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                                                     Hawaiian Wedding Themes
                                                            By Karen Lincoln

   Choosing a wedding theme that reflects both the personalities of a bride and groom can be the first
of many wedding planning decisions that create division amongst a couple. When one person would
like a relaxed ambiance and the other would like classic and elegant, meeting half-way can seem
impossible. Hawaiian wedding themes can be just the right answer. Choosing beautiful tropical
Hawaiian blooms and authentic dining and entertainment are just the start of the many ways to plan
Hawaiian wedding themes.

Creating a Hawaiian Ambiance

 While a beach wedding location might be the perfect place for Hawaiian wedding themes, it isn’t
always possible depending on the timing and the actual venue of your event. However, with a few
special touches, you can create a Hawaiian escape for you as well as your guests. As your guests
arrive, you can have the groomsmen and bridesmaids provide a traditional Hawaiian greeting of lei’s
made from fresh flowers or from paper flowers in coordinating colors.

 Your color palette and lighting can be additional ways to create your Hawaiian theme. There are bright
pinks, purples and yellows along with many shades of green to use throughout your flowers and
fabrics. Using white candles inside hurricane lamps with sand and small shells or even using floating
candles in water colored to remind guests of ocean blues is another way to continue your Hawaiian
themes. Depending on your wedding site or reception location, you may even consider using tiki
torches for lighting.

Unique Hawaiian Decorations and Entertainment

 Depending on the style of your Hawaiian wedding theme, you have many ways to represent the
culture with your own personality. You could consider having a wedding cake in the shape of a
volcano, complete with hot lava colored icing. The many types of tropical Hawaiian fruit can also be
used as centerpieces, table gifts for your guests or used in beautiful floral arrangements. There are
many food artists who actually carve fruit into flowers, animals or anything you can probably imagine.
You can feature fruit in floral arrangements as well.

Your guests may be expecting a luau for a reception with a typical buffet of fresh fruits, roasted pig

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and of course tropical drinks. What they might not expect is Hawaiian entertainment, such as live
musicians, hula dancers or Polynesian dancers who can perform a traditional high energy dance.
Dancers trained to use fire in their performances may also be an option depending on the policies of
your reception site. You could also consider taking Hawaiian dance lessons to wow your guests with
your culturally inspired first dance.

 When you think you have to choose between elegant and relaxed for your wedding celebration,
consider a Hawaiian wedding theme. You can surprise your guests with authentic Hawaiian
entertainment or be a little more understated and choose to simply have a wonderful Hawaiian menu
including fresh tropical fruits, roasted meats and tropical drinks. Your Hawaiian wedding theme is the
perfect opportunity to show your personalities and create an evening to remember for both you and
your guests.

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                                           Choosing the Perfect Wedding Theme
                                                              By Amy Nutt

It's possible to have a non-themed wedding, but by selecting a wedding theme, you'll find that it is far
easier to plan. Everything will revolve around the common topic and this limits the number of choices
you have, making it easier to select everything from the flowers to the cake and bridesmaid dresses.

 Many Toronto weddings have traditional themes, but you can certainly expand on these and take it in
any direction you want. The trick is to choose something that you are passionate about and that
reflects the interests of both the bride and the groom.

Wedding Themes with Color

 One fun way to pick a wedding theme that isn't too out there is to simply go with colors. If you have a
red wedding, for example, the bridesmaids can wear red dresses, the bouquet can be made up of red
roses, etc. The color theme can even be taken on to the reception, with the cake being iced in white
with red decorations, red tablecloths, etc.

Traditional color wedding themes include colors like pink, yellow, and silver, among others. In general,
wedding colors tend to be fairly soft, since it's the bride that chooses them. There are plenty of people
who have gone against that, however and opted for bolder purples, teals and even black!

Romantic Wedding Themes

 For those who conjure up gossamer dreams for their wedding, only a romantic theme will do. There
are plenty of these, from the more exotic Hawaiian wedding or a fairy tale wedding theme to the
simpler beach theme . . . even if you don't actually have the wedding on the beach.

 Part of creating a romantic wedding is giving the impression of escape, but if you can't hit the actual
beach for your Toronto wedding or fly everyone to Hawaii, just get creative . . . sprinkle some sand on
the reception floor, toss some shells on the tables, etc. If you can't go to the location, just make your
theme come to you!

Extreme Wedding Themes

 Looking for a wedding that will jump start your heart? How about a bungee jumping or skydiving? The
perfect thing for adrenaline junkies! While you might have the actual ceremony performed while
jumping off a bridge, don't forget to turn the reception into an extreme theme, too!

 A cake with the figurines plummeting off the side makes a nice addition to an extreme wedding theme
and you can also drape parachutes from the ceiling. There are plenty of ways to bring the extreme into
your wedding reception, even if your actual ceremony is on location.

Wedding Themes Based on Hobbies

Another way to go is to take a passion that is mutual (or combine two different ones) and turn it into a
wedding theme. A good example of this would be a cowboy themed wedding or one that revolves

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around race cars.

 Many people use their passions or hobbies or even their jobs to some extent in their wedding themes.
You can incorporate your theme as much as you want into the wedding, or keep it fairly simple. It's
completely up to you.

 Wedding themes should be chosen according to what works for you. If you are a more traditional
person, don't let anyone pressure you into a more extreme wedding theme. Likewise, it's important to
find a theme that both the bride and the groom will be comfortable with. This is a good area to plan
together, even if the bride makes most of the decisions for the rest of the wedding, the theme should
be mutually enjoyable.

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