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									                                SHARK ATTACK
                    Park Orchards North Ringwood Parish Junior Football Club
          Website: www. Email:                             14th APRIL 2008

OPENING ROUND – HERE AT LAST!                                           IMPORTANT DATES
To get 15 teams on the park for Round 1 has been the                               Date                       Event
usual hard slog behind the scenes for our hard working                     Sunday 4th May          Burger Night
committee led by Stephen Harrington (President) with                       Date to be confirmed    Parents Match
his many busy helpers at this time of the year,
                                                                           Sunday 1st June         Burger Night
including David O’Connor (Football Operations),
                                                                           Date to be confirmed    Sharks Ball
Michael O’Leary (Registrar) and Trevor Barr
                                                                           Sunday 13th July        Burger Night
(Secretary). The 16 strong committee (and unofficial
helpers) has been planning for 6 months for Round 1                        Sunday 10th August      Final Burger Night
and your coaches have been appointed since                                 Friday 12th             AGM & Presentation Night
November some 5 months ago, so one huge build up                           September
and lots of meeting and emails!!
                                                                        NEW FIXTURING SYSTEM
It was all worth it with our first round of matches for the
new season saw a mixed bag of results for the Sharks.                   On the YJFL site you may have noticed that they have
The weather was a combination of traditional football                   a new system for fixturing and results, called
“wet and slippery” as well as dry, fine and warm. Our                   SportingPulse. All results from clubs automatically
Tackers teams enjoyed their first official match in their               update ladders on Sunday afternoons so be careful
Sharks jumpers, and displayed some fine skills in their                 your team may be on top one minute and out of the 4
debut displays. Other teams were pleased to have their                  the next!!
first proper hit out and no doubt will be better for it, and
will be raring to go this week.                                         SPONSORS WANTED
                                                                        You might have seen a flyer handed out by team
A huge thanks also to our team based volunteers (eg                     managers about a new sponsorship level being offered
goal umpires, interchanges stewards, runners, trainers,                 to teams. If you are interested please contact Santo
canteen helpers etc etc) which with 15 teams can add                    Raso 0417 387 889 or David Thiessen 0411 886 686.
up to 150-200 each Sunday. Keep putting your hand                       This sponsorship drive is to support our major capital
up to your team managers as it is your support that                     works program at Stintons Reserve.
makes us such a strong family based club.
                                                                        HELP WANTED
BURGER NIGHTS ARE BACK                                                  The committee need some administration tasks
The traditional Sharks Burger Night will be back in                     completed over the next few weeks, if you have
2008, with a few changes to the format to help keep                     internet access and reasonable computer skills, please
things moving along. Sunday 4th May is the date for                     contact Trevor Barr – Club Secretary (0407 358 326).
our next Burger Night, so make sure you mark this date
on your calendar to be part of the fun. See you there.
Refer to our website for all details.
DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES IN                                            TACKERS RED – ROB PURCELL
CHANGEROOMS                                                          What a great start to the season!! The enthusiasm and
                                                                     endeavour shown by all the Tackers Red players was
There has been a recent theft of a mobile phone at                   fantastic.
Domeney Reserve, so please remember do not leave                     Jordon and Liam (co-captains for the week) led the team onto
                                                                     the ground at Macleod to kick off our season.
any valuables in changerooms, our team managers
cannot patrol rooms each match day so please remind                  After a tight start to the game, the Reds started using the ball
your children.                                                       well and showed how well they can all play. There were
                                                                     some special efforts on the day with Nick C scoring two
VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION AWARD                                          goals, Nelson pulling down a screamer and finishing off with
                                                                     a goal and our co-captain for the week Jordon also helping
To recognise our band of volunteers in our teams and                 himself to an inspiring goal. Charlie and Brendan gave the
club, we will publicly thank in Shark Attack people that             boys good options with strong work around the ground,
do that little bit extra around the club. If we could thank          allowing Alex, Bailey, Mitchell S and Sean to get plenty of
                                                                     footy. Our backline was also solid with Jacob, Dylan and Zac
all 150-200 of you each week we would, but this week                 leading the way. To top it off Charlie, Blake and Jack all
it is awarded to Frans Brouwer. Frans has line marked                helped themselves to a few bounces running through the
Domeney Reserve each Sunday for the last 5 years                     centre of the ground like Juddy.
and did so again in Round 1, but as council did not do               Every boy played their part in a terrific game and all efforts
any pre marking so he could run over existing lines, he              brought great applause form the parents.
had to mark them all out and what a great “straight” job             Weekly winners of the "Mighty Mars" award were Nick C and
he did. Thanks Frans.                                                Nick C and Dylan.
                                                                     See you all at training and thanks to the mums and dads for
                                                                     helping on the day.
RESERVE GAMES                                                        UNDER 10 BLACK – CRAIG HUNT
                                                                     Sharks 4.6- 30 def by Doncaster Heights 10.13-73
Please see following page for game times and venues.                 Training: Domeney Friday 4.30pm (currently)
Please also note amended venue for games that were
going to be held at Stintons Reserve. These games                    Under 10 Blacks started their season with a very solid
are now being played at Bulleen Park West oval.                      performance against a taller and more experienced
                                                                     Doncaster Heights team. Great team work showed that even
20% OFF VIP DAY AT REBEL SPORT                                       though we have only had two training sessions on a football
                                                                     oval so far this season we will only get better.
                                                                     Several players played their first game for the Sharks in this
Rebel Sport Ringwood has invited our members to a                    match and it was great to see two of them Mark S and Jacob
20% off VIP Day at their store on Thursday 24th April                P-I get their first goals for the Sharks. Callum T and Ethan A
9am to 9pm. Our club will accrue the 5% rebate from                  were also goal scorers in this match.
purchases made when our club number has been
quoted at the registers. So grab yourself a bargain and              Well done to Zeke C, Joshua P, Nick B, Liam D, Chase L and
quote Club number “The Sharks 24760”                                 Cooper R our other first gamers! Our captain for the day
                                                                     Matthew W showed everyone how to tackle well and lead all
                                                                     day by example.

MATCH REPORTS                                                        Well done boys and we look forward to improving every
                                                                     Goal Kickers: Ethan, Mark S, Jacob P-I, Callum T
A great start to the season for the Tackers Black team. Our
captains Alex B and Tyrone H lead from the front by getting          UNDER 10 RED – KEVIN GEORGE
kicks early in the First quarter. Every player tried really a hard   Park Orchards 4.6 -30 def by Hawthorn Citizens 2 5.7 -37
to kick to teammates on their own and made determined                Our players turned up on Sunday eager & keen to get the
efforts to take a mark.                                              season underway. We had worked on our positions &
                                                                     manning-up at training & the improvement was immediate.
Harrison W really burrowed into the packs and as a result            Led by captain Tom.H, who took a terrific mark, the Sharks
won some important possessions in the backline. Finn P and           played some terrific team football. The willingness to
Denton D kicked the ball very well to teammates on their             Handball, Tackle & Shepherd was very pleasing. Hazza was
own. William Mac was terrific on the ball and his kicking was        a tackling machine. Matt G, James, Mitch S & Cody gathered
a highlight. Our aim was to go for our marks today and Arrigo        lots of kicks. The game was close every quarter with the lead
P kept his eyes on the ball and took a beauty.                       changing often. Lucy, Ben & Mitch S committed to many
Congratulations to Joshua E and Thomas J who combined to             contests.
kick a fantastic goal in the last quarter.                           Our 3 new players Kane (A great snap goal), Tom S & Tim all
                                                                     contributed. Nick & Jackson did good jobs at Full-Back. We
Thomas J played well all game and wins our player of the             will continue to work on our positional play & improve our
week award.                                                          Concentration/Effort to man-up when opposition has the
                                                                     football. A great first game. Well done.
Thank you to all the parents for encouraging the boys this           Goal Kickers: Matt S, Cody, Kane, Matt G
morning in what turned out to be difficult conditions to play.
UNDER 11 BLACK – MICHAEL TOUT                                        UNDER 13 BLACK – MATT HANDLEY
Park Orchards 3.1 -19 def by Kew Rovers 6.13 -49                     Park Orchards 5.4.34 Defeated By Ivanhoe 6.11.47
Match Report unavailable
                                                                     Round 1 2008 saw a gallant Sharks team fall short in
UNDER 11 RED – STEVEN HARRINGTON                                     more ways than one against a strong Ivanhoe outfit. In
Park Orchards 7.10 -52 def Ivanhoe B 7.6 -48                         perfect football conditions on a larger than life oval,
Match Report unavailable                                             hopes were high for this under 13 side. The extra
                                                                     space should have suited our fast flowing game plan,
                                                                     and did for patches, but the extra height and size of the
                                                                     opposition proved too strong at the end of the day.

                                                                     It was our slow starts to each quarter that told the
                                                                     story. Ivanhoe were able to get the jump on us early
                                                                     peppering our backline. If it weren’t for terrific efforts by
                                                                     Mitch Barr, Al Price and Pat Aloisio who led their men
                                                                     to the ball all day, things could have been a lot worse.
                                                                     Going into half time a couple of goals down meant our
                                                                     troops needed to rally for a big second half. It was our
UNDER 12 BLACK – SHAUN WARHURST                                      start again that cost us with the Ivanhoe big men
Park Orchards B 7.8-50 def Park Orchards R 4.6 -30                   linking up to pile on 3 unanswered goals. Disappointed
                                                                     in their 3rd quarter efforts, the troops rallied, which saw
Sunday was a great opportunity for all our fantastic Sharks          a massive momentum swing led by the run of Tom
under 12 players to showcase their skills, determination and         Scanlan, Michael Prosenak and Sam Currie. A three
tenacity. Both teams proved how well they can play the game          goal to zip final quarter showed the team what they can
and all the parents should be very proud. I know their               achieve when they work together and play to a plan. If
coaches are. There were no losers only winners with both             there was another five minutes of game time, I feel we
sides attacking the ball and playing football the way it should
be played. Congratulations to all involved.
                                                                     would have got them. Well done and welcome to Chris
                                                                     George, Sam Morse and Jason Rogers who made their
Five new players joined us for their first games, Ben R, Tom         stunning debuts for the mighty Sharks. Watch this
H, Adrian, Matt V and James T. They all played a significant         space, because I can sense an exciting year for this
part in today's result and to see the way they were welcomed         great group of boys.
into the team was a credit to all.
                                                                     Goals: M. Prosenak 2, S. Currie, S. Ryan, J. Deakin
The enthusiasm in the rooms before the game was fantastic.           Best: M. Prosenak, A. Price, S. Currie, C. Leonard, T.
Everyone knew what role they had to play and what was
expected of them. It was great to see the Mums and Dads in
the rooms encouraging the whole team. The players took to
the ground led by 2 new guys in Ben and James.                       UNDER 13 RED – BRETT PASCOE
                                                                     Park Orchards Red 1.4.10 def by Glen Iris 14.10.94
For the entire first quarter the team worked really hard to get
the ball into our forward line and were rewarded for their           The first game of the year was a fast hard game against a
efforts. The second quarter saw us kicking long and direct           quality opposition from which the Sharks can take away more
into our forward line ensuring our big forwards had every            positives from the game than the score line would show.
opportunity to score. The midfield ran hard and the backline
stood tall, kicking long to position. The half time break gave       Henry had a case of sticky fingers and took some spectacular
our guys a chance to catch their breath and to focus on what         overheads while Mark showed that he has lost none of the
they had done well and where we could improve. The third             Mr.Tackle ferocity for which he is famous. Keegan W was
quarter required all players to commit to every contest and to       outstanding all day long in everything that he did. Josh R.
be first to the ball. It was a tough and hard game.                  read the ball well in the backline which lead to some
                                                                     important clearances.
The running of the first three quarters took its toll in the last.
The midfield and centre line had run themselves into the             Ben did some great team things like shepherding on
ground. However the backline withstood the pressure                  numerous occasions of which one lead to Captain Ciaran
allowing the team to enjoy its first win of the season.              having a clear shot on goal. Josh S. tagging effort on their
                                                                     best player was a great effort, both mentally and physically
Well done team.                                                      and was never more than half a step away from him all day.

Good players - All of them                                           The coaches were ecstatic at the endeavour and teamwork
Goals – Liam 4, Adrian 1, Lucus 1, Yahn 1                            shown by all the whole team in the third quarter. With their
                                                                     backs to the wall the boys could have collapsed but showed
UNDER 12 RED – ADAM BARKLA                                           true courage and strength and fought it out.
Park Orchards R 4.6 -30 def by Park Orchards B                       Hamish backing into the pack in the 3 term resulted in a
7.8- 50                                                              knee between the shoulders but showed his mates that he is
Match Report unavailable                                             there for the team while in the ruck Joel, who gave away
                                                                     inches in height, took on their big men fearlessly and made it
                                                                     a real contest. Meanwhile Brynn’s strong tackle on the wing
made for a loose ball and the important second effort resulted    UNDER 15 BLACK – PAT GREEN
in him winning a free. Those were just three efforts in that      Park Orchards 2.1 -13 def by Prahran 30.18 -198
quarter that inspired teammates.
                                                                  Today we had another debutant in Laughlin Braid. Welcome
It was not pretty on the scoreboard but in analysing the game     to the Sharks. Laughlin was thrown in the deep end and
they played hard and gave an account for themselves for           contributed plenty in his first game with the club. He works
which they should be proud and can look forward to the rest       hard and will be a great asset to our team. New skipper
of the season with hope.                                          Scotty Rowland won the toss, but that’s where our good
                                                                  fortune ended. Frankly we were competing against a team
                                                                  that is new to the comp and were placed in Div 3. A rude
                                                                  awakening for our boys who played successfully in Blue
                                                                  division last year. It wasn’t all doom and gloom though. The
                                                                  Sharks boys fought it out until the end. In fact we actually
                                                                  dominated out of the centre in the last quarter with great ruck
                                                                  work from Tom C and excellent roving from Will F and Scotty.
                                                                  Unfortunately it wasn’t enough and they tore us to shreds
UNDER 14 BLACK – PETER NICHOLSON                                  around the ground.
Park Orchards – 2.3.15 lost to Warrandyte –
15.15.105                                                         Nathan M had a great game proving a real presence around
                                                                  the ground, taking some great marks and working very hard
Our return to Gold division was not a happy one with              at both ends of the field. Jesse D toiled away and provided
Warrandyte being far too big, strong and skilled on the day.      many opportunities with some skillful ball control and kicking.
Whilst we played bursts of good, hard and exciting team footy     Declan W showed great courage by attacking the ball and
we were not able to string extended periods of possession         surviving a big shepherd that threatened to knock him into
together and Warrandyte took full advantage of any turnovers      next week. Manny G fired up in the third quarter showing
and made us pay on the scoreboard.                                others the way with a bit of aggression at the ball. Jackson P
                                                                  and Nathan T tried hard all game, as did all the boys but they
Highlights today included :                                       were just too good, too strong and literally too big all over the
Josh Bird’s run down the flank and goal from the pocket,          ground. Well done to Will and Brock P who both kicked well
Jordan Moore’s strong overhead contested mark, Cameron            deserved goals. Congrats to Scotty (Capt), Tom and Will
Jones’ and David Cooper’s excellent palm work in the ruck,        (both VC) on being elected leaders and well done on the
the dash of Ben Heyde all day, the desperation of Lachlan         great games you played by giving a 100% all game. In fact it
Caulfield and Tim Watkins to throw their bodies in, clever        must of rubbed off on their teammates because although we
linking and handball of Matt Nicholson and Kane Quilty,           were clearly outclasses our endeavour was spot on for the
Great reading of the play by Max Bishop across half back          second half after the shock wore off from the first half!
and the fine Gold Division debuts of Jarrod D’Aloisio and
Jackson Cleary.                                                   UNDER 15 RED – RAY BUHAGIAR
                                                                  Park Orchards 6.9.45 def by Macleod 10.7.67
As pointed out by the Warrandyte coach the boys really
fought out the game bravely and showed a lot of spirit after      Our season was off to a frantic start with our coach Ray
quarter time to keep battling away as hard as they could.         Buhagiar unable to attend due to being in hospital having
Keep your heads up after a game effort and keep working           surgery on his injured hand. We wish him a speedy recovery.
hard at training to turn things around.                           With injuries to Paul Harrington and Jai Lasya our player list
Goals – Josh Bird 2.                                              was pushed to the limit. We have several new players
                                                                  including Ash Weeks from the black team, Paul Platt from
UNDER 14 RED – GAVIN TURNER                                       Whitefriars, Simeon Barut and Shea Courtney both back after
Park Orchards 3.3 -21 def by Fitzroy 2 5.5 -35                    a year off and the return of Hayden Mathys after a short
It was the grand final replay….unfortunately Fitzroy turned       summer retirement. Haydos was good enough to bring a
the tables on us today. In wet and greasy conditions, the         couple of mates with him to bolster the numbers, Dom
Sharks took the field with four new recruits; Marto, Adam,        Maschek who is with us for the season and Lewy White who
Max and Beau didn’t take long to get used to the pace of the      filled in for the day. We welcome all these guys to our team
game and acquitted themselves extremely well. It was a tight      and hope they have a terrific year. Our first match saw us up
tussle early, before the “Roy Boys” kicked away to a three        against Macleod at Macleod. It was always going to be a
goal lead in the second quarter. Snowy was picking up plenty      tough match and our boys fought hard all day however we
of kicks (many on his left side), while Kody used his body well   failed to reward our hard work with poor conversion up
in the close-in contests. Christian sparked the side with a       forward which ultimately was the difference between the two
magical steal and resultant goal in the third, while Jeremy       sides on the day. Some positives for the day were
and Joel marked well down back in the wet. With all three of      performances of Matt (Larry) Vaiano, who was fantastic in the
our on-ball runners hampered with injuries during the game,       backline, Shea Courtney, who got plenty of the footy and
we were always going to struggle to close the gap created by      Dom Mascheck who showed plenty in his first game of footy
Fitzroy in the second quarter. This was the case, and despite     for several years.
good efforts from Chris, Nick and Aaron, we went down by a
couple of goals. Good effort first up, boys.                      Goals - Matt Manuell 2, Darcy Price 1, Dom Mascheck 1,
Goal Scorers: James Murphy, Tom Hewitt & Christian                Hayden Mayths 1, Tom Johnson 1.
Better Players: Ryan Turner, Tom Hewitt, Christian Feher,         Better Players – Larry Vaiano, Tom Johnson, Matt Manuell,
Jeremy Bond, Nathan Martin, Max Boucher, Joel Holewa, Pat         Ash Weeks and Shea Courtney
Moseley and Lucas Egerton
Park Orchards 6.15. 51 def by Macleod 11.8. 74
Our Colts boys have started the year with a loss
unfortunately, against a disciplined Macleod team who were
able to score more efficiently than our team.

We believed we could beat them and we believed that we
had a better team out on the ground, but the scoreboard
showed us differently, which was very disappointing.

To be fair, we have a highly skilled group of players from the
Under 16’s and Under 17’s playing with each other for the
first time, so we figure this may take a few weeks to get to
know each others capabilities and along with the quality of
training venues we have to practice with, it has probably
made it more difficult to be up and ready for the first game.
Hopefully, we can turn things around a little over the coming

There were many good individual efforts throughout the
game, but very little team play, so we have something to
work on from here. Fortunately, we have quite a good mix of
players who can all produce better results once we put it all

We got off to a good start in the first quarter, but let the
opposition off the hook on the scoreboard with poor kicking
for goals then continued in this manner all day, kicking very
inaccurately. It seemed that each quarter, we would have the
ball 70% of ball, without effecting the score attendants and
Macleod would get the ball down their end quickly and score
a goal. To have 21 scoring shots at goal to Macleod’s 19
tells part of the story.

The courageous and tireless efforts of Alex Marcello were
very inspirational to the team and most enjoyable to watch
from the sidelines. Terrific game Alex, well done.

Also a very courageous and effective player was Jack Lewis
along the half back line, who sent the ball forward on many
occasions, even with a battered big toe, causing much pain.

Liam Whitfield gave us real presence in the ruck and around
the ground, well done Liam.

Well done to Tom Currie on a very gutsy performance down
forward, kicking a majority of the goals. Tom sure made his
presence felt on the forward line be it on the scoreboard and
his physicality.

Best players: Alex Marcello, Jack Lewis, Liam Whitfield,
Tom Currie, Jake Trotter, Sam Coghlan, Ben Trend, Leon
Holewa, Michael Chimenton & Luke Brouwer.

Goal kickers: Tom Currie 4, Michael Chimenton 1, Josh
McLachlan 1
Tackers              8:45 AM    St Marys B           Vs   Park Orchards B        Whatmough Park
Tackers              10:00 AM   Park Orchards R      Vs   St Damians G           Domeney Reserve
Under 10 Green       10:00 AM   Park Orchards R      Vs   Warrandyte             Bulleen Park West
Under 10 Brown       11:30 AM   Parkside             Vs   Park Orchards B        Pitcher Park
Under 11 Green       1:00 PM    Camberwell 2         Vs   Park Orchards B        Lynden Park Upper
Under 11 Green       11:30 AM   Park Orchards R      Vs   Parkside               Bulleen Park West
Under 12 Brown       1:00 PM    Beverley Hills Red   Vs   Park Orchards B        Zerbes Reserve
Under 12 Brown       1:00 PM    Park Orchards R      Vs   Camberwell 1           Bulleen Park West
Under 13 Brown       1:00 PM    Hawthorn Citizens    Vs   Park Orchards R        Victoria Road Reserve
Under 13 Green       11:30 AM   Park Orchards B      Vs   Richmond               Domeney Reserve
Under 14 Gold        1:00 PM    Park Orchards B      Vs   Fitzroy 1              Domeney Reserve
Under 14 Green       11:00 AM   Camberwell 2         Vs   Park Orchards R        Lynden Park
Under 15 Sect 2      3:00 PM    Park Orchards R           East Malvern           Domeney Reserve
Under 15 Sect 3      11:00 AM   Surrey Park          Vs   Park Orchards B        Surrey Park
Colts Sect 2         1:00 PM    Richmond             Vs   Park Orchards          Citizens Park Reserve

Tackers              10:00 AM   Park Orchards R      Vs   St Marys B             Domeney Reserve
Tackers              10:00 AM   St Damians S         Vs   Park Orchards B        Binnak Park
Under 10 Brown       10:00 AM   Park Orchards B      Vs   Camberwell 2           Stintons Reserve
Under 10 Green       10:00 AM   Preston Bullants     Vs   Park Orchards R        Preston City Oval
Under 11 Green       11:30 AM   Park Orchards B      Vs   Park Orchards R        Stintons Reserve
Under 11 Green       11:30 AM   Park Orchards R      Vs   Park Orchards B        Stintons Reserve
Under 12 Brown       1:00 PM    Park Orchards B      Vs   Doncaster Heights      Stintons Reserve
Under 12 Brown       11:30 AM   Hawthorn Citizens    Vs   Park Orchards R        Victoria Road Reserve
Under 13 Brown       11:30 AM   Park Orchards R      Vs   Fitzroy 2              Domeney Reserve
Under 13 Green       11:30 AM   Banyule B            Vs   Park Orchards B        Beverley Road
Under 14 Gold        3:00 PM    Bundoora             Vs   Park Orchards B        Telfer Reserve
Under 14 Green       11:00 AM   Park Orchards R      Vs   Beverley Hills         Bulleen Park
Under 15 Sect 2      1:00 PM    Balwyn               Vs   Park Orchards R        Balwyn Park
Under 15 Sect 3      1:00 PM    Park Orchards B      Vs   SFX Whitehorse Colts   Domeney Reserve
Colts Sect 2         3:00 PM    Park Orchards        Vs   Beverley Hills Blue    Domeney Reserve

Tackers              10:00 AM   Heidelberg           Vs   Park Orchards R        Warringal Park
Tackers              10:00 AM   Park Orchards B      Vs   St Marys T             Domeney Reserve
Under 10 Brown       10:00 AM   Balwyn B             Vs   Park Orchards B        Balwyn Park
Under 10 Green       10:00 AM   Park Orchards R      Vs   Balwyn Y               Stintons Reserve
Under 11 Green       11:30 AM   Doncaster            Vs   Park Orchards B        Schramms Reserve
Under 11 Green       11:30 AM   Park Orchards R      Vs   St Damians R           Stintons Reserve
Under 12 Brown       1:00 PM    Park Orchards R      Vs   Canterbury R           Stintons Reserve
Under 12 Brown       11:30 AM   Canterbury B         Vs   Park Orchards B        Gordon Barnard Reserve
Under 13 Brown       1:00 PM    Bundoora             Vs   Park Orchards R        Telfer Reserve
Under 13 Green       11:30 AM   Park Orchards B      Vs   Warrandyte             Domeney Reserve
Under 14 Gold        1:00 PM    Park Orchards B      Vs   Kew Rovers B           Domeney Reserve
Under 14 Green       1:00 PM    Surrey Park          Vs   Park Orchards R        Surrey Park
Under 15 Sect 2      3:00 PM    Park Orchards R      Vs   Banyule M              Domeney Reserve
Under 15 Sect 3      1:00 PM    Warrandyte           Vs   Park Orchards B        Warrandyte Reserve
Colts Sect 2         3:00 PM    Bundoora             Vs   Park Orchards          Telfer Reserve

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