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signage and event promotion


signage and event promotion

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									signage and event promotion

12.1            Signage

         12.1.1    Event Signage

          The Centre’s Event Signage Solution provides a cost-effective one-stop shop service
          for all your printed and digital signage needs across the venue, including event banners,
          external signage, light boxes, lectern signs and free-standing signs.

          All your event branding, designing, printing and rigging can be coordinated and
          managed through your Audio Visual Project Manager. This saves you time and delivers
          an integrated signage solution that maximises impact.

          Find more information in Appendix H, Event Signage.

         12.1.2 Internal Signage

          The Centre has a variety of signage opportunities which can be used for both directional
          and promotional purposes. Signage requirements for your event should be discussed
          with your Event Manager who will provide advice, confirm placement and coordinate
          bookings, plus provide any operational details.

          Signs, banners and similar materials may not be nailed, stapled, hung or attached to the
          ceilings, walls, windows, sprinkler systems or other surfaces, except when permission is
          granted by the Centre. Damage to Centre property resulting from installation will be
          charged directly to the organiser.

          Signage must not cover artwork, air-conditioning ducts, security cameras, electrical
          cupboards, fire hose reels or any other wall fixtures. Signage cannot be positioned
          where it may impede traffic flow through foyer areas, or where emergency egress may
          be compromised.

          For information regarding location and size of signage opportunities throughout the
          venue, please refer to the Centre’s Signage Guidelines in Appendix G.

          Signage proposals should be forwarded to your Event Manager during the planning
          stages. The Centre’s approval process for signage is based on the specific event and
          other concurrent events. To submit your proposal, please complete the Signage Permit
          Form located in Appendix D and return it to your Event Manager for approval no later
          than one (1) month prior to the event.

Events Manual   January 2010   Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre             Section 12   Page 1
         Electronic Signage
          Electronic signage comprises screens that can be utilised for plain text, scrolling
          graphics or video footage. Screens are located outside each room, at entrances to the
          Centre and throughout public areas. The electronic signage system is managed by the
          Centre and in some instances charges will apply. The Centre’s electronic signage
          screens must be used in preference to free-standing signage.

          For full details on how to best utilise our electronic signage system, please contact your
          Event Manager.

         Free-standing Signage
          Free-standing promotional signage for sponsorship or branding purposes must be kept
          within the adjacent foyer build zones attached to the contracted space.

          The Centre’s directional signage is extensive and additional directional signage can
          compete with and confuse visitors rather than complement the digital event signage. To
          avoid confusion, sponsorship and branding signs should not contain the event location
          or any arrows directing visitors.

          Requests for free-standing signage, such as custom-built signs and entrance features,
          should be discussed with and approved by your Event Manager. These must be
          submitted as per the Event Floor Plan Approval Process (see Section 11.1, Event Floor
          Plan Approval Process), or submitted via the Signage Permit Form, located in
          Appendix D.

         Banner Hanging
          There are various options for hanging banners throughout the Centre’s public foyer
          spaces, including picture rails and banner poles. Details of exact locations and sizes
          can be found in the Centre’s Signage Guidelines in Appendix G.

          All internal banners must be rigged by Centre staff and applicable charges will apply.

         Lightbox Signage
          A number of lightboxes in Convention Centre Parkside can be used to promote an
          event in the venue. For details on locations and sizes, please refer to the Centre’s
          Signage Guidelines, located in Appendix G.

         Lectern Signage
          Signs may be made to fit the front panel of the Centre’s lecterns, with lectern
          specifications outlined below:

                •     Exhibition Centre lecterns: 835mm high x 540mm wide

Events Manual       January 2010   Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre          Section 12   Page 2
                •     Convention Centre lecterns: 870mm high x 550mm wide. Convention Centre
                      lectern signs should be made of 3mm thick PVC sign board or similar flexible
                      material so they may be fitted into the curved lectern signage brackets.

          All lectern signs must be fitted by Centre staff.

         Ticket Booth Signage
          The area for event-specific signage on the Centre’s ticket booths measures 2720mm
          wide x 296mm high. The artwork should be in Illustrator eps format and the graphics
          should be printed on 2mm thick flexible material, such as card or foamed PVC.
          Additional opportunities exist at either end of the new ticket booths. These panels are
          1077mm wide x 2360mm high. Signage must be supplied on the first move-in day for
          installation by the Centre’s staff.

         12.1.3 External Signage

         Banner Poles
          Banner poles are provided in front of:

                •     Exhibition Hall 1
                •     Exhibition Hall 5

                •     Convention Centre Bayside

          Access to the applicable set of banner poles is included in the rental rates, however
          there is an installation charge for banner hanging. Banners may be hung during the
          tenancy period only, must directly relate to the event and be confirmed with your Event
          Manager in advance.

         Signage Poles
          A signage pole can be found outside each Exhibition Hall (Halls 1-5), standing
          approximately 8.5 metres high. Each features a double-sided light box which can be
          used to display promotional posters for an event in the corresponding hall.

          Your Event Manager should be advised during the planning stages of the event if you
          intend to use these poles. This will ensure that installation and removal of the event light
          box poster(s) is arranged according to requirements.

          All event light box posters must be provided to the Event Services Manager at the
          Exhibition Centre during event move-in. Centre personnel will arrange for installation
          and removal of the event poster(s) as required, at no extra charge.

          The printing specifications for light box posters are outlined below:

          Poster size: visible area 820mm x 1170mm

Events Manual       January 2010   Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre           Section 12   Page 3
          Poster trim size                  850mm x 1200mm
          Poster specifications:            DURA–TRAN with UV Protection Satin laminated both sides.

          The signage poles each contain LED signage panels, which are programmed and
          controlled by the Centre. These display information to direct visitors to entry points,
          registration and ticket sales for various events within the Centre.

         Car Park Signage
          There are a number of signage opportunities available within the Centre Car Park.

          Requests for signage in this area should be discussed with, and approved by, your
          Event Manager. These must be submitted as per the Event Floor Plan Approval
          Process (see Section 11.1, Event Floor Plan Approval Process), or submitted via the
          Signage Permit Form, located in Appendix D.

         Darling Harbour Signage
          All enquiries regarding external signage in the Darling Harbour precinct (excluding the
          Centre’s external signage banners and poles outlined above) must be referred to the
          Event Coordinator at the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority on +61 2 9240 8500.

          There are various signage opportunities available throughout the precinct, e.g. banners
          and flagpoles, freeway pylons, perimeter of Cockle Bay etc. Please note that charges
          apply for the use of Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority signage facilities.

12.2                Advertising

         Centre Title
          Whenever promoting an event at the Centre, one of the following titles must be used:

                •     Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre
                •     Sydney Convention Centre
                •     Sydney Exhibition Centre

         Advertising / Promotional Material
          Printed advertising, promotion or publicity for an event must include the Centre’s correct
          name, as specified in the point above.

          The Centre requires one (1) copy of all relevant printed promotional material.

          The Centre’s location shots, floor plans and maps are available to assist you in
          promoting your event. Organisers can view these on the Centre’s website at

Events Manual       January 2010   Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre             Section 12   Page 4
 and request high resolution copies via the Downloads section of the

         Darling Harbour Precinct
          If an organiser wishes to promote their event in the Darling Harbour area, permission is
          required from the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA). Please contact the
          Event Coordinator at the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority on +61 2 9240 8500 or
          +61 1300 655 995 for more information.

          Opportunities also exist to promote an event on Darling Harbour transportation, such as
          the Monorail. Please contact each individual company for advertising opportunities and
          associated costs, as these entities are privately managed and are not under the control
          of the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority.

12.3            Marketing Opportunities

         Centre’s Website – Event Calendar Section
          The Centre’s website provides the organiser with the opportunity to promote important
          event information such as dates, times, a description of the event, admission price,
          visitor numbers, organiser’s contact details etc. Event Calendar listings can be branded
          with the company logo and photo of the event. Organisers should complete the faxback
          document included in the event contract to take advantage of this service.

         Recorded Event Information
          The Centre can arrange to have an event’s important visitor information professionally
          recorded on a dedicated information line. Please advise your Event Manager if you wish
          to use this service.

12.4            Sponsorship

          All sponsorship enquiries relating to Centre areas or affiliations must be directed to your
          Event Manager. Any sponsorship opportunity relating to Centre space should not be
          confirmed or sold to exhibitors until written notice is received from your Event Manager.

          The designated Café areas in Exhibition Halls 1-5 are not available for sponsorship by
          exhibitors. They are designated neutral areas where exhibitors and visitors may obtain
          refreshments and conduct business discussions unimpeded.

Events Manual   January 2010   Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre               Section 12   Page 5

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