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Soldiers Beach Surf Life Saving Club


Soldiers Beach Surf Life Saving Club

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									Soldiers Beach
Surf Life
Saving Club

     Soldiers Beach Surf Life Saving Club

          PRESIDENTS REPORT                                                      CLUB CONTACTS
Congratulations to Simon Gardner and Rhys Holbrooke on their                 PRESIDENT:
acceptance to the Central Coast Academy of Sport. These two
                                                                             Mick Crowe   4396 1991
young members have been chosen from a number of other cen-
tral coast competitors to be a part of this prestigious program    
and on behalf of the club I would like to wish them every suc-               DIRECTOR OF LIFE SAVING:
cess.                                                                        Mick Raby    4397 1959
We have had a look at the way that we are to run our club meetings and
have decided to combine both the executive and club meetings into one        DIRECTOR OF YOUTH DEVELOPMENT:
which will take place every second Friday at 6.30 PM. The next club
                                                                             Gail Rixom   4396 6352
meeting will be on Friday the 14th of October.
For all you patrolling members you should receive your new patrol ros-       DIRECTOR OF ADMINISTRATION:
ter in the not too distant future. This should give you time to have a
                                                                             John Marland   4397 1948
look and see if any subs or swaps need to be made for the first few
weeks of patrol.                                                             DIRECTOR OF FINANCE:
                                                                             Tony Axford: Mobile: 0400 564 686
Unfortunately, due to high costs, this will be the last newsletter           e-Mail:
that will be posted out via mail. You will be able to have the news-
letter emailed directly to you, it will be available to be downloaded from
the club website,, it will be on the notice board down-
stairs in the clubhouse and there will be copies available in the lounge.      SOLDIERS BEACH WEB
If you would like to go on our mailing list please send your email ad-        SITE:
dress to Fiona Hockley at or get it to me
and I will pass it on.
                                              Mick Crowe, President
                                                                              Club Meetings
                       CLOSING DATE
                                                                              Next meeting will be
FOR NEXT NEWSLETTER FRIDAY 30th                                               held on Friday 14th
     September. Send to: Fiona Hockley                                        October at 6.30pm
                                                                                 All members Welcome!
  Ph/Fax: 4393 1633 Or email to:

                                                   Vogel’s is a proud supporter of Soldiers
                                                   Beach Surf Life Saving Club Boaties and
                                                   Surf NSW Interbranch Championships.
                                                        Vogel’s cereals can be found in Woolworths
       Food that works!                                    in the health food and cereal isles.
 Memory keeping at its best...
 Displaying your Christmas photos in albums with journalling helps to keep
                                                                             NIPPER BOARDS
                                                                             FOR SALE
 your memories alive!
 At a Creative Memories Workshop, you will learn new ways of
 creating unique page layouts to complete your album projects.
 Come along and enjoy meeting new
 people and sharing your wonderful

                                                                                  • Gardner Nipper Board
 For more information call:

                                                                              with cover - excellent condition
 Wendy Ward Creative Memories Consultant -
  Ph: (02) 4392 9400 - Mobile: 0409 81 51 34
          Soldiers Beach                                                       Contact Carla on 4392 4775.
       Surf Life Saving Club
       HALL HIRE                                                                       • Nipper Board
                                                                                    blue with a dolphin
The surf club hall is available for hire for functions
    such as: • weddings • birthday parties etc. •
                                                                                     excellent condition
meetings • training courses IMPORTANT NOTE:                                      $450 with cover - contact
 All bookings for the surf club hall are to be made
  through JOHN MARLAND on 4397 1948.
                                                                                 Jess Chisholm 4393 5342.
This applies to ALL bookings, including Soldiers Beach
  Surf Club meetings and training courses as well as
                  external bookings.                                         SOLDIERS BEACH
  Tired of struggling to lose weight?                                        GYMNASIUM
  Want to improve your body shape                                             Soldiers Beach has a fully equipped
      or just have more energy?                                                 gym for all financial members*.
   Log in today and get your FREE personal weight loss
                                                                               * All patrolling members receive free gym
       profile & find out what I can do to help you.
                                                                               membership * Associate members receive to
                                                                             membership for only $60.00 per year. (due at the
     OR CALL Lee-Anne on 0413725622
                                                                             AGM in June) * You must be 16 years or older to
                                                                                enter the gym and to use the equipment.
New Financial Policy.....                                                                 (insurance purposes)
Memberships, Clothes and any other payments                               For enquiries contact:
to be made to the Club can only be made by                Jacqui Godier – ph: 4392-6326 - Gym Manager
the following methods:-  Cheque 
Postal/Money Order  Effpos/Credit Card
(MIN $10 purchase and NO withdrawals)                                  NORAVILLE EARTHMOVERS
Direct Deposit
                                               • W4WD Backhoes            B.A. Koppman • Land Clearing • Plumbing
                                               • Frontend Loaders                             • Electrical & Pipeline Trenching
• BSB no #: 637000                             • Tippers • Watercarts        • Sand • Soil    • Footings • Site Preparation
• Account no # 16 43 52628                     • Tractors with Implements  • Gravel • Filling • Swimming Pool Excavations
• Account Name: Soldiers Beach SLSC           Phone (02) 4359 1867 - Mobile 0418 432 088                         No Job Too
                                                                                                                   Or Too Smal
AND don’t forget to put your own
identification details
   The Director of Finance Tony
                                          Licensed Plumber - Drainer & Gasfitter
                                                                   P.A. RIXOM
                                                                                                                    Lic. No.
Axford and/or the Vice Director of                                                                                   L2223
Finance Haley Nichols will be
available to conduct Club business        N Roofing N Guttering & Downpipe Repairs                                   Phone:
on:-                                    N Bathroom Renovations N Sewerage blockages                          4396 6352
• Season: every Sunday 10.00am to 12.00 cleared & repaired N Hot & Cold Water Repairs             Mob: 0438 921 803

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