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Appointment of Chief Executive Officer

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									 20 September 2005
                                                                      Suite 3 Ground Floor
 Australian Stock Exchange                                             610 Murray Street
 Company Announcements Office                                         West Perth WA 6005
                                                                      T: +618 9321 3664
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                                                                       F: +618 9322 6887

              Appointment of Chief Executive Officer
Mr Julian Sandt, who was previously a non-executive director, has, with effect from
today, been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Orchid Capital, replacing Mr Alvin Tan.
Mr Sandt, will be based in Singapore, where the Company will actively seek out
investment opportunities in the pharmaceutical and renewable energy sectors.

Mr Sandt has been a non-executive director of Orchid Capital since June 2003 and, as
such, is already well acquainted with the operational history of Orchid. He holds a
German MBA from Koblenz Business School (WHU Koblenz). From 1993 to 2000, Mr.
Sandt held various positions with Commerzbank AG in Frankfurt, Paris and Singapore.
Last Position held was Manager Capital Markets and Syndications. From 2000-2004, he
was Managing Partner of TFG Venture Capital (Asia) Pte. Ltd., Singapore and since
2004 Mr. Sandt has been the Senior Partner at Aegis Private Capital Pte. Ltd.,

The key terms of Mr Sandt’s employment contract will include:
1.      Base salary of A$130,000 per annum;
2.      Subject to shareholder approval, on each anniversary of his appointment, for a
        five year period, he will be allotted two million fully paid ordinary shares in
        Orchid Capital. Mr Sandt will be unable to sell these shares within two years of

Former Managing Director Mr Alvin Tan will remain on the Orchid Board as a Non-
Executive Director. The Board sincerely thanks Mr Tan for his contribution to the

Clive McKee

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