Someone Else's Problem

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Someone Else’s Problem

The sun is shinin’, the air is clear
I’m sittin’ in the sunshine
Treatin’ myself to a nice little bottle
Of Mr. Cooper’s ice cold beer
In the blue sky above me whistlin’ kites glide
While in the river below me
Pelicans paddle and moorhens rustle
Through the reeds at the riverside
All seems as is should be
But there’s no denyin’

The river is dyin’.........

For thousands of years this mighty river ran
It fed and nourished
All manner of life that grew and flourished
Along it’s verdant banks
It took us less than three hundred years
To destroy it forever
And turn this once great river of life
Into a river of tears
Hooray for progress
Nature crucifyin’
Now the river is dyin’......

The politicians squabble over what should be done
They see the problem
Mainly in terms of how many votes
Could maybe be lost or won
While the rest of us are lookin’ for someone else to blame
Powerless and helpless
We can only stand by while the mighty Murray river
Turns into an open drain
If I told you I’m not worried
I’d be lyin’
My river is dyin”........


Everythin’ is all right, everythin’ is OK
If we shut our eyes tight, it will all just go away
It’s someone else’s problem, nothin’ to do with us
Someone else will fix it, someone always does

Eric Bogle January 2009

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