ORDER FORM – DISCRETIONARY (Family) TRUST by legalstuff1


									                                                                         Irongroup Pty Ltd
                                                                         ACN 102 794 249
                                                                         Level 4, 45 William Street  Melbourne VIC 3000
                                                                         Tel: 03 8621 9000  Fax: 03 8621 9001

              Please prepare a Discretionary Trust (including 2 copies) as follows:
                *Print or type your instructions clearly to reduce the risk of typographical error.
                         *Fax to 03 8621 9001 or email to orders@irongroup.com
Name of Trust:

Full Name:

Full Name(s):
ACN (if Company):
All Directors Names: (if Company)
Address (Registered Office if Company):

Appointor(s): (list full names and addresses)

Specified Beneficiary(s): (list full names and residential addresses)

Special instructions: (if any)

I understand the Irongroup fee is an up-front payment of retail $550 incl. GST for one (1) clipped original deed plus two
(2) bound soft cover copies supplied (in embossed black folder). Each additional copy requested is $22 (incl GST). Orders
received by midday are completed and sent by Express Post on the same day. Fees are subject to change without notice.
Payment options – cheque, direct credit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Bankcard).
The Settled Sum shall be $10.00 (unless otherwise indicated).
In Victoria, Stamp Duty of $200 is payable to the State Revenue Office within three months of the signing of the deed.
Please note: Trust Deed will be stamped in Victoria only.
We confirm that we have not requested advice from you in relation to this trust including but not limited to the
appropriateness of the parties or any taxation consequences.
Sender/Company Name:                                                       Contact:
Telephone:                                Fax:                             Email:

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