How to Write a CD Review.pdf by vrburton


									How to Write a CD Review:
        1. Read at least one example CD review before you try writing one!
        2. Listen to the CD at least once for enjoyment.
        3. Listen to the CD a second time, taking some notes about each track.
        4. Know & incorporate the following into your review:
               a. Title of the CD
               b. Record company
               c. Title of each track
               d. Producer’s name(s)
               e. Year the CD was released
               f. Other albums by the same band/singer
               g. Genre (R&B, rap, country, rock, pop, etc.)
               h. Names of singers/band members

        5. Have an opinion of the CD (you don’t have to LIKE a CD to review it! You could bash it)
        6. Rate the CD (1-5 stars, with 5 being the best)
        7. Write your review, being sure to include the following:
                a. Your opinion of the album goes in the opening paragraph
                b. A brief comment about some of the tracks is important (not all of them)
                c. You may want to quote lyrics (but don’t have to)
                d. Mention the title, record company, musicians, and guest artists in your review
                e. Compare the CD to other CDs like it or other CDs by the same band
                f. Summarize your thoughts about the CD at the end

        8. Proof! Re-read your review before you turn it in!

                          A decent CD review will be several (short) paragraphs long!
        How to submit it:
                 • typed
                 • 1” margins
                 • include a title for your review
                 • double-space
                 • 12 pt. Times New Roman font
                 • heading: name, date, block #
                 • CD TITLES are ITALICIZED (not in quotation marks)
                 • SONG (track) TITLES are in quotation marks

For even more points (and the glory of publication), I then encourage you to submit your reviews to the school
literary magazine and TeenInk (a national publication of student writing) <>.

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