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					             Wallaroo Rural Fire Brigade Newsletter                                    Issue 8     25 July 2007

As I started putting this newsletter together I got to thinking about what this Brigade is about. As a Brigade we usually meet people
when they are having possibly one of the worst moments of there lives, our ability to respond to these moments is significant. As a
Brigade, there’s not much we can’t handle, and we always have people of learning a new skill, and investigating a better way to do
something. As a Brigade we are setting an example for other to follow if they dare, and I think we should all be proud of that…

Annual General Meeting
The Brigade recently had the pleasure of holdings another AGM. Firstly a big Thankyou to all those people who held positions last
year, all your effort and work is certainly appreciated by everyone in the Brigade. Secondly congratulations to all those people who
where elected, and in some cases re-elected. I hope you all enjoy your contribution for the next 12 months.

Executive Committee
• President                      Willo Cameron                        •   Communications Officer       Rod Roberts
• Vice President                 Kathleen Harvey                      •   Food Controller              Judy Roberts
• Secretary                      Phillip Clark                        •   Committee Members            Michael Pentony
• Treasurer                      Allan Oakey                                                           Rowena Harvey
• Training Officer               Kathleen Harvey                                                       Nicole Jaggard
• Equipment Officer              Peter Vincent                                                         Ross Calear

Field Officers
Elected as Captain:                                                   Elected as Deputy Captains:
• Andrew Price                                                        • Kathleen Harvey (Deputy 1)
                                                                      • Geoff Morris (Deputy 2)
Elected as Senior Deputy Captain:                                     • Shane Allan (Deputy 3)
• Darren Marks                                                        • Phillip Clark (Deputy 4)

Special General Meeting
The Brigade also held a SGM before the recent AGM, where the constitution was changed, changing the way in which field
officers are elected. Below is the change, for those people who would like a copy of the constitution it is available from me on

Constitutional change

All of paragraph 7c was deleted and substituted with the following paragraphs:

        7c At the Annual General Meeting the active members shall elect the following Brigade field officers:
            • Captain;
            • Senior Deputy Captain; and
            • as many Deputy Captains as the Executive Committee decides.
        7d Voting for the positions of Brigade field officers shall be by simple majority. In the event of a an equality of votes the
        requirements of this paragraph shall be met by the Chair of the Annual General Meeting having a final and casting vote in
        accordance with paragraph 14.
        7e The seniority of Deputy Captains shall be determined by the Captain.
        7f Brigade field officers shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting.
        7g A member is not eligible to be elected as a Brigade field officer unless he or she has achieved the minimum level of
        competency set by the Service Standards or the district manager.
        7h A member may be nominated for any Brigade field officer position, but may only be elected to one Brigade field officer
        7i Brigade field officers may be elected to the Executive Committee.”

MyRFS website
As I’ve already advised everyone, this has been recently updated with a number of changes. I encourage everyone to log on and
have a look.

NSW Rural Fire Service - Volunteer InterNet
              Wallaroo Rural Fire Brigade Newsletter                                     Issue 8     25 July 2007

Below is a copy and paste from the RFSA website (can you tell??). The RFSA is an excellent supporter of volunteers, and the
RFS in general. All the money they make is put back into the service through grants, scholarships, and sponsorships. For those
not familiar with the RFSA I encourage you to take the time to find out about them, and support them where you can.

The NSW Rural Fire Service Association is a State wide bipartisan, non-political organisation that is in the best position to
represent the interest of the 70,000 members of the world’s largest volunteer fire fighting service.

The Association has established itself as the conduit in providing the views of its members are taken into account in the decision
making process of the NSW Rural Fire Service.

One of the key elements of the Association is its structure, with representation drawn from eight Regions covering New South
Wales. So much has been, and continues to be, achieved by the Association which highlights the hard work and dedication of its
members which is the cornerstone of its success.

Objectives of the NSW Rural Fire Service Association
The RFSA is a bipartisan organisation and seeks consensus among all stakeholders of the NSWRFS. The RFSA is not a union.
The RFSA constitution prohibits involvement in activities that relate to industrial negotiations for NSWRFS employees.

The objectives of the NSW Rural Fire Service Association Incorporated (RFSA) are to:
   1. provide a forum for the consolidation and representation of the views of the Members of the RFSA;
   2. act as the focal point to assist the Department in regard to the development of the Service;
   3. represent the members of the RFSA in their dealings with the Service, the Government, the media and the general public;
   4. provide tangible benefits to members of the Association


History shows us that committed group of individuals with the same ideals can achieve an incredible amount in a very short period
of time. The formation of the NSW Rural Fire Service Association was only a mere ten years ago and during this time, there has
and continues to be, an impressive array of achievements that have been delivered. Fore a full list, please see the RFSA website.

RFSA Conference
Recently two of our members attend the RFSA conference in Mudgee (no it wasn’t a junket Nicole and I paid our own way). Not
only was this a good chance to catch up with some people, and a chance to check out some of the latest equipment, there was
also some very interesting presentations. Whilst we were only able to stay for one day due to other commitments I have included a
brief over view of what we thought were some of the more interesting points. I’ve also put a few piccies at the end.

Minister Nathan Rees, Minister for Emergency Services
Publicly stated that there would a continuation of the ‘Two Services Policy’ whilst he is minister and the Labor Party is in office (I’m
making no comment about politicians promises). Essentially this statement means that NSW RFS and NSWFB will not merge into
one service.

Acting Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons Commissioner NSW RFS
Presented some interesting facts on the RFS fleet;
    • 71000 trucks with an average age in the fleet of 15.3 years
    • 720 petrol powered trucks (400 private or brigade owned) which when taken from the fleet numbers reduce the average of
       the fleet to 11.7 years.

This shows that most of our trucks are pretty average in age. Well that is if you ignore the CAT9, which is about to be replaced
with a 2000 model CAT7. The PC is also way above the average age, but in the current Yass Shire budget there is money there to
replace the PC with a brand new one, possibly a dual cab Hilux.
             Wallaroo Rural Fire Brigade Newsletter                                    Issue 8    25 July 2007

Commissioner Greg Mullins NSW FB
Cooperation between the Services
Greg gave a presentation on the history of cooperation between the two services. Lets just say it is better than what it used to be,
and Greg is keen to find ways to make it even better. It probably helps that Greg’s old man is a long serving member of the RFS
(he was in the last Bushfire bulletin), and also that Greg had many years with the RFS before moving to the FB.

Detective Inspector Peter Baines NSW Police Forensic Service
Inspirational Leadership – Anything can be achieved
This was a truly inspirational presentation, no I’m serious, no pun intended at all. Peter is one of Australia’s most experienced
disaster management specialists leading both national and international teams following the Bali bombings, the Waterfall train
disaster and the Boxing Day Tsunami. He has first hand experience of what it takes to achieve results in the midst of human
devastation, when outcomes can only be reached through building powerful teams quickly and how to focus on getting the job
done in the face of intense environmental, political and media pressure. Peter preaches that it is results not excuses that we
should focus on. He gets results without excuses by believing that Leadership Matters.

Hands Across the Water
Hands Across the Water is a joint enterprise between Peter and a UK Police colleague Gill Williams, who worked as part of the
team in Thailand during the response to the Tsunami.
As Peter had done, Gill deployed to Thailand on a number of occasions and during one of her deployments she become aware of
the needs of a number of Thai children who had been orphaned as a result of the Tsunami. Many of the children had lost both
parents and found themselves with nobody to care for them.

Peter and Gill resolved after returning from Thailand, that whilst they believed the work they were doing in identifying victims and
returning them to their loved ones was significant, they also believed that they were able to contribute more, from this, Hands
Across the Water was born.

Hands Across the Water is a joint effort of Gill and Peter and their respective support teams working in a combined effort to build
an orphanage for the children of Khao Lak. Hands' first project was to fund the construction of a home for the orphaned children of
the badly damaged Ban Nam Khem region of Phuket (near the Khao Lak resort area). With the assistance of their support teams,
it was with great pride that they attended the grand opening of the Baan Tharn Namchai orphanage in August 2006.

                                                              Crisis clock
                                                              The crisis clock is a model developed by Peter through his
                                                              observations and experience as a career crisis manager on the
                                                              world stage. It provides clarity around the stages of a crisis and the
                                                              accompanying behaviour exhibited, and emotions experienced,
                                                              by team members during each of the 4 stages.

                                                              Peter has an e-book available that provides insight into the key
                                                              elements required to manage each of the 4 stages of a crisis,
                                                              thereby turning chaos into calm.

                                                              To order your copy of "crisis clock", for only $19.95, please email
                                                              A percentage of every e-book sold is being donated to Hands
                                                              Across the Water Australia.

At the end of the presentation the RFSA announced that it will be making a significant donation to Peter and the Hands Across the
Water program to assist in the building of a second orphanage in Thailand.

If you are interested in learning more about Peter’s work I encourage you to visit his website, you might even pick up which bits I
copied and pasted from it.

Assistant Commissioner Mark Crosweller
Where have all the people gone?
This was a very interesting presentation on the Generations within the NSW RFS. He talked about some of the strategies the
Service may need to consider in appealing to the newer generations, and more importantly retaining these pople who the Service
puts so much effort into training.
             Wallaroo Rural Fire Brigade Newsletter                                     Issue 8     25 July 2007

Mark made the point that the RFS was not a crisis point time with the issues with generational differences, but it is certainly
decision point time on strategies for the future.

This was another well presented and informative session, which certainly left me with some food for thought, and some ideas on
strategies that can be implemented in our Brigade.

Chief Officer John Gledhill Chief Officer (Commissioner) Tasmanian Fire Service
TFS – Today and Tomorrow
Careful who you make the Taswegian around jokes alright!! The TFS is doing a lot of exciting things at the moment and are
actually leading the way in innovative approaches to problems, as you can see from a couple of articles I’ve included in this

John was little embarrassed to stand up and say that he did have even a tenth of the trucks in his fleet as what the NSW RFS,
with out taking into account that the TFS is a combined service, such as if NSW RFS and NSW FB combined. With approximately
410 fire trucks total in Tasmania, and a significantly lower level of money available in their economy, they have to make sure that
every dime that spend gets them excellent value, and it appears from what John was saying, that they are doing a good job of this.

It was interesting to hear that due to the terrain and types of fires that occur in Tasmania their light units (Cat9 equivalents) form
the backbone of there bush fire fighting force. These lights units are often considered the main attack/strike weapon when
suppressing a fire, with the heavy tankers (Cat2 & Cat7 equivalents) supporting these lighter units.

Whilst there was several other presentations the next day we sadly had to depart half way through the last presentation as
Mudgee was way to over priced to be able to stay a second night., we made good use of the cameras though and I’ve include a
photos below.

New NSW RFS Pumper design, based on a Mack truck                  Current CFA Heavy Tanker design

Detailed pictures of CFA monitor, used for grasslands attack etc. more stable, accurate and less physically tiring method of attack
(did anyone pick that hint up??)
             Wallaroo Rural Fire Brigade Newsletter                                    Issue 8     25 July 2007

Wallaroo’s next Brigade purchase perhaps??                                              Current Cat9 layout

Community Education
Community Education is an important part of the Brigade’s activities, and something that we are becoming more and more
involved in. at the last Executive meeting Rowena Harvey, who as most people will hopefully know, was already an elected
member to the Brigades Executive Committee, was appointed as our Community Education Officer. Rowena will shortly be
developing a community education plan for the coming 12 months, if you are interesting in assisting with this Program, please
speak to Rowena.

The Australasian Education & Fire Awareness Conference
Six members of the Brigade recently attend this conference in Newcastle to find new ideas for community education, develop
contacts within the RFS and supporting organisations, and to check out what other organisations are doing in they’re community
education roles.

I won’t bore everyone with the details here, but if you are interested in finding out what it was all about, log onto myRFS, click on
the community education link, and then the 2007 conference link. Here you will find many of the presentations given at the recent

AE&FA Presentations

                                                           Bushfire Prepare to Survive

Bushfire Prepare to Survive - DVD downloads               Bushfire Prepare To Survive - Booklet

The Tasmanian Fire Service has developed an excellent DVD that was released in November last year. This 24 minute DVD has
proved extremely popular for both community members and other fire services. With the majority of households now including a
DVD player and TV this is an excellent tool to get the Community Education Message out. It is also set up so that people can refer
back to the DVD in times of fire emergencies, with each stage of a fire chaptered on the DVD for easy reference.

I’ve managed to get hold of one of these DVD’s and if you are interested in having a look I can burn a copy for you. Don’t worry
I’ve spoke to the guy who coordinated the project at the AE&FA Conference and there is no copyright a he is more than happy for
as many copies we like to be burnt, better that than everyone requesting a copy and not having enough left in Tassie to send out
to the community (there was only a few hundred left a few months ago). Alternatively you can use the above links to download a
copy onto your computer.

H&S Officer
Darren Marks was volunteered as the Brigade Health & Safety Officer, and First Aid Officer, thankyou Darren. That means that
Darren is responsible for maintaining the first aid kits, and ensuring all health and safety information is up to date, and passed on
to all members. As with the recently completed induction (and can I take this opportunity to congratulate Darren on doing such a
good job with some pretty dull material) Darren will take the lead on all things Health and Safety.
             Wallaroo Rural Fire Brigade Newsletter                                    Issue 8     25 July 2007


The new (to us) CAT7 is here (insert the crowd cheer!!)!! I think every one has managed to spend a bit of time crawling over it and
check out what’s on it and would probably agree she looks like a beauty, in that CAT7ish way. For those that haven’t seen it below
is a photo taken, obviously before the sign writing has been done mind. I sure there will be plenty of other modifications we’ll be
wanting to make to it, but the new truck will certainly be a plus for the Brigade.

Support trailer launch
A big Thankyou to all those people that helped out on this very successful night, I’ve personally heard nothing but positive feedback fro
everyone that attended. The trailer now has new hoses and adaptors and other equipment supplied by Firecom.

New equipment
We now have NSW RFS high visibility vests, and these have been placed on the truck. Take the time to find out where they are, a
USE THEM, particularly if you are standing on a road, or any where near a road. More cold climate jackets are on order, and these w
be stored in the shed, and issued on an as needed basis.
             Wallaroo Rural Fire Brigade Newsletter                                     Issue 8     25 July 2007

New purchased equipment
The State Championship Team won a $500.00 RFS order voucher which has been given to the Brigade for the specific purpose of
purchasing two Halligan tools which has now been organised (Thankyou Peter V) and in the mail to us we have a 70cm and
100cm Hooligan, sorry Halligan bar.

We have also recently purchased a 110l portable car fridge with a $1700.00 Volunteer Small Equipment Grant from the
Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs. Total cost of the portable fridge and cover was $1618.20
which means we had some left over change which we got permission from the Government to spend on purchasing an esky so
this has been an excellent deal for the Brigade. This fridge will be used, amongst other things, to bring fresh cold drinking water
out to a fire ground during a crew change over.

Truck Drivers
The Brigade is constantly on looking for truck drivers; if you are interested in obtaining your truck license please speak to Andy.

Membership fees
For most people, membership fees are due again, once again it is $10.00 per person.

The Brigade has been having some major success in this regard. Big kudos to Anthony Beck for putting his hand (and he has just
recently volunteered to do it again, I think someone has told him that now) and really pushing the Brigades fundraising efforts.
Also a big thankyou to those people who have been helping out, I won’t name everyone because there is a good chance I’ll miss
someone, but well done everyone, a big pat on the back.

The money we’re are raising is going a long way to us being able to self fund our own extension in the future if we get permission
to do it

Fire Ball
On Saturday August 18 Poachers Pantry are hosting a
fundraising dinner for Wallaroo and Springfield Brigades, this
means that all money raised from the evening will be split
between Wallaroo and Springfield. All reports from last year
where very positive and I encourage everyone to go along
and have a good time!! Details are;

Location:           Poachers Pantry, Nanima Rd via Hall
Date/Time:         Saturday 18 August 7.00pm
Cost:              $57.50 per person
Bookings:           02 6230 2487
              Wallaroo Rural Fire Brigade Newsletter                                      Issue 8     25 July 2007

The new training roster is out, see below, there are also copies up around the station. Keep in mind that there may be hazard
reductions at short notice.

Date                             Activity                          Responsibility
Wednesday 4 July                 Pumping/buddy drills and          Kathleen Harvey
Wednesday 11 July                Safety Induction                  Darren Marks
Wednesday 18 July                General Meeting
Wednesday 25 July                Gas     Attack   and MVA          Andrew Price
                                 Theory/Walk Through

Date                             Activity                          Responsibility
Wednesday 1 August               Maintenance/Drills                Field     Officers/Equipment
Wednesday 8 August               4wd Theory                        Andrew Price
Saturday 11 August               4wd Practical (Brindabella        Kathleen Harvey
Wednesday 15 August              Gas Attack (Yass)                 Garry Gruber/Field Officers
Wednesday 22 August              Communications Exercise           John Hinds
Wednesday 29 August              Car Fire (Yass)                   Michael Gray/Field Officers

Date                             Activity                          Responsibility
Wednesday 5 September            Maintenance/Drills                Field       Officers/Equipment
Wednesday 12 September           Pumping Exercise                  Phillip Clark/Nicole Jaggard
Sunday 16 September              Ropes and Abseiling (with         Colin Vine/Andrew
                                 possible  RAFT   scenario         Price/Mark Stoneman
Wednesday 19 September           Scenario                          Phillip Clark/Nicole Jaggard
Wednesday 26 September           Scenario                          Phillip Clark/Nicole Jaggard

SES Joint Training
There will hopefully very shortly (fingers crossed) be an opportunity for Brigade members to undertake the General Rescue course
through the Majura (Hall) Unit of the ACT SES. The GR (General Rescue) module, which is the SES basic module, covers
subjects such as, ladders, lights and generators, casualty handling (not first aid) USAR (universal search & rescue markings /
techniques etc), ropes, basic shoring, basic hydraulics & cribbing. While not all subjects covered will be of relevance to Brigade
members, much of it could certainly be applied to Brigade roles. This module takes approximately twelve evening night trainings,
undertaken on a Thursday night, plus an assessment to complete.

If you are interested in undertaking this course please speak to myself, or Nicole Jaggard (who’s the expert). We’ve been in
discussions with them for a while now about it and are at the stage where we need to give them a list of names in the next few

Additionally members of Majura have also been invited out to do some training with us starting in September with some fairly
comprehensive training on pumps and pumping.

Field Day
Last year we ran a very successful field day. We hope to be running another one this year with a slightly different emphasis. More
details will be coming out in regards to this in the future, however it is proposed that the field day will be held on Sunday the 28th of
October. This date may be changed if there are a large number of people unavailable on this date.

Course Successes
We’ve had some many people being so successful and so many different courses that I’ve completed lost track of who has done
what when. Well done to all those people who recently passed a course successfully, and good luck to those heading of on the
next round of learning and enlightenment.
               Wallaroo Rural Fire Brigade Newsletter                                                        Issue 8        25 July 2007

         IT'S GOT THE LOOKS ...
         A revolutionary new fire tanker developed by the Tasmania Fire Service has put our firies at the forefront of fire-fighting technology.

THE development of a revolutionary, multi-function fire truck has placed the Tasmania Fire Service at the cutting edge of
firefighting technology and created interest from fire agencies around Australia.

The new heavy fire tanker is unique. It can perform a wide variety of tasks, making it perfect for operations in cities as well as on
the suburban fringes where fires can take several different forms.

The tanker has four-wheel-drive capability, breathing apparatus, foam for flammable liquid and vegetation fires, road accident
rescue equipment and the capacity to carry 3000 litres of water.

"This is the most multi-functional vehicle on this chassis in Australia," said Leon Smith, TFS manager of engineering services. A
key selling point is that it is more useful at motor vehicle accidents, including rescue services.

"Due to its ability to carry increased equipment levels, this appliance can provide an increased level of coverage at the scene of a
car accident which will be of critical importance to all Tasmanians, Mr Smith said.

Others are excited about the new tanker and Mr Smith will visit interested volunteer associations in South Australia and Victoria

"The price of building the tanker comes in at under $200,000, which is significantly less than mainland agencies are currently
paying for similar appliances," he said.

Another 29 Hino super tankers are being built at Cambridge for the rest of the state.
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Thanks for reading everyone!!!

Cheers All
Phillip Clark
Wallaroo Fire Brigade

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