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					                                                                                       Spring 2006
                                                           Homewood, Sarah Rudledge, Ricky Holt, Swee Lim, Siu
From the Artistic Director                                 Chan, Steph Hutchison, Emma Porteus, Karina Smith,
As we move into the final quarter of 2006, we see          Jaye Hayes, Damien Hinds, Mark Lang, Becky Hilton,
some big changes in the Dancehouse office. Our             Hellen Sky, Mark Gordon and David Corbet. David has
Office Coordinator, Chloe Smethurst, leaves us on          been co-curating Dance Flicks with me since 2004
September 8 to complete her own 9 month creative           and has had a close connection to the program as a
development project. Apart from being the ever             performer, creator, teacher and advisor. So, I am
patient, efficient and good-humoured woman at the          happy that he has agreed to act as project manager
front line for the past 16 months, Chloe has               during my absence. David will oversee the remaining
transformed and improved many of the Dancehouse            Grad Lab residencies and deliver The Graduate
communications and office systems. She has never           Showcase and Dance Flicks #4, which will be the final
ceased to amaze me with her ability to read minds,         season of the 2006 artistic program.
decipher strange sounds, anticipate needs and to           Dianne Reid
always give me an honest opinion. I know, I speak for
everyone who has had the pleasure of working with
Chloe when I say, Thank you, Chloe, for your               Dancehouse Artistic Program
outstanding contribution to the Dancehouse
community and your support of all of us in the office.     Sept      Body Weather and Butoh Intensive
                                                                     With Tess de Quincey
May the next amazing stage of your life be full of joy
and great moves.                                                     Spring Dance Performance Program
                                                                     Featuring Australian & International artists
Replacing Chloe, I would like to welcome our new
Communications and Administration Officer, Brett                     Experimentarium
                                                                     Experimentarium workshop
Houghton. Brett has degrees in Business                              With International artist Kitt Johnson
Administration and Arts (Film and Television). His work
has primarily been in the screen production industry       Oct       Grad Lab #2
working to create, manage and market a variety of                    Recent graduates working with Jo Lloyd
projects, for a range of organisations. Brett began his
tertiary education doing dance at Rusden, so he may        Nov       Graduate Showcase
be convinced to flick a leg again as well!                           Works by graduating tertiary students

The other change coming up is that, in early October,                Grad Lab #3
                                                                     Recent graduates working with Tim Harvey
I also will be leaving the Dancehouse staff. After
nearly two and a half years as Artistic Director, I have             Dance Flicks : Season 4
decided to move on and reconnect with my artistic                    Screening of dance films
practice, commencing with my Asialink residency in
India. It has been an amazing experience to have
been privy to the diversity and richness of artistic
practice in the independent dance and performance
community and I would like to thank all those people
who have supported or been a part of my artistic
program since 2004. I have felt great support and
warmth from a large number of people who have
generously engaged with my creative ideas and
brought their energy into the mix. There are literally
hundreds of people who have contributed to my
program over the past couple of years, but I would
like to particularly thank the following people who
have supported me in extraordinary ways: Jo Irving
Spray, Chloe Smethurst, Michael Mitchener, Nicole
Broesder, Jodie Farrugia, Matt Delbridge, Monique
Aucher, Tamil Rogeon, Daryl Pellizzer, Shaun McLeod,
Kim Vincs, Helen Herbertson, Greg Dyson, Yumi
Umiumare, Tony Yap, Magda Petkoff, Kath Papas,                                 Paea Leach, image by Damien Hinds
Simon Ellis, Martin Hughes, Wendy Smith, Tim
Two programs of work dealing with the body in
conflict, featuring an all female cast, including
international guest artist Kitt Johnson (X-act, Denmark).
Kitt will present her extraordinary solo work, The Mirror,
in Program 2, sharing the bill with our own butoh diva,
Yumi Umiumare. Kitt will also teach a three day
workshop in September.
”In programming this season I was responding to the
current world climate – to the physical and emotional
turmoil, displacement and violence that impacts our
lives. In SpringDance I am presenting dance artists who
are responding to their interior world and the world
around them, bringing us provocative and poetic new
works.” Dianne Reid, Artistic Director.

The SOLOS project
Two solos performed by Paea Leach:
                                                                       Yumi Umiumare, image by Heidrun Lohr
Housework, created by Shannon Bott, Paea Leach,
David Corbet, Alex Jack and Jess Hutchison
Four acts of violence leading up to now, created by
                                                             Expanding the themes of the Spring performance
Simon Ellis, David Corbet and Paea Leach
                                                             program, these workshops are aimed at professional
Studies in Being Human                                       artists, seeking to deepen their experiences in specific
Choreographed by Bagryana Popov                              physical practices and to engage with their peers, in a
Performed by Raisa Foster, Paea Leach, Seung-Hi Lee,         studio context.
Kath Papas, Karen Roberts and Soo-Yeun You
                                                             Body Weather with Tess De Quincey
Dates September 21–23 at 8pm, September 24 at
Dates:                                                       Dates:    1 Sept, 6-9pm and 2-3 Sept, 10-5pm
5pm                                                          Cost:     $240/$210 Dancehouse Members
Venue Dancehouse, 150 Princes St North Carlton
Venue:                                                       Bookings: info@dancehouse.com.au or 03 9347 2860
Tickets $20/$15 Dancehouse members & concession
                                                             Experimentarium with Kitt Johnson
Bookings 03 9347 2860 or info@dancehouse.com.au
                                                             A workshop based on post butoh, expressionistic
                                                             theatre, martial arts and new dance.
PROGRAM 2                                                    Dates:     18-20 September, 10am-2pm
The Mirror                                                   Cost:      $260/$220 Dancehouse Members
Created and performed by Danish Butoh artist Kitt            Bookings: info@dancehouse.com.au or 03 9347 2860
Johnson of X-Act
Created and performed by Yumi Umiumare
                                                             Open Rehearsal
                                                             New York based dancer and choreographer, Lindsey
Dates September 28-30 at 8pm, October 1 at 5pm               Dietz Marchant, and her partner Jason, will be in
Venue Dancehouse, 150 Princes St North Carlton
Venue:                                                       Melbourne, Aug 25 –Sep 9. Dancehouse is pleased to
Tickets $20/$15 Dancehouse members & concession
Tickets:                                                     be able to offer her space to work on a duet piece,
Bookings 03 9347 2860 or info@dancehouse.com.au              commissioned by Danspace Project (NYC). Lindsey and
                                                             Jason are interested to expose the work to the ideas
PERFORMANCE INSTALLATION                                     and aesthetics of other artists, to see how that could
                                                             possibly shape/inform the work. An open rehearsal will
                                                             be held at Dancehouse on September 7, from 12 – 1
Developed by Sela Kiek, in collaboration with GradLab
                                                             pm. Your input will be very welcome.
2006 participants.
Dates Sept 22 & 23 at 6pm, Sept 24 at 3pm
Dates:                                                       Rotary Youth Arts Project
Venue Dancehouse, 150 Princes St North Carlton               Participants working in dance, circus and photography
Tickets All tickets $5                                       with artists from Dancehouse, Westside Circus and
Bookings 03 9347 2860 or info@dancehouse.com.au
Bookings:                                                    Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP), presented
Duration 25 minutes                                          a showing of mis/ perception, for invited friends and
                                                             guests at Dancehouse on August 29. A photographic
                                                             exhibition by participants in the project, called Play on
                                                             Words, will be showing at CCP, 404 George St Fitzroy
                                                             from September 12 to 21. Hours are Wed – Sat 11am
                                                             to 6pm.
Grad Lab                                                   Space Grants Announcement
Grad Labs are a creative development and mentoring         Congratulations to the recipients of Dancehouse
residency for recent tertiary dance graduates, working     Summer Space Grants for 2007, including; Joey Lehrer
with an independent choreographer. There are three         and Ann-marie Ellis, Hayden Priest, Grace Walpole,
Labs this year, offering places to 27 graduates from       Emma Strapps and Stephanie Hutchison. Michaela
Australian and New Zealand programs                        Pegum has also been awarded an new, extended grant,
Grad lab #1, with Sela Kiek, took place in July. An        titled The Gallery Residency, which will allow her to use
installation piece which was developed during the Lab      the gallery studio over a six month period.
will be performed at Dancehouse in September.              The selection panel this year included: Dianne Reid,
In October and November,16 graduates will be               David Corbet and Shannon Bott. Applications were
involved in Grad Labs #2 & #3, with choreographers Jo      assessed based on the following criteria:
Lloyd and Tim Harvey. During this period, Jo and Tim           •   Clarity/depth in articulating the process/enquiry
will teach some morning technique classes, open to             •   Innovation in dance practice
both graduates and the general public. More details will
be available soon.                                             •   Personal development: a sense of timeliness for
                                                                   the artist's own development (considering
                                                                   artists across varying stages of career
Graduate Showcase                                                  development and diverse practice)
A three-night season showcasing works of final year and        •   Contribution to Dancehouse: considering work
postgraduate students from numerous tertiary dance                 that could feed into or augment the
programs. The program this year includes showings of               Dancehouse program; engages new
work created as part of Grad Lab #2 and #3, as well as             participants or collaborations; offers
works by Matt Cornell, Kate Stanley, Taurus Ashley, Jay            community access via showings, discussions,
Bailey, Lucy Nelson, Luke Hickmott, Michele Brady,                 on-line or written materials.
Rebecca Smith, Sarah Fitzgerald and Adam Jackson.
Dates November 23-25 at 8pm
Venue Dancehouse, 150 Princes St North Carlton
More info: www.dancehouse.com.au or 9347 2860

Dance Flicks
Dance Flicks provides an opportunity for artists working
with the choreo-cinematic form to have their work
seen, and to see themselves as part of the developing
landscape of artists reconfiguring the body and dance.
This fourth season of Dance Flicks will include; Debut
Flicks, from new and emerging artists; and Choice
Flicks, featuring films from established artists. There
will also be a special screening of the new feature
length dance film Thursday’s Fictions by The Physical TV
Company, followed by a forum with the creators of the
work. With the introduction of online submissions
through Without A Box, Dance Flicks will present
international films alongside the local and national
Dates November 25-26, various session times
Dates:                                                       Michaela Pegum (left) with Elissa Lee, from Dancehouse’s
Venue Dancehouse, 150 Princes St North Carlton                2005 performance season, 3D. Image by Dianne Reid.
More info www.dancehouse.com.au or 9347 2860

Dance Philanthropy Initiative
On August 26, Ausdance and Dancehouse hosted a
                                                           Applications for 2007
community gathering, to discuss the foundation of a        Applications are still open for the following areas of the
philanthropic trust; which it is hoped, will in time       2007 Dancehouse Program:
generate additional funds for the Dance Community. At
the meeting, it was decided that a working party be            •   Classes and Workshops
formed to further investigate the idea. Keep an eye on         •   Performance Venue Hire
our website for further updates.
                                                               •   Partnership Proposals
We are also supporting a petition to Federal parliament
on the “Unsustainable levels of funding for small and      For more information about these opportunities, please
medium sized performing arts companies, with               visit the Dancehouse website, or contact Brett in the
particular reference to dance”. Check the website for      office.
further info about signing this petition.
Regular Classes at Dancehouse
     MONDAY                  TUESDAY               WEDNESDAY                THURSDAY                 SATURDAY

                                                                      10am – 12pm              10-11.30am
                                                                      Dance & Body-Mind        Contemporary for
                                                                      Centering®               Beginners
                                                                      Oct 26 – Nov 30          Oct 14 – Dec 2
                                                                      Alice Cummins            Eilidh MacDonald

                                                                      Nov 30 – Dec 14
                                                                      Llewellyn Wishart

6.30-8pm               6.30-9.30pm             6.15-7.45pm            6-7pm
Contemporary for       Alchemy – from          Intermediate/          Belly Dance
Beginners              impulse
                       impulse to              Advanced               Oct 12 – Nov 30
Oct 9 – Nov 27         expression              Contemporary
                                                                      Nyree Walshe
Sophia Cowen           Oct 10 – Nov 28         Oct 11 – Nov 29
                       Anne O’Keeffe           Julia Robinson

See our website for class descriptions and teacher biographies: www.dancehouse.com.au/independent/classes.php
or call the office on 9347 2860 for further information.

 Independent Workshops at Dancehouse
 extending the edge                                              Melbourne International Dance Club
 Contact Improvisation with Ann-maree Ellis and                  International Folk Dancing led by Marie Feigl
 Joey Lehrer                                                     MIDC learns, practices and enjoys traditional folk
 In this workshop our fundamental investigation will             dances from many countries around the world,
 return to an exploration of the point of contact itself.        including Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania,
 Suspending our expectations and delving into the                Israel, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Ireland, Scotland, Australia,
 potential of the contact point, we will dance at the            USA and more.
 edge of the known and beyond.                                   Dates: Saturdays 1.30-3.30pm
 Ann-maree has been studying Contact Improvisation               7 Oct, 28 Oct, 25 Nov
 for 9 years. Joey has been dancing the majority of his          Cost: 3 months in advance $30, drop in rate $15
 life. Together they have been teaching and performing           Enquiries: Contact Marie on 5473 3355
 Contact Improvisation since 2004.
 Date: Sunday 17th September, 10am – 5pm
 Cost: $90 full / $72 conc & Dancehouse members
 Enquiries & Bookings: Joey 0403 167 584; Ann-maree
 0416 362 688 or ree@hyperlink.net.au
 Bookings required by Saturday 9th September

How to contact Dancehouse
150 Princes St North Carlton VIC 3054
03 9347 2860

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