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CEASE AND DESIST ORDER #2 to CPD nth District by myh72570


									CEASE AND DESIST ORDER #2 to                                                                                                   from:

CPD nth District Police, including CAPS
CDS&S nth ward office                                                                             2009 November 12, page 1 of 2

With this notice I am stating positively that:                         trustees of the state. Not vice-versa. The representative
                                                                       form of government is founded on the principle that
1. The municipal corporation of Chicago doesn’t own any part           private property owners are competent to manage their
of the street, tree lawn, sidewalk or alley at 24 D Street.            own property and, therefore, are competent to manage
                                                                       the affairs of the state.
a.   The municipal corporation didn’t purchase the land from
     the national government.                                     4. The development of the governments of the Chicago
b.   The municipal corporation didn’t purchase the land from      municipal corporation, Cook county, and the state of Illinois all
     the person who did buy it from the national government.      proceeded irregularly and in violation of a long list of rules and
c.   The municipal corporation didn’t purchase the land from      fundamental principles of democracy.
     any subsequent owner of the land.
d.   The national government, state government, original          5. The burden of proof is on you. If you think numbers 1-4
     purchaser and subsequent purchasers didn’t donate the        are untrue, prove it.
     land to the municipal corporation.
e.   The municipal corporation didn’t exert a power of            6. Ignorance is not a defense. Your failure to study and learn
     eminent domain to acquire the land.                          the origins and validity or invalidity of your jobs doesn’t :
f.   If the municipal corporation had exerted eminent domain
     it would have :                                              a.   remove your obligation to respect my right to the full use
                                                                       and enjoyment of my property free from trespass,
     (1) acquired a separate real estate title to the land; and        conversion and other violations.
     (2) engaged in a ridiculous financial transaction by which   b.   create your right to force services on my property and
     the owner of the property would have paid the taxes the           demand payment for them without my personal consent.
     city used to pay him for the land, and the amount of the
     tax would be double what the city paid him because the       6. Following orders is not a defense. When your supervisor
     city would have debt-financed the transaction for            tells you to do something wrong, you are wrong when you do
     approximately 5% interest on a term of 20years.              it.

2. I own the street, tree lawn, sidewalk and alley at 24 D        7. I believe that every person who has worked in the nth ward
Street. The ownership is obscured by misleading surveys           office of the Department of Streets and Sanitation for the past
promulgated by city officials in past years, but ownership is     33 years, and in the nth Police District for the past 25 years
embedded in my real estate title due to the situation at the      has committed a mind-boggling number of wrongs against my
time the land around 24 D Street was subdivided and sold.         property and me.

3. The status of the municipal corporation as a trustee for the   I believe they have acted entirely under-color-of-law, without
so-called public is bogus and can’t bear scrutiny in court for    any basis in the facts of law. Each of them is personally
the following reasons:                                            responsible to pay me damages out of pocket for the many
                                                                  wrongs they’ve committed over time.
a.   The public is a group of individuals, none of whom have
     any rights to use and enjoy the private property of
     another person; therefore they have no rights for the city
     to be trustee of.
b.   Individual private property owners do have a right-of-way
     easement in a traffic lane across the properties of their
c.   The municipal corporation is not competent to serve as
     trustee of the right-of-way easement of private property
     owners, because that trusteeship would be a reversal of
     the true relationship between government and property

     That is, the representative form of government is founded
     entirely on the principle that private property owners are
CEASE AND DESIST ORDER #2 to                                                                                                        from:

CPD nth District Police, including CAPS
CDS&S nth ward office                                                                                   2009 November 12, page 2 of 2

For the time being, I must demand the following:                        5. Police officials and employees resume, during the
                                                                        remainder of their terms and employment, the proper police
1. All persons employed in and at the nth District and nth              procedure for processing minor and unfounded complaints
ward cease and desist all activity at my property. (In the              against me:
matter of garbage collection, please advise me of the location
of the public dump that I can use, and the rules for using it.)         a.   Advise callers that their complaint does or doesn’t violate
(In the matter of emergency calls regarding my personal injury               laws, ordinances, and any personal or property rights
and threats to my property, use your best judgment; ie, make                 that police have, for the interim, been empowered to
sure the caller isn’t a prank caller.)                                       enforce.
                                                                        b.   Advise callers that they can appear at the district office at
2. Police and Streets and Sanitation officials calculate and                 their convenience to make a written complaint, if their
refund all revenues from taxes on my property and activities                 complaint involves an actual violation within current
from 1985 to the present time.                                               police jurisdiction.
                                                                        c.   Advise callers, if their complaint involves a civil matter
3. All nth District and nth ward workers pay me a sum of                     that isn’t within current police jurisdiction, that they must
money, proposed by them and agreeable to me, for damages                     contact a private attorney at their personal expense to
for 25 years of constant malfeasance at my property and on                   proceed against me.
the block where I live, this sum to be divided among the                d.   Don’t come to the block and grandstand for my neighbors
workers, as the private entities they’ve always been and                     to encourage the extreme disrespect they’ve acted out
always will be, and paid by them personally without charge to                on me; ie, don’t race over here in a squad car; don’t drive
taxpayers.                                                                   the squad car the wrong way on the one-way street; don’t
                                                                             double-park the squad car or park it at the fire hydrant;
4. Police, Streets and Sanitation, and other department                      don’t engage in long conversations that appear to give
officials and employees stop all efforts to discredit me as a                moral support to chronic and malicious unfounded
witness against them and against my neighbors.                               complainers (they’re always the perpetrators and I’m
                                                                             always the victim); don’t sass me; don’t attempt to
                                                                             provoke me; and don’t display papers to give a false
                                                                             impression of due process and service against me.
                                                                        e.   Do refer to your notes and handouts from classes and
                                                                             seminars on incivilities and their devastating effect on
                                                                             people like myself that led to massive white flight from
                                                                             the nth ward and nth district the past 30 years.
                                                                        f.   Do understand that you have a personal financial interest
                                                                             in the absurd inflation of real estate values, property
                                                                             taxes, and all other taxes that developed in consequence
                                                                             of white flight; the inflation may have created your job;
                                                                             the inflation certainly pays for your job; and the source of
                                                                             and malfeasance involved in your pay creates for you a
                                                                             conflict of interest that renders you unfit to serve and

Ilana B. R. Rosenzweig                  Chicago Police Board:                Joseph M. Ferguson                       US Department of Justice
Chief Administrator                     30 North LaSalle Street #1220        Inspector General                        US Attorney, NE Illinois
Independent Police Review Authority     Chicago, IL 60602                    City of Chicago                          219 S. Dearborn #500
10 West 35th Street 12th Floor          fax: 312-742-4193                    P.O. Box 2996                            Chicago, IL 60604
Chicago, IL 60616                                                            Chicago, IL 60654-2996
                                                                             fax: 773-478-3949
                                                                             email: report corruption

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