Speech to 2007 ANZ Stakeholder Event by lindash


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									Speech to 2007 ANZ Stakeholder Event
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Thank you for joining us here today at this lunch to mark the Corporate
Responsibility results we achieved this year and the targets we have set ourselves
for next year.

I am in the fortunate position at this stage of being to take all the credit for what
has been achieved, without having to have actually done any of the “heavy

Next year will of course be a different story.

For me today is in particular an opportunity to meet some of our most important
stakeholders and to hear from you your perspectives of ANZ and I hope to get
around the room a little later to meet you.

Leading a responsible business is personally important to me. I have been with
ANZ for about two months and it is clear that much has been achieved in our core
markets of Australia and New Zealand:

   •   A great culture and workplace policies that support it Our high
       levels of employee engagement have helped create a competitive
       advantage for us – and we plan to build on this advantage. In the next
       phase of our Breakout cultural transformation program we will create an
       environment in which high performers are rewarded and recognised for
       their efforts and provided opportunities to learn and grow. At the same
       time we will continue to provide more flexible working conditions in order
       to attract and retain high performers

   •   A strong focus on retail customer service and responsible lending
       This year we have reduced the impact of some bank fees on more
       vulnerable customers and worked on improving access to ways our
       customers can avoid incurring them in the first place. We have also taken
       further strides in responsible consumer lending, working on ways we can
       identify and assist customers struggling with their debt earlier and more

   •   Innovative programs to improve financial literacy

       Our financial literacy programs continue to be leading examples of how
       partnerships between corporates and NGOs can deliver real benefits to the
       vulnerable in our community, and we are now intent on ensuring these
       programs get a wider audience.

I have also been impressed by the genuine connection between our employees –
particularly our branch network - and their local communities.

These themes are on the right track and have created a very strong foundation
for the bank.

As we prepare for our next phase, we are deeply conscious that doing business,
especially with larger corporate clients, is becoming increasingly complex. Many
forces are at play.

These include social, ethical and environmental considerations, as well as the
more familiar and direct concerns of an economic, financial and industrial

This year, we have come under close scrutiny regarding the social and
environmental issues associated with some of our Institutional clients and have
been reminded of the importance of being clear with our stakeholders about the
decision-making processes we follow and how we apply those processes it in

The nature of our business means we will potentially become involved in more
clients and transactions that raise controversial issues in the future. Clarifying
and understanding our role in these circumstances, and acting accordingly, is part
of being a responsible corporation.

We must balance a diverse range of responsibilities, especially to our people,
customers and shareholders.

Our work will be guided by considerations including community sentiment, the
decisions and policies of governments and regulators, and the views of social and
environmental interest groups.

Our most important role is to work with our clients, helping them to pursue their
goals and improve their social and environmental performance.

In some cases, where a client’s commitment does not seem evident, we must be
prepared to discuss why and whether our relationship is sustainable.

We are also growing in Asia. We have our own operations and joint ventures and
we are looking for the right opportunities to expand our presence there. Some of
the governance and standards in these markets are quite different to what we
expect in our “home” markets.

I believe we can and will play, over time, an important role in contributing to the
further development of these standards and the financial services sector in the

I want to thank you for your support for ANZ. I hope you will stay engaged in our
journey and assist us in providing true leadership in responsible business
management in the coming years.



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