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                           TRAIL RIDE NEWS - 11th JUNE 2007

Stockton dunes,
If ever you want to check your fitness then go for a ride on the single tracks behind
Stockton Beach.
Tony -Pass
Paul -Pass
Rod - Stuffed
Gibbo - DNF
The Ride - Trent Lean (Dungog club) invited us to go on a ride with Clarky and a few of his
mates in the sand, we thought what a great idea -NO mud. We arrived at Anna Bay around
8.30 to find every one ready to go so we hurried to get ready only to look around and see
Trent doing a full service on his bike.
After a quick chat we are told we will cover about 50km (about a tank of fuel) so we think
this should be pretty leisurely - wrong!. We head straight in to the narrowest shit tracks
where Gibbo decided to do a "product evaluation" on a set of radiator guards -Result, don't
buy the ones Gibbo had. After a bit of bush mechanics, whittling tree branches to block
hoses we were off again with the promise the good tracks aren't to far ahead.
We reached the good tracks and they were fun but they took there toll on the body real
quick. You had to tell the right hand to twist more while commonsense said don't do it. Due
to poor bush repairs Gibbo had to take the easy way home as the mighty WR450 was over
heating. (we latter found out the foreman - Paul) didn't notice when we blocked the hoses
we didn't allow the water to flow through the engine, thus the overheating. After a few tips
from Clarky (basically don't listen to common sense) it all started to click and what a hoot it
We rode beside the Anti Tank Pyramids (from WW2) to the Tin Shacks in the dunes were
Tony had the best over the bars somersault I've seen in a while.
We rode km after km of whoops of various sizes and widths which kept you on your toes
and made it all the more interesting. After about 5 hrs and 48km's we arrived back at the
cars with Paul and Tony saying they could do it again while i just want to go home and rest.
Thanks to Trent, Clarky and the Anna Bay Boys for letting us tag along and look forward to
the next time.

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