think everyone should know Peter
Favourite Music: I have a big variety of music to pick from and my             returns to collect his catalogues several times if necessary and retrieves
favourites vary from day to day. I like different types of music from those    95% or more of them each week. Not bad when he drops so many!
recorded on early cylinders to modern CDs.                                     Anything else? Peter started with Homecare after seeing a vacancy
Favourite Movie: The Sound of Music.                                           sticker on a catalogue.

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