Application for a stall(not food) or space by lindash


Application for a stall(not food) or space

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									                                                Saturday, 10 April 2010
Application for a stall(not food) or space
Complete this form to book a stall at the Holroyd CityFest Street Fair
on Saturday April 10, 2010.
1. Stall holder details:
Name of
organisation / group:__________________________________Contact name:___________________

Postal address:________________________________________________________Postcode:_________

Email:_____________________Mobile:_______________(please include mobile phone number for contact on the day)

  Please note:
  - Every attempt will be made to satisfy your stall location requirements. However once
     determined, positions of stalls will not be changed.

  2. Insurance
      Stall holders must hold their own Public Liability Insurance.
      Amount of cover $………………..…(Must attach a copy of your certificate of currency to
  validate your application)

  3. Stall Details
     Type of stall (please circle)
         Art/Craft   Information    Other (Please indicate)


  4. Choice of stall / space (Please tick)
                                                                                           QTY        TOTAL

      Erected 2.4m X 2.4m fete stall:                     $180.90 (GST incl.)each ……….$…….

      Space only (price per every 2.4m x 2.4m): $96.00 (GST incl.) each ……… $…….
      (Space is allocated in 2.4m X 2.4m lots – if you need more space, you must
       purchase additional lots)

      Not-for-profit community groups: No fee - proof of NFP status is required.                  …….
      (spaces and stalls)

      To secure a stall or space, payment must be made with application.
      To access a Microsoft Word version of this form, visit

                                            Acting Events Officer
  Please return                          Media Relations & Promotions                     Office use only:
  completed form,                            Holroyd City Council                         Acc. No.
  with payment                                    PO Box 42                               W5997.5204.1280
  by Friday, 22                            MERRYLANDS NSW 2160
  January 2010 to:                   Enquiries Ph: 9840 9719 Fax: 9840 9703

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