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Intent to Form Corporation by Franchisee by legalstuff1



The franchiser,         , and the franchisee,       , as set forth in their franchise agreement
on           and as witnessed by         , have agreed to the following additional terms and

The franchisee will duly create a corporation and it shall be known as            .
the franchise will conduct business under said business name and it will be used for the
franchisees sole use for           days, until satisfactory completion of franchisees training
program. If and when that said franchisee desires to sell any stock in the formed
corporation, the franchisee will maintain franchisee's said name and franchisee will
control at least        % of the voting corporation stock. If the franchisee has less than
      % of the voting stock then the franchiser will reserve the ability to negate the

In the case of franchiser allowing any other franchises to function beyond areas
determined in the agreement, franchisee will have control of at least           % of the
voting stock of any and all corporations and/or corporations formed outside and beyond
the determined area in the prior agreement.

Franchisee must produce a list of any and all potential shareholders and the amount each
potential shareholder will hold upon delivery of the corporate charter. Franchisee must
include names, addresses of all potential shareholders and all must be free of ill character
or repute.

Franchisee must include date and state of incorporation and any capital invested in said
corporation. Franchisee must duly advise franchise of any alterations or changes in share
holdings or shareholders prior to the changes being employed.

                                                                                         electronic form 2005
                                                                                          Law Publishers
Franchiser   Dated

Franchisee   Dated

Witness      Dated

Witness      Dated

                     electronic form 2005
                      Law Publishers

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