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									               Spring Newsletter

               September 2005
                                         Welcome to Bent on Food’s
                                         first newsletter
                                         This morning when I woke                     pate on the day.                  vouchers are also avail-
                                         to find my pet goose sitting                                                   able.
                                         on eggs and then took the                    But first I must thank all
                                         time to notice that my                       those wonderful custom-           Food is a wonderful gift
                                         garden was flowering, I                      ers that have helped make         for those who have every-
                                         realised that Spring was                     Bent on Food a success, I         thing and it is always nice
                                         upon us. Spring also sig-                    appreciate your support           to give handcrafted prod-
                                         nals the arrival to the shop                 and suggestions and I             ucts from regional pro-
                                         of one of our favourite                      hope that you will con-           ducers who put their
                                         local products, Capparis                     tinue to grow the busi-           heart and soul into making
                                         Goats Cheese from nearby                     ness with us.                     a superb product, some
                                         Gloucester. We are very                                                        even taking the ingredi-
                                         fortunate to live in such a                  We are starting to get            ents from their own gar-
                                         wonderful part of the mid                    ready for Christmas with          dens.
                                         north coast of NSW and                       hamper boxes arriving
                                         we can be proud of our                       soon, our lay by system           Enjoy the first newsletter!
                                         local produce. On Saturday                   is up and running, thanks
                                         October 22, Bent on Food                     to     Krystal
                                         will hold the first of our                   who has made                                        Cheers,
                                         producer’s days and you                      it one of her
                                         are all welcome to come                      projects.
                                         along from 10 AM to taste                    Some of our
                                         some of the wonderful                        homeware
                                         regional delights that line                  products are
                                         the shelves of the store.                    made to or-
                     Spring Newsletter

                                                                                      der, so it is
                                         Later in the newsletter, I                   wise to place
                                         will profile some of the                     an order soon
                                         producers that will partici-                 for these. Gift
Bent on Food

                                         Breast Cancer Breakfast
                                         October 26
                                                                                                                        tion. Wear pink on the
                                         On Wednesday October                         this is a great way to            day and you could win a
                                         26, Bent on Food, in con-                    catch up with friends in a        wonderful prize. Pink
                                         junction with the National                   great environment for a           ribbons will be available
                                         Breast Cancer Founda-                        light breakfast. Cereal,          for sale.
                                         tion, will host a breakfast                  toast, fruit and tea or           The National Breast Can-
                                         to raise much needed                         coffee will be available          cer Foundation conducts
                                         funds for breast cancer                      from 7 AM to 10AM at a            research to help identify
                                         research. All of us have                     cost of $12 with all profits      the causes of breast can-
                                         been touched in some                         going to the National             cer, with the aim of even-
                                         way by breast cancer and                     Breast Cancer Founda-             tual prevention.

                                         Inside this issue:
                                                                                                         Dates for your diary
                                         Producer’s Day                                         2
                                                                                                         • October 22—Producers Day. Meet the
                                         Producer Profile Red Belly                             2          producers and taste some wonderful prod-
                                                                                                           ucts. All welcome, no charge.
                                         Snippets from the media                                2
                                                                                                         • October 25 —The art of coffee making.
                                         Producer Profile Pure Greed                            3          6pm—9pm Book now $65.00

                                         New Things!                                            3
                                                                                                         • October 26—Breast Cancer Breakfast.
                                         Product Focus Apeel Bruschetta Mix                     3
                                                                                                         • October 27 - Wine Appreciation Work-
                                         Things to do and see in and around Wingham             4          shop. 6pm—9pm Book now $45.00
Bent on Food Producer’s Day
On Saturday 22nd October, in conjunc-         Greed” from Smiths Lake,                       day with us, everyone is welcome and it
tion with Good Food Month, Bent on                                                           is completely free of charge. Introduce
Food will be holding the first of their                                                      a friend to Bent on Food on this day
“meet the producers” events to show-                                                         and have coffee on us.
case some of the wonderful products
                                                                                                 Don’t forget in October you can
that line the shelves of the store. Local
                                                                                                also attend one of our barista
producers will be on hand to talk to
                                                                                               courses or a wine appreciation work-
customers about what can be created
with their products, and you will be
able to sample a variety of organic and
regional products.

Locally produced Red Tail Wines will          “Murumbooee” from Bel-
be sampling some of their wonderful           lingen, “Quigleys Smoked Tuna” from
wines, and Reggie D will be playing a         Raleigh, “Baccos” from Murrurundi and
selection of Blues and Jazz to entertain      a wonderful new product range from
the crowd. Producers include “Red             Lake Cathie called “The Other Chef”.
Belly Gourmet” from Barrington, “Pure         So bring the family along and share the

Producer Profile Red Belly Gourmet
Red Belly Gourmet products are hand-          the property are free from any non-
made and bottled at Magic Hill, a fertile     organic pesticides, herbicides or
property nestled amongst the foothills        fertilisers. All waste is recycled and
of the world heritage Barrington Tops         organic sugar is used. Any food bought
National Park. Chef Craig Kingston and        in to the property is strictly organic.
his partner Annie Smith are extremely
                                              And to top it off the products are beau-
diligent in ensuring that they make great
                                              tifully packaged and incredibly tasty!
food with environmentally sustainable
practices. The ingredients grown on
                                                                                             Don’t forget to visit Bent on Food for a
                                                                                             coffee or lunch, takeaway also available

                                                                         WHY NOT HAVE YOUR CHRISTMAS PARTY AT
                                                                         BENT ON FOOD!
Snippets from the media
Bent on Food, meanwhile stocks regional     Bent on Food should be called “foodies         when you are making that special dish.
food products and homewares, serves         heaven” This café and fine food shop was a     Donna Carrier, came from the wine indus-
Segafredo coffee and got a thumbs up for    very pleasant find. What made it even          try and is an advocate of local produce. She
its locally smoked ham and Swiss cheese     more exciting was the fact that it ‘s only a   has spent many hours sourcing and market-
baguette with Beechworth apple mustard      short drive from my property in Com-           ing the region’s best products. The café has
and ginger chutney.                         boyne.                                         a great selection of lush cakes, compli-
Short Black Sydney Morning Herald                                                          mented by delicious coffee.
                                            This café and store boasts local and or-
April 5, 2005
                                            ganic produce, with a great range of hard-     Café Culture Spring 05 Edition
                                            to-get items that you can never source

Page 2                                                                                                        SP R IN G NE W SL E T T E R
Producer Profile Pure Greed
A love of food and an understanding            the freshest local ingredients,              More products you can
of the home cook’s need for great              all crammed with amazing                     find at Bent on Food
tasting simple foods, led Rosalie and          flavours and tastes. The prod-               Herbies Spices
Peter Coffey to develop their won-             ucts are not mass produced,
                                                                                            Charmaine Solomon
derful range of pure greed prod-
ucts, in 1991. The products were                                                            Maggie Beer
designed for the home cook, as a                                                            Simon Johnson
speedy time-saving device and to                                                            David Bitton
give added nutrition and flavour
                                                                                            Hunter Valley Cheeses
boost to everyday dishes.
This multi award winning range now                                                          Bellata Gold Pasta
includes over 20 gourmet food prod-                                                         Christine Manfield
ucts - tapenades, spice blends, chut-                                                       Beechworth Preserves
neys, sauces, fruit pastes, desserts           so they have a distinctive                   Newcastle Pudding Lady
and pestos which are created using             home-made quality.
only                                                                                        Morpeth Cordials

 New things!
New products are always arriving at           troduced beautiful duck egg blue and        Cheese is a love of mine and I have
Bent on Food. Shopping for the busi-          caramel to the range. Great gift lines!     been buying a lot of it lately. If you too
ness is my retail therapy, food and           Asian produce is diffi-                                  are addicted to Buffalo
home wares being two of my weak-              cult to source in the area,                              Mozzarella, Smelly washed
nesses, one of the others being, of           and I am often asked for                                 rinds, lovely ripe brie, then
course wine.                                  these products. I now                                    come in and see us. We
Rhubarb is renowned for its Rhubarb           have a good supplier and I                               have access to a great
red and those visitors to the shop will       can source many of those                                 range of cheeses from all
have seen the lovely red kitchen prod-        items that you have asked for. Wonton       over Australia along with some im-
ucts in the window. But of course, not        wrappers, palm sugar, Chinese rock          ported ones too.
everyone wants red in their kitchen so        sugar and black beans are some of the         ORDER YOUR CHRISTMAS
the clever people at Rhubarb have in-         products now available.                          PUDDINGS SOON!!

  Product Focus                                  Apeel Bruschetta Mix
The mix is packed with great ingredients      above). Place some *Mozzarella cheese on    for a fantastic herb mayonnaise.
including sundried tomatoes, paprika,         top and grill until cheese is melted.
garlic, oregano, basil and salt.                                                          To make tasty meatballs, add some infused
                                              Mix some bruschetta mix with butter to
To infuse the bruschetta mix, add a little    make delicious herb butter, great on        bruschetta to minced meat.
hot water to the dry bruschetta. Leave it     ciabatta loaf; we often serve this on the   Add some bruschetta mix to your favourite
to soak for a few minutes. Then add a         menu!                                       pasta sauce
splash of good quality *extra virgin olive
                                              Something different…… Mix two table-        For a special salad dressing add some
                                              spoons of *Doodles Creek Mayonnaise         bruschetta to some good quality *extra virgin
Cut a crusty French loaf in half and spread   with one spoon of *Marrook Farm Yo-         olive oil and *balsamic vinegar. Heavenly!
it with the infused bruschetta mixture (as    ghurt and add one tablespoon bruschetta

SP R IN G NE W SL E T T E R                                                                                                     Page 3
                                                     Bent on Food is a foodies paradise, offering an extensive range of gourmet
                                                     goodies for all your culinary needs. Regional and organic products line the
                                                     shelves along with locally made skin food and specialty homeware items. For
                                                     all food lovers, the store also carries some of those unusual items that we can
              BENT ON FOOD                           find difficult to source in regional areas.

                                                     While you are browsing, you can enjoy a coffee, cake or lunch and taste some
                   22 Bent Street                    of the specialties on offer.
                Wingham NSW 2429

                Phone: 02 6557 0727
                  Fax: 02 6553 5332
          E-mail: donna.carrier@bigpond.com          Wine Appreciation and Expresso Making workshops are also held regularly at
                  Tues—Fri 9am—5pm                   Bent on Food.
                    Sat 9am—3pm
            Now open Sundays from 10 am

 If you love to cook or if you just love             if you cannot find it on the shelves ask our friendly staff if we can get it in for
 food, you can find some wonderful                   you.
 products at Bent on Food.

             Website coming soon
             www.bentonfood.com                      We are here »

 Things to do and see in and around
For local readers, this piece will preach     Duck under the Table Cheese-                  The Bank Guest House and
to the converted, as locals are fully         making workshops & Cookery                    Tellers Restaurant
aware of what surrounds them in their         School                                        Whilst in Wingham why not dine at Tell-
wonderful town, but for those visitors        Right next door to Bent on Food is            ers and let Chef Vaughn Bligh tempt you
receiving this newsletter I thought I         Duck under the table, offering a wide         with his new spring menu, focusing on
would outline just a few of the attrac-       variety of classes to suit everyone,          fresh local produce and seasonal flavours.
tions for your next visit.                    weekdays, evenings and weekends. Spe-         Ph 02 6553 5068
Wingham Brush Reserve                         cial classes for private groups, commu-       The Brush Gallery
One of the last surviving pockets of          nity organisations and corporate groups       Situated in Isabella Street, Wingham, this
subtropical floodplain rainforest in          can also be arranged.                         gallery features local art and crafts includ-
NSW. It is home to thousands of fruit         P/F 02 6553 4057 www.duckunder.com            ing beautiful silk art produced by the gal-
bats from September to May each year          Wingham Historical Museum                     lery owner, Janeece Irving.
and is filled with orchids, ferns and sub-    The Historical Museum in Farquhar             Ph 02 6557 0727
tropical plants and several giant More-       Street records the early life of the          The Terrace Cinema Tinonee
ton Bay fig trees. Picnic areas available.    town. Open 7 days a week. Wingham             Situated just a few km from Wingham in
Ellenborough Falls 160m                       Historical Society hold regular events        the gorgeous township of Tinonee is the
One of the longest single drop falls in       including Scottish Week, held again           Terrace Cinema, a unique 22 seat cinema
the Southern Hemisphere. Dingo Tops           next June.                                    with chandeliers and plush red velvet
Forest Park and the Bulga and Com-              GRAB A PICNIC HAMPER FROM                   curtains, transporting you back in time to
boyne plateaus are other popular desti-         BENT ON FOOD AND GET OUT                    how cinema was enjoyed in the old days.
nations. 40km west of Wingham.                              AND ABOUT                       P 02 6553 1428 Bookings essential

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