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					Stratford Police Service
     (front row left to right)
     Vice-Chair. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ms. Elizabeth Gaffney
     Councillor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mrs. Karen Smythe
     Chair & Community Member . . . .Mr. Gerry Reynolds
     Executive Assistant . . . . . . . . . . . . .Ms. Linda Edwards

     (back row left to right)
     Provincial Appointee . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Mr. Roger Black
     Chief of Police . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gerald McEwin
     Deputy Chief . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . John Bates
     Councellor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mr. Dave Hunt


Stra ord Police Services Board . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1                Sandra Hutchison, Technical & Informa on Coordinator . . . 13
Table of Contents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1       Michael Bellai, Drug Sergeant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
                                                                                                  Jim Wilson, Administra ve Sergeant. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
INTRODUCTION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2          Constable David Stewart, Domes c Violence. . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
Chief Gerald McEwin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2           Constable Philip Psutka, Iden fica on & Opera onal
2008 Final Expenses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3               Support Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
Stra ord Police Organiza onal Chart . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3                     Constable Ken Rielly, Youth Officer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Personnel Announcements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4                 Constable Rob Viani, Community Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21
Chief McEwin, 40 Years . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5            Community Involvement Highlights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
                                                                                                  Stra ord Police Pipes & Drums . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
REPORTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Deputy Chief John Bates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6             STATISTICS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27
Inspector Jackson, Support Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Inspector Theocharis, Uniform Division . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10                       BUSINESS PLAN UPDATE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32

The Stratford Police Service would like to gratefully acknowledge the Beacon Herald’s photography department, speci ically Scott
Wishart, for their talent and support by allowing us to use their pictures in our annual report. We would also like to thank Graphic
Design by Xenium Information and Technology Corporation and editing by Darlene Smith.

STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008                                                                                                                                 CONTENTS « 1
          GERALD M EWIN
                                 Chief of Police
Chair and Members of the Stra ord Police Services Board:

It is with a great deal of pleasure and pride that I report to
you on some of the collec ve challenges faced - and successes
achieved - by the men and women of the Stra ord Police
Service during 2008.

While 2008 certainly put a strain on our opera ng finances, I am
happy to report that our Service stayed within the parameters of
the budget that was established by the Board and subsequently
approved by Stra ord City Council. Indeed, while already in the
midst of our 2009 opera ng year, we have iden fied addi onal
financial pressure points with which to contend and will require
close scru ny.

Our 2008 Crime Severity Index sta s cs which are published
by Sta s cs Canada yielded some interes ng figures which all
of us living and working here in Stra ord should be proud of.        I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere
Our overall crime and violent crime numbers fell again this year     apprecia on to the Stra ord Police Services Board for its sus-
and con nue to be below the na onal and provincial averages.         tained support and guidance and to congratulate its members
Traffic enforcement was increased in 2008 with a resul ng              for hos ng an extremely successful 2008 Ontario Associa on of
decrease in both property and personal injury motor vehicle          Police Services Boards Conference here in Stra ord. Further,
collisions.                                                          I offer my sincerest thanks to Stra ord City Council for its con-
Our Service con nues to seek and exploit advancements in             fidence and con nued support of the Stra ord Police Service.
technology. One of our Service values is: “Being aggressive          I must also commend our sworn senior staff along with our
in the pursuit of new ini a ves and programs that benefit             Resource Coordinator, Sandra Hutchison, and in par cular my
both the community and our members.” While we strive to              Execu ve Assistant, June Wilson, for their con nued dedica on
exemplify that value in a variety of ways, one singular example      and leadership during this past year.
from 2008 was the implementa on of a new Computer Aided              As Chief of Police, it is with profound pride that I acknowledge
Dispatch (CAD) system. The de-commissioning of our old CAD           the commitment and dedica on of our police team – all the fine
and the introduc on of the new CAD was an unqualified success         men and women who comprise the Stra ord Police Service –
and is representa ve of our commitment to providing a level of       who, on a daily basis, con nues to embody the virtues of this
policing which our community expects and deserves.                   profession and strives to improve upon the quality of life for all
The most significant challenge which we had to contend with yet       of our ci zens and help to make Stra ord “the safest place to
again in 2008, and one that is of utmost concern, is our “aging      be!”
and outdated” police facili es. We have not only outgrown our
police headquarters but it is significantly challenging our ability
to provide modern-day policing. Policing has le this building
behind and its documented inadequacies create both frustra-
 on and unacceptable working condi ons. It is only through
the pa ence and innova on of our members who work around
our headquarters’ shor alls that we are able to focus resources      Gerald McEwin
to address specific concerns raised by the community.                 Chief of Police
In 2008 we were delighted to welcome The Perth County
Pipe Band into our police family and have it re-named as The
Stra ord Police Pipes & Drums. With the approval of the Board,
I worked closely with the band to facilitate its transi on and its
members have proudly represented the Service at numerous
venues since.
                                                                                    JUNE WILSON
                                                                                  Administrative Assistant

2 » INTRODUCTION                                                                 STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008
  2008 FINAL EXPENSES                                                                                Administra on/Salaries, etc.
                                                                                                     $7,136,076.00 - 88%
  Operating Budget 2008
  $8,087,830.00                                                                                      Training/Legal
                                                                                                     $125,833.00 - 2%

  Revenue 2008                                                                                       Equipment/Maintenance/
  $648,014.00                                                                                        Inves ga ons
  (Includes Contributions from Reserves)
                                      s)                                                             $665,308.00 - 8%

                                                                                                     Vehicle Expenses
  Total Budget 2008                                                                                  $160,613.00 - 2%

                                                            STRATFORD POLICE SERVICES BOARD

                                                                    CHIEF OF POLICE
                               RESOURCE                              DEPUTY CHIEF

                              IT SUPPORT
                                                           INSPECTOR                                                      INSPECTOR
                                                        UNIFORM DIVISION                                               SUPPORT SERVICES


   CONSTABLE          CONSTABLE             CONSTABLE             CONSTABLE            COURTS SP/CST.          CID - SERGEANT     DRUG/C.I.S.O CST.

   CONSTABLE          CONSTABLE             CONSTABLE             CONSTABLE            COURTS SP/CST.          CID - SERGEANT        DRUG CST.

   CONSTABLE          CONSTABLE             CONSTABLE             CONSTABLE           RECORDING CLERK            CID – CST.          DRUG CST.

   CONSTABLE          CONSTABLE             CONSTABLE             CONSTABLE           PART-TIME CLERK           IDENT. CST.          DRUG CST.

   CONSTABLE          CONSTABLE             CONSTABLE             CONSTABLE           PART-TIME CLERK          TRAINING SGT.

   CONSTABLE          CONSTABLE             CONSTABLE             CONSTABLE           SYSTEMS QUALITY           YOUTH CST.
                                                                                       CONTROL CLERK

   CONSTABLE          CONSTABLE             CONSTABLE             CONSTABLE            FRONT OFFICE             COMMUNITY
                                                                                          CLERK                SERVICES CST.

   CONSTABLE          CONSTABLE             CONSTABLE             CONSTABLE            FRONT OFFICE              DOMESTIC
                                                                                          CLERK                VIOLENCE CST.

     CLERK             CLERK                  CLERK                CLERK               FRONT OFFICE

     CLERK             CLERK                  CLERK                CLERK               FRONT OFFICE

STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008                                                                                    INTRODUCTION « 3
INTERNAL PROMOTIONS                                         INTERNAL APPOINTMENTS
January 1, 2008      Inspector of Uniform Division          January 1, 2008                Criminal Inves ga ons Sergeant
                     Sam Theocharis                                                        Rob Bya
January 1, 2008      Ac ng Sergeant/Constable               January 1, 2008                Platoon Sergeant
                     Carl Weller                                                           Don Jordan
April 1, 2008        Full Time Clerk Communicator           January 1, 2008                Community Services Constable
                     Elizabeth Taphorn                                                     Robert Viani
October 6, 2008      Administra on Sergeant                 January 1, 2008                Drug Constable
                     Jim Wilson                                                            Brent Hartlieb
                                                            October 6, 2008                Domes c Violence Coordinator
                                                                                           David Stewart

20 Year Medal
November 30, 2007   Constable Paul Pitblado
April 4, 2008       Constable Steve Shaw
July 4, 2008        Inspector Sam Theocharis
July 6, 2008        Sergeant Michael Bellai                 Left to Right: Sergeant Bellai, Inspector Theocharis, Chief McEwin,
                                                             Constable Pitblado and Criminal Investigations Sergeant Wilson
December 13, 2008   Sergeant Donald Jordan
December 18, 2008   Constable Robert Viani

25 Years of Service
July 4, 2008        Criminal Inves ga ons Sergeant
                    John Wilson

30 Year Bar
                                                                                              Pictured above are Constable Viani
July 3, 2008        Criminal Inves ga ons Sergeant                                                    and Chief McEwin
                    Paul Reece

30 Years of Service Recognition
July 24, 2008       Resource Coordinator Sandra Hutchison

40 Years – Order of Merit Award
January 1, 2008     Chief of Police Gerald McEwin
                                                                                            Pictured above are Deputy Chief Bates,
                                                                                              Sergeant Jordan and Chief McEwin

4 » INTRODUCTION                                                          STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008
Chief McEwin was invested as a member of the Order of Merit of the Police Forces during a ceremony at Rideau Hall on May 22,
2008. Governor General of Canada, Michaelle Jean, presided over the ceremony honouring 60 Canadian police officers. Chief
McEwin was the first member of the Stra ord Police Service to receive this pres gious honour. The Order was created in October
2000 to recognize excep onal service and merit by members and employees of the Canadian police forces.

     Pictured above is Police Services Board Chair, Gerry Reynolds presenting Chief Gerald McEwin with his 40 year medal.

HIRED                                 RESIGNATION
September 2, 2008                     February 1, 2008
Part Time Clerk Communicator          Clerk Communicator
Kelly Hammond                         Judy Nigro

                        Pictured right are Clerk Communicator Judy Nigro
                                                      and Chief McEwin
                      (Judy started working for the Stratford Police Service
                           as a Clerk Communicator on November 1, 1988)

STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008                                                                INTRODUCTION « 5
                           JOHN BATES
                                    Deputy Chief
2008 was indeed another benchmark year for the Stra ord
Police Service.

Following the re rement of Inspector John Roper at the end
of 2007, we were pleased to welcome Sam Theocharis to the
senior management team. Sam was promoted to the rank
of Inspector and assumed the du es of Inspector i/c Uniform
Division on January 1, 2008.

An organiza onal change was undertaken in 2008 with the
full- me posi on of Training Sergeant being eliminated and the
Administra ve Sergeant posi on being created. Jim Wilson,
our former Domes c Violence Coordinator, was promoted and
assumed the du es of Administra ve Sergeant. Our regularly
scheduled in-service, use of force and firearms training was
facilitated and delivered by Constables Gerry Foster and Tony
Burrows who were seconded from their regular du es as
required.                                                            P.R.I.D.E. – Police Regionalized
                                                                     Information and Data Entry
                                                                     The Stra ord Police Service is one of four member police services
                                                                     that comprise the PRIDE group. Our partners are the Bran ord,
                                                                     Guelph and Waterloo Regional Police Services. Through PRIDE,
                                                                     we share a state of the art Records Management System (RMS)
                                                                     and a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. This partner-
                                                                     ship not only allows us to share vital informa on with our
                                                                     partner agencies but it is also a very cost-effec ve endeavour.
                                                                     I am pleased to represent our Service on the management
                                                                     commi ee.
Also in 2008, the Service changed the look of our marked police
cruisers. Our new cruisers feature a combina on navy blue and        In 2008, a new CAD system was implemented. The vendor,
white paint scheme with eye-catching new decaling. The pub-          Intergraph, created a product on our behalf that was well
lic’s response to the change has been overwhelmingly posi ve.        received by its end-users and its implementa on was virtually
                                                                     seamless. We would be remiss if we did not acknowledge
In October, an inspec on team from the Ministry of Community         the outstanding work of Sergeant Jeff Simons of the Waterloo
Safety and Correc onal Services conducted a review of four           Regional Police and his team who worked so hard to bring the
areas of the Service:                                                project to its successful conclusion.

•   Prisoner Care & Control                                          Our Records Management System (RMS) is Niche. We are well
•   Traffic Management                                                 served as a member of the Niche User Group which con nually
•   Use of Force                                                     strives, while working collabora vely with Niche, to develop
•   Business Planning                                                and refine the RMS system for the be erment of all users across
                                                                     Canada. Mrs. Barb Sproat is our Service’s Niche Coordinator
The Ministry’s report contained several recommenda ons               and as part of her du es she regularly a ends training sessions
intended to facilitate and promote the con nuing service deliv-      and conferences.
ery improvements already being undertaken by the Board and
the Service.                                                         The PRIDE team was also taking the necessary steps in 2008
                                                                     to allow our members to both access and publish to the Police
Our members, by virtue of their professionalism, diligence           Informa on Portal (PIP) some me in 2009. This Canada-wide
and through partnerships with our ci zens, con nue to deliver        police ini a ve promises to be an outstanding tool for police
excep onally high quality police service to this community and       service members in the acquisi on and sharing of per nent
its visitors. As is detailed below, their standard of conduct this   police-related informa on and we are proud to be a partner in
past year was exemplary.                                             the ini a ve.

6 » REPORTS                                                                      STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008
Training                                                           frivolous nature of the complaint itself and because the circum-
                                                                   stances surrounding the complaint were more than six months
The ongoing training of our members con nues to be a prior-        old. The Chief’s Complaint was substan ated and since the mis-
ity of the Service. Again this year, I am par cularly pleased      conduct was deemed to have been minor in nature it resulted in
to report that while remaining within our annual budget for        an informal disposi on.
training and conferences, and while ensuring all of our sworn
members received their legislated annual training, we were able    Of note, an outstanding 2007 complaint was adjudicated in
to send 42 (over 50%) of our members to a variety of outside       September of 2008. A er an OCCPS directed Hearing before
training venues. In fact, Stra ord Police Service members were     Superintendent Jane Wilcox of the Toronto Police Service, our
in a endance at approximately 65 training events during 2008.      involved member was exonerated of any wrongdoing.

The Service’s commitment to training ensures that our com-         As depicted, the number of Complaints Against Police received
munity’s police officers and civilian Service members are            by the Stra ord Police Service on an annual basis has averaged
collec vely among the most thoroughly trained and competent        4.5 over the past six years, however, as illustrated that number
in the Province.                                                   has been trending downwards.

                                                                   In 2008, the Stra ord Police Service responded to approximately
Professional Standards & Public                                    15,400 calls for service. This does not include the thousands of
Complaints                                                         addi onal police/ci zen contacts that take place annually and
                                                                   do not result in a recorded call for service. I am very pleased
The Province of Ontario has, through legisla on, codified the       to report that only one ci zen-ini ated and duty-related
way in which complaints against police services or individual      Complaint Against Police was received in 2008 and it was
officers are dealt with. The Ontario Civilian Commission of          based upon a 2007 set of circumstances. Essen ally, no public
Police Services (OCCPS) is a provincially mandated civilian        complaints were received regarding the 2008 on-duty conduct
body that is independent of police services but which has          of any member of the Stra ord Police Service. As in the past,
the power to receive and review complaints against police          I believe these numbers con nue to speak excep onally well
and order disciplinary hearings. In addi on to OCCPS, police       to the levels of training received, professionalism demonstrated
agencies in Ontario can be the subject of Special Inves ga ons     and high standard of conduct exhibited by the members of the
Unit (SIU) inves ga ons regarding specific use of force ma ers      Stra ord Police Service each and every day.
and are also held accountable to the Police Services Act and its
Regula ons, their own Rules and Regula ons, and both the Civil
and Criminal Courts. The ci zens of Ontario may be confident        Use of Force
that their respec ve police services are being held accountable    The Criminal Code and Ontario’s Police Services Act are the two
and are in fact among the most scru nized in North America.        pieces of legisla on that both authorize and define the use of
                                                                   force u lized by police officers in this province. The Stra ord
                                                                   Police Service has also established its own use of force and
                                                                   related policies.

                                                                   Use of force by police officers that results in serious injuries or
In 2008, the Service received one complaint from a member of       death are inves gated by the province’s Special Inves ga ons
the public regarding the conduct of an officer and we inves -        Unit. Addi onally, each and every me a Stra ord Police
gated one “Chief’s Complaint” – an internal inves ga on based      Service officer:
upon informa on received outside of the public complaints          • draws, points or uses his or her firearm in the course of their
process.                                                               du es (excluding training)
                                                                   • uses another weapon on a member of the public
The public complaint was not inves gated because of the            • causes an injury to someone that requires medical a en on
STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008                                                                           REPORTS « 7
he or she is required to submit a provincial Use of Force Report.   of our agencies as well as the other emergency services in Perth
Those reports are reviewed by one of the Service’s qualified use     County. This past year was a very challenging year for our local
of force instructors along with senior administra on to deter-      Vic m Services program due to a variety of ini a ves which
mine whether or not the involved officer(s) was in compliance         included:
with legisla on and Service policy.                                 • a number of new appointments to the Board
                                                                    • new staff appointments
In 2008, Stra ord Police Service officers submi ed 21 Use of          • volunteer recruitment and training
Force Reports. The Special Inves ga ons Unit was no fied of          • public informa on and educa on ini a ves
two incidents in 2008, one of which was an officer-involved           • development of new community partners
shoo ng. In the second ma er, the SIU chose not to invoke its
mandate, as the seriousness of the injuries to the subject did      Calls for assistance to Vic m Services of Perth County con nue
not meet its threshold.                                             to increase and the program’s outstanding volunteer responders
                                                                    do themselves and the program credit through their excellent
Recently, the use of Conducted Energy Weapons (CEW’s), com-         work and demonstrated dedica on to serving others.
monly referred to by the manufacturer’s name – TASER® – has
dominated the headlines. The Stra ord Police Service has,
pursuant to Ministry guidelines, issued CEW’s to its front-line
supervisors and to the members of our Emergency Response
Unit. While mindful of the current controversy surrounding
CEW’s, the Service has nevertheless embraced their proper
and lawful use as an effec ve tool for protec ng police officers,
ci zens and frequently the involved subjects from preventable

Victim Services of Perth County
                              In 2008 I con nued to represent
                              the Service as Board member
                              with Vic m Services of Perth
                              County.        The rela onship
                              between the Stra ord Police
                              Service and Vic m Services is one
                              that is mutually beneficial to both

8 » REPORTS                                                                     STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008
                           Support Services
The year 2008 was another busy year for all personnel in the
Stra ord Police Service. My present du es as Inspector of
Support Services include members of the following divisions:
        Criminal Inves ga on Division (C.I.D.)
        Criminal Intelligence Service Ontario (C.I.S.O.) Officer
        Drug Officers
        Scenes of Crime (SOCO)/Property Officer
        Training Sergeant
        Containment Officers
        Domes c Violence Officer
        Community Service Officer
        Youth Officer
Over the years, the type of crime has not really changed;            On July 25, 2007, C.I.D. and Uniform officers become involved in
however, there has been a change in the manner in which we           an A empt Murder case. This case is s ll before the courts and
inves gate and in case prepara on. This has certainly resulted       I feel strongly it will be s ll before the courts during a por on
in cases becoming very me intense and what may have taken            of 2009. In addi on the C.I.D. branch has an addi onal three
one inves gator to complete may involve several inves gators         Major Fraud cases which commenced in 2007 and will possibly
and involve the assistance of outside agencies. To inves gate        be concluded in 2009. These types of cases put a great demand
crime today we must ensure that our officers are equipped              on the inves ga ng officer’s me and are extremely costly for
with the necessary tools and facility to ensure the best results.    the service.
The present police building has outlived its use and must be
replaced to ensure that members of the Stra ord Police Service       With the present demand placed on members of the CID,
can con nue to give our ci zens the best service possible.           considera on must be given to boost the strength of this unit
                                                                     by at least two more officers. By doing so this would allow an
During 2008 the Stra ord Police Service had a shoo ng incident       officer to be assigned to property crime offenses and allow for
involving a police officer and a civilian. As mandated, the S.I.U.     an officer to be involved in the “Analy cal Char ng Techniques”.
was contacted and an inves ga on ensued. The officer involved
was cleared of any wrongdoing and in fact followed proper            I commend these officers for the case load they are carrying and
procedure under a very stressful condi on. During the fall of        for the dedica on in resolving their assigned cases.
2008 once again the S.I.U. was contacted and commenced an
inves ga on due to possible injuries to a civilian during a police
vehicle stop. The inves ga on was concluded in a short period
                                                                     CONTAINMENT OFFICERS
of me as the situa on did not fit the mandate of the S.I.U. I         This unit consists of nine specially trained officers who are called
wish to thank all officers involved in these two incidents for         upon when a crisis situa on exists which requires their exper-
their assistance to the S.I.U. inves gators which showed that we      se. This usually occurs when we have a person in a barricaded
had nothing to hide from due to officers following established         posi on and/or a weapon is present. These officers have proven
procedure.                                                           themselves in a number of incidents they have been involved in.

                                                                     To all Stra ord Police personnel may I extend special thanks
C.I.D.                                                               for the excellent job you have done in keeping Stra ord a safe
This unit consists of three Sergeants who have received special      community in which to live.
training and are tasked with inves ga ng incidents which require
  me to conclude properly. They usually involve the more com-
plex and serious cases, ie: Homicide, Frauds, Sexual Assaults,
Abduc ons, Missing Persons, Criminal Harassment, etc., which
would fall under the Ontario Major Case Management System.
These cases are entered into the Provincial Power Case so ware
data base which then makes the case available to all Police
Services. The C.I.D. officers are also used when an inves ga on
is required when a complaint against Police is made.

STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008                                                                              REPORTS « 9
                          Uniform Division
As the Inspector in charge of the Uniform Division of the
Stra ord Police Service, I directly supervise five Sergeants, 32
Uniform Officers, and 17 Civilian staff members which include
Front Office staff, Clerk Communicators, a Systems Quality
Control Clerk - Niche/RMS and Court Services.

As the Uniform Inspector, media rela ons are my responsibil-
ity. It is important to keep the community informed of current
criminal ac vity and announcing local police ini a ves. The
Stra ord Police Service enjoys a posi ve rapport with the media.
Both local and surrounding media outlets have been helpful in
crea ng a link to our community and assis ng us in keeping our
stakeholders informed.

This year a restructuring of the Uniform Division occurred and
a new Administra ve Sergeant posi on was created. I am
pleased to announce that James Wilson was the successful
                                                                    Members of the Uniform Division are required to con nuously
candidate and was promoted to this newly created posi on. I
                                                                    upgrade their training to keep abreast of new technologies
look forward to working closely with Sergeant Wilson in his new
                                                                    that are con nually emerging in policing. Training facili es
posi on.
                                                                    such as the Ontario Police College located in Aylmer and the
The Stra ord Police Service Uniform Officers are assigned to          Canadian Police College located in O awa provide state-of-the-
one of four platoons and work 12-hour rota ng shi s providing       art classrooms and instructors that are subject ma er experts
24-hour con nuous coverage seven days a week. Each pla-             to facilitate this training. As well, the Stra ord Police Service
toon consists of one Sergeant, eight Constables and two Clerk       provides con nuous in-house training for all of our officers to
Communicators.                                                      ensure they have the latest informa on available to them.

Officers are assigned to patrol areas within the City of Stra ord     I would like to thank our Front Office staff for the work that they
in order to provide an efficient and mely response to calls           do in order to keep all of our reports and paperwork flowing
for service. As well, officers are assigned to foot patrol in the     and up-to-date. This unit is an integral part of our organiza on
downtown core as part of this Service’s commitment to the           that ensures informa on keeps flowing in an efficient manner
Community-Based Policing concept.                                   and to facilitate a mely comple on of all required processes.
                                                                    I would also like to take this opportunity to express my sincere
Court Services consists of two Court Special Constables and a       apprecia on and thanks to each member of the Stra ord Police
Court Recording Clerk. They have a wide range of responsibili es    Service for their dedica on, professionalism and commitment,
that include processing both criminal and provincial offences,       not only to the ci zens of Stra ord, but also to the Stra ord
and managing the records system. Our two Special Constables         Police Service.
provide court security and also assist the Duty Sergeants in such
ma ers as summons delivery and prisoner escorts.

10 » REPORTS                                                                    STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008
      Pictured above is Inspector Sam Theocharis showing a “Taser” which was the subject of much controversy in 2008.

Stra ord Police Officers are trained in everything they need to know about “Conducted Energy Weapons” or more com-
monly known by the Arizona based manufacturer’s name of the “Taser”. Most of the officers who carry these devices
have been “Tasered themselves and know how it feels. At the present me only supervisors, the emergency response
unit or chief’s designates are allowed to carry the devices. It enables police to subdue people who are otherwise
uncontrollable and in medical distress which can enable them to have superhuman strength.

Up un l the Taser was developed the only way to gain control of the individual would be by using hard impact techniques
to subdue them or worse yet to use deadly force. The Taser in fact is a life saver rather than a killer.

STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008                                                                   REPORTS « 11
                                2008 Training Schedule
 Date                    Officer                                       Course
 February 27             PC Wilson                                   Provincial Conference Violence Against Women
 February 28 & 29        PC Viani                                    Youth Officers Conference
 March 2-7               PC Ferguson                                 Covert Opera on Handler Course
 March 10-19             Sgt. Bya                                    Major Case Management
 March 19                Laurie Ash, Darlene Smith & Carol Strubel   Delivering Service Excellence
 April 7-11              PC Pitblado                                 Advanced Patrol Training
 April 14                PC Viani                                    Block Parent Program Conference
 April 14-16             PC Pitblado & PC Huivenaar                  OACP Spring Traffic Seminar
 April 7-9               PC Wilson                                   DVC Conference
 April 28 - May 6        PC Kolkman                                  Radar/Lidar Instructor Training Course
 April 29 & May 1        PC Bentley                                  Workplace Wellness Workshop
 April 28 - May 9        PC Jardine                                  Scenes of Crime Inves ga on
 May 6-16                Sgt. Bya                                    Fraud Inves gators Course
 May 15                  PC Foster & PC Burrows                      Recognizing Signs Excited Delirium
 May 21-22               PC Wesson & PC Stewart                      Team Building
 May 21                  Insp. Theocharis                            CISO Bill C-24
 May 26- June 6          PC Campbell & PC Hartleib                   General Inves ga on Course London
 May 28                  PC Viani & PC Rielly                        Safety in Our Schools
 June 4&5                Sandra Hutchison & Barb Sproat              UCR Code Training
 June 16                 Sgt. Ash, Sgt. Jordan & PC Foster           Building Leadership Strength / Self-Awareness
 June 17-18              PC Wesson & PC Stewart                      Influen al Police Leadership
 June 19                 Sgt. McDonald & Sgt. Jordan                 Emo onal Intelligence
 June 20                 Sandra Hutchison                            Managing Service Excellence in Policing
 August 25-29            PC Viani                                    Ontario School Resource Officer Training
 September 9-19          PC Grabowski & PC D. Johnson                Intoxilyzer Course
 September 10&11         Sgt. Bellai & Sgt. Jordan                   Influen al Police Leadership
 September 8-19          PC Hartleib                                 Drug Inves ga on Course
 September 28-Oct        Insp. Theocharis                            Incident Commanders Course
 October 6-10            PC Coghlin, PC J. Clarke & PC Peck          Crisis Nego ator Course
 October 6-17            PC Jardine                                  Level II Accident Inves ga on
 October 6-10            PC Pitblado                                 Crisis Nego ator Course
 October 14-24           PC Stewart                                  Sexual Assault Inves ga on Course
 October 15              Sgt. Bya                                    Building Leadership Strength / Self-Awareness
 October 16              PC Gray & Sandra Hutchison                  Emo onal Intelligence
 October 15-16           Barb Sproat                                 “OPTIC Users Group” Conference
 October 27-31           Deputy Chief Bates                          Prosecutor / Hearing Officer Course
 October 27-November 7   Sgt. Bya                                    Homicide Course
 November 6              Joanne Wallace                              DNA Data Bank Sample Collec on
 November 18-20          Sgt. Bya                                    REIDS Interviewing
 November 18-20          PC M. Taylor                                ONGIA Gang Conference
 November 20 & 21        PC Foster                                   Taser Instructor Course
 November 17-28          PC Robinson & PC Steeves                    General Inves ga on Course London
 November 24-28          PC M. Taylor                                Search Warrant Course
 December 1-5            PC J.Clarke                                 Advanced Patrol Training
 December 1-12           PC Weller                                   Front Line Supervisors Course
 December 1-5            PC Stewart                                  Domes c Violence Inves ga on Trainer
 December 9-11           Kelly Hammond                               CPIC Query / Narra ve

12 » REPORTS                                                         STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008
          Technical & Information
In 2008 there were some significant changes in our day to day
opera ons; most notably was a new C.A.D. (Computer Aided
Dispatch) system from Intergraph that went live on November
18, 2008. In December we upgraded our audio/visual security
system purchased from 4XEM.

                                   This year at the F.O.I.
                                   (Freedom of Informa on)
                                   conference hosted by the
                                   Chatham Kent Police Service
                                   there was a significant
                                   amount of me spent on the
                                   most recent orders from the      which again this year was in the spotlight as being the fastest
Privacy Commissioner’s Office. A very controversial subject           growing crime. For every fraud offence reported there are
was the release of police reports and photographs surrounding       1,000 not reported to the police. Banking cards can be easily
a death, whether it was a homicide or sudden death, to the          skimmed and typically aren’t used for up to six months later. He
immediate family for compelling compassionate reasons. The          recommended that you should check your credit ra ng. A video
Privacy Commissioner is taking a broad spectrum approach for        was played from an actual security system showing how easily a
requests from the immediate family that requires this informa-      card can be skimmed at the checkout in a store. The most com-
  on for closure in the death of their loved one. The Privacy       mon distrac on is while you are pu ng in your P.I.N. number
Act will no doubt be modified in the near future to accom-           the cashier was skimming the card! Illegal Ontario iden fica on
modate this new approach because, as it stands now, only the        can be purchased for hundreds of dollars and Passports can be
person who can receive informa on from our files would be the        purchased for thousands on the black market. Our front line
executor of the will and only if they can prove it is required to   officers and front office clerks view iden fica on every day.
se le the estate. Our officers work closely with the deceased’s
immediate family keeping them informed of circumstances and
the inves ga on’s status. Every request from the immediate
                                                                    INTERGRAPH COMPUTER AIDED
family would be considered but only in compelling compassion-       DISPATCH (I-DISPATCHER AND
ate circumstances would documents from our files be released
under the current F.O.I. Act.                                       I-MOBILE SYSTEMS)
                                                                    On November 18th, 2009 at 5:10 a.m. our new Computer Aided
At the L.E.A.R.N. Conference for Records Managers Sgt. Gary         Dispatch (C.A.D.) system went live. Our clerk communicators
O’Brien, OPP An -Racket Squad, presented on “Iden ty The ”          a ended five days of training at the Waterloo Regional Police
                                                                    Headquarters in October. My sincere thanks goes out to Amy
                                                                    Germs and Theresa Billo for altering their training program to
  FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT STATISTICS                             accommodate our communicators in their classroom and for
                                            2007       2008         always making themselves available for ques ons and further
   Formal Requests for Informa on            54         31          training as required. I would also like to recognize and thank
                                                                    Constable’s Foster and Burrows who took the informa on
   Appeals filed with the Privacy              0          0          from the train the trainer class also held at Waterloo Regional
   Commissioner                                                     Headquarters and making a training package for our officers.
   Police Records Checks Processed         1,475       1,740        The officers were trained on the Intergraph program called
   Provide Informa on to Other              488         580         I-Mobile at our police service in a classroom se ng using actual
   Agencies/Individuals                                             Mobile Work Sta ons.

STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008                                                                          REPORTS « 13
Just prior to the C.A.D. system going live we had to add a third      necessary to have more than one individual trained as an L.R.A.
monitor to the dispatch sta ons to accommodate the many               Barb Sproat no longer reports to me, due to an organiza onal
windows that have to be open at any given me. The clerk               restructuring. All of the clerks, including Barb, now report to the
communicators now have five monitors at each sta on; 3 for             Administra on Sergeant Jim Wilson who reports to Inspector
C.A.D. and our Records Management System, one for security            Theocharis.
cameras and one for the radio system.
                                                                      In December of 2008 we were able to give the Clerk
The new C.A.D. program has allowed for the expansion of the           Communicators access to the internet without impac ng their
types of calls we a end, to include requirements for Sta s cs           me sensi ve, cri cal computer programs. They access the
Canada and also our own in-house requirements. You will               web through an icon on their computer and log into a separate
no ce on the General Sta s cs sec on of this annual report            stand-alone computer. This has worked very well and we are
I have added two new categories; traffic/person stops and               considering the same procedure for all of the officers to use.
Non-Emergency 9-1-1 calls. Please do not pre-program your             The Web is a valuable tool for our communicators and officers
cell phone to dial 9-1-1 and only call 9-1-1 if an emergency is       alike by accessing everything from weather reports and road
currently happening. From November 18th to December 31st,             condi ons, to 4-1-1 programs and Facebook which helps locate
2008 the new CAD system recorded 1,296 non-emergency 9-1-1            informa on for inves ga ons.
calls that had to be processed by our Clerk Communicators.
                                                                      Last, but certainly not least, on December 16, 2008 we installed
                                                                      an audio-visual system purchased from 4XEM, a company who
TECHNOLOGY                                                            specializes in I.P. based cameras with audio and storage devices.
Early in 2008 we replaced our Panasonic CF-28 & CF-29 rug-            We went from a few black and white cameras with no audio to
gedized mobile worksta ons with Panasonic CF-30’s. They               almost double the amount of colour I.P. cameras with full audio
were four years old and the demand for a faster processer and         recordings. We installed a special independent interview room
random memory was required. The replaced mobile worksta-              with a separate DVD recording system in the Sergeant’s Office
  ons were kept for training on Intergraph’s I-Mobile program         with full control over the audio. Our system keeps six months
in October. Our officers not only access our Computer Aided             worth of audio/video and now all requests for copies of DVD’s,
Dispatch System and the Canadian Police Informa on Centre             except for the interview room, are processed through my office
(C.I.P.C.) but can also access our Niche records management           which was previously done by the Sergeants.
system. We currently have six mobile worksta ons and one
spare unit.                                                           I would like to gratefully
                                                                      acknowledge Frank Kuschmierz
                                                                      and his staff at Xenium
                                                                      Informa on          Technology
                                                                      Corpora on for suppor ng us
                                                                      in our technological needs two
                                                                      days a week. There is a never-
                                                                      ending list of things to do and
                                                                      we couldn’t do it without their

                                                                      Every year comes and goes with unique projects and challenges,
                                                                      whether directed by the various levels of government or new
                                                                      technology; but the one thing that is always reassuring is the
                                                                      unified dedica on in which everyone I work with strives to serve
                                                                      our city to the best of their abili es.

On June 17, 2008 Barb Sproat and I a ended L.R.A. (Local
Registra on Authority) training adding to our current responsi-
bili es and becoming an L.R.A. for the Stra ord Police Service.
This is a computer security func on that authen cates a user
with a database at the O.P.P. headquarters in Orillia using Entrust
So ware. This responsibility was that of the Training Sergeant
who became an Inspector, and due to his new responsibili es
and because all of our members will have to be registered using
two factor authen fica on (tokens & passwords) by 2009, it was

14 » REPORTS                                                                      STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008
                       MIKE BELLAI
           Drug / Intelligence Unit
The Drug/Intelligence Unit supervised by Sergeant Mike Bellai is
responsible for inves ga ons rela ng to:
• Drug Trafficking / Produc on
• Criminal Organiza on Inves ga ons
• Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs
• Hate / Bias mo vated Crime
• Proceeds of Crime Inves ga ons
• Informant / Agent development and maintenance
• Witness protec on
• Surveillance
• Covert Opera ons                                                 The Drug / Intelligence Unit was involved in a number of suc-
                                                                   cessful, Street Level drug trafficking Projects in 2008 focusing
The members of the Drug / Intelligence Unit take an aggressive     on the distribu on of methamphetamine, cocaine and other
proac ve approach to detec ng, inves ga ng and arres ng            controlled substances within the City of Stra ord. The Drug /
persons involved in organized crime and drug trafficking using a     Intelligence Unit also works jointly with the RCMP in the annual
number of different inves ga ve techniques.                         marihuana eradica on effort that seized millions of dollars of
                                                                   marihuana that was des ned for illegal consump on within

                                                                   The Drug / Intelligence
                                                                   Unit underwent a project-
                                                                   based inves ga on that
                                                                   was completed in 2008.
                                                                   Project “Cranked” was
                                                                   funded in part by The
                                                                   Methamphetamine          Task
                                                                   Force and supported by
                                                                   C.I.S.O. The project resulted
                                                                   in 12 persons being arrested
                                                                   who faced 90 charges rela ng to trafficking Methamphetamine,
                                                                   Cocaine, Ecstasy, Marihuana, Oxycon n and Crack Cocaine as
                                                                   well as produc on of controlled substances and other criminal
                                                                   charges. Over $200,000 worth of controlled substances were
The Drug / Intelligence Unit is a par cipa ng member of The        seized and an addi onal $180,000 in proceeds of crime money
Criminal Intelligence Service of Ontario (C.I.S.O.), A/Sgt Steve   and property was also seized.
Shaw is the C.I.S.O. delegate officer for the Stra ord Police
Service. The Members of the Drug / Intelligence Unit regularly
a end C.I.S.O. training courses and assist in instruc ng other
officers in areas of Undercover Officer techniques.

     Drug Unit Statistics 2008
     Drug Charges                                    188
     Criminal Code Charges                           101
     Weapons Charges                                  10

STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008                                                                         REPORTS « 15
            JIM WILSON
In 2008, the Stra ord Police Service undertook some organi-
za onal changes; one of which resulted in the crea on of the
new Administra ve Sergeant’s posi on. Sergeant D.James
Wilson was appointed to the posi on and assumed his du es
in October, 2008.

Sergeant Wilson was born and raised in Stra ord and he joined
the Stra ord Police Service as a Constable in 1989. He has
served as a front-line patrol officer, an Ac ng Sergeant on pla-
toons and prior to his promo on as Administra ve Sergeant he
served as the Domes c Violence Coordinator. Sergeant Wilson
is ac vely involved in his community through his volunteer work
with a variety of organiza ons.                                   In conjunc on with our Recording Clerk, Mrs. Barb Conrad,
One of the core func ons of the Administra ve Sergeant is to      Sergeant Wilson liaises with the Crown A orney’s Office in
maintain the Duty Schedule for all members of the Stra ord        order to facilitate effec ve prosecu ons in both the Criminal
Police Service. A new Uniform Division shi schedule was           and Provincial Courts.
introduced in 2009 and Sergeant Wilson was tasked with its        Another core func on of the Administra ve Sergeant is to act
administra on. The new schedule presented some unique chal-       as the Service’s Fleet Manager. The Service has a fleet of 13
lenges and Sergeant Wilson extends his personal apprecia on       cars, trucks and vans along with eight bicycles and a number
to all members for their input, understanding and coopera on      of undercover vehicles which require on-going maintenance.
in the applica on of this process.                                It is with the grateful assistance of the Uniform Sergeants and
The Administra ve Sergeant teams with eight civilian staff: our    Officers that the Service’s vehicles regularly receive proper
Front Office Clerks (4), the Recording Clerk, the Niche/RMS         maintenance throughout the year.
Coordinator, and the Court Officers (2) to ensure that individual   As our city and its police service con nue to evolve, Sergeant
and Service goals are met. Through con nued posi ve interac-      Wilson looks forward to working together with our community
 on, Sergeant Wilson was able to coopera vely implement           partners and Service members, to effec vely produce posi ve
several changes to promote addi onal efficiencies. To date,         change within our organiza on.
cross-training has occurred in two different job classifica ons;
the Recording Clerk and part of the Niche data entry (Uniform
Crime Repor ng). Some specific internal job responsibili es
have been reassigned and the streamlining of other tasks has
taken place. Addi onally, the dedica on of support staff to the
Drug Unit has also fostered a more consistent and produc ve
environment. Sergeant Wilson wishes to acknowledge the
Service’s civilian staff for the dedica on, professionalism and
coopera on they display on a daily basis.

16 » REPORTS                                                                 STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008
           DAVID STEWART
                      Domestic Violence
The Stra ord Police Service has dedicated a full- me Domes c
Violence Coordinator since 2001 to oversee all rela onship
related occurrences. Detec ve Constable Jim Wilson has been
in this role for two years and has completed his term with the
utmost professionalism and dedica on to vic ms of domes c
violence. In October 2008, Jim was promoted to Administra ve
Sergeant and leaves the program well established.

The front line uniformed officers spend a great deal of me
inves ga ng each domes c occurrence that is reported. They
may spend up to ten hours recording all the details and pre-
paring a crown package for an occurrence with charges. These     Crisis Interven on, Huron-Perth Legal Clinic, Op mism Place,
dedicated professionals ensure that the vic m’s needs are well   Proba on Office, Stra ord General Hospital, Vic m Services of
served during any encounter with the criminal jus ce system.     Perth County and Vic m/Witness Assistance Program.
The Domes c Violence Coordinator oversees every domes c          The Coordinator is also responsible for monitoring changes in
occurrence that happens in the City of Stra ord. Domes cs are    law and court rulings, iden fying any addi onal training needs,
divided into two types: in mate and non-in mate. In mate         and represents the Service on established domes c violence
rela onships include current or formerly married, common-        related commi ees. The coordinator sits on the following
law or da ng situa ons. Non-in mate rela onships include,        boards: Domes c Violence Coordinator Commi ee of Ontario,
but are not limited to, parent (step)/child and siblings. The    Huron-Perth Mental Health Advisory Commi ee, Huron-Perth
coordinator conducts follow-up in each domes c situa on          Sexual Assault Commi ee and the Stop Violence Against
with the effected family member(s) and makes the appropriate      Women Commi ee.
referrals to various agencies. These include Canadian Mental
Health Associa on, Children’s Aid Society, Choices for Change,   The Stra ord Police Service is commi ed to providing the best
Crown A orney, Emily Murphy Centre, Family Services Perth-       support and resources for the vic ms and their families involved
Huron, Huron-Perth Centre for Children and Youth, Huron-Perth    in a domes c situa on.

   2008 Domestic Violence Statistics
   Month             In mate Occurrences   Non-In mate Occurrences   Total Occurrences   Total Charges   Yearly Total Charges
   January                   32                      15                     47                13                  13
   February                  33                       15                    48                11                  24
   March                     35                       7                     42                14                  38
   April                    32                       11                     43                16                 54
   May                       35                       15                    50                22                  76
   June                     33                       18                     51                 4                 80
   July                     33                        5                     38                13                 93
   August                   40                       10                     50                20                 113
   September                 34                       12                     46                14                127
   October                   25                       2                     27                 5                 132
   November                  37                        7                     44                10                142
   December                  33                       12                     45                11                153
   TOTALS                   402                      129                    531               153                153

STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008                                                                       REPORTS « 17
               PHILIP PSUTKA
 Identi ication & Operational
             Support Services
In 2008, the Stra ord Police Service, Opera onal Support
Services, “Iden fica on / Property Management Sec on”
was managed & administered by one full- me, “Scenes of
Crime Officer”. On each of the four platoons are designated
S.O.C.O.s. These officers, in addi on to their numerous uni-
form patrol du es complement their own platoons, and the
Criminal Inves ga ons Division with their specialized training.
This usually provides “around-the-clock” coverage. These field
officers can be called on then to a end to situa ons that require
immediate evidence interpreta on, recording, collec on &
photography. Photography makes use of primarily Digital format
camera technology.

This unit is also responsible for the processing of persons under
the auspices of the “Iden fica on of Criminals Act”. The full
 me S.O.C.O. u lizes the police service’s computerized, digital     Collec ons & submissions to the Na onal DNA Databank pro-
photography/ filing system. In addi on to the previously listed      gram are also conducted by this unit. The full me S.O.C.O. is
du es, the full me officer is also solely responsible for the         further trained for the collec on of DNA obtained by warrants
management, storage and disposi ons of proper es, monies            and access to the Ontario Sex Offender Registry.
and firearms which come into the possession of the police
service during the course of an occurrence. When items require      As the Local Firearms Officer, the full me officer also fields
further examina on, the full me officer assesses then co-             inquiries from the public, other police agencies, the Chief
ordinates the necessary analysis either by Health Canada, the       Provincial Firearms Office and the Canadian Firearms Centre in
Centre of Forensic Sciences, RCMP, Ontario Provincial Police,       regards to any firearm administra ve inves ga on. The Annual
and Waterloo Regional Police Service.                               Firearms Report, as legislated to the Ontario Provincial Police-
                                                                    Provincial Weapons Enforcement Unit, is also a responsibility.
An extra “thank you with much apprecia on” to the Waterloo
Regional Police Service’s - Human Resources & Audio Visual staff,    2008 was the third, full year of implemen ng all exhibit entries
for their assistance this past year with our numerous requests.     onto the new computerized NICHE, “Property Management”
                                                                    files. Inves ga ng officers have become more adept with the
In select cases where some items cannot be returned to their        usage of Digital cameras. Therefore the increase con nues
owners, items can be sold by public auc on within the guidelines    with the corresponding me of “digital darkroom” -expor ng
as set out in the Ontario Police Services Act. Where applicable,    images to their occurrence files & the cost of supplies for this
ar cles such as prescrip on glasses, cell phones & clothing are     technology.
forwarded to the appropriate chari es.

“Non-Criminal” fingerprin ng requests are also provided by
appointment for Stra ord residents and Stra ord business’

18 » REPORTS                                                                    STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008
Identi ication
Statistics                        2006   2007     2008
Fingerprints Processed             476    477      381
Fingerprints - Personal Request
(Non-Criminal)                     74     74       62
Property Exhibits Processed
(Excluding Bikes)                 1291   1375     1348
Drug Exhibits Processed            108     81      79
Persons Charged with Failing to
Appear for Fingerprints             38     26       28
Firearms Interest Inves ga ons      16     21       33
DNA Collec ons                      15        9    23

Disposals                         2006   2007     2008
Handguns                            14        6    12
Rifles                               19     39       21
Shotguns                            13        6     8
Knives                              44     86       98
Air Guns                            15     21       16
Prohibited Items                     4     21       27
Others                              11     11       16
Explosive Items                      1     25        1
Counterfeit Money                 N/A    N/A        34

Highlights for 2008
The increase of submi ed knives / “sharp-edged” weapons & handguns disposed. The increase of DNA col-
lec ons as part of sentencing- due to the expanded list of Criminal Code DNA Designated Offence qualifiers.
The increase of “Firearm Ownership Inves ga ons” – due to firearm owners with expired firearm licences
neglec ng to renew. The implementa on of the Canadian Firearms regula ons, requiring “Public Agencies” to
report all “Agency” & “Protected” firearms in their possession to the new RCMP / Federal inventory repor ng
site. This is now in addi on to the exis ng “in-house” record entries & Annual Provincial Report.
The favourable Ontario Policing Standards Annual Audit of this unit’s property management.
All 73 members of the Stra ord Police Service were provided with a newly designed Photo Iden fica on card.
This card replaced the former “Polaroid” format & u lized the NICHE / digital program resul ng with a lami-
nated wallet sized card.
As a result of the 2008 promo on of Insp. Theocharis, the Ontario Sex Offender Registry was transferred. 24
persons were processed.

STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008                                                    REPORTS « 19
                            KEN RIELLY
                                   Youth Of icer
The Youth Officer posi on was established in August 2005 with
the intent of pu ng an officer in the three high schools as a
resource for the teachers and students. The idea is that the offi-
cer would be present on a regular basis to act as a link between
the police service, the Board of Educa on and the students.
Also, the officer is expected to inves gate any criminal ac vity
related to the schools. He/ she is to do proac ve policing by
speaking to the classes and individuals about criminal behaviour.

The Youth Criminal Jus ce Act (YCJA) requires an officer deal-
ing with young persons between the ages of 12-18 to consider
alterna ves to charging a young person and having them appear
before a Youth Court. An officer may choose any of the follow-
ing “Extrajudicial Measures” to hold the youth accountable for
their ac ons.                                                        coordinator (O.P.P. constable) and one Stra ord Police liaison
                                                                     along with members of the public. With community support,
1.   take no further ac on                                           awareness of Crimestoppers was raised from Bail and Jail,
2.   give the youth a warning                                        Crimestoppers Awareness Night and the Chili Cook-Off. In 2008
3.   issue a cau on to the youth                                     Stra ord police received 70 ps from the program.
4.   refer the young person on their consent to an outside
     agency that may assist them                                     I would like to acknowledge the administra on of the Stra ord
                                                                     Police Service for the confidence and assistance they have pro-
Any of the four steps can be used, however, whichever measure        vided in establishing this posi on, the members of the uniform
is applied should be used fairly and be propor onate to the          branch who have assisted and forwarded informa on that
offence the young person has commi ed.                                has been useful, the administra on of the three high schools
                                                                     for their coopera on, and finally the staff and students for the
During the school year 2008, I visited with 36 classes at the high   recep on to my presence within the schools and classrooms.
schools and spoke on topics such as Criminal Law, the Youth
Criminal Jus ce Act, Drugs and Civics.

I also a ended 19 commi ee mee ngs to represent the police           2008 Youth Of icer Statistics
service and took part in 17 community events to assist the           MONTH         ARRESTS CAUTIONS CHARGES CDSA CODE PROVINCIAL
Community Services Officer. Some of the events included:               JANUARY
•        LINC Parent Fair                                            FEBRUARY          1           1           3                           3
•        Crimestoppers Bail and Jail                                 MARCH             1                       1        1
•        M&M Meats Charity BBQ
                                                                     APRIL             1                       4                           4
•        Tim Horton Camp Day
•        Kids and Kops (Big Brothers and Big Sisters)                MAY               5           1           6        1       5
•        To Stra ord With Love                                       JUNE              2                       2        1       1
•        Crimestoppers Awareness Night                               JULY
•        Canada’s Wonderland (School Safety Patrol Program)          AUGUST
•        CJCS Kiwanis Christmas Basket Delivery                      SEPTEMBER        12           9           3        2       1
•        Special Olympics Torch Run
                                                                     OCTOBER          11          10           1        1
During 2008, I was asked to                                          NOVEMBER
take over the Stra ord Police                                        DECEMBER
Service liason posi on and                                           TOTAL            33          21          20        6       7          7
serve on the Board of the                                            CDSA= Controlled Drugs and Substances Act
Huron Perth Crimestoppers.
                                                                     CODE= Criminal Code
The Board consists of two
police officers, one being the                                         Provincial= Highway Traffic Act, Liquor Licence Act, Trespass to Property Act

20 » REPORTS                                                                      STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008
                                  ROB VIANI
                     Community Services
The Community Service office of the Stra ord Police Service
provides proac ve educa onal programs and presenta ons
to the ci zens of Stra ord. The Community Service Officer
is responsible for delivering programs to children from birth
un l the end of grade six and then post high school to seniors.
Constable Viani started in this role January 2008. The following
are roles and programs of the Community Service Officer.

D.A.R.E. is in its fourth year of being                            The program ends with the students
taught to all the grade six students in                            wri ng an essay in which each student
the city of Stra ord. D.A.R.E. stands                              reflects on what they have learned over
for Drug Abuse Resistance Educa on.                                the past eight weeks. As part of the
The course is ten weeks in length and                              essay, they make a pledge to themselves
                                                                   on how they will personally deal with
                                                                   alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. The
                                                                   selected essay was published in the
                                                                   Beacon Herald on April 28, 2008.

                                                                   SCHOOL PROGRAMS
                                                                   The Stra ord Police Service’s commit-
                                                                   ment to educa on of the youth in our
                                                                   community is the main focus of the
                                                                   Community Services office. As a result, a
                                                                   large por on of the Community Service
                                                                   Officer’s me is spent in our local
                                                                   schools. Several programs are offered
                                                                   but are not limited to the following;
                                                                   School Bus Safety, Stranger Danger,
 Michael Viani receives his D.A.R.E. certi icate
                                                                   Community Helpers, Block Parents,
                                                                   Winter Safety, Street Proofing, Bullying,
each class is approximately 50 minutes                             Drug Preven on, Bicycle Safety, Internet
long. Approximately 350 students each                              Safety & Cyberbullying.
year learn about the harmful effects of
                                                                   Internet safety and Cyberbulling are s ll
tobacco, alcohol, marihuana and other
                                                                   a big issue in the school system. The
drugs. The issues of friendship, peer
                                                                   internet is always changing and so must
pressure and making good, healthy and
                                                                   the presenta ons that are delivered to
safe choices are also dealt with during
                                                                   the students. The Avon Maitland District
the program. The police officer facilitates
                                                                   School Board is commi ed to providing
a lively discussion every week. With the
                                                                   the best internet safety presenta on that
knowledge base they acquire, the stu-
                                                                   it can. Diana Doctor from the AMDSB
dents are given situa ons they role play
                                                                   informa on technology department
through. The D.A.R.E. Decision Making
                                                                   constantly updates the presenta on in
Model provides them the necessary tool
                                                                   which the Stra ord Police and the O.P.P.
they require to work through the process
                                                                   deliver along with Mrs. Doctor to school
to make good choices for years to come.
                                                                   assemblies for grades 4 to 8.

STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008                                                  REPORTS « 21
This is an interac ve presenta on in which staff and students
all take home valuable resources to make their computer me

The school safety patrollers have been assis ng fellow students
to and from schools for years in the city. The program consists
of training students on how to safely direct students across the
road in front of their schools. Currently, sixty students from
Anne Hathaway, Bedford, Hamlet and Shakespeare schools par-
 cipate in the program. These dedicated grade 5 and 6 students
are selected by the administra on from each school to provide
this valuable service to all students. The patrollers are in the
crossing zone prior to school, at lunch and a er school assis ng             PC Matt Peck talking to the class at the Kids & Kops Camp
all students in the school. The patrollers have shown commit-
ment and leadership skills throughout the year and as a result         KIDS & KOPS CAMP
are rewarded with a trip to Canada’s Wonderland chaperoned
                                                                       The New Big Brothers and Big Sisters along with the Stra ord
by Stra ord Police officers.
                                                                       Police Service ran the Kids & Kops Camp for one week in the
                                                                       summer. The fi een youth involved are on the wai ng list to
OPERATION MELON -BICYCLE                                               be matched with a big brother or big sister in the community.
                                                                       The camp exposes youth to policing and teaches them various
HELMET CHECKS                                                          safety and life skills. It also gives them a opportunity to give
Constable Viani and Velma Hansford of the Perth District Health        back a li le to the community. We achieved this by taking them
Unit a ended all the junior schools in Stra ord unannounced            to Cedarcro Re rement Residence where the kids spent me
to the students to check for those wearing bicycle helmets.            interac ng with some seniors. The a ernoons are for fun ac vi-
Those students who were wearing a helmet received a reward               es like swimming and sports. This year included trips to the
and their name was entered into a draw for a chance to win a           Ontario Police College as well as a morning at the Northwestern
new bicycle. Lillian Wilson-Whaling of Avon Public School and          Secondary School “Screaming Avacado”. The kids not only
Reece Van Houtven of Hamlet Public School were the two draw            received a hands-on cooking lesson but then got to try out their
winners that received new bicycles, helmets and locks at Totally       new skill for lunch. A special thank you goes out to the follow-
Spoke’d bike shop.                                                     ing great community partners that make our program possible
                                                                       by providing lunches throughout the week: The Sun Room, Mr.
                                       TORCH RUN                       Sub, M&M Meats and The Parlour, as well as Brad Rickert from
                                                                       Stra ord Airporter for providing transporta on for the week. A
                                       The     Ontario     Special     special thank you goes out to Paul Finkelstein for his assistance
                                       Olympics is the move-           and use of the Screaming Avacado.
                                       ment’s largest grassroots
                                       fundraiser and public
                                       awareness vehicle. It is also
                                       the charity of choice for
                                       Law Enforcement Agencies
                                       around the province.
                                       Special Olympics Ontario
                                       is part of a worldwide
                                       charitable     organiza on
                                       dedicated to promo ng
                                       a more ac ve and be er
         PC Viani holds the torch      quality of life for people
                                       who have intellectual dis-
ability, through their involvement of sport. In 2008, officers and
civilians took part in the 21st Annual Torch Run. The run started
at the Stra ord Police Service office and con nued through the
City of Stra ord ending up at a Torch Run corporate sponsor,
Boston Pizza. Our thanks go out to Dan Smith and Boston Pizza                          Chief McEwin presenting certi icates
who hosted a lunch for the special athletes.

22 » REPORTS                                                                       STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008
SMARTRISK is a one hour mul -media
show that lets kids know that they are
responsible for making their own safe
life choices. The show is hosted by an
injury survivor who tells their story and
describes the consequences of making a
poor decision. Ul mately, the message
is upbeat and posi ve. It encourages
people to have fun and take risks – but
smart risks.

During the week of November 17 to
21, 2008 presenta ons were hosted at
Northwestern and Central Secondary
Schools in Stra ord as well as St.Marys
D.C.V.I. and Listowel District Secondary
Schools. The presenta ons were the                Chief McEwin drops the puck for “Deputy Sgt.” Tim Taylor & NHL Alumni Bill Derlago
result of a partnership between Julie
Froud of the Perth District Health Unit,
the Perth O.P.P. and Constable Viani. The   NHL Hall of Fame Inductee Ray Scapinello working the lines. Constable Viani would like
presenta on was offered to every grade       to extend a hear elt thank you to all the par cipants as well as Boston Pizza and Doug
7 to 12 student in Perth County with over   Downie of Crea ve Ink for all their support in this worthwhile night.
6000 kids a ending.
                                            BIG BROTHER & BIG SISTER CHRISTMAS GIFTS
Bringing the program to our youth would
not have been possible without the gen-     On December 23rd,
erous support of the following groups:      2008 Constable Viani
Ontario Associa on of Chiefs of Police,     and Big Brothers
The Perth County Task Force on Crystal      Big Sisters Stra ord
Meth, Army, Navy, Air Force Veterans Inc.   District case manager
Unit 261, St. Marys Rotary Club, Kirkton-   Amanda         Bedford
Woodham, Downie and Sebringville            delivered gi s to boys
Op mists.                                   and girls who are on
                                            the wai ng list for the
                                            Big Brother & Big Sister
NHL ALUMNI PLAYERS                          program. These gi s
VERSUS STRATFORD                            were donated by local
                                            ci zens and collected
POLICE SERVICES                             by Sears Canada.
On December 6, 2008 members of the
Stra ord Police Service laced up their      CHIEF FOR THE DAY
skates for a fundraiser to support the
                                            Nine year old, Ricky Tate, was the winner of the
Ontario Special Olympics. Former NHL
                                            “I Love My Gallery Auc on” Chief for the day.
players such as Gary Leeman, Ryan
                                            Ricky was given a uniform to wear for the day
VandenBussche, Mark Napier and their
                                            and a er experiencing life as an officer, he had
Captain, Bob Probert schooled the
                                            lunch with Chief McEwin. Later in the day, he
officers in hockey. Not to be undone,
                                            rode in a cruiser to Sprucedale Public School,
the Stra ord Police Service “depu zed”
                                            where Constable Viani presented the du es of a
Stra ord na ve and former NHL player
                                            police officer and Ricky’s experience as Chief for
Tim Taylor. The NHL Alumni were too
                                            the day to Ricky’s grade 4 class.
much to handle, even for veteran police
goalie, Detec ve Constable Rick “Red
Light” Johnson. Officia ng was at its fin-
est with Stra ord Mayor Mathieson and

STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008                                                                                REPORTS « 23
KIWANIS BASKET DRIVE                                                  COMMUNITY EVENTS
The Kiwanis Club of Stra ord put out a call for volunteers to         The Stra ord Police Service was represented at the following
assist in the delivery of Christmas baskets throughout the city.      events in our community this year:
Inspector Jackson arranged for the youth van and community            • Stra ord Op mist Club Bike Rodeo
service van to deliver baskets for this cause. Insp. Jackson, along   • Perth District Health Unit Car Seat Safety Clinics
with Constable Viani, delivered them.                                 • Crime Stoppers Jail and Bail
                                                                      • Big Brothers & Big Sisters Bowl for Kids
COMMITTEES                                                            • CJCS Spring Home Show
                                                                      • LINC Parents Fair
The Community Service Officer sits on several commi ees in              • Perth County Emergency Preparedness Expo
the city and acts as a resource for them.                             • Special Olympics Torch Run
• Block Parent                                                        • M & M Meats Charity BBQ
• Child Abuse Preven on Team                                          • Camp Day at Tim Hortons
• Elder Abuse                                                         • Canada Day Parade
• Emergency Control Group                                             • Minor Sports Tournaments
• Homelessness                                                        • Santa Claus Parade
• Safe Schools Task Force
• Injury Preven on Coali on                                           There are many occasions when members of our police service,
• Mental Health Planning Commi ee                                     either out of necessity or on personal request, will take part in
• Huron/Perth Bullying Preven on                                      a presenta on or community event. They do so willingly and
• Coali on for Car Seat Safety                                        with the utmost professionalism. Constable Viani would like to
• CSO zone mee ng in Strathroy                                        express gra tude to all members of the Stra ord Police Service
                                                                      for their assistance and coopera on.

Members of the Stra ord Police Service organized and supported a fund-
raising dinner hosted at Sid’s Downtown. The dinners were donated along
with many items for a silent auc on, including dona ons from Tim Taylor,
captain of the Tampa Bay Lightning NHL team. This fundraiser was for a spe-
cial 16-year-old girl named Courtney who is suffering from Osteosarcoma,
a type of bone cancer. All of the proceeds were given to Courtney and her
                                      family to help offset the moun ng
                                      costs associated with the treatment
                                      of this terrible illness. The event was
                                      a huge success and well a ended by
                                      not only police members but support-
                                      ing members from the community.

                                      Youth Constable Rielly served Chief             Pictured above is PC Phil Coghlin serving
                                      McEwin with an ice cream sundae                          spaghetti at the dinner

24 » REPORTS                                                                      STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008
May 1st marked the end of the 32nd Annual NEW Big Brothers
Big Sisters of Stra ord & District “Sco abank - Bowl for Kids
Sake” (BFKS). The Sco abank Bowl for Kids Sake - Go for Gold
Awards Ceremony was held on May 26th at Stra ord City Hall.
An incredible $105,160.00 was raised.

In addi on to acknowledging the incredible efforts of these
champions, our Bowl for Kids Sake Ambassador Chief Jerry
McEwin, accompanied by his new sidekicks li le sister Olivia,
li le brother Owen, Deputy Mayor George Brown and represen-
                                                                Police Chief Jerry McEwin thanked the community and all who
ta ves from Sco abank, unveiled the grand total raised in the
                                                                were present at the Go for Gold awards ceremony. The Chief
2008 Sco abank BFKS Campaign.
                                                                expressed how much he enjoyed being BBBS “Bowl for Kids Sake
                                                                Ambassador” and for the me he got to hang out with the li le
                                                                ambassadors, Olivia and Owen.

                                                                Bowl for Kids Sake is a vital component of the agency’s capacity
                                                                to con nue supplying high-quality programs to children in Perth
                                                                County. Programs such as the New Beginnings Arts Mentoring
                                                                program, Project Based Mentoring ini a ves, and their newest
                                                                programs, Big Family, Go Girls and Go Guys, have introduced
                                                                innova ve mentoring opportuni es to volunteers. This success
                                                                means many more children are being served NOW versus hav-
  Pictured above are Deputy Mayor George Brown, Chief McEwin,   ing to wait on a long wai ng list.
        Owen & Olivia and representatives from Scotiabank

20TH & 21ST

    Pictured right is Constable Rebecca
        Morissette at Sobey’s accepting
          non-perishable food, toys and
        toiletries. Over $2,000 worth of
   items were donated and dropped off
                at the House of Blessing.

STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008                                                                      REPORTS « 25
Of icial Announcement of the

                       Pictured above are members of the Stratford Police Pipes and Drums along with
                    Deputy Chief Bates, Police Services Board Chair Gerry Reynolds and Chief Gerald McEwin

The Perth County Pipe Band approached our police service inquiring if there was interest on our part in being a sponsor for the band.
Mee ngs were held to work out details and a proposal was presented to the Stra ord Police Services Board. The Board unanimously
passed a mo on to enter into a partnership and sponsor the Band. The Pipe Band will be iden fied as THE STRATFORD POLICE PIPES
& DRUMS. This partnership will be nothing but a posi ve partnership for our police service.

The official announcement was Wednesday, March 19th, 2008.

                                                                                The Stratford Police Pipes & Drums
                                                                                Band at the Festival Theatre on
                                                                                opening night May 26, 2008

26 » REPORTS                                                                    STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008
Enforcement - Charges Laid                              2006                 2007                2008
 CRIMINAL CODE                                          1,343                1,272                1,092

 CONTROLLED DRUGS & SUBSTANCES ACT (CDSA)                196                  212                  195

 HIGHWAY TRAFFIC ACT                                    2,981                2,977                3,173

 LIQUOR LICENCE ACT                                      232                  232                  218

 OTHER PROVINCIAL STATUTE                                 42                  25                   62

 CITY BYLAW – MISCELLANEOUS                               8                    4                   14

 PARKING TICKETS                                         N/A                  N/A                 1,075

                                                      Members from “B” Platoon prepared for a R.I.D.E. program

Traf ic Enforcement Statistics                          2006                 2007                2008
 Impaired Opera on/Over 80 Charges                        63                  54                   37

 Breathalyzer Tests                                       65                  58                   46

 Fail to Provide Breath/Blood Samples                     3                   11                    6

 12 Hour Driver Suspensions Issued                        20                  29                   18

 90 Day Automa c Drivers Licence Suspensions Issued       60                  50                   40

 Roadside Breath Tests - R.I.D.E.                         25                  25                   22

 Vehicles Checked - R.I.D.E.                            2,765                2,642                3,000

 Drivers Prohibited/Suspended                             38                  40                   49

 Vehicles Impounded                                       4                    4                   10

 Dangerous/Careless Driving CCC/PROV                      31                  35                   40

 Highway Traffic Act Warnings Issued                       N/A                  N/A                  796

STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008                                                    STATISTICS « 27
                                         TRAFFIC STATISTICS MOTOR
                                         VEHICLE COLLISIONS                        2006    2007         2008
                                         Fatal Motor Vehicle Collisions             0        0           0
                                         Persons Killed                             0        0           0
                                         Personal Injury Accidents                  108      89          84
                                         Hit and Run Motor Vehicle Collisions       93      101         119
                                         Motor Vehicle Collisions Inves gated      681      652         609
                                         Motor Vehicle Collisions                   77       96         103
                                         Total Motor Vehicle Collisions Reported    761     748         712

Criminal Offence Summary
OFFENCE                                 2007 ACTUAL                 2008 ACTUAL           2008 CLEARED
HOMICIDE (TOTAL)                              0                           0                       0
ATTEMPT MURDER – TOTAL                        1                           0                       0
ASSAULTS (TOTAL)                             177                          168                     143
Sexual Assault                                8                           7                       6
Assault, Level 1                             125                          129                     109
Assault with Weapon/Cause Bodily Harm         25                          24                      20
Aggravated Assault Level 3                    6                           0                       0
Assault Police/Other Peace Officer              3                           5                       5
Other Assaults                                10                          3                       3
OTHER SEXUAL OFFENCES                         1                           2                       2
ABDUCTION/KIDNAPPING (TOTAL)                  0                           0                       0
ROBBERY (TOTAL)                               10                          5                       3
With Firearm                                  1                           1                       1
With Knife                                    3                           2                       1
Other Offensive Weapons                        2                           1                       1
Other Robberies                               0                           1                       0
OFFENSIVE WEAPONS (TOTAL)                     24                          34                      31
Possession of Weapon/Imita on                 17                          26                      23
Carry Concealed Weapon                        2                           4                       4
Point Firearm/Dangerous Use                   1                           0                       0
Possession Contrary to Order                  2                           3                       3
Firearms Documenta on                         2                           0                       0
Careless Use of Firearms                      4                           1                       1
FRAUD (TOTAL)                                 67                          77                      27
By Cheque (Total)                             31                          0                       0
False Pretences                               27                          35                      13
Forgery and U ering                           4                           7                       5
Total Other Frauds                            36                          35                      9
Credit Card Frauds                            9                           14                      3
A.T.M. Frauds                                 6                           1                       0
Food or Lodging                               3                           3                       1
Transporta on                                 1                           3                       3
Other Frauds                                  17                          14                      2

28 » STATISTICS                                           STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008
Criminal Offence Summary
OFFENCE                                       2007 ACTUAL   2008 ACTUAL   2008 CLEARED
BREAKING AND ENTERING (TOTAL)                     225           195            31
BUSINESSES                                        49            43             8
RESIDENCES                                        170           139            21
OTHER BREAKING & ENTERING                          6            13             2
THEFT OF MOTOR VEHICLES (TOTAL)                   22            36             6
AUTOMOBILES (TOTAL)                               17            33             6
TRUCKS (TOTAL)                                     0             1             0
MOTORCYCLES (TOTAL)                                2             0             0
Motorcycles                                        1             0             0
Mopeds                                             1            0              0
OTHER MOTOR VEHICLES (TOTAL)                       3             2             0
All Terrain Vehicles                               0             0             0
Snow Vehicles                                      1             1             0
Other Motor Vehicles                               2            1              0
HAVE STOLEN GOODS (TOTAL)                         109           78             72
THEFT OVER $5000 (TOTAL)                          10             0             0
OTHER THEFTS OVER (TOTAL)                         10            17             4
Residences                                         3             4             1
Stores                                             3             2             1
Shopli ing                                         0             0             1
Persons                                            1             2             0
Warehouses                                         0            1              1
Construc on Sites                                  0             2             0
Trailers                                           2             2             0
ATM The                                            0            1              0
Other                                              1             3             0
THEFT UNDER $5000 (TOTAL)                         959           973           165
Bicycles                                          337           209            8
From Motor Vehicles                               195           315            11
Shopli ers                                        100           113            88
OTHER THEFTS UNDER (TOTAL)                        327           336            58
Residences                                        159           174            20
Stores                                            57            76             22
Service Sta ons                                    8             7             2
Offices                                              3             4             1
Churches                                           5            4              2
Persons                                           74            51             5
Warehouses                                         1             1             0
Schools                                            5            4              1
Construc on Sites                                  4             4             1
Trailers                                           0             1             0
Domes c Dispute In mate                           N/A           1              1
Other                                             11             9             3

STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008                                  STATISTICS « 29
Criminal Offence Summary
OFFENCE                                                2007 ACTUAL         2008 ACTUAL        2008 CLEARED
OTHER CRIMINAL CODE (TOTAL)                                958                   0                   0
Arson                                                       2                    3                   1
Bail Viola ons                                             105                  106                 106
Breach Proba on                                            134                  125                 126
Fail to Appear Ident/Court                                 37                   40                  40
Counterfeit Currency                                       18                   28                   3
Disturbing the Peace                                        4                   28                   21
Escape Custody                                             11                    7                   7
Indecent Acts                                               5                    2                   2
In mida on/Threats                                         55                   51                   44
Distribu on/Access Child Pornography                       2                     6                   6
Forcible Confinement                                         7                    1                   1
Obstruct Peace Officer                                       18                   19                   20
Prisoner Unlawfully at Large                                1                    6                   6
Trespass at Night                                          2                    0                    0
Proceeds Of Crime                                          13                   13                   13
Offences Against the Administra on of Laws and Jus ce       2                     2                   2
Offences Against Right of Property                          4                    2                    3
Criminal Harassment/Stalking                               35                   10                   10
Mischief Over $5000                                         4                    3                   2
Mischief Under $5000                                       462                  476                 79
Other Criminal Code                                        37                    8                   6

30 » STATISTICS                                                      STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008
General Statistics                             2006     2007       2008
Calls for Service (Incidents)                  15,312   15,129     15,447
Requests for Assistance                        2,625    2,629      3,094
Escorts - Prisoner/Bank/Funeral                 802      906        734
Noise Complaints                                455      475        475
Alarms - Hold-up/Intrusion                      870      845        980
Suspicious Person/Vehicle/Prowler               563      558        576
Fires/Fire Alarms                               106      157        109
Parking/Abandoned/Traffic Complaints              737      807        688
Domes c Disputes                                744      695        522
Animal Complaints                               319      236        214
Unwanted Persons/Intoxicated Persons            289      257        298
Young Persons Reported Missing                  136      160        110
Disputes/Disturbances (Tenant/Neighbour)        330      407        381
Premises Found Insecure                         37       46         115
Mentally ll Person                              122      127         94
A empt Suicide                                  45       48          54
Lost/Found Property                             594      623        555
Adults Reported Missing                         32       40          68
Recovered Vehicle for Outside Agency             9       13          17
Summons/Subpoenas Processed                     713      472        484
Warrants Executed (Arrest/Search)               119      106        111
*Vehicle/Person Stops                           N/A      N/A        322
*Non-Emergency 9-1-1 Calls Received             N/A      N/A       1,296
*New for 2008 does not represent a full year

                2008 2009 BUSINESS PLAN
In 2008, the Stra ord Police Services Board published its current and provincially legislated Business Plan. Below, is a
   In summary of the eff Police both the Board and the Police Service toward mee ng the goals and objec ves outlined
brief2008, the Stra ord orts of Services Board published its current and provincially legislated Business Plan. Below,
in is a brief summary of the efforts of both the Board and the Police Service toward mee ng the goals and objec ves
    the 2008 – 2009 Business Plan.
   outlined in the 2008 – 2009 Business Plan.

Goal: Enhance community sa sfac on with the performance and competency of the Stra ord Police Service and linking the
Services’ goals & objec ves to those iden fied in external scan.
Objectives                                 Measurements                                          in 2008  Incomplete     Ongoing
 Maintain consistent and open com-         Publica on of upcoming Stra ord Police Services
 munica on with the community of           Board mee ngs in the Civic News columns of local
 Stra ord in an effort to enhance public    newspapers
 understanding of the challenges and
                                           Synthesizing of the community and the Service
 performance of the Service
                                           goals & objec ves
 Informa on sharing with Stra ord City     Semi-annual Board/Service presenta ons to City
 Council                                   Council
 Survey internal and external stakehold-   Accomplishment of conduc ng surveys
 ers during the life of this document
 Con nue to develop and maintain           Annual mee ngs with local media outlets to
 posi ve repor ng rela onships with all    seek their input regarding the Services policy
 local media outlets                       development

Goal: Develop ini a ves that will increase the Stra ord Police Service’s involvement with ci zens, community groups, social
agencies and neighbourhood organiza ons in the development of crime preven on strategies and solu ons.
Objectives                                 Measurements                                          in 2008  Incomplete     Ongoing
 Increase Stra ord Police Service          Record the number of events/hours commi ed to
 interac on with the community             community interac on
 Problem-solve issues through con nued     Record the number of mee ngs/hours commi ed
 partnerships with social agencies and     to mul -group partnerships
 the community
                                           Liaise with local media

 Community no fica on of specific crime      Record the number of community no fica ons
 issues and preventa ve measures           regarding specific crime issues and deterrence

32 » BUSINESS PLAN                                                                      STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008
Goal: To manage emergency calls for service in a mely, effec ve and efficient manner.
Objectives                                  Measurements                                           in 2008  Incomplete   Ongoing
 Maintain a highly skilled and well-        New members of the unit receive provincially
 equipped Emergency Response Unit           mandated training
                                            Monthly training regime is followed and monitor
                                            the number of training hours u lized
                                            All members of the unit have state-of-the-art
                                            personal equipment
                                            Par cipa on in inter-agency training

 Ensure that members performing             Providing any necessary training for communicators
 the dispatch/communicator func on          to ensure they have the necessary knowledge,
 possess the core competencies              skills, and abili es
 Par cipate in mul -agency training         Track the number of mul -agency training exercises
 exercises with other Stra ord and area     in which service members par cipate
 emergency service providers
 Develop an an -terrorism policy and        The development of a General Order and a conjunc-
 protocol                                    ve protocol to deal with an -terrorism

Goal: Con nue to strive toward crea ng a safer community by providing a more visible uniform police presence and by ensuring
our general and directed patrols are both effec ve and efficient.
Objectives                                  Measurements                                           in 2008  Incomplete   Ongoing
 Review and if necessary adjust our         Con nue to monitor the growth of the city and
 deployment strategy to provide a more      iden fy poten al pressure points
 visible and responsive police service
                                            Conduct a review of current uniform deployment
 while maintaining officer safety
                                            Determina on of adjustments that are required

 Ensure that general and directed patrols   Ongoing communica on to general patrols of
 are reflec ve of community input and        per nent community concerns
 iden fied issues
                                            Monitor responses to specific community concerns
                                            that were addressed via directed patrol
                                            Monitor the levels of impaired driving and
                                            drug enforcement conducted by uniform patrol
                                            Monitor enforcement sta s cs

Goal: Con nually promote and ensure excellence in criminal inves ga on services.
Objectives                                  Measurements                                           in 2008  Incomplete   Ongoing
 Consistently strive to produce the         All inves ga ons are reviewed by qualified supervi-
 highest quality cases for presenta on in   sors for quality control
                                            Feedback for improvement sought by the Crown
                                            A orney

STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008                                                                      BUSINESS PLAN « 33
Objectives                                 Measurements                                            in 2008  Incomplete   Ongoing
 Ensure a high standard of criminal        Newly appointed members to CID and its related
 inves ga ons by accessing quality         units have or receive the necessary core com-
 training                                  petency training within 12 months or as soon as
                                           prac cable
                                           Members of inves ga ve units are af-
                                           forded relevant professional development training
                                           opportuni es
 Ensure that human resources within CID    Case loads of members within inves ga ve units
 and its related units are adequate and    are monitored and assessed
 op mally deployed
                                           Vacancies within CID and related units are filled as
                                           soon as prac cable

Goal: To con nue with our ongoing drug enforcement ac vi es while par cipa ng collabora vely with our community partners
and other law enforcement agencies to educate the public and find solu ons to this serious threat to our community.
Objectives                                 Measurements                                            in 2008  Incomplete   Ongoing
 Proac vely undertake illicit drug         Monitor the number of unilateral and mul -agency
 inves ga ons                              drug inves ga ons
                                           Keep and assess drug enforcement sta s cs

 Par cipate in community task forces and   Con nued par cipa on in the “Methamphetamine
 educa onal programs                       Task Force”
                                           Con nued communica on and partnerships with
                                           other community agencies
 Focus on youth deterrence                 Con nue to offer D.A.R.E. program to 6th graders

                                           Monitor ac vi es of Community Services Officer
                                           and Youth Officer via monthly reports

Goal: To con nue working toward our Vision of Success – To make Stra ord the “Safest Place to Be.”
Objectives                                 Measurements                                            in 2008  Incomplete   Ongoing
 Con nue to see that Stra ord’s violent    Monitor violent crime sta s cs on a monthly basis
 crime sta s cs are below the provincial
 and na onal averages                      Respond to any nega ve trends that the Service can
 Par cipate in community task forces and   Con nued liaison with Children’s Aid Society
 educa onal programs
                                           Con nued liaison between Domes c Violence
                                           Coordinator and community partners
                                           Con nued liaison with courts

                                           Con nue with School Resource Officer program

34 » BUSINESS PLAN                                                                     STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008
Objectives                                 Measurements                                          in 2008  Incomplete   Ongoing
 Ongoing training for members regard-      Service members who inves gate violent crime
 ing violent crime inves ga on and         occurrences have the necessary knowledge, skills
 deterrence                                and abili es
                                           Con nued interac on with Vic m Services of Perth
                                           Con nued liaison with the Vic m/Witness
                                           Assistance Program

Goal: To develop internal and external programs and measures to address property crime issues.
Objective                                  Measurements                                          in 2008  Incomplete   Ongoing
 Increase the Service’s crime analysis     Addi onal crime analysis and related training
 capabili es
                                           Development and distribu on of crime analysis
 Increase clearance rates of property      Review sta s cal informa on regarding crimes and
 crime                                     clearance rates
 Provide the community with Crime          Monitor the number of public informa on no ces
 Preven on ps through the media and        issued along with public mee ng a ended by the
 public to reduce property crime           Community Rela ons officer and Media Rela ons

Goal: Maintain a commitment to road safety through enforcement and educa on.
Objective                                  Measurements                                          in 2008  Incomplete   Ongoing
 Seek to maintain, if not increase, RIDE   Through effec ve repor ng and tracking, request
 program funding                           current funding levels be maintained or increased
 Maintain involvement with Provincial      Monitor par cipa on of Stra ord Police Service
 and Regional Traffic Safety ini a ves       and its partner agencies in traffic safety programs
 Reinforce bicycle safety                  Ongoing par cipa on in The City of Stra ord
                                           Bicycle Friendly Master Plan Commi ee
 Base enforcement ac vi es upon            Con nued sharing of mely and relevant colli-
 collision and traffic flow analysis          sion, enforcement and traffic flow sta s cs with

STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008                                                                    BUSINESS PLAN « 35
Goal: To be an ac ve partner in providing educa onal opportuni es and on-going support programs to assist young people in
making posi ve lifestyle choices.
Objective                                  Measurements                                          in 2008  Incomplete   Ongoing
 Deliver and par cipate in educa onal      Con nue to offer D.A.R.E. program to 6th graders
 programs targe ng young people
                                           Monitor ac vi es of Community Services Officer
                                           and Youth Officer via monthly reports
 Ongoing training for members regard-      Monitor inves ga ons and reports of members
 ing youth crime inves ga on and           inves ga ng youth related crimes
 Liaise with community partners involved   Monitor the par cipa on of Service members with
 with young people                         our community partners to address youth crime
 Engage in directed patrol ac vi es        Monitoring responses to crimes and related issues
 related to crime involving youth          involving young people

Goal: Provide adequate and effec ve assistance to vic ms of crime.
Objective                                  Measurements                                          in 2008  Incomplete   Ongoing
 Con nue to have representa on on the      Representa ve on the Board
 Vic m Services of Perth County Board of
 Con nue to promote and endorse the        Representa on on the Board & input into develop-
 programs provided by Vic m Services       ment of Vic m Services programs & procedures
 and other community partners to assist
                                           Con nued liaison with other community partners
 vic ms of crime
 Promote and increase the number of        Monitor the number of referrals made to Vic m
 referrals made to Vic m Services by our   Services
 Promote an ongoing working rela on-       Monitor the interac on between the Domes c
 ship between the Service’s Domes c        Violence Coordinator and Vic m Services
 Violence Coordinator and Vic m

36 » BUSINESS PLAN                                                                    STRATFORD POLICE SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT 2008
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