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Spring / Summer 2008 brings us:
The colour trends for Spring / Summer 2008 include all the strongest hues
of the season from the brightest of tones through to beautiful neutral shades.
Flaming shades of colour explode in floral and geometric patterns. This
season deals with the theme of floral in fashion, bringing a return to nature.

Sweet Violet in all its sugared shades is the new spotlight colour. Super
brights and fluorescents explode in geometric patterns. Denim turns soft in
faded blue washes. Beautiful florals burst into bloom with oranges, yellows,
pinks and greens. Tailoring is popular in neutral colours. While black is a
boudoir classic, nudes and pastels speak of romance.

The vast array of Bio Sculpture Spring and Summer Colours now on offer
conjures up images of sumptuous treats displayed in a candy store. Spring
time brings with it freshness and innovation in clothes as well as through nail
colour so be bold and experimental with your nail creations.

What’s new in Colour for Spring & Summer:
To add to our range of over 100 colours, we have the following
new Spring / Summer colours:

87 – Strawberry French                 2070 – Raspberry Dazzle
88 – Nail Plate Pink                   2074 – Beige Soiree
89 – Bright Summer Pink                2077 – Oriental Lotus
90 – Cherise                           2078 – Classy Primrose
2054 – Turquoise Ocean                 2079 – Spring Maple Leaf
2069 – Marshmallow Pink
From the 19th – 21st May I had the privilege to represent Bio Sculpture Australia in attending the
Beauty World Expo in Tokyo Japan. We have some great trade shows here in Australia but it certainly
was an amazing experience to be part of a Beauty Trade Show in another coutry. I found the Japanese
people very friendly and extremely dedicated to their chosen field of expertise in the nail industry. Their
patience and dedication was truly admirable. Bio Sculpture Gel is the leading “Soakable Gel” in Japan
and the interest at the show from Nail Technicians to experience Bio Sculpture Gel was overwhelming.
Technicians were lining up and waiting for a minimum of 1 hour just to experience one Bio Sculpture Gel
nail. There were 5 demo tables set up and they were continually busy for the three days. Being in Japan
was a great personal challenge for me, as it was my first time to a foreign country and throughout the
three days of the trade show I did many demonstrations with the assistance of a translator. On the first
day I had the opportunity of doing a demonstration on the main stage with one of Japans top educators
Tomoko. With around 200 people watching it was quite a memorable moment. We both did just one
overlay on a natural nail with a nail art design to finish. The Japanese technicians love nail art and were
very interested in our designs with a lot of them coming up to us afterwards to take photos of our completed
nails. The following two days we did the same demonstrations in a conference room again with 200 people
attending each day. It was so amazing to see so many people interested in watching our demonstrations.
Bio Sculpture® Gel is the Brand leader in Gels in Japan.
Kirsten Pearson - Queensland Educator

Bio Sculpture Australia encountered an enormous, supportive response to our Breast Cancer Fundraiser with $1323.00 being raised from
December 2007 to June 2008. Bio Sculpture Gel Australia wishes to thank all of its Nail Technicians, Customers and staff for their support of a very
worthy cause. Our commitment to raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness will be continuing for another year to end of 2009.

Concurrently with the APAA Convention and Exhibition, a Nail Cup was held to offer Nail Technicians the opportunity to showcase their talents and
abilities. Bio Sculpture Gel Australia would like to congratulate all the Bio Sculpture Gel Technicians who participated in the competition. A special mention
to two Bio Sculpture Victoria staff members, Vesna Ivkovoc, a Queensland Technician who came 4th! Fantastic effort. Bio Sculpture congratulates Vesna
on her accomplishment! A special mention also to two Victorian Bio Sculpture Girls, Mel and Dayleen, who came 8th and 9th, respectively.

Recently there has been media coverage linking benzyl phthalates in cosmetics to breast cancer in women. All Bio Sculpture products contain
absolutely NO butyl benzyl phthalate. Bio Sculpture products are also NOT tested on animals.
Bio Sculpture is 5 star safety rated by Clinical Laboratory Farmovs Parexel – Bio Sculpture, the only nail company worldwide to be clinically tested.

Welcome to chilly winter in Sydney where our PR team works well ahead of time! June 2008 saw the PR launch of SALON to SEA
Summer Pedi treats for editors hosted by our enthusiastic PR team at Brand New Solutions. The girls hosted two fabulous media
events for the launch of BSG’s new Summer colours! Beauty editors from all of the top glossy mags were invited to treat and trial
the non-chip, fast-drying BSG pedis in the summer colour of their choice. What a brilliant way to show them that they could
literally have a pedi and put on their boots….. most of them were in disbelief! These lucky editors were treated to delicious summer
canapés of fresh strawberries dipped in white chocolate and sparkling pink grapefruit juice, whilst having their feet pampered by
Jacquie and Manel from Sydney who did a fine job. Feedback has been great.
The editors left the event with a gorgeous pair of silver slim-styled Haviana’s (which Haviana donated for FREE!) to show off their
newly beautified toes! Popular colour choices included: Bright Summer Pink No. 89! Verdict: Excellent! – the editors LOVED their
Salon to Sea pedi’s! Great media coverage to come. Please remember to send through your nail success stories to the girls for use
with media!      Gill Fish – Brand New Solutions
For more information, please call BRAND NEW SOLUTIONS 02 8356 9595 or bns@brandnewsolutions.com.au

Dual Cleanser
We have introduced a new solvent to our range – Dual Cleanser.
                                                                               New Professional Sponge Buffs
                                                                               Designed to enable Technicians to complete a higher
This multi-purpose solvent contains no oil and is used to clean and
                                                                               quality manicure and pedicure, with a softer action on
prepare the nail plate before product application. Dual Cleanser will
                                                                               the natural nail.
remove Nail Polish, High Gloss Top Coat, Cuticle Remover, loose
skin, filings, dust, superficial oil and water from
the nail without dehydrating the natural nail. It                              ACC135 - Pink Teardrop
may be used between layers during                                              280 / 320 grit $1.65 RRP $2.50
Gel treatments as well as after Gel treatments,
to remove the sticky residue, before applying                                  ACC383 - Grey Sponge File
High Gloss Top Coat. This product can replace                                  220 / 220 grit $2.20 RRP $3.30
Sanitiser and Nail Polish Remover as it does the
job of both of them, making it easier to have only                             ACC384 - Orange Sponge File
one product doing everything.                                                  100 / 100 $2.20 RRP $3.30

SOL001 – 100ml Dual Cleanser $6.40 RRP $9.60                                   ACC703 - High Shine Turquoise Shiner
SOL003 – 1 Litre Dual Cleanser $32.45                                          $2.20 RRP $3.30
Welcome to New Western Australian Distributors – Sara Jane, Charlotte & David Roberts At the beginning of
July the WA Distributorship was taken over by the International School of Beauty Therapy, situated in
Peppermint Grove. The new owners, Sara Jane and David Roberts and their daughter Charlotte, are delighted to
expand their long established business with this world renowned product. With over 30 years experience as a training establishment the school
is ideally set up for both training and distributing. Charlotte has worked with the product for several years in the UK and Australia and is now
looking forward to training others. As many of the overseas schools that Sara Jane has visited as an examiner, use and train Bio Sculpture she
is delighted that she is now able to say the same about her own school. Over the next few months they are looking forward to meeting all of their
customers, either at the welcome evening planned for September, at the training school or in their salons. At time of printing this newsletter,
WA training dates were unavailable – Please call the office on 9385 3432 to book your place in the next available training class. Sara Jane

Bio Sculpture ‘Lifetime Training’ Agreement – To advance your skills regularly, improving your Bio Sculpture Gel
service. All Bio Sculpture Educators are annually advancing their skills to deliver the most advanced techniques
to you. A combination of new techniques and refined teaching methods will have you completing a ‘perfect’ set
of nails every time. As a company we honour every enrolled technician our Bio Sculpture Gel ‘Lifetime Training’.
This includes FREE Refresher Classes and Exam Certificate Classes throughout the technician’s time of working
with the Bio Sculpture Gel system. To keep up our standards we also offer students our Advance Classes now
with Tool Kits (when fee paid) and one FREE Class per annum. With the introduction of our International Training Program we are excited to
announce 2 additional Certificates honoured for recognition of those skilled technicians. Bio Sculpture ‘Advanced Certificate’ will give recognition
to those who achieve outstanding results. Grading between 80% - 95% on a set of Bio Sculpture French Gel Sculptures (one hand may be French
overlay on tip application) completed within 3 hours. Bio Sculpture ‘A-Grade Certificate’ will give recognition to those with outstanding results
at competition level. Grading over 95% on a set of Bio Sculpture French Gel Sculptures completed within 2 hours. The Advanced Certificate and
A Grade Certificate will in time offer the unique opportunity of individual internet listing on the Bio Sculpture web site. This will recognize each
individual for their achievements with their contact details available to all for instant referrals. Let us help build your business today. Being well
trained assures you of making money from our partnership in business.           Cindee Evans – Bio Sculpture National Training Committee Member

                         “Our Bio Sculpture
                          Technicians may not
                          CARE how much we                                      New Poster
                          know, until they know                                 Available
                          how much we CARE”
                                                                                FOR FREE
                          Elmien Scholtz Founder & CEO                          MIS310 – Everlasting
                          Bio Sculpture International                           420mm x 600mm

       Nail Preparation. Prepare the natural nail. Base Layer. Apply Clear Gel to cover the entire nail and cure for two minutes.
       Nail Correction. Prepare the form to ensure a snug fit under the natural nail free edge. If necessary,
       cut the connecting edge of the form deeper in order to fit the natural nail free edge properly.
       Insert the form. Fill the inner C-Curve of the natural nail with the extension form. Lift to connect to
       the Upper Arch of the natural nail and stick the sides of the form to the finger on either side.                             1.
       Side view must form a continuous curve. Shape the width using the sculpture tweezers.
       Offload enough Free Edge Gel onto the form. Apply the Free Edge Gel from behind the
       natural smile line. Create Free Edge length and lower curve. Cure for 2 minutes.
       Upper Arch Layer. Use S-Gel to build a perfectly curved upper arch and straight barrel                                       2.
       sides. Cure for 2 minutes. For added strength apply a second layer of S-Gel and cure.
       Remove the form.
       Dual cleanse to remove sticky residue.
       Shape the free edge, upper arch, C-Curve and barrel sides.   TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR                                       3.
                                                                    PURCHASING BIO SCULPTURE GEL
       Remove dust with a nail brush.                               We supply all trained Bio Sculpture Nail
                                                                    Technicians with gel for their own use
       Remove stickiness underneath the sculpture with wonderwipe ONLY, and it may not be given or sold to
       wrapped around an orange stick moistened with Dual Cleanser. any third party, especially via e-Bay. If this
                                                                    becomes evident, we have the right to stop
       Overlay: Nail is now ready for an overlay: Colour or French. supplying you with product.                                    4.

  5.                        6.                      7.                         8.                        9.                        10.
                   STATE NEWS                                                                       TRAINING DATES
NEW SOUTH WALES & ACT – 02 9518 0101
Our Sydney Distribution and training center are happy to welcome two new additions to our           Initial Lifetime Training – Mondays & Tuesdays
staff. Natalie Shamatov and Tania Casting. Natalie is a maverick office manager with a strong        Sculpture Class – 9th Sept
background in customer service and accounting programs. She’s also a qualified beauty                Nail Art - 17th Sept
therapist with a clear focus on the “healthier alternative’. Tania on the other hand is an artist
                                                                                                    Certificate of Merit - 3rd Sept
and a colour specialist. Both these woman are contributing to Bio Sculpture in unique and
exciting ways helping us to maintain our market edge in the nail enhancement                        Canberra – 22nd Sept
industry. Jacquie                                                                                   Newcastle – 20th Oct
Bio Sculpture Australia would also like to congratulate Jacqui Teehan in her new role as            Port Macquarie – 17th Nov
State Manager of Bio Sculpture NSW

VICTORIA – 03 9836 2111                                                                             Bio Sculpture Gel Australia Nail Technology Course
Victoria would like to thank everyone who visited our stand at the Melbourne Beauty Expo in         – Commencing 16th Aug & 30th Sept
April. We love to see you all, to share our new products and great specials on offer. This year     Initial Lifetime Training – 25th Aug, 3rd Sept,
has seen a welcomed change to training with Bio Sculpture introducing it’s internationally          8th Sept, 17th Sept, 22nd Sept, 8th Oct, 13th Oct,
recognised curriculum. This change has allowed new Bio Sculpture Technicians to learn all           22nd Oct, 27th Oct, 5th Nov, 10th Nov, 19th Nov, 24th Nov,
aspects of the product in one complete day’s training. Technicians leave with an understanding      3rd Dec, 8th Dec, 17th Dec
of how to master and perfect each and every nail. Returning to complete sets of perfection in       Refresher Training – 10th Sept, 15th Sept, 24th Sept,
overlays and refills at their ‘lifetime training’ FREE refresher classes. Once they have
                                                                                                    29th Sept, 1st Oct, 6th Oct, 15th Oct, 20th Oct, 21st Oct,
mastered all areas they are ready for their Bio Sculpture Gel Australia ‘Certificate of Merit’.
                                                                                                    29th Oct, 3rd Nov, 12th Nov, 17th Nov, 18th Nov,
Bio Sculpture Victoria is excited to launch our ‘Seminar Classes’ for existing technicians with
                                                                                                    25th Nov, 26th Nov, 1st Dec, 2nd Dec, 10th Dec, 15th Dec,
demonstrations of new products and techniques. These Classes offer Technicians advice
                                                                                                    16th Dec, 22nd Dec
increasing product knowledge and salon profits by importantly
                                                                                                    Certificate of Merit – 24th Sept, 1st Nov,
minimising service time and over use / wastage of products.
                                                                                                    17th Nov, 23rd Dec
We would like to welcome any Technicians to take advantage of this
opportunity to see all the new developments from Bio Sculpture in                                   Sculpture Class – 16th Sept, 6th Oct, 26th Nov, 9th Dec
the one class - Call now to book your place for our next Seminar.                                   Tip Class – 29th Sept, 11th Nov, 10th Dec
There are many exciting things happening regularly at Bio Sculpture,                                Nail Art Class – 20th Oct
keep refreshing your skills and advancing your knowledge to offer                                   Seminar Class – 2nd Sept, 7th Oct
your existing and potential clientelle the best service possible. We                                Albury – 9th Sept
are here to help you build your business, profits and reputation for                                 Shepparton – 16th Sept
perfection. To clients you are a reflection of Bio Sculpture. One of our
                                                                                                    Lakes Entrance – 13th Oct
missions at Bio Sculpture is to deliver education to you to achieve the
perfect nail finish with the natural, healthy treatment that                                         Moe - 15th Oct
Bio Sculpture is. Dayleen                                                                           Mildura – 28th &29th Oct

QUEENSLAND – 07 3200 8333
Bio Sculpture Gel Queensland would like to welcome our new Salons / Technicians that have           Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Technology Course
started with us this year and since the APAA Beauty Expo on the Gold Coast on 15th & 16th           - Commencing 1st Oct
June. We wish you all every success as you advance your career by offering Bio Sculpture Gel        Initial Lifetime Training – Mondays
nail services to your clients. To all our clients we would like to encourage you to update your     Refresher Training - Mondays & Tuesdays
skills by attending one of our refresher training courses held regularly at our Meadowbrook         Sculpture Class – 2nd Sept, 15th Sept, 28th Oct
Training Centre and also at both Caloundra and Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. For those of you
                                                                                                    Nail Art Class – 29th Sept Tip Class – 23rd Sept
further North, Qld training will be in your local area during September / October.
                                                                                                    Certificate of Merit – 1st Oct
We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our                                      Noosa - Initial Lifetime Training – 22nd Sept
Technicians that have successfully completed their Bio Sculpture                                    Noosa - Refresher/Sculpture/Nail Art – 23rd Sept
Gel Australia ‘Certificate of Merit’ during the first half of 2008: If                                Caloundra - Initial Lifetime Training - 29th Sept
you haven’t yet obtained your Certificate of Merit make sure to
                                                                                                    Caloundra - Refresher/Sculpture/Nail Art - 30th Sept
phone our office today and book in for the next date in your area.
Remember our training recognition doesn’t stop at the Bio                                           Cairns - Sept Rockhampton -15th Sept
Sculpture Gel Australia ‘Certificate of Merit’ as we now offer                                       Townsville – 13th Oct Mackay - Oct
‘Advanced Certificate’ and ‘A Grade Certificate’. Kirsten                                             Northern Territory - Oct

TASMANIA – 03 6234 3188
Over the autumn and winter months our major focus has been the implementation of the new            Launceston – Mondays
upgraded Bio Sculpture International training system. Our mission is to provide safe cost           Hobart – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
effective nail care systems and services which meet required world class standards.
 Our implementation program includes introducing a new Bio Sculpture Nail Technology
Course based on the upgraded training manual and other support resources. With our loyal
existing clients our aim is to arrange salon visits by either Karen or Estelle to run refresher
courses to demonstrate and teach the new techniques and products. Alternatively existing
clients can ring and arrange refresher courses at Bio Sculpture Head office. I look forward to
seeing many of our clients at the Sydney Trade Show in August. Estelle

SOUTH AUSTRALIA – 08 8272 1753                                                                      Highgate - Mondays
Bio Sculpture Gel is growing steadily in South Australia. The word is definitely out there and
people are realising that Bio Sculpture is “the only way to go”. New Name – New Location:
Goddess Day Spa (Ex Kaz at Marion Westfield), Brighton. Rose and her staff have been
using Bio Sculpture for 10 years, their business has grown in leaps and bounds since they
committed 100% to Bio Sculpture and gave away acrylic. They offer exceptional service to all
their clients, and this reflects in their client base growth. Lenore

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