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									Appendix A

             Statutory Reporting Compliance Certification

             Customer Service Charter
              The Charter sets out the standard of services customers can expect from DOLA, including the time taken to
              respond to enquiries and process property transactions, titles search requests, aerial photography orders and
              Crown Grants. The Charter was revised during 1996/97 with input from the DOLA Customer Service Council.

             Disability Services
              Under the Disability Services Act 1993, Section 29, DOLA is required to report on the progress of the
              implementation of its Disability Services Plan. DOLA has complied with the requirement by submitting its
              report for the period 1 July 1995 to 30 June 1996 to the Disability Services Commission.

             Equal Employment Opportunity
              Under the Equal Opportunity Act 1984, Part IX, DOLA is required to submit a yearly report indicating an
              accurate and meaningful demographic profile. This report has been submitted.

             Freedom of Information
              Under the Freedom of Information Act 1992, Part 5, Section 94, DOLA is required to prepare a statement that
              contains: details of the structure and functions of the Department; a description of the ways in which the
              functions affect members of the public; details of public participation in policy formulation; details of documents
              held by the Department; and, arrangements for public access to documents.

              DOLA has available a Freedom of Information: Information Statement. A copy may be requested by calling the
              Publications and Promotions Section on telephone (08) 9273 7564.

              In addition, the following internal publications have been prepared with regard to Freedom of Information (FOI):
              FOI Guidelines - Quick Reference; FOI: A Guide for Dealing with Freedom of Information Applications; and, FOI:
              Policy & Procedures Manual.

             Official Corruption Commission
              Under the Anti-Corruption Commission Act 1988, Section 7F, DOLA is required to submit a yearly summary for
              the period up to 31 May, 1997. The required report has been submitted to the Commission.

             Public Sector Standards and Code of Ethics
              Under the Public Sector Management Act 1994, Section 31(1) and (2), DOLA is required to submit an annual
              report to the Public Sector Management Office.

              1. The administration of DOLA has complied with Public Sector Standards in human resource management, the
                   Code of Ethics and DOLA’s Code of Business Conduct.

              2. Procedures designed to ensure compliance have been put in place and appropriate internal checks have been
                   made that the statement made in 1 above is correct.

              3. No applications for the review of alleged breaches of the standards were lodged during the reporting period of
                   1 July 1996 to 30 June 1997.

             Waste Paper Recycling
              As part of the Government’s initiative on waste paper recycling (Cabinet Decision, November 1991), DOLA
              colleted 20.05 tonnes of waste paper in the year 1996/97.

                                                                                                                        Appendix B

Legislative responsibilities

 On 20 May, 1986, His Excellency, the Governor in Executive Council approved the establishment of the
 Department of Land Administration. The Public Service Board determined that the effective date of operation
 was to be 1 July, 1986.

Legislation administered
 The Department is responsible for the administration of a number of State Acts of Parliament.

     Land Act 1933 - outlines the administration, development and disposal of the State’s Crown land.

     Transfer of Land Act 1893 - establishes the Torrens System of registering freehold tenure, transactions and
     interests over land.

     Registration of Deeds Act 1856 - outlines a system of registering conveyances, wills and other deeds affecting
     land for which no Certificate of Title has been issued.

     Strata Titles Act 1985 - facilitates the subdivision of land into spaces for home units, etc., and for the
     management of strata schemes.

     Regulations under the Licensed Surveyors Act 1909 - outlines the rules and guidelines for surveyors.

     Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1960 Part XII, Division I - provides for the creation and
     closure of public roads.

     Land Acquisition and Public Works Act 1902 - by delegation from the Minister for Works, for land related

     Parks and Reserves Act 1895 - allows for the establishment of Boards of Management for reserves, and
     enables local government to licence the use of reserves.

 The Department also provides advice or resources wholly or in part to more than twenty other Acts.

Legislation affecting departmental activities
 In the performance of its obligations, DOLA complies with relevant written laws, which include:

 Anti-Corruption Commission Act 1988-1994                   Public and Bank Holidays Act 1972

 Disability Services Act 1993                               Public Sector Management Act 1994

 Equal Opportunity Act 1984                                 Salaries and Allowances Act 1975

 Government Employees Superannuation                        State Supply Commission Act 1991
 Act 1987
                                                            Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 1981
 Financial Administration and Audit Act 1985

 Freedom of Information Act 1992

 Industrial Relations Act 1979

 Native Title Act 1993 (Commonwealth)

 Occupational, Safety and Health Act 1984

Appendix C

             Representation on External Bodies

              Aboriginal Affairs Legislative Review Reference Group

              Aboriginal Cultural Materials Committee

              Advisory Committee to the Australia New Zealand Land Information Council

              Albany Foreshore Redevelopment Steering Committee

              Australia New Zealand Land Information Council

              Australian Liaison Committee on Remote Sensing

              Broome Airport Relocation Taskforce

              CAMS - Lead Team A Liaison Group

              CAMS - Facilities Management, Alliance Board

              Chief Executives Group on Native Title

              Chief Executive Officers' Consultative Group

              Committee for Strategic Management

              Conveyancing Industry Liaison Committee

              Curtin University School of Surveying and Land Information Advisory Committee

              Data Matching & Information Privacy
              Principles Focus Group

              Defence WA - Government Executive Working Group

              Dirk Hartog Tri-Centennial Sub-Committee

              East Perth Redevelopment Authority

              Government Property Management Committee

              Integrated Catchment Management
              Coordinating Group

              Interdepartmental Committee for Aquaculture

              Inter-governmental Committee on Aboriginal
              Land User Issues

              Inter-government Committee on
              Surveying and Mapping

              InterSector Editorial Policy Advisory Panel

              Land Surveyors’ Licensing Board of Western Australia

              Leeuwin Centre Management Committee

              Mainframe Rationalisation Consortium

              Mangles Bay Steering Committee

              Mandurah Ocean Marina Taskforce

                                                                                     Appendix C

National Native Title Tribunal State Liaison Committee

Nimalaica Wetlands Management Advisory Committee

Northbridge Tunnel Project

Ord Stage Two Development Steering and Policy Committees

Port Kennedy Land Care District Committee

Port Kennedy Management Board

Public Sector Administration Industry Employment and Training Council -
Interim Management Committee

Public Sector Mapping Agencies (PSMA)

Settlements Agents Supervisory Board

Standards Australia IT4

State Communications Strategy
Committee (WA)

State Gravel Supply Strategy Group

State Liaison Committee on Remote Sensing

State Telecommunications Focus Group

State Telecommunications Facilities Management - Tender Advisory Group

State Working Group Defence

Waterbank Station Coordinating Committee

Waterways Managers Technical Advisory Group

Western Australian Development Corporation

Western Australian Information Policy Council

Western Australian Land Authority (LandCorp)

Western Australian Land Information System (WALIS) Council

Western Australian Land Information System (WALIS) Executive Policy Committee

Western Australian Law Society

Western Australian Satellite Technology Applications Consortium

Western Australian Survey and Mapping Advisory Council

West Kimberley Land and Water Resources Development Policy Committee

Working Party on Essential Services to Aboriginal Communities

Year 2000 Focus Group

Appendix D

                   Enlargement - see Appendix E

      Appendix E

Appendix F


             Issued During 1996/97
              An Overview of the Land Administration Bill        How to Register Exemptions from Certain Provisions from
              1996 and Acts Amendment (Land                      Strata Plans Comprising Three to Five Lots
              Administration) Bill 1996
                                                                 Land Lingo - A Glossary of Definitions and Terms Used in
              Business Activity Profile, 12 issues               Land Administration, 3 Edition, June 1997

              Conveyancing Support Service                       Land for Sale or Lease, 12 issues

              Crown Land Administration in Western Australia     LandMarks, quarterly customer and staff information
              - November 1996                                    brochure, six issues

              Crown Lands - Creation of Roads                    PanAIRama CD-ROM:

              Crown Lands - Crown Land Sales                     • Aerial Scenes of WA
                                                                 • Avon two CD-ROM set
              Crown Lands - Crown Easements                      • Blackwood
                                                                 • Manjimup
              Crown Lands - Crown Leases
                                                                 • Moore
              Crown Lands - Land Operations at a Glance          • Perth Metropolitan three CD-ROM set

              Crown Lands - Land Acquisitions                    Perth Metropolitan Map Sheets 4, 7, 8 and 10

              Crown Lands - Management of                        State Land Information Capture Program 1996/97
              the Crown Estate
                                                                 Strata Titles 1985-95, Answers to Most Commonly Asked
              Crown Lands - Reserves                             Questions

              Crown Lands - Road Closures and Disposals          Strata Titles 1985-95, Building Alterations

              Customer Information Bulletin, issues 80-90        Strata Titles 1985-95, By-Law Resolutions

              Customer Service Charter (revised)                 Strata Titles 1985-95, How to Register an Exclusive Use
                                                                 of Common Property on Strata Plans Registered from 31
              DOLA Annual Report 1995/96
                                                                 October 1966 to 30 June 1985
              DOLA Bulletin, fortnightly staff information
                                                                 Strata Titles 1985-95, How to Register an Exclusive Use
              bulletin, 26 issues
                                                                 on Common Property on Strata Plans Registered after 30
              DOLA Bulletin Special, special staff information   June 1985
              bulletin, two issues
                                                                 Strata Titles 1985-95, How to Register Exemptions from
              DOLA’s Code of Business Conduct                    Certain Provisions from Strata Plans Comprising Three to
                                                                 Five Lots
              DOLA - Facts & Information
                                                                 Strata Titles 1985-95, Insurance Guide
              DOLA Looking After Your Interests in Land
                                                                 Strata Titles 1985-95, Management and Insurance
              Geographic Name Approvals in                       Changes
              Western Australia, four issues

              How to Register a Notification of Change of By-
              Laws on Strata Plans

                                                         Other Publications Available
Strata Titles 1985-95, Referee’s Powers and Orders       CAS (Customer Accounting System) -
                                                         Conditions of Use, November, 1993
Strata Titles 1985-95, Types of Schemes and Small
Exemptions                                               Customer Remote Searching System - Conditions
                                                         of Use, November, 1993
Strata Titles Explained :
                                                         DOLA Products and Services Guide, Second
• Ownership of Buildings (Conversion Option 1)           Edition, 1995
• Ownership of Land (Conversion Option 2)
• Ownership of Buildings and Land (Conversion            Getting it Right - Document Preparation and
  Option 1 and 2)                                        Settlement, December, 1993 (Revised)
• Converting to Survey Strata (Conversion Option 3)
                                                         Helpful Hints on Strata Development, August,
StreetSmart 1997                                         1995, (Revised)

StreetSmart Tourist Map:                                 How to Prepare a Simple Transfer, May, 1997,
• SW Corner (Revised Edition)                            (Revised)
• Batavia Coast (Revised Edition)
                                                         How to Complete an Historical Search,
Transfer of Land Pursuant to Divorce Settlement, May,    February, 1995
1997 (Revised)
                                                         How to Prepare an Application by Personal
Transfer of Marital Home from Sole Proprietor to Joint   Representation on the death of a sole proprietor or
Tenancy with Spouse (Married or Defacto)                 the death of a tenant in common,
                                                         May, 1997 (Revised)
WALIS Forum ’97 - Proceedings March 1997
                                                         How to Prepare an Application by Survivor on
WALIS News, Volume 9                                     death of Joint Tenant, May, 1997 (Revised)

WALIS Strategic Directions 1996/97                       How to Prepare an Application for New Title to
                                                         replace one lost or destroyed, May, 1997
Your Guide to Lodging a Caveat under Section 137,
May, 1997 (Revised)
                                                         How to Prepare an Application to amend the
                                                         Name and Address of Registered Proprietors of
                                                         Land, May, 1997 (Revised)

                                                         Land Development Process Subdivision of Land

                                                         Land Development Process Using Early Issue

                                                         Land Operations, Moving ahead in the 90s,
                                                         September, 1994

                                                         Land Operations Regional Boundaries,
                                                         September, 1994

                                                         Land Titles Registration Practice Manual

                                                 Customer Product Guides
Land Titles Survey Registration Practice,        Central Map Agency, Historical Plans, Exploration Plans,
June, 1994 (Revised)                             Early Crown Survey Maps, French Exploration Charts -
Native Title in Western Australia, 1995
                                                 Central Map Agency, Catalogue of Products and Services
Need Assistance? The Customer Service Centre
Can Help, October, 1994 (Revised)                Land Enquiry Centre, Materialise Hardcopy (Report/Plot)
Principles, Policies and Procedures Geographic
Names Committee, February, 1994                  Land Enquiry Centre, Microfiche Products

Proceedings of WALIS Forum 94 & 95               Remote Sensing Services, AGIMAGE On-farm use of
                                                 satellite data
Remote Searching - DOLA technology helping
you, December, 1993                              Remote Sensing Services, Monitoring and managing - the
                                                 fight against fire using the NOAA-AVHRR satellite
Survey Marks in Pastoral Areas
                                                 Remote Sensing Services, Vegetation Watch Project -
Strategic Technology Plan
                                                 Questions and Answers
Transverse Mercator Project Grids 1995
                                                 Remote Sensing Services, Brochure on services and
WALIS News, Volumes 4 - 8                        products from earth observation by satellite

WASTAC Annual Report 1995


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