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									                           ACCOUNTS PAYABLE OFFICER

Applications are invited for an Accounts Payable Officer in Council’s Expenditure Services Section. This is a
maternity relief position for a period of up to 10 months. Continued employment beyond this period cannot be

The successful applicant will be required to perform various tasks associated with the processing of accounts
payable. All functions are fully computerised and it is essential that applicants should possess basic
communication and keyboard skills and have demonstrated skills and experience with the Microsoft Suite of
Applications. Previous experience with Finance One financial systems would be considered an advantage.

Salary and conditions of employment will be in accordance with the Local Government Officers Award 1998
and Burdekin Shire Council’s Enterprise Bargaining Agreement. The applicable salary is to a ceiling of Level 2
($50,118). Commencing salary shall be dependent upon the skills and experience of the successful applicant.
A locality allowance is also payable.

Application packages are available from the Human Resources Office on 4783 9845. Applications close on
Wednesday 24 March 2010. Word or PDF format is preferable.

Applications for 10/08 – Accounts Payable Officer should include:

    •   Cover letter
    •   Statements addressing the Selection Criteria
    •   A current resume with two referees

Applications can be submitted to:


    •   Confidential Application No. 10/08
        PO Box 974
        AYR Qld 4807

For further information regarding the above position, please contact the Accounts Payable Administrator, Mrs.
Deanna Otto, on 07 4783 9800.
 Burdekin Shire Council

                              POSITION DESCRIPTION

POSITION TITLE:                     Accounts Payable Officer

POSITION NUMBER:                    20029

DIRECTORATE:                        Corporate and Community Services

AWARD:                              Local Government Officers Award - State

AWARD CLASSIFICATION:               Level 2

STREAM:                             Financial Stream

REPORTS TO:                         Accounts Payable Administrator

PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT:                Council Chambers, Young Street, Ayr.

HOURS OF DUTY/ROSTER:               8.00am to 5.00pm (56 minutes lunch) nine day fortnight.


Undertake the performance of routine tasks and activities carried out in the Expenditure Services Section as
efficiently and effectively as possible. Maintain good public relations and treat relevant work related
information as confidential. Maintain an attitude of honesty, loyalty and trust.


    •    Basic numeracy, keyboard, telephone technique, written and verbal communication skills relevant to
         the work area.
    •    Operate office equipment such as photocopiers, typewriters, facsimile machine etc.
    •    Fundamentally proficient in the use of Microsoft Word, Outlook and Excel Spreadsheet Systems.
    •    Provision of routine information to the public.
    •    Understanding of basic computing concepts.
    •    With experience, skills in exercising judgement in the planning of their own work within the confines
         of clearly defined activities.
    •    Ability to co-operate and provide assistance.
    •    Intermediate/advanced skills in the use of Microsoft Word and Excel Spreadsheet Systems.
    •    Intermediate/advanced skills in letter writing.


    •    Basic knowledge of clerical/administrative practices and procedures relevant to the work area.
    •    Understanding of basic computing system functions and tasks relevant to the work area.
    •    A developing knowledge of the section/department function and operation and Council structure.
    •    Knowledge of established work practices and procedures, policies and regulations relevant to the
         work area.

Experience and/or Qualifications

    • No experience essential.
   • Minimum of Year 12 education - no formal qualifications needed.
   • General clerical experience.
   • Knowledge of Local Government functions.


   • Internal training in use of Microsoft Word and Excel Spreadsheet Systems (where applicable).
   • On-the-job training relative to clerical practices and procedures and computing system functions in
     work area.
   • Internal training in Occupational, Health & Safety, telephone techniques and in public relations - video
     and presentation (TAFE).
   • Internal training (video) on letter writing, time management, secretarial skills.

The key responsibilities may be modified from time to time to ensure the expected outcomes are coordinated
with Council’s operational and corporate plans. Without limiting the above, the key responsibilities shall


   •   Prepare and input Council creditor invoices and costing to ensure accurate, appropriate and timely
       creditor account processing and costing input including weekly payment runs.
   •   Create and maintain creditors’ masterfile.
   •   Respond to and resolve Creditors’ requests/correspondence and reconcile monthly creditor
   •   Create and maintain template requisitions for regular Council purchases. Input purchase requisitions
       for Burdekin Theatre, Memorial Hall and Council as required.
   •   Regular follow up reports on Requisitions/Orders pending etc.
   •   Prepare basic computerised spreadsheets for Expenditure Services including Daily Cash Flow, Caltex
       Starcard, BOC and apportion electricity accounts including Street Lights.
   •   Attend to daily downloads into Proclaim from bank statements.
   •   Evaluate and process Private Plant Hire agreements, enter agreements into Council’s Database
       system and produce monthly reports to be submitted on Microsoft Outlook Public Folders for the
       information of all interested parties.
   •   Prepare Queensland Transport forms for the cancellation of vehicle registrations and Plant and
       Equipment Masterfile template for Finance One.
   •   Relief duties to AP/BCCB officer when required due to leave and support to Rates department.
   •   Prepare BCCB cheques for creditors, promoters & payroll deductions, reconcile Theatre and BMH
       performance shows and enter BCCB debtors invoices, cheque vouchers, direct deposit receipts,
       internet ticketing sales and general journals.
   •   Reconcile BCCB bank accounts on a monthly basis and prepare Business Activity Statement. Compile
       Agenda for BCCB meetings.


   •   Attend and participate in team meetings as required
   •   Co-operate with your co-workers; and carry out other tasks as required by the team to ensure the
       team's effectiveness and efficiency
   •   Liaise with all Finance Department staff, senior officers and creditors with respect to work area.

Customer Service

   •   Promote and maintain a positive organisational image and good community relations by providing
       quality customer service to both internal and external customers.
   •   Report to supervisor in a timely manner on issues and activities likely to influence Council operations
       or adversely impact relations with Council’s customers.


   •   Complete all necessary paperwork in accordance with procedures and ensure timesheets are
       completed on a daily basis.

     • Timely production of creditor payments.
     • Level of creditor transactions - 98% accuracy of costing input.

Workplace, Health & Safety

     •    Observe Burdekin Shire Council’s Workplace Health and Safety Standards and adhere to
          requirements identified in SafePlan (Burdekin Shire Council’s Safety Management System) in carrying
          out responsibilities.
     •    Actively support workplace health and safety, risk assessments and hazard prevention.

     •    Accountable to Accounts Payable Administrator – Expenditure Services for timely processing of
          creditors accounts, related financial reconciliations and reporting.
     •    Perform creditors processing functions within established guidelines and procedures.

1. The employee must at all time comply with section 1138 of the Local Government Act 1993, which states:
   - An employee of a Local Government must

              *   Act with integrity in the position held by the employee; and
              *   Act in a way that shows a proper concern for the public interest.


1.   This is a description of the job as it is at present constituted. It is the practice of this organisation
     periodically to examine employees' job descriptions and to update them to ensure that they relate
     to the job as then being performed, or to incorporate whatever changes are being proposed. This
     procedure is jointly conducted by each manager in consultation with those reporting directly to him
     or her. You will, therefore, be expected to participate fully in such discussions. It is the
     Organisation’s aim to reach agreement to reasonable changes where identified.

2.   Whilst employment is in the position described in this document it is understood that
     employment is with Burdekin Shire Council. In the event of organisational change or
     restructure, Council may require employees to undertake other roles for which they are qualified
     and capable of performing. Council does not change positions for the purpose of “de-skilling’.

3.   Employees may be required to undertake a variety of duties not related to their
     substantive roles in times of disaster.


1.   Basic numeracy and written and verbal communication skills.
2.   Demonstrated skills and experience with the Microsoft Office Suite of applications – word, excel and
3.   Demonstrated organisational and time management skills.
4.   Demonstrated ability to maintain a harmonious and productive team environment.
5.   Experience in processing of electronic purchase orders, accounts payable invoices and reconciling
     monthly statements.


1.   Basic knowledge of Council and Departmental responsibilities.
2.   Possession of a current Queensland “C” class driver’s licence.
3.   Previous experience with Finance One financial systems.

Your application for this position must specifically address each of the above as short listing will be
based upon your responses to these selection criteria.

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