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									       City of

       invites your
        interest in
    the position of

                                                              The City of
                                                          Montebello, with a
                                                        population of just over
THE COMMUNITY                                        63,000 is a balance of quiet   to a one-year term by the other
                                                    residential neighborhoods and
Present day Montebello had its begin-                 industrial and commercial
                                                                                    members of the Council. They also
ning in May 1899. The town site was                             centers.            serve as the executive board of the
originally formed on 40 acres of land owned                                         Community           Redevelopment
by Harris Newmark and Kasper Cohn, two                                              Agency. The City Council hires the
well known Los Angeles businessmen. Although first                                  City Administrator who is responsible
given the name Newmark, it was later called Montebello, meaning                     for managing the day-to-day opera-
“beautiful hills” in Italian, at the suggestion of a gentleman named William        tions of the City. Montebello is a full-
Mulholland. It was Mulholland who developed the Montebello water                    service city with a total city budget of
system, which was incorporated as the Montebello Land and Water                     $160 million, a $49 million General
Company in 1900.                                                                    Fund budget, and 645 full and part-time
                                                                                    employees working in one of eight
Originally an agricultural community, Montebello boasted having the ideal
                                                                                    departments: Police, Fire, Finance,
climate, rich and productive soil and an abundance of water. From the
                                                                                    Personnel and Risk Management,
turn of the century and through the 1920’s, the area was famed for its
                                                                                    Planning and Community Develop-
production of flowers, vegetables, berries, and fruits. However, the dis-
                                                                                    ment, Municipal Services, Economic
covery of oil by the Standard Oil Company on the Anita Baldwin property
                                                                                    Development and Transportation.
in 1917 brought revolutionary change to Montebello. The agricultural hills
soon became a major contributor to oil production. By 1920, Montebello              City Council meetings are held on
oil fields were producing one-eighth of the state’s crude oil. On October           the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each
19, 1920, Montebello was incorporated as the 35th city in Los Angeles               month.
Today, the City of Montebello, with a population of just over 63,000 is a
                                                                                    THE DEPARTMENT
balance of quiet residential neighborhoods and industrial and commercial            The Montebello Police Department
centers. The City’s 8.4 square miles are composed of well maintained                is a full service organization commit-
and beautifully landscaped public amenities that include seven public               ted to traditional values of close com-
parks and an 18-hole municipal golf course.                                         munity involvement and the value
                                                                                    of the individual employee. The
CITY GOVERNMENT                                                                     Montebello Police Department is big
The City of Montebello is a Gen-                                                    enough to provide challenge and
eral Law city with a Council-                                                       variety, yet small enough to treat
Administrator form of gov-                                                          each employee as a person, not a
ernment. The five City                                                              number. The Department consists
Council members are                                                                 of 87 sworn officers, and 59 civilian
elected at-large to over-                                                           personnel organized into three divi-
lapping four-year terms.                                                            sions: Field Services, Investigative
The Mayor is appointed                                                              Services, and Support Services. A
Reserve Officer Corps, a                                                                   individual who is politically astute yet
Police Chaplain Corps, a                                                                   apolitical will excel in this position.
Police Explorer Program                                                                    The selected Chief should be a pro-
and a civilian Citizen’s on                                                                active, innovative, collaborative,
Patrol program augment                                                                     team oriented and decisive law
the Department. The                                                                        enforcement leader who is capable
department maintains                                                                       of earning the respect of the City
specialized units in many                                                                  organization, the Department, the
areas including, Traffic Inves-                                                            City Council and the community.
tigations, which consists of both,                                                         The City is looking for a proven
motorcycle units and a traffic unit,                                                       leader with exceptional interpersonal
Adult and Juvenile Investigations, Narcotics                                               skills, honesty and integrity. The in-
Investigations, Gang Investigations, the Graffiti Task Force, a K-9 unit, and              coming Chief will look toward the
a training bureau. Individual career development is encouraged through                     future of Montebello and be able to
extensive advanced training and educational assistance programs.                           properly assess the department’s
The Department management team consists of the Chief of Police,                            needs.
2 Captains, 6 Lieutenants, 9 Sergeants, and 2 civilian supervisors. Upward
                                                                                           The ideal candidate will be a moti-
mobility is stressed, with an emphasis on promoting from within whenever
                                                                                           vated individual who can utilize
                                                                                                 the staff and build on their
The Montebello Police Department is a modern, progressive                                            strengths. He/she must
agency, which takes advantage of the rapid advancements                                                 be approachable with
in law enforcement technology. Using state of the art com-               The City is looking              excellent communi-
puter hardware and software, the Crime Analysis Unit                     for a proven leader              cation skills both writ-
provides timely information on crime trends and methods             with exceptional interpersonal        ten and verbal. Inter-
                                                                          skills, honesty and
of operation. The Communications, Records, and Inves-                                                     action with staff and
tigative units make extensive use of computer aided                                                      other departments is
dispatching and report management systems.                                                             essential so an individual
The Department is committed to community service. They provide                                      who is comfortable chang-
a wide variety of services including Neighborhood Watch, the Citizen’s                        ing their communication style is
Academy and a child seat loan program. The Crime prevention                                essential.
Bureau provides free security inspections to local businesses and                          A Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal
residents.                                                                                 Justice, Public or Business Adminis-
                                                                                           tration, or a related field and seven
THE IDEAL CANDIDATE                                                                        years law enforcement experience
The City is seeking a Police Chief who will be an advocate                                 with at least five years in a supervisory,
for the Department and have an open door policy. An                                        managerial, or administrative position
is required. A Masters Degree is desirable.                                   TO APPLY
                                                                              If you are interested in this outstand-
                                                                              ing opportunity, please visit our
The salary for the Police Chief open and dependent upon                       website at:
qualifications. The City also offers an attractive benefits pack-
age including:
                                                                              to apply online:
Retirement – CalPERS 3% @ 50 formula, with EPMC. The City
pays the employees’ portion (9%) to CalPERS.                                           Filing Deadline:
Administrative Leave – 56 hours annually.                                              April 19, 2010

Annual Leave – 232 hours (combination of sick and vacation leave).            Following the closing date, resumes
                                                                              will be screened according to the
Annual Leave Cash Out or Conversion to Deferred Compen-
                                                                              qualifications outlined above. The most
sation – Employees may cash out up to 25 hours of annual leave per
                                                                              qualified candidates will be invited to
year, or convert to deferred compensation.
                                                                              personal interviews with Bob Murray
Deferred Compensation – Voluntary participation in plans available            and Associates. A select group of can-
through ICMA-RC.                                                              didates will be asked to provide ref-
Retiree Medical Benefit – Employees are eligible for Retiree Medical          erences once it is anticipated that
Benefit upon retiring with at least 15 years of employment with the City of   they may be recommended as finalists.
Montebello.                                                                   References will be contacted only
Auto Allowance – City vehicle provided.                                       following candidate approval. Finalist
                                                                              interviews will be held with the City
                                                                              of Montebello. Candidates will be
                                                                              advised of the status of the recruit-
                                                                              ment following selection of the Police
                                                                              If you have any questions, please do
                                                                              not hesitate to call Mr. Regan Williams
                                                                                        (916) 784-9080

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