Kristina Joy Whitelaw by fdjerue7eeu


									                                             Kristina Joy Whitelaw
5160 Cliff Place                                                                   604•312•7717
Delta, BC • V4M 2C7                                             

                                               Professional Experience
St.Geneve                                                                     April 2004 - Present
	      Graphic	Designer/Web	Designer	-	Richmond,	BC
    Consult with employer on design and layout of Bag Headers, Product Packaging, Flyers, Bro-
chures, Catalogues, Price Lists, Fabric Sample Hangers, Business Cards, and Advertising for News-
paper. Prepared all artwork to be either printed in Newspaper, digitally printed, or sent to a printing
firm for one color, two color, or four color process printing. Communicated with printing company
regarding bindery of various products after printing. Perform minor touchups and maintenance of
existing printed product.

    - Graphic Design
    - Web Design

Hansen’s Christmas Stuff                                                              January 2007
	      Lead	Graphics	Designer/Project	Head	-	Under	Contract
				Design and layout of 120 page, full color catalogue, consult with client on final design, including
performing touchups, editing of digital images and photographing product. Prepared all artwork for
four color process printing at Glenmore Printing.
    - Catalogue Layout and design
    - Photographer
    - Editor

Lulu Island Printing Ltd.                                                   July 2003 - April 2004
	    Junior	Graphics	Designer	-	Richmond,	BC
  Performed basic client consultation on various products and designs, including letterheads,
brochures, logos and catalogues. Organized negatives and plates.
    - Graphic Design
    - Organization of negatives and plates
    - Collating
    - Design Consultation

Richmond Christian School                                                   Graduated June 2003
	           Graduated Grade 12 with Honors in Computer Science.

Langara College                                                             Sept 2006 - Nov 2006
	     InDesign	CS2
  Training in the use of InDesign CS2. Course lasted ten weeks and was performed on a Macintosh
Phoenix Art Studio                                                        Sept 2007 - Oct 2007
	      The	Art	and	Craft	of	Digital	Photography
    Learning visual design, composition, colour theory and Photoshop.

                                          Relevant Skills
- Detail Oriented
- Works well individually and in groups
- Good Communication skills
- Fluent with both Macintosh and PC
             - InDesign        - Photoshop       - Illustrator       - Quark XPress
             - PageMaker       - Corel           - MS Office         - Macromedia Dreamweaver
             - Contribute      - WS_FTP Pro      - Adobe Acrobat


             Anything involving a computer, music - playing the drums and the piano,
                          photography, cars, walking, driving, volleyball.

                                References	available	upon	request.

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